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ch 4: first day of classes part 2

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Nurse's office

Conner and I enter the room. The nurse has almond-shaped brown eyes that are like two splotches of mud. Her luxurious, wavy, gunmetal-gray hair is neck-length and is worn in an elegant, dignified style. She is tall and has a graceful build. Her skin is ruddy. She has full lips and large hands. "Hello Conner who's your friend?" the school nurse asks. "This is Tracy" he answers. "You're the new student right?" the school nurse asks. "Yup" I answer her quickly. "So I see that you have meet Grant" she says in a tone like I wasn't the first new kid to have meet Grant. The nurse goes to work and cleans the cut on my face.

"Well you’re all set" she says with a smile. I thank her. "No worries, just doing my job" she says modestly. We exit and the bell rings again. "Sorry Conner looks like you missed the whole game because of me." I apologize. "It's no big deal I have soccer practice after school anyway." Conner says. He tells me that we should head to the cafeteria before the whole room gets too packed and we get stuck sitting at the table next to the trash cans. I nod and we walk there as fast as we can.


Conner and I find a table close to the window and sit down. "Conner thanks again for what do did back there in Gym class." I say. "No prob that's what friends are for, right." He says smiling. Kira and the others walk in the room. "Hey guys come join the party." he offers waving over to them. They all sit down. "Tracy it looks like you met Grant." Ethan say. "Yeah he is such a nice kid." I say in a sarcastic tone. "No he’s not." Ethan says in a shocked tone. "Ethan, she was being sarcastic" Trent says. "I knew that. Hey Tracy, you still have that rock. Don’t you?" Ethan asks. "Yup" I answer. "Tracy, I have to tell you something about that rock" He says stammering through his statement.

"Ethan, I don't think that this is the best place." Kira says. "You're right Kira" He says. "Ok can someone please tell me what's going on?" I whine. Ethan and the others just sit in silence exchanging looks of doubt. "Oh it's nothing Tracy, really." Ethan says. "Ok whatever you say Ethan." I say. Fifteen minutes later the bell rings and we head to our next class.

Pre-Calculus with Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson has wide blue eyes that are like two turquoises. His thick, curly, neck-length hair is the color of smoke, and is worn in an attractive style. He is very tall and has a graceful build. His skin is ruddy. He has thick eyebrows. "We have a new student joining us today. Her name is Tracy and I would like you all the make her feel welcome here at Reefside" He tells the class. The whole class says hi. "Why don't you take your seat next to Mike and we can get stared" he offers. "Oh great Mike here again. Either he really dose like me or our schedules just match up a little too well." I think to myself. I walk over to my desk and sit down.

"Hello again beautiful." Mike says. "Hey" I say. Mr. Johnson starts to write the lesson on the board in a nine point font. "Great anyone got a magnifying glass." I think to myself. I take out my notebook and do my best to take notes. Ten minutes into the lesson I give up and start to draw another picture of my old school in my notes. "And that is the law of sines. Any questions?" Mr. Johnson asks, finishing writing the last few things on the board then turns back around to face to class. No one raises their hand. "Good. I would like for everyone to do problems 1-20 in your book on page 150 for homework tonight" he says smiling. The bell rings five minutes later. I drop my calculator as I get up from my desk and rush out of the room.

My locker

I open it and put things away and noticed that I don't have my calculator. "Great, I must have dropped it when I left class. Man way, to go me." I say. Conner and the others come up. "Hey Tracy" Conner calls. I close my locker and slam my right index finger in the door. I slide it out from the door and turn around. "Man Conner warn a girl next time huh" I say trying not to get mad at him. "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you" Conner apologizes. "No worries, I'm good" I say accepting his apology.

I look over his shoulder and see Mike walk up. "Hey Conner" Mike says. "Oh hey Mike. What's up?" he asks. "Nothing really. Tracy I think you forgot something." Mike says looking over at me. He hands me my calculator. As our hands come in contact with the other, I notice how are fingers lined up perfectly and we hold hands for a few seconds accidently. "Uh Tracy you can let go now" he says blushing.

I take my hand away quickly and blush a little. "Sorry and thanks." I say. "Don't worry about it and you’re welcome" Mike says, as he leaves to head back to his locker. He leans in close to me. "I hope that we could become more than just good friends." He whispers into my ear. Then my calculator falls out of my hand and hit the floor. Mike turns around and goes to his locker. I stand in silence with a goofy smile on my face and just watch him walk away. "So, Tracy, what did he say?" Kira asks. "Kira give up. We've lost her. She is on the love bug express." Ethan says jokingly. Conner opens up his water bottle and splashes the cold water on my face. "Conner what did you do that for?" I ask/yell at him. "Sorry, but welcome back to earth." he says. "Tracy you like Mike, don't you?" she asks knowing full well that I like him. "No way Kira, you’re talkin crazy." I say. I start listing all his good qualities and the goofy smile comes back on my face. Conner starts to toss cold water on my face again.

"Conner don't even think about it." I said before the water can hit my face again. Then Dr. Oliver walks up. "Hey Ethan what's going on?" He asks. Ethan is going to answer but Conner beats him to the punch. "Nothing much, Dr. O, except Tracy is just crushing on Mike" Conner says happily. I slap Conner in the gut. "Conner!” I snap. Then the bell rings again. "Oh would you look at that. We are going to be late for our next class. We should get going right now." I say sighing with relief. We all head to our next class.

English with Miss Drew

Miss Drew has round brown eyes. Her thick, wavy, jet black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a burning fire. She is very short and has an hourglass build. Her skin is deeply-tanned. She has prominent cheekbones and thick eyebrows. She introduces me to the class and I see that Mike is in this class too. He has it played out that the only empty desk is next to him."OK maybe he really does have a thing for me." I think to myself. I sit down in my desk. "Ok, class, we are going to start reading Remo and Juliet today."Miss Drew announces. The class gowns. "Again? I already read this in my sophomore English class at my old school." I say under my breath.

She starts to hand out the books and it so happens that they don't have enough copies for everyone so Mike and I have to share one. I move my desk closer so I can read it. We start to read the first few pages and every time we turn the page our fingers touch and I blush. I take my hand away and let him turn it. "Ok, class, we will read up to Act 2 today." Miss Drew says. We continue to read aloud and fifteen minutes later we read up to where she wants to get to by the end of the class period.

"All right, class, you may turn the books back in now." Miss Drew says with a smile. Then she collects the books. I move my desk back to its proper place. "All right class have a nice day." she says as the final bell rings. I slowly get out of my desk to make sure that I don't forget anything. I walk to the front of the room and I reach into my pocket to make sure that the rock is still there. I sigh with relief and slowly take my hand back out of my pocket. Then I leave the room and go to my locker.
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