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Ch 2: Meeting the Joes

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Abigail slowly opened her eyes and they darted around so she could get a feel of her new surroundings. She still had no clue where she was as she looked to her left. A woman with red hair came into her line of sight. "Where am I?" she asked the women trying not to sound like a frighten child. "You're in the coyote" the women replied. "I guess that is what you call the truck?" she inquired again trying not to sound disrespectful to the person who was helping her. "Right I'm Scarlett by the way and you're Abigail right" Scarlett said introducing herself to the young girl. Abigail just nodded because she figured that Snake Eyes had told Scarlett her name (more liked signed it to her anyway).

"Well thanks for your help but I'll just get out of your hair now" Abigail said as she slowly started to get up. She got about half way when the sharp shooting pain in her right shoulder returned. The pain caused her to lie back down quickly and wince in pain slightly. "Easy Abigail your shoulder is dislocated but I can pop it back in." said a man that smelled like he had just crawled out of a sewer. "Man dose everyone call you sewer rat or something?" she asked holding her nose so she didn't have to inhale the stench into her nostrils. Snake eyes walked over her and signed to her I know he stinks but he is the person who has the field medic training. Abigail could believe it but she was sick of her shoulder being out of its socket. She let Snakes eyes help her in a sitting position. "Actually everyone calls me Tunnel Rat" Tunnel Rat corrected her as he placed his hands on her shoulder.

After Tunnel Rat popped her shoulder back into place and put it in a sling. Abigail thanked him hopping down from the seat. She regrets it a few seconds later as everything around her starts to spin. A millisecond later she began to fall backwards to the floor of the coyote. Snake Eyes caught her in his chest carefully as not to aggregate her bad shoulder. She quickly shakes the dizzy spell and looked back up at him. "I'm fine" She said with a smile. Abigail pushed Snake Eyes away using her good arm. Snake Eyes stood his ground and didn't move a muscle.

Snake Eyes looked down at her left ankle and saw blood rolling down from the area. What happened to your ankle? he signed to her. I cut it while I was running though some torn bushes on my track thought the forest. She signed back. He sat her back down on the bench and slowly rolls up her left pant leg and noticed her decent attempt at administrating first-aid on herself. He slowly unwrapped the dressing and Tunnel came over to look at injury himself.

"Abigail that cut is really deep." Tunnel rat informed her. "Your point is what exactly?" Abigail asked him in a confused tone. "You are going to need stitches" he replied. Scarlett gave him the medical kit on board that had the supplies needed for the stitches. Tunnel rat took out a needle and the medical stitches. He was about to put the first stitch into her wound. Abigail quickly backed away with a look of pure dread on her face. "Get that slender piece of metal away from me" she screamed. Snake Eyes got back to his feet and walked over to her. He places his hand on her shoulder and she looks over at him still with a considerable amount of fear in her eyes. I know you're scared but you need to let Tunnel Rat do his job he signed to her. Abigail knew he was right and she slowly extended her left leg to let Tunnel Rat put the stitches in.

Abigail felt as the needle entering into her skin for the first time and did her best not to move. As the next few stitches went in she began to remember a song her mother used to sing to her whenever her fear of needles took control. She began to hum it to herself and began to relax after a few notes into the song. Abigail stopped humming once she looked down and saw Tunnel rat put in the final stitch. "That never gets any easier." she thought to herself. Tunnel Rat put the needle in a peroxide bath to sterilize it again before putting it back into in kit and closing the case. "So a fear of needles huh?" he asked her. "Gee whiz captain obvious what gave that way , the scream of terror or the look of terror on my face." She replied sarcastically. Tunnel Rat just smirked at the girl's sarcasm as he got to his feet and left to put the medical kit away. "What was that song you were humming anyway?" Scarlett asked her. "It was a song my mom used to sing to me when ever my fear of needles would take over to help me relax." She replied though a big yawn. Scarlett was going to ask her a few more questions but she noticed that Abigail had fallen asleep.

Snake Eyes placed another pillow under Abigail's shoulders so she could rest more comfortably (Scarlett and Tunnel Rat had gone to the front of the coyote to let her rest). He draped a blanket over her and looked down at her. He noticed her face had acquired a feverish appearance. He removed the glove form his right hand and places his bare hand on her forehead. Abigail was burning up so he quickly removed his hand put the glove back. He just shook his head because he already figured that she was suffering form exhaustion when he helped her back in the forest earlier. He refilled the water bowl and dipped another rag into it. He rag it out and placed it o her forehead. He sat by the bench in a meditative state but was still able to keep a watchful eye on her condition.

Abigail began to dream or at least that she thought she was anyway. She was standing on the side walk in front of the house she grew up in ( well the first five years of her life to be exact). There was someone standing on the front porch that looked familiar to her. "Dad is that really you?" Abigail asked as she walked closer to the house. "Yes Abby girl" the man answered with a smile. Abigail ran up to him and jumped into his arm giving him a big bear hug. "I've missed your hugs dad" she said trying to hold back the tears. "I know sweetheart" Her father said as he kissed his daughter on the forehead. Abigail didn't want this moment to end because she finally felt happy for the first time since the accident. "Abby there is something I have to tell you." Her father said in a more serious tone. "What is it dad?" she asked her father in a worried tone. "Cobra is the reason why your mother and I aren't with you today." He answered his daughter's question. "Who or what is Cobra dad? Why did they do this to us?" Abigail asked hoping that her father had the answers. He father told her that her new friends could help you find the answers. He backed away from the hug and began to fade away. "Dad don't leave me again" Abigail yelled back towards her father.

Meanwhile in the front of the coyote the Joes were sitting in silence. "So who is our new passenger?" Ripcord asked his comrades breaking the silence. "Her name is Abigail." Scarlett replied. Tunnel Rat was wondering where he heard that name before. He was looking up old newspaper reports and news footage on the on-board computer. "Hey Tunnel Rat what are you doing over there?" Duke asksed. He told him that he was trying to figure out why Abigail was out here in the first place. Duke asked him if he found anything. He gasped when he found an article on a local news station web site in the town they just passed through yesterday. "Guys you need to see this." Tunnel Rat said in shock. The team gather around the little screen and saw a picture of Abigail when she was five. The caption under the photo read 'The lone survivor of a horrific car accident.' They read the article about the car accident and felt sorry for Abigail.

In the back of the coyote Abigail had just woken up. She slowly got into a sitting position and turned around so her feet dangled off the end of the bench. She set her feet on the floor and began to walk(with the strength she thought she had gained back from her nap) to get the front of the truck. Once she got to the front of the coyote. She could see that the article on the small computer screen. "So you have read about the one day I wish I could forget" she said using the wall as a crutch to hold herself up. The Joes turn around to face her and they all notice her appearance. "You felling all right there Abby you look wiped" Tunnel Rat asked her. "Yeah I'm fine it's nothing to worry about. Wait did you just call me Abby?" She answerd. "Yeah why you don't like that nick name?" Tunnel Rat asked her. "No I do is just the last time person who called me that was my father." She replied. "What are you out here anyway, if you don't mind me asking?" Scarlett asked. "Just trying to find a place were I belong i guess." she answered. "let me get this straight you ran away from the orphanage." Tunnel Rat said. "That's it in a nut shell." she said. "Why did you run away?" Scalett asked. "Because I'll never find a family. Beisdes no one wants the smart kid and I couldn't even get adopted when i was little." Abigail answered. "One more question, how come you can understand ASL?" Tunnel Rat asked changing the subject slighly. "That's becuase my only friend at the orphange was deaf." she answered.

A few seconds later she felt her body go limp. Snakes Eyes came from the back of truck in a ninja streak and caught her in his chest again. He went down on his knees and she opens her eyes for a minute. He pointed back at the bench and singed sleep to her. Abigail tried to argue that she was fine but her body said otherwise. Who or what is Cobra? she signed to the ninja with the last once of strength she had left. I promise you'll get the answer when you are back to full strength. Snakes Eyes signed back to her. A smile came to her face as she drifted back to sleep again.

Back at the meeting spot, Strom shadow was standing in front of tree. "You let the girl get away." Barness said. "I didn't let her escape my brother showed up to help her." Strom Shadow said. "So, she is with the Joes now. This may work in our favor after all." Barness said. "What do you mean?" Storm Shadow asked. Baroness walked closer and whispered the plan into his ear. "Yes, that sounds like it could work very well." Strom Shadow said laughing evilly.

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