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It takes me more than a second just to process this. Ryan and Dallon. Dallon and Ryan. It's like he's his own personal.... prostitute. Ryan's a prostitute. I've been crushing slightly on a prostitute... whose Dallon's. I can't even process it. In regards to Dallon's wants and needs after the divorce... I'm surprised he'd find comfort in a sex buddy. Then again it's been a long while. I should have realized how much he's changed. Maybe I really didn't have to know about this detail. Although I'm incredibly shocked, I'm a little disappointed. Ryan and I. That statement seems extremely non existent now.
When I get into my room, I plop onto the bed and try really hard not to think about what I just witnessed. It's gonna be a very sleepless night.


By the next morning, I'm still processing. It's as though this will turn into a never ending cycle of comprehending everything. As soon as I get dressed and head downstairs, there's a small breakfast. Dallon is reading this morning's news paper. Ryan is pouring him some coffee. The scene almost looks as though it will turn into one of those porn videos where they just start fucking on the table. I really... really need to stop thinking right now. I take a seat across from Dallon.
He greets me, "Good morning, Brendon!"
Ryan glances at me briefly, that smirk as clear as daytime. He's really trying to fuck with my head. I should definitely end these feelings right now.
This is way more difficult than I thought.
I look back at Dallon like he's waiting for a reply... oh. Whoops.
"Uh, morning!"
"Are you doing okay?"
"Yeah, never better. Just, I had a hard time sleeping last night."
"Alright, so we got ourselves a new track today!"
"Great." I reply, with a small smile.
I eat up a small portion of eggs and bacon and head into the den.
Dallon decides to do most of the composing for the new song while I edit. And to think this wouldn't be a challenge, but it seriously is.
"This song, I can already tell it'll be a hit!" Dallon says out of no where.
"Mhm." I get out quickly.
He looks at me with a serious expression, "No really. This track is a combination of our teamwork. If I say it seems like it could be a hit, that's just my opinion, unless you honestly agree."
"I do." I nod. Sure why not, right? Because all I can do now is push... certain thoughts to the back of my head... my efforts are disappinting.
"Yeah?" He looks at me more intently. Bet he looked at Ryan like that before they fucked. Jesus, I need to stop.
Glancing away, I take a deep breath, "Definitely." I look back at him.
He stops talking for a moment, but I know he's not intending to end the conversation so soon.
"Brendon, you seem a little off balance today."
"Lack of sleep, man." I get out.
"I know it's not just that." His voice goes dry.
"Last night." He says looking away, with a brief smile almost as though he's embarassed, "I'm sorry." He looks back at me.
I don't bother to speak. He knows I heard them. I am not smooth with covering up at all.
"No, it's... it's fine I mean it's none of my business." I say nervously.
He looks away briefly. It seems as though he's pondering on a thought. In the end we could just move away from this conversation completely.
"I don't want this to be awkward between us... I would have never thought you'd find out. I'm new at this... you've known me well and I think to ease up the uncomfortable tension... I'll let you borrow him once."
My mouth almost drops. Holy shit. Did he just say I could borrow Ryan? Like... for sex? In all honestly, I contemplate if that even eases up the awkward or just makes it a thousand times worse.
"If you want to of course. Just a one time thing on your two month stay, I know for a fact that he wouldn't mind."
Ryan's a prostitute, I doubt that he minds at all if a sexual favor is brought up from anyone. Still, the thought runs through my mind repeating over and over again... I've never done anything of the sort before.
My words come out in neither a comment or question, "Thanks."
I can just imagine it now, asking Ryan to be mine for the night. Goddamn. The way I would place my lips on his pale skin... his eyes shutting in pleasure each time I'd-
"So back to the song, then?" Dallon says out of no where.
"Uh, yeah, yep." I attempt to shake off the thoughts.
For the rest of the evening, it slowly becomes more and more impossible to not think of Ryan and I.
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