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Days 14-16 (Sick and Tired)

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Days 14-16. The search is on. Julius isn't feeling well. What else is going to happen?

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Day 14 (Temperture)

1:27 PM


It was Julius and my turn to search for Ursula. We never had any luck this morning.

"Delilah...can we please sit down for a moment?" Julius asked.

I turned around. Julius' face was drenched in sweat, and so was his shirt. He was breathing heavily. I helped him sit down, and moved his crutches to the side.

"You ok, Juls?" I asked him. "You don't look too well."

"I'm fine," Julius assured me. "Probley just a hot flash. The heat will do that to you."

I handed Julius a water bottle. "Thanks." he replied.

He didn't drink too much when he began coughing. I quickly patted his back gently.

"Thanks again," he said, making us both laugh. "God, this water feels like I'm drinking posion!"

I put my hand on Julius' forhead.

"What are you doing?" asked Julius.

His forhead was pretty warm. "I'm checking your temperture. Julius...I think you have a fever."

"No, I don't." Julius said, raising an eyebrow. "I'm fine.

"That's why you feel so hot...why you can't drink water..." I began listening the reasons.

"I'm fine." Julius replied again. "Trust me. But thanks for being worried about me."

"Ok." I said, believing him.

He gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Come on. We have an Ursula to find."

I helped Julius up, to find we had no more luck finding Ursula, to our dissapointment. We went back to our campsite.

"Guys, I'm worried about Ursula." Emmet said. "She's been gone for a whole day."

"Don't worry, man." Al said. "We'll find her. I'm sure she's fine."

I could tell on the look of Al's face that he wasn't positive. Oh God, where the hell is she? I may hate her...but that doesn't mean I want her to be lost.


Day 15 (Sick and Tired)


I began to worry about Julius since what happened yesterday. I'm positive he had a fever, and here he was...trying to act like the hero, and push himself too hard. Julius was still asleep. I was surprised, for he went to bed early last night...eight o'clock, to be exact. I went into our shelter.

Julius was sleeping, covered in his red, fuzzy blanket. I could see the sweat off his body. He was again breathing heavily. I went up to him, gave him a kiss on the cheek to wake him up. He moaned, but didn't open his eyes. This surprised me, for usually Julius was a light sleeper. I gave him another kiss on the cheek, and began playing with his hair. Julius slowly opened his eyes.

"Delilah?" He asked. "What time is it?"

"It's almost three, sleepy head!" I told him, giving him a playful shove.

"God, I feel like crap." Complained Julius. "I feel hot and cold at the same time."

"now do you believe me you have a fever?" I asked him.

"You're probley right." He agreed.

He tried to get up, but I pushed him back down.

"You need to rest. Stop pushing yourself too hard." I told him. "You're sick. Just stay down for the day."

"But I need to help," moaned Julius.

"Don't do this again, Julius." I told him. "It's getting old. How's your ankle feeling today?"

"Still sore," said Julius.

"Wow. I wonder what bit you, it must had got you bad." I commented.

"I'll be right back." I told Julius.

I ripped a piece off my blanket, and wetted it down with some water. I went back to our shelter, and put it on Julius' forhead.

"Does that feel better?" I asked him.

"It does, thanks." Julius said. "Did you guys have better luck finding Ursula?"

I shook my head no. "No one can find her. Not even clues of where she's been."


" look like you feel so bad...I hate to see you like this." I told him.

"WHy don't you make me feel better?" asked Julius, as he weakly pulled me down, embracing me in a hug. I put my face in his shoulder, as Julius played with my hair. I loved it when he does that.

I went to give him a kiss on the lips, but he stopped me. I was hurt. Why wouldn't he kiss me?

"I'm sorry, Delilah," aplogigized Julius. "I do want to kiss you, but I don't want you to catch what I have."

Duh, why didn't I think of that? We don't need two people sick. Julius gave me a kiss on the cheek. "That doesn't mean I can't do that."

We both laughed. I removed the air out of his face, and kiss him on the forhead. We remained sitting down, Julius pulling me protectively closer to him, and my head resting on his shoulder.

"You should be sick more offen," I joked.

"I don't mind being sick if it makes us spend more time together," commented Julius, making us both laugh. "I really don't remember being this happy."

I agreed with him. Besides being stranded, Julius being sick and Ursula missing...I was happy.


DAY 16 (Return)


Julius still wasn't feeling any better today. In fact, he looked worse. I stayed with him almost all day, just chatting and cuddling. Julius slept lots during the day, beind he was sick. When he was asleep, I went outside where there was a campfire. Everyone was around it, and I joined them.

"How's Julius feeling?" Asked Scarlett.

"Worse." I told them. "Hopefully he feels better soon."

They all nodded in agreement.

"Just what we need," muttered Nosey. "Somebody sick."

We began to hear heavy breathing in the bushes. Everyone got quiet and listened. Emmet picked up the wooden sword that Nosey, Al and Scarlett made, and went by the bushes. Something was out there. We all cried out in surprise when a blonded haired girl with dark blue eyes came out. It was Ursula! She had cuts all over her body, and bleeding bad. Her hair and clothes were a mess. She was sweating and breathing heavily.

"URSULA!" Everyone cried out.

Ursula almost fell, but Emmet caught her, and sat her by the fire.

"Where were you?" Asked Nosey.

"This...this thing kidnapped me. I was only taking a walk," Ursula said in tears. "I didn't get a good was a black creature with these large, red eyes. He kept on hitting me, telling me to leave the island. He said he was going to murder me, to show you guys how serious he was."

"How'd you escape?" I asked.

"It wasn't easy." Ursula said. "But I managed to sneak out while he was sleeping. It was horrible!"

Ursula bursted out in worse tears. No one ever saw her cry before.

"Let me clean you up." I told Ursula.

Ursula isn't the type to accept help, so I was surprised when she let me. I cleaned her up with some rubbing alchohal, band aids, and her fixed her pony tail. She cleaned her face in the ocean.

"It was so horrible, Delilah," Ursula said again. "I was so scared."

"I bet it was." I told her, putting a hand on her shoulder.

I never, ever showed sympathy to Ursula, but this time, it was different. "You had us all scared, we were worried about you."

Ursula shook her head yes. "I need to get some rest. It's going to feel better then sleeping being chained up."

"Good night, Ursula."

"Good night."



"Thanks for your help."

I smiled. "You're welcome."


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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