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ch 5: Wait I'm a what? part 1

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Tracy's POV
My locker

I open it and take out my book bag. I look around, checking to see if Grant is in the area. "Good Grant is nowhere in sight. Let's just hope it stays that way until I get back to the bus." I think to myself. I close my locker slowly to make sure that I didn't slam my finger in it again. Then I see Kira and the gang walk up. "Hey, Tracy, has Mike asked you out yet?" she asks. "Whoa slow down there Kira. What makes you think that he is going to ask me out?" I ask. "Come on Tracy, can't you tell that he crushing on you." she argues. "Well yeah but that doesn't grantee that he is going to ask me out." I say. "Trust me. He is going to ask you out" she says. "How do you know that?" I ask. "Why don't you ask him yourself? Here comes prince charming." she replies. "Come on Kira quit kidding around." I say. "I'm not. Turn around." she says. I turn around and see Mike standing right behind me.

"Hey" he says."Hey" I say. "Can I ask you a question?" he says a little more confidently. "If you are wondering who stole the cookies from the cookie jar it wasn't me." I answer. After I finish that statement I'm blushing with embarrassment. "Oh great I can't believe I just said that. Now he must think that I am an idiot." I think to myself. "Hey Conner was right. You are funny. Anyway I was just wondering if you would like to take a walk with me around town after school tomorrow." he says. I try to give a response but nothing comes out. So Kira answered for me
"She'd love to Mike." she says. "Great I'll see you then." Mike says. Then he turns around to go catch the bus. He walks backward then turns around to face me. "I think I forgot something." he says. "What's that?" I ask him. "This" he says. He leans in close and kisses me on the cheek. Conner lets out a loud cat call and Kira slaps him in the gut. "Hey keep it down" she snaps. "Tracy, are you ok?" Mike asks seeing me blushing like an idiot. "Yeah I'm ok" I say. "Good see you later beautiful." he says. "Yeah see you later." I say, as I try to stop blushing

He turns back around and leaves for the bus again. I stand in front of my locker like a deer caught in the head lights. Conner pulls out his trusty water bottle, opens it, and tosses the cold water on my face. "Hey Conner would you stop doing that you're just wasting perfectly good water." I yell as I finally stop blushing. "Sorry, it was the only thing I could think of to bring you back to earth." Conner says. "Ok Kira you were right. I can't believe that I blew it." I say. I turn around to bang my head on my locker. Kira stops me by grabbing me by my shoulders and turns me back around. "You didn't blow it." she says. "Yes I did. I couldn't even talk to him and when I did I said something stupid." I remind her. "I think it was cute when you acted all stupid" she says. "Thanks for those words of encouragement Kira. I need to go catch the bus." I tell her as I leave the group.
Outside the school near the busses.

I am two feet away from getting on the bus. I feel someone grab me by the wrist and slam me against the wall. "You remember me I trust." Grant said slyly. "Well I try not to." I say sarcastically. "You haven't met my friends have you?" Grant asks. "No I haven't had the honor." I say in the same sarcastic tone. "Well say hello to Peter and Jeremy." Grant says, as he makes a gesture towards his two friends. "I'm guessing that all they are here just to make you look stronger, right?" I say trying to sound tough. "Why you" Grant snaps.

Grant rips my glasses of my face and drops them to the ground. Then he makes a fist with his right hand. "Grant, are you really going to hit a girl?" Peter asks. "Yeah my dad told me if I ever hit a girl he would ground me for life." Jeremy adds. "Would you two be quiet and just watch out for teachers ok" he snaps.

They do as Grant tells them to do and the next thing I see is Grant's fist coming towards my face. I close my eyes to protect them for what is about to happen. But, before it comes in contact with my face, I hear the sound of his fist hitting someone's hand and I open my eyes. I see Dr. Oliver standing in front of me "Dr. Oliver, I was just saying hi to the new girl." he says innocently. "Nice try Grant. Do I have to call your parents again?" he tells him. "NO! Dr. Oliver, don't call my folks please." he whines. "If you promise to leave her alone I won't call your parents." he offers. "Sure Dr. Oliver I promise." he says. Grant and his friends run away.

Dr. Oliver turns around. "Tracy you ok?" he asks. "Yeah thanks Dr. Oliver I'm fine." I answer. I pick up my glasses and put them back on. I notice that the rock in my pocket is still glowing. I reach into my pocket and take out the rock. "Man doesn't this thing ever run out of batteries" I say cracking a joke. Then Kira and the others run up. "Dr. Oliver, we have something to tell you" she yells as she is running up. "Let me guess Tracy found the dino gem that we've been looking for." he says. "A dino what now?" I ask in shock. Then "Temporary Home" starts playin through my phone.

"Tracy this may sound crazy but your purse is singing" Ethan says. "Sorry about this guys. That's my phone I'm getting a text." I say. I reach into my purse and take out my phone to check the message. "Oh great" I said trying not to yell at the top of my lungs. "Is it good news or bad news?" Ethan said trying to be a wise guy "If you consider having your dad text you just to say that he and my mom are working late so I have to find somewhere else to spend the night. I would have to call it bad news." I say being very sarcastic."You can stay at my place tonight." Dr. Oliver offers.

"No Dr. Oliver it's ok. I don't want trouble you." I say modestly."It's no trouble at all." he says with a reassuring smile. Kira pulls him aside to talk to him in private."You are going to tell her about the whole power ranger thing and the powers that she will get from the gem aren't you Dr. O?" she asks. "Don't worry Kira I will" he answers. "Ok Dr. O" she says. They head back to the group and everyone is talking about their after school activities. A few minutes later we go our separate ways.

Dr. Oliver's jeep
We walk up to his jeep. Dr. Oliver gets into the driver's seat. I'm about to climb into the passenger seat. I see Mike running up out of the corner of my eye and as Mike arrives he is out of breath. "Hey Mike." I say. "Hi Tracy" he says, still trying to catch his breath. He waits a few second so his breathing could return to normal before he spoke. "I made a copy of the notes from Pre Calc for you. I mean you don't have to take them if you want to." he offers. "Thanks Mike it will make doing tonight's homework a little easier. Thanks." I say. "No prob" he says.

Mike hands me the folder with the notes inside. I take off my book bag to put them away. I unzip my bag too far and all the contents spill out onto the ground. "Man I'm such a klutz" I blurt. "Don't talk about yourself like that. This kind of thing could happen to anyone." he says nicely. Mike helps me pick everything up off the ground. As we are cleaning up Mike accidently knocks my glasses off my face, but I didn't notice. I zip up my bag. I set my bag on the floor in front of the passenger seat. "I think that these are yours." he says sweetly.

He hands me my glasses I thank him and our eyes meet for the second time. "Hey did I ever tell you that you have pretty eyes?" he says in a flirty tone. "Yeah on the bus this morning like ten times." I remind him. "Right I knew that." he says blushing. I giggle a little and a smile appears on my face. "Did you know that your eyes shine like stars when you laugh." he says in a flirty tone. "No, but now I do" I say.

"Guys I hate to break up this conversation but Mike if you don't leave soon you are going to miss the bus." Dr. Oliver says politely. Mike looks down at his watch and thanks him. He leans in again and gives me another quick peck on the cheek and rushes to catch the bus. I feel my legs turn to jelly and my body starts to fall backwards. I catch myself using the jeep door. I hear Dr. Oliver calling to me. "Hey Tracy, are you ok Tracy!" he calls. "Yeah I'm ok" I say turning back around. I open the car door and get inside.

Normal POV

Dr. Oliver's place
They stop at Tracy's house so she can get a change of clothes for school tomorrow. She climbs back inside and buckles up and he puts the jeep in drive. Ten minutes later the jeep pulls into the driveway. After Dr. Oliver turns off the engine and he looks over at Tracy. He sees her fast asleep in the passenger seat. He shakes her gently. Tracy slowly opens her eyes and yawns.

"Sorry about that Dr. Oliver." Tracy apologizes. "No prob I was just wondering when you were going to fall asleep considering that you looked really tired since this morning." he says in an understanding tone. "Yeah I've been fighting jet lag all morning and on top of that I only slept two hours last night" She tells him. "The flight in was that bad?" he asks. She nods and grabs her things. They head inside the house.

He shows her to the guest room and she opens the door. Tracy sets her things near the desk by the window and looks around the room. "What do you think?" he asks."It's nice I can't compare it to my new room until I get a chance to unpack. It's the same size as my old room in Michigan." she answers. He decides to give her a chance to get settled in, so he turns around to leaves the room. Tracy decides not to start her homework and walks over to the bed. She lays down on it and it's soft as a cloud. The quietness of the forest is all she needs to help her fall back to sleep again.

About ten minutes later Dr. Oliver decides to go check on how Tracy is doing. He slowly walks up the stairs to the guest room. "Hey Tracy you doing ok?" he asks. as he knocks on the door. He doesn't get a response so he opens the door quietly. He sees her fast asleep on the bed. "I should have guessed that." He whispers. He walks over to the bed and gently slides Tracy's glasses offer face. He sets the glasses on the end table and tiptoes out of the room so she can sleep.

Tracy's POV

I walk into the kitchen. "Hey Tracy how did you sleep?" he asks me with a smile. "Ok. So, how long was I out away?" I ask. "About two hours" he answers. "You could have woken me up if you had something else planned" I say. I start to feel a tad guilty."Considering that you were completely comatose I doubt that the school marching band would have woken you up." he jokes. I let out a fake laugh. "There is something I wanted to talk to you about." he says, changing the tone of his voice."What is it Dr. Oliver?" I ask confused.

He rolls up his sleeve and I see a bracelet with a rock on it like the one I found. But this one is black. "What does this have to do with me Dr. Oliver?" I ask even more confused. Then his bracelet turns into something that looks like a Brachiosaurus. I grab hold of the table in shock. "Wait, that looks like a morpher. So, you want me to become a … I mean you want to join the power rangers." I stammer.
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