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A Touch, A Tease

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The images of Ryan and me never fade. They grow, so much that I just about lose control in every aspect of the word. Although, a majority of the downtime from music writing is hanging out with Dallon... so it's a challenge... not to think about him.
"So, this is pretty fun, right?" Dallon says, a small smile on his face, a pair of shades over his eyes as he hits a green ball across fake turf. Oh mini golf, how I'd enjoy you on any day where my mind is not wondering off somewhere else.
"Definitely." I say. I set my blue ball down and take a good hit. It lands right near the hole.
"You absolutely positive?"
"What's not to like about mini golfing with one of my best buds?" I give off a smile, I try to not act as though I don't mean it.
He gives me a look, one that falls under the category of 'I know sarcasm when I hear it'
"Don't think I don't know." He says, before cautiously taking a hit at his ball.
"You're thinking about what I told you."
"Told me? About?" Oh god, is it really that obvious?
Well... fuck.
"What about-"
"It's good that we're taking a break from the music writing process for a while. I can be patient, but two months can be over before you know it."
I clear my throat, "I know." I can barely speak any other words. I am that obvious? This is too embarrassing.
"Your turn."
"Hm? Oh, oh yeah." I take my putt and it gets in the hole, but I don't think about it too much.
Dallon's impatient. In his eyes, maybe he even wants to take back the offer, but specifically what he offered... I can't rush that.
Eventually we finish up our day at some local sandwich shop. He never brings it up again... which is good.


In the span of a few days, Dallon has another trip out of the house while I sit down, back against the inside of the locked bathroom door, mindlessly stroking myself. Just imagining what Ryan's lips would taste like. The possible noises that would come out of his mouth. His fingers on my skin... his fingers all over me. I start to work faster, picturing myself on top of him, riding the hell out of him. Fuck...
I bite my lip, feeling the evident build up of my orgasm. I let out a soft moan, imagining Ryan coming on my stomach. Shit... feeling his muscles tighten and relax.
I finally come in my hand, letting out deep breaths.
My first time ever jacking off thinking about him, the first time actually having an amazing orgasm. I'll never find it to be a coincidence.
I get cleaned up soon after, looking at myself in the mirror. I look tired. Then I start to feel self conscious. What if I'm not good enough or attractive enough for Ryan? I'm not technically asking for him to be my boyfriend. Just a night with him... right?
I'll never understand the ones who sell their bodies, but I bet they don't judge.
Taking someone for granted, that's different, but no I wouldn't do that. Ryan is a decent person... who probably has an incredible body. I really shouldn't over think these things. I do want him, regardless if it's just for a short time. He's gorgeous.


By the time I get out of the bathroom, I see Ryan right outside the doorway. It startles me a bit. Suddenly it becomes almost too awkward.
I speak fast, "Uh hey Ryan."
He gives me a smirk, looking into my eyes suggestively, "I heard you, hot shot."
"Uh, what, I mean-"
"These walls are thin."
I look away from him briefly, scratching my head. A nervous laugh escapes me, "I... I'm not getting out of this one am I?" I slightly mumble.
"Nope." He walks over to me, my heart starts to race.
"You're cute." He says with a smile, way passed innocent. He then turns away from me briskly, picking up my laundry basket.
Before he walks out I finally make the decision, "Ryan?"
"Yeah." He says, setting down the laundry basket before turning back around to look at me.
"I kinda just, um... I don't know how to say it."
"How to say...?" He walks back over to me, this time with slow steps.
My voice barely projects, strangled with nervousness, "You and I, here... now."
He's not even an inch away from me, I can feel his breath ghost across my skin. His fingers lightly sweep across my collarbones.
"Anything in particular... hot shot?"
Fuck... fuck he's asking me what I'd want out of him. And to think my day dreams wouldn't become a reality.
"Just something quick," I say before I fall into a whisper, "I don't know."
"I know just the thing." He smiles seductively.
At this point I can already tell I'm half hard just by his voice. The way his fingers brush on my skin, he must be a tease. He closes in, but not to my lips. To my neck. His breathing...
He kisses my skin. I feel a chill run up my spine. He makes his way up with tender kisses now. I don't know what to do with my hands so I place them on his hips where his skin is exposed. As soon as he makes it passed my jaw, he licks the outer shell of my ear. Holy shit. He gives out a seductive giggle. God... please just take me now. He backs away from me, my hands fall off his skin. He takes my left and pulls me onto the bed.
I lay down as his lips peck at my neck. His hands go for my belt. He takes his time, it's driving me crazy. I want to kiss him so bad.
By the time he unbuttons my pants I quickly get out, "Kiss me..."
He looks at me now with a smirk. My eyes glance at his moist lips. He comes in closer, I start to close my eyes and then... he just nips at my chin.
I'm almost disappointed. If he's the kind of prostitute I think he is why didn't he kiss me? Oh right, going back to my first theory, he's a goddamn tease.
He starts going lower now, sliding off my pants along with my boxers. Shit...
He takes my cock in his hands and slowly starts stroking. His eyes fall to mine, he licks his lips. I start to breath deeper. The way his fingers are around me, fuck...
He then goes down, taking me in his mouth. I let out a moan and shut my eyes. Just to drown in how hot it's getting. He starts to pick up the pace, my cock twitches.
"Fuck, ah." I breath.
He then takes his mouth off me, but before I know it, his tongue glides up my length. He ends with a swirl around my tip. Jesus fucking Christ...
My breathing quickens, I can't help but moan again.
I want to grip his hair, pull him onto me, but I don't. I don't want to mess up his hair. He looks so fucking good. Ryan... sucking me off... in a tux.
Before I know it, he takes me in again, bobbing his head quickly. He's trying to drive me insane, he's winning...
He hollows his cheeks and keeps at the same pace. I can feel my orgasm rise for the second time this evening. I come into his mouth not even a moment later.
I let out deep breaths.
"God... damn..." I manage to slip out.
He crawls back up to me, his eyes darkened with lust, "I like your taste." He says.
I swallow hard. I can barely form words on my lips.
He then gets off the bed and starts walking out the door. Don't leave...
He gives me a wink before walking down the hallway.
Holy fucking shit...
There's no way I could ever have another normal conversation between me and him again.
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