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Days 8-10 (Going Under)

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Days 8-10. Things happen, LOL

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Day 8 (Going Under)

10:29 PM


I was just taking a walk in the woods by myself. I was a little dissapointed no one else wanted to join me, but all well. The shade of the trees felt nice. All the noise that was heard was my breathing, some birds, and my foot steps landing on some branches.

I was startled when the birds chirpings of joy turned to an ugly chirpings of fear, and the sky was covered with black birds, squaking, trying to get away.

That was wierd, what would make them go phyco like that? I then heard really heavy breathing, which caught my attention. I turned to the dirrection where it was heard. In those bushes, was those same dark red eyes again. I looked at them, then everthing went black.



My heart began thumping in my chest when two hours past, and Delilah didn't come back to our "home" from her walk. My heart slowed down when I heard her come.

"Delilah, where've you been? You had me worried sick!" I cried out when she right in front of me.

I shiver went up my spine. I could tell something was wrong. Delilahs hazel brown eyes were now balls of fire, her hair was a mess, and she had these bags under her eyes as if she didn't sleep for days.

"I warned you," began Delilah, pointing her finger at me, "I warned you to get off this island!"

"D-Delilah?" I cried out confused, when she continued to come closer and closer to me.

This grabbed everyones attention. Everyone starred at Delilah. Delilah came closer, and closer, closer than my comforance. Nosey quickly came in between Delilah and me.

"Delilah, what are you doing?" asked Nosey.

Delilah gave one of her death stares, when she lunged herself at Nosey, forcing him to fall into the ocean. She then jumped in after him, and began choking him. Everyone screamed.

"She's going to kill him, man!" cried out Al.

Emmet and me quickly jumped into the water. Delilah kept on choking poor Nosey under the water, unable to help himself. I lunged myself at Delilah. I jumped on her, put my arms around her neck, and my legs around her rib cage. She fell into the water. I quickly picked her up, and put her on the island. I then sat on her legs, and held her arms down by her wrists. While I did this, Emmet quickly got Nosey out of water, and saved the poor guy.

"LET ME GO!" she screamed, squiring and kicking as if she was an animal.

Delilah than began to cough. She began to cough so much is scared me.

"Delilah?" I cried out, quickly getting off of her.

I lifted her back up, forcing her to sit up. I pat her back gently. She soon stopped coughing, and just fell back into my arms and closed her eyes, breathing heavily.

"What the hell was that? What's wrong with her?" cried out Emmet.

"I dunno," I said, almost having tears in my eyes. "This isn't like her. It's like she's possessed or something."

"That's impossible, you idiot!" Muttered Ursula.

Scarlett, icnoring Ursula, asked, "Why did she say she warned you before? You mean, this happened before, my child?"

I gulped, not knowing what to say. "Yes, this has...when Delilah was tired that night. I thought it was nothing, so I said nothing...besides you guys wouldn't believe me anyways."

"This is sure something. She was choking me!" cried out Nosey.

I looked at the sleeping Delilah in my hands. I promised myself I would protect her. Why did I let her go for that walk alone?

I'll protect you, Delilah, I will.


Day 9 (S.O.S.)

3:48 PM

Delilah's point of view:

Julius was sitting beside me in our little shelter.

"So...I choked Nosey..." I asked him after he explained last morning.

"Yes. Then you fell asleep for the whole rest of the day," said Julius, amazed.

My eyes got big. "Really? I feel so bad...I don't even remember..." She said, her eyes looking at me. "Julius, I'm scared of myself...I'm hurting you...Nosey...who am I going to hurt next?"

I whiped the tears out of my eyes. I grabbed Delilah in a hug, as she cried on my shoulder.

"I know you would never hurt someone, De." He whispered in my ear. "I don't know what's going on...but..."

"I'm not doing this on purpose, I'm not even remember doing this!" I cried out, introrupted him.

"I believe you, Delilah." He told me, giving me a sympathy look. "And I'll stay with you...I'll protect you."

"Thanks, Julius." I said, smiling, wiping away my tears.

"Anytime, Delilah." He replied.


Day 10 (Dive In)

1:56 PM

Delilah's point of view:

"I'm going for a swim," Julius annouced.

Still in his clothes, not caring, he jumped into the ocean, letting a sigh of comfort out.

"Come in, guys, it's nice!" He cried out.

Everyone shook there heads no. Everyone was tired and cranky today...besides Julius. Even though it's only been a week and three days, it seems like a year past by. I watched the happy Julius doing back crawl around the ocean. He then quickly stood up and screamed.

"Julius? You ok?" Asked Emmet.

Julius gave out one last scream, before he went under the water.

"JULIUS!" I cried out.

I quickly jumped into the water, and swam like hell. I dived under to where I found Julius unconscious. Even though I could hardly see under the water, I noticed the water was red...with Julius' blood. I put my hands under his armpits, and everyone helped me get him out of the water. His eyes were closed, and he was unconscious.

"OH MY GOD!" cried out Ursula.

I put my hand under his nose. He was breathing, but not too good. I quickly did mouth to mouth and CPR.

"Julius, wake up!" I cried out. "Please, wake up!"

Julius then coughed up some water, and groaned.

"Julius, you ok?" Al asked.

"My ankle..." complained Julius.

I looked at his ankle. It was bleeding...and bad. It had four little holes...two holes in the front, and two holes in the back.

"It looks like something bit you," commented Scarlett.

I quickly grabbed the first aid kit in our crashed plane, cleaned his wound up and wrapped it up. Julius tried to get up, but he screamed, and fell back down.

"I can't walk..." complained Julius. "How am I supposed to help?"

"You can help by taking care of yourself," I told him.

I fell on top of him. "Julius, don't scare us like that again!"

Emmet and me carried Julius into our shelter. I grabbed him under the armpits, and Emmet grabbed his legs. I let him use my blanket, too.

"You get some rest," I told him. "Looks like you got hurt bad."

Julius moaned in complain.

"We just want to help you, Julius." Emmet told him.

"Emmet, Delilah?" Julius said.

"Yes?" I replied.


"Anytime, Julius." I told him.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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