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Days 11-13 (Missing)

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Days 11-13. "Crap," muttered Delilah. "It's no use. We praticly searched all this small island." I said, giving up. "Maybe we should try again tomorrow." "Maybe you're right." agreed Delilah.

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Day 11 (Helpless)

5:54 PM

Julius' point of view:

I wasn't able to walk all day. People kept on having to carry me to where ever I had to go. I was helpless, doing nothing. Just sitting on my butt. Right now I was sitting in Delilah and my shelter. Delilah came in, with two sticks that were in the shape of a "Y." She gave them to me.

"What's this?" I asked, studying them.

"Use them for crutches." She explained. "At least you'll be able to walk a little bit."

Delilah helped me up, as I tried the crutches out. it sucked, having my left ankle all banaged up and worthless.

"Thanks, De, this is great," I thanked her.

"Glad you like them." Replied Delilah. "I better switch your bandages. They're already soaked with blood again. Whatever bit you bit you bad."

She grabbed the first aid kit, and helped me sat down. She took of the bandages, to reveal my ugly, hideous wound. It was soaked in blood, but the holes where whatever bit me began to heal up slowly. She gently cleaned it up, then put a fresh bandaged on it.

"Thanks." I replied, smiling. "Thank you for all your help."

"You can thank me by taking care of youself," Delilah told me.

I smiled. Delilah was always healing me up and taking care of me. It's just too bad she didn't feel the same way.


DAY 12: (Talk)

4:49 AM.


I was sitting on the beach, starring out into the water. I stared out at the beautiful half moon. I sighed. I knew Julius was right behind me when I heard his "crutches" go "clunk, clunk" against the rocks in the sand. He slowly and carefully sat himself down.

"Can't sleep either?" He asked me.

I shook my head no. "Too much on my mind."

"Like what?" He asked me.

"Well...this whole island thing...people are getting hurt, Julius." I said, with anger in my voice. "Once in awhile I'll black out, open up to hurting my loved ones...You've been bitting bad...I'm scared. I really am scared."

I quickly wiped away a tear, trying to make sure Julius didn't see. But it was too late, he caught me. He moved himself over, and held me in a hug. I layed my head on his strong shoulder. His breathe was comforting on my neck.

"I'm scared too, De," admitted Julius. "But everythings going to be alright."

"Everythings not going to be alright, Julius." I cried out. "What if we never get off this island?"

"That's not the Delilah Devonshire I know," Julius said, holding me in a tighter hug. "We will. We will all get off this island."

"But when?" I asked him.

A pause. Silience was making fools of us all. We broke our hug, but Julius' hands were still on my shoulder. He starred at me with his beautiful blue eyes, with his blonde hair flying in the wind.

"I don't know," said Julius. "But we will. I'll do anything I can do for you."

"Thanks." I told him.

This time, I pulled him into another hug.



"Please forgive me for what I'm about to do..."

Julius looked at me with discomfort. I quickly went up to him, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I'm...I'm so sorry..."I muttered, being embarressed.

Julius didn't say a word. Insteed, he decided to show how he felt. he put his hand under my chin, lifted it up, and gave me a soft, gentle kiss on the lips. We opened out eyes to stare into each others eyes, both smiling.

"I thought you didn't like the kiss in our truth or dare game," teased Julius.

I laughed. "That was the most akward first kiss, huh?" I said, laughing even more. "I'm sorry, Juls. I'm scared you didn't feel the same way."

Julius gave me a kiss on the forhead. "I felt the same way. I'm sorry, too."

Julius grabbed my hand. I smiled, as we held a tight grip. I layed my head on his chest, and listened to his heart beat, beating very fast. My heart was also beating fast. I was so happy. Julius kissed my hair.



"I love you."

"I love you too, Julius."


Day 13 (Missing)

7:02 AM.


I woke up to find a sleeping Delilah, sleeping soundly in my arms. We were both sharing our blankets. I smiled. She looked so beautiful, just lying there. Delilah, noticing someone starring at her, yawned, and opened her eyes.

"Morning." I said to her. "Some night, huh?"

"A good night, though." she said, smiling.

She gave me a good morning kiss on the lips, followed by another hug. I played with her hair for a bit, as she just layed on my chest, just smiling with her eyes closed.

Our moment was shattered to my dissapointment, when we heard everyone calling, "Ursula!"

Delilah found my cruthes for me, helped me up as we both walked outside.

"What's going on?" Delilah asked.

"We can't find Ursula, man." Cried out Al.

"We woke up and she was gone." added Emmet.

"Maybe she just had to use the washroom, or went for a walk." I suggessed.

Everyone sighed. Where the hell was she?

"We better take shifts of making search teams...just in case, my children. We can't lose anyone." Scarlett said, worried.

"We'll take the first shift," voulunteered Nosey, grabbing Emmets arm.

And off they went. This wasn't good. I remembered when Ursula and me were partners, and she ran out just to prove a point, and got caught. Was she trying to play hero again? Everyone was worried sick about her. About two hours later, if was Delilah and my turn. We both went into the bushes. Delilah suggessed we split up.

"NO WAY!" I cried out quickly. "Whenever we split up, you always get hurt. You're staying beside me."

"Ok." Delilah said.

We went around, slowly, since my arms were getting tired thanks to the crutches. We kept on calling out, "Ursula," but had no luck. God darn it all!

"Crap," muttered Delilah.

"It's no use. We praticly searched all this small island." I said, giving up. "Maybe we should try again tomorrow."

"Maybe you're right." agreed Delilah.

Where was Ursula? Was she alright?


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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