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Ch 6: Wait I'm a what? part 2

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Tracy's POV


Dr. Oliver gets up from his chair, walks over to me, and places his hand on my shoulder. I'm still in shock about what is going on. "Tracy you ok?" he asks again. "Yeah just give me minute" I say. "I know that this isn't what you were expecting to happen when you moved out here." he says calmly. "You can say that again. But, do you really need another ranger?" I ask. "We could always use the help fighting against Mesogog." He says. "I'm guessing that Mesogog is the freak who is trying to take over the world." I say.

"Yes. I hate to tell you this but the thing with dino gems is that you can't choose them they choose you." he explains. "Well can't it UN choose me? I thought in order to become a Ranger you need super powers." I say. "You will soon enough" he says. "Come Dr. Oliver" I say rolling my eyes. "I'm serious" he says in a very believable tone.

"Well even if the gem did give me super powers I don't feel any different and I can't be a Power Ranger. I don't have what it takes." I say, trying not to get extremely upset. I take the gem out of my pocket and slam it on the table. As my hand hits the table, the force causes it to split in half. "Ok how did I do that?" I ask in surprise. "Looks like the gem's power is starting to bond with you and the gem wouldn't have bonded with you if you didn't have something inside you that could handle the power." he says.

"Well that's good to know but I guess all the cooler powers have been taken so I got stuck with super strength." I complain. "Super strength isn't all that bad" he compliments. "Ok Dr. Oliver whatever you say but in order to become a Ranger don't I need a morpher." I say. "You will soon enough. Come on there is someone I would like you to meet" he says. He picks my gem up off the floor.
We walk out of the kitchen and head to the main entrance. I see a mini T-rex Skelton sitting on a counter in the room next to the entrance. He walks over to it and touches the jaw. A trap door opens in front of me. "Dr. Oliver, are you a science teacher or batman?" I say trying to make joke. He chuckles and asks me to follow him.

The cave below Dr. Oliver house

We walk down a flight of stairs and reached the bottom. I look around and I can't believe what I see. "Dr. Oliver, what is this place?" I asked. "It's the command center" he answers. "OK so who did you want to meet anyway?" I say. I turn around and see a woman with a friendly smile on her face. She has a box in her left hand."Tracy this is Hayley" Dr. Oliver says, introducing me to her. "HI Hayley it's nice to meet you" I say, shaking her right hand. "The feeling is mutual" she says, accepting my handshake. "So what's in the box?" I ask her. "Why don't you open it and see" she answers, handing me the box. I open the box and saw my morpher. "Oh yeah I should have guessed that." I say. "So why don't you give it a go?" she asks.

"I would but doesn't it have some special password." I answer. "Yes all you need to say is "Dino Thunder Power up". But first can I see it for a second and your dino gem too?" he explains. I hand the morpher and my gem to Dr. Oliver. He places the gem over the morpher and the gem seems to disappear into the morpher. Then he hands it back to me and I put the morpher on my wrist. "Ok, well, here goes nothing. Dino Thunder Power up" I yell.

I do a back flip and a few seconds later I stand in front of Hayley and Dr. Oliver in a pink ranger suit. "How do you feel?" Hayley asks. "I can't really explain it." I answer "It just takes a little getting used to." Dr. Oliver says. "OK Dr. Oliver whatever you say. How do I go back to normal?" I ask him. "Just say "power down"." he answers. "Power down" I say crossing my arms. After I say that I change back into my old self. "Ok I think that is enough ranger action for one year." I say jokingly.

I take off the morpher and give it back to Dr. Oliver. "Maybe you should try to find another pink ranger. I'll only mess things up." I say. "How do you know that you haven't even gone out on the battlefield yet?" he asks. "Just trust me I'm no hero. I all the monsters would say I'm weak, small, and would make a great punching bag." I say. "Come on. Don't you think that you are overreacting just a bit because that is not what I see." he says.

"Really what do you see Dr. Oliver?" I ask him. "I see a strong willed and courageous young woman who just wants to prove to the world that they shouldn't judge people by how they look on the outside because a person's true power comes from who they are on the inside." he answers. My eyes start to fill with tears so I take off my glasses.

"Tracy, why are you crying?" Hayley asks. "No one has ever picked that up about me after meeting me for the first time. My whole life people have always judged me by my how I looked on the outside. They never took the time to get to know me. Dr. Oliver did you really mean what you said?" I answer, all choked up. Dr. Oliver walks over to me and uses his hands to wipe the tears from my eyes.
"Yes I did" he says proudly. I thank him and put my glasses back on. "I would love to stay longer but I need to go open the cybercafé." Hayley says, breaking up the touching scene. "Cybercafé, what's that?" I ask. "It's a coffee shop and a teen hang out spot here in Reefside." she explains. "Sounds cool" I say. "Do you want to check it out?" she asks. I nod with much excitement."Cool, I'll see you soon." she says.

We wave good-bye as she walks back up the stairs. Before we head back upstairs he puts my morpher in to a case and it changed into a bracelet like the one he wore. "Why don't you hold on to this for awhile?" Dr. Oliver asks "Ok Dr. Oliver I will. I guess this means I'm officially a power ranger now." I say. "Yes. Yes it does. So, welcome to the team." Dr. Oliver says with a smile.
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