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ch 7: Enter the Gignanotsaurus part 1

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Tracy's POV

Dr. Oliver and I pull up to the café in the jeep. I undo my seatbelt and jump out of my side of the jeep. I see the gang walking up. "Hey guys" I say. "You heard about this place from Hayley, right?" Ethan asks. "Yup" I answer. We walk inside and as we enter the main room. I do a 360 degree turn to get a good look at the room. Then Hayley walks up. "Hello again, Tracy, so what do you think?" she asks. "It's nice" I answer. "Hayley, you have to hear Tracy sing. She is really good." Kira brags. "Kira, would you stop making a big deal of my ability to sing. I'm not as good as you are." I say. "Nice try, but I knew that you would say that." Kira says. "Well I guess I could sing one song I mean just for fun." I say. "Great" Hayley says.

"So what are you going to sing?" she asks. "'It's a surprise but the only problem is the music is on my IPod" I answer. "No problem. I could just plug it into a laptop. Then the song will play through the speaker in the café." she explains.

I give my IPod and the connect cable to Hayley. She plugs it into a laptop and I go over to her so I could pick a song. I pick a random song and hit play. I walkover to the stage and climb onto it. Then "Good Girl" starts to play. I lookover at Kira and she mouths “knock em’ dead”. I smile at her and start to sing with the same amount of confidence I sang with in music class earlier today. When the song ends I hear the roar of applause and load whistles. I jump down from the stage and walk over to my friends.

"Kira was right" Ethan says. "Yeah Tracy you were great." Conner says. I thank him. "Imagine how it would sound if the two of them would sing together." Trent says. "Yeah that would be one great show" Ethan adds. "I can picture the poster "Tonight at Hayley's Cyberspace one night only the incredible signing duo of Kira Ford and Tracy Burlew." Trent continues. I let out a loud whistle to silence everyone. "Hey guys I appreciate what you are saying, but you make it sound like I have already agreed to do it." I say. Kira walks over and puts her hand on my shoulder. I look over at her.

"Hey Tracy, what if I make you a deal." She says. "I'm listening" I say. "What if we do just one rehearsal to see how we sound, and if you still don't want to do the show its ok." she offers. "Well that sounds good to me." I say. "Great I'll go tell the band." she says. "Wait, you have a band?" I ask. “Yes and we could cover some of the songs that you like." She says. "Cool I'll give you a song list at school tomorrow." I tell her. She nods and Kira and the others leave. Dr. Oliver, Hayley, and I are standing in the room.

Normal POV

At Mesogog’s Island fortress Mesogog is talking with his henchman. “Have you fools found my gem yet?" he asks. "Yes my lord but I'm afraid a teenage girl found it." Elsa answers. "Those blasted teenagers" Mesogog growls. "I have finished the zord you asked for my lord." Zeltrax says. "Good I'm sure that Dr. Oliver has taught the girl who found my gem how to become a Power Ranger, so let's go make her feel welcome." Mesogog says. "Yes my lord." the two henchmen answer in unison.

Back in the city Kira and the gang are walking around when the sky turns black. "Guys I have a bad feeling about this" Ethan says sensing déjá vu. "I know Ethan. This is what happened when Mesogog released the zords the first time." Conner says. Then the Giganotosaurus zord appears and starts to destroy the city. "Looks like Mesogog made a new toy for us." Ethan jokes. "No time for jokes Ethan. Come on guys, we have to stop that thing. You guys ready?" Conner says, as his bracelet turns into his morpher. "Ready!" the others say astheir bracelets do the same thing. "Dino thunder power up!" Conner, Kira and Ethan yell. "White ranger Dino power!" Trent yells.

"Hello rangers" Elsa says. "Elsa what are you doing here?" Conner asks. "I’m just doing my job red ranger Tyrnodrones attack!" Elsa answers. The Tyrnodrones rush in. "Man these things are tougher than the last time we battled them" Conner says. Ethan calls for backup as talks into his morpher. "Hey, Dr. O, we could use some dino help out here. Mesogog created a new zord and it is destroying the city." Ethan says.

Tracy's POV

"Got it Ethan, we're on our way" Dr. Oliver says. Dr. Oliver looks over at me and sees a look of pure panic on my face. "Tracy I know you're scared but you are the only one person who can tame that zord. I know you can do this." he says. "I'll go back to the lab to see what I can find out about our new friend." Hayley says. "Thanks Hayley" Dr. Oliver says. Hayley locks up and we go off to help the others

Dr. Oliver and I walk in. "Ok Dr. Oliver you sure that I can tame that thing? It's huge." I say. "Yes you can. Your morpher will convey your thoughts to it." he explains. I speak into my morpher and try to tame the zord but nothing happens. "Dr. Oliver it's not working. Now what?" I say. "Just keep trying." he says.

I try again but this time, when I speak into my morpher to tame it, I feel a rush of electricity flow through my morpher. I cry out in pain. "Tracy, are you ok?" Dr. O asks. "Yes I'm fine, but why isn't this working?" I ask. "Because pink Ranger we programed this zord so it can't be turned over to the good side." The woman in black says. I hear me morpher chirp.

"Hayley" I answer. "I wouldn't be so sure about that." Hayley says. "What do you mean?" I ask. "All you need is to try a different wave length." She explains. "Hayley you don't mean?" I ask. "Yes, Tracy, you have to sing in order to break the sectary mechanism." she replies. “No way. I'm not going to sing to some hunk of metal. I don't really need a zord do I?" I complain. "I guess your rangers friends will just have to destroy it in order to save the city, won't they?" the woman in black says.

AN: Will Tracy sing to tame to tame to zord or will the other rangers have no choice but to destroy it?
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