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Ch 1: A ninja encounter

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Abigail had been running for two days now and she knew that stopping to rest was out of the question (her body was talking back with every stride). She wanted to get as far away from her old life as she could. She was in the forest on the out skirts of town. She stopped for a few minutes and looked up toward the sky to help her get her barring. Once she got her barring she took a granola bar and a bottle of water out of her backpack. She ate it quickly and continued running. She gone deeper into the forest and found an old depilated cabin.

"Beggars can't be chooser" she said as she walks closer to the cabin. She opened the door (it had fallen off its hinges but it still could be opened if it was pushed hard enough) slowly suddenly a bunch of bird and other small creatures dashed out of the doorway. She quickly evaded the creatures and let them get by as she saw the last of the stampede go by. She walked inside to find what she expected to see. Holes in the roof, broken floor boards, cob webs in every corner of the room, but oddly enough the stairs leading up to next level were in good shape. She climbed the steps and saw a straw bed in the far corner. She crawled over to it. She flopped down on it and closed her eyes as soon as her head hits the make shift pillow.

A few minutes or hours later Abigail woke up feeling refreshed form the nap. She got out of the bed, stretched all her muscles, and headed back down stairs. She pushesd the front door closed and continued on her way. She got a few feet deep in the forest. When she was grabbed by a man in a white ninja suite. "Who are you?" she asked the man. "Storm Shadow." the man answers. "Ok Storm Shadow what do you want?' She demanded. "I want you to help me fight my brother Snakes eyes." He replied. "I'm sorry my dad always told me not to get involved with other family problems. I'll never help you!" she retorted.

Storm Shadow slammed her against the tree. She screamed out in pain as she heard a loud pop coming from her right shoulder. Meanwhile in another part of the forest. Abigail's scream echoed through the forest. "Did anyone else besides me hear someone screaming?" Tunnel Rat asked his fellow comrades. "I heard it too Tunnel Rat let's go check it out." Duke said. The rest of the Joes follow suite everyone except Snakes Eyes he went on a head of the group.

Back with Abigail and Storm Shadow, he asked her a second time to join him. Abigail refused again so he dragged her further up the tree. He threatened to drop her if she refused him again. He asked her one last time to join him. She told him she would never work for him. He was sick of the girl's stubbornness so he dropped her. Abigail screamed as she started to fall towards the ground fast. She was seconds from hitting the ground as she saw another man dressed in black catch her in his arms. He sat her gently on the ground and she looked up at him.

"Thank you for saving me who ever you are." She said. I'm Snake Eyes. Don't worry you're safe now. Storm Shadow won't hurt you. Snake eyes signed to her. Abigail was confused why he didn't just say that. She was glad that she understood ASL and she watched as the two of them started to battle. She was impressed with their swordsmanship but she was rooting for Sanake Eyes bacause he saved her. "You may have one this round brother but I will defeat one of these days." Storm Shadow snapped as he makes he retreats. Snakes Eyes walked back over Abigail. He spoted a necklace on the ground next to the tree she was propped up against. Abigail reached out to pick it up but the sharp shooting pain in her shoulder stoped her. Snakes eyes picked it up and gave it to her. He saw a look a relief in her eyes as she put it into her pocket.

Why is this necklace so important to you? he signed to her. "It was a gift from my father." she answersed trying not to cry. He asked for her name and she replied Abigail. He was going to ask her why she out here but he noticed the she had fainted from the excitement. He picked her carefully as not to make her injured shoulder worse. Then Duke and the others show up after all the action had died down. "Is that who we heard screaming?" Duke asked the ninja. Snakes eyes just nodded his head to respond to the question. "We should take her back to the coyote." Scarlett suggested to the team. "Don't we have enough bodies in that truck as it is?" Tunnel Rat whined as he heard the suggestion. "No whining grunt" Scarlett snapped. They all head back to the coyote in silence.
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