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Ch 3: Cupid's arrow detour

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A few days later Abigail was introduced to the rest of the Joes. Roadblock the maniac, Ripcord the kinda comedian, and Duke the Boy Scout so to speak because he wants to help people every chance he has. Roadblock was trying to start-up the coyote but the engine refused to turn over. Roadblock popped the hood to take a look at the engine. "That's strange." he remarked as he noticed an acorn wedged between the lead piston and a spark plug. "What is it Roadblock?" Scarlett asks. "There's an acorn stuck in the motor. "He replies. "I guess the squirrels didn't like us wake them up from there naps huh Roadblock." Ripcord said cracking a really bad joke. "Well can you get it out?" Scarlett asks him. He shook his head no so Abigail climbed on the step stool and reached down to remove the acorn.

After she did that Ripcord climbed into the driver's seat and started to turn the key. Roadblock tries to stop him but his warning fell on deaf ears. As the engine-turned over some oil splattered onto Abigail face and her hair. "I can't wait to see the look on Abby's face.' Ripcord said. Abigail shut the hood of the coyote and tried to wipe the oil from her eyes. "Ripcord I don't think you want to see the look on my face." Abigail said in an angry tone. Roadblock handed her a rag so she can clean off her face. Ripcord got out of the driver's side of the coyote and walked over to her. He apologized and Abigail tossed to rag towards him. The rag hit him in the face and a little oil spot appeared in his face.

"What was that for?" He asked. "Nothing really but now we're even." Abigail replied. Everyone laughed except for Snake eyes. "Ok enough jokes it's time to head out." Duke announced. So everyone piled into the coyote and they drove to the next town. A few hours later they arrived in town. Duke said they were stopping for a few hours just to get some supplies. Abigail hopped out of the back of the truck and was aw struck by the beautiful appearance of the town. "You didn't get out much did you?" Duke asked her. "Nope the folks were always working they were lucky to get a few holidays or even my birthday off. This meant no family trips." She answers. Abigail noticed a jewelry store across the street and a sign in the window that said free jewelry repair. She reached into her pocket and took out the locket. The Joes went to get supplies and she went across the street to get her locket repaired.

As Abigail entered the store she was amazed by all the beautiful jewelry and the welcoming atmosphere of the store. "Hello young lady may I help you?" the man in charge asked. "Yes the chain on my locket broke and I was wondering if you can repair it for me." She said politely. "Yes I can young lady may I see you locket?" the man asked her. Abigail hands the man her locket. He told her that it was a simple repair so it would only take a few minutes. He went into the back room to repair the piece of jewelry. Abigail waited penitently for the man to do his job. The few minutes passed and the man returned with the locket in a new case. "I believe that this would be a better way to carry your jewelry than your pants pocket." The man said handing her the box. "Thank you Sir." She said with a smile. "You're very welcome young lady and have a nice day." The man said smiling back. Abigail turns around to leave the store and was very happy to have her locket in one piece again.

Abigail opened the box to see that the charm on her locket had been shined. The locket hadn't looked like that since the day her father gave it to her. She had begun to go down memory than a few seconds later. As she remembered that time made her smile and helped her forget all the bad things that had happened over the past few years. She was so deep in thought that she failed to see the year old beagle puppy running up to her. The puppy knocked her to the ground as she went down the box dropped from her hand. The locket poped out of the box landing on the side-walk. A few seconds later the puppy began to lick her face.

"Hey that tickles." She said though the laughter. A boy around Abigail's age ran up to her. "Claire down!" the boy told the puppy. Claire walked over to her owner and he clipped the leash back to her collar. The boy loops the leash around his wrist and looks down at her. "Sorry about that I'm still trying to train her. I'm Kyle by the way." He apologized helping Abigail back to her feet. "No harm done. Claire is a cute little puppy. I am Abigail." She said while wiping the paw prints off her jacket. Kyle picked up the locket and the box off of the side-walk. "It's nice to meet you Abigail. Is this your locket?" he said handing her the box and the locket.

"Yes it is Thank you." She said taking them from his hand. When her hand touched his she felt something that she never felt before. Abigail looks up at him and saw him blushing slightly and it cause her to blush too. She placed the box in her jacket pocket and held the locket in her left hand. The two teen lock eyes for the first time and Abigail saw Kyle's beautiful emerald-green eyes. Kyle saw Abigail's dazzling hazel eyes and didn't want to look away. "Has anyone ever told you that you have really pretty eyes?" Kyle asked still blushing. "No but you did just now." She said as she fixed her hair, quickly looks away, and smiled at the ground. "I bet that locket would look better around your neck instead of in your hand." Kyle suggested blushing even more than before. Abigail knew he had a good point and she started to put in back on. She was having a little trouble so Kyle asked if he could give her a hand. She accepted his help gratefully and hands the locket to him.

Kyle walked behind Abigail and drapes the locket around her neck. He clipped the two ends of the chain together and the locket seemed to melt into Abigail's chest. Kyle walked back around to be in front of her again. Then Claire ran a few circles around the teens wrapping the leash around their ankles. She ran the opposite direction which pulled them closer together. "Claire what has gotten in to you?" Kyle scolded the puppy. Abigail couldn't comprehend why her heart was beating a mile a minute or why she had butterflies in her stomach all of sudden. Kyle looks back at her and he notices they were close enough to kiss. He apologized again for his puppy's behavior. Abigail just brushed it off and told him that she was just doing what came natural to her. He steped out of the loop created by his puppy's actions. He stepped the wrong direction and trip on his feet toppling to the side-walk.

On the other side of the road the Joes were watching what was going down. "That is such a cute scene isn't it?" Scarlett asks. "Yeah a little but we can't stay here forever." Duke said. "True Duke but you can't be mad at her for what's happening. Cupid's arrow has hit both." Scarlett said. "Right Scarlett even without Cupids arrow Abigail has that boy melting all over her like warm butter on fresh stack of pancakes." Roadblocks said. The dog can tell that they like each other too Snake eyes signs to Scarlett.

Back with Kyle and Abigail, he had just untied Abigail form Claire's leash. "So how long are you in town?" he asked. "Not too long my friends and I will be leaving soon." She answered. "That's too bad I wanted to show you a place that looks beautiful at sun set." He said in a disappointed tone. "Yeah that's sound like a really nice place." she said agreeing with him. Kyle looks at his watch and noticed how late it was. "I'm sorry I have to go. I should have been back home five minutes ago." He said. He started to rush back home but he turned around to wave good-bye to Abigail. She waved back and he turned back around to head home.

Abigail walked back across the street to her new friends. "So I guess you saw that whole thing didn't you?" she asked. them. we did Snakes eyes signed to her. "Great" she said sarcastically blushing with embarrassment. Scarlett walked over to her and placed her hand on her shoulder. "You don't have to be so sarcastic and it's nothing to be embarrassed about either." She told her. "Really Scarlett?" she asked her. "Yes your 14 so falling in love with boys is natural." She answered. "I'm not in love. It was just a crush nothing more." She protests. Scarlett just shakes her head at Abigail's reaction. "So what did he tell you before he left in a hurry?" Scarlett asked. "Nothing really he just wanted to show some special spot in town that's all." She answered. Scarlett noticed a sad look come to her face as she walked back to get into the coyote. "Maybe we could stay a little longer." Duke suggested to his comrades. A look of shock appeared on the other Joes faces except for Snake eyes since none could even see his face though the mask.


Author's note: What is with the sudden change of heart in Duke? Will Abigail get to go on her first date? Keep reading to find out and please post a review to let me know what you thought of the chapter.
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