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Days 17-19 (Panic)

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Days 17-19. Julius still isn't well. Ursula finally came back. But the creature is still out there somewhere...

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Day 17 (Angry Purple)

5:59 PM

Delilah's point of view:

Julius was still asleep. He was really feeling bad, and really sick, so I let him sleep. I went in our tent, just to check on how he's doing. To my surprise, Julius was awake. Each day, he looked worse, and worse. I was getting really concerned about him. Julius' face was so pale and full of sweat.

"I'm so hot and cold at the same time," complained Julius.

I gave him a look of sympathy. "Let me change your bandages."

I removed Julius' bandage on his ankle where he was bitten. I was shocked. Instead of looking better, it was looking worse. It was an angry purple colour. It was a big bump. His skin around it was raw skin. I saw this before on Al's advance first aid class. He had all the symtoms and everything.

"J-Julius..." I said, my voice shaking. "I think whatever bit you was posionous."

"You think I was posioned?" he asked me, his eyes getting big.

I could tell Julius knew the effects of posion. He needs medical attention soon...or he will...I didn't want to finish the sentence. I couldn't imagine a world without Julius. We had to get off this island, and fast.

"This is not good, man," Al cried out when I told Scarlett and Al about Julius' condition.

"Don't worry, child." Scarlett said. "We'll let you stay with Julius. We understand."


I ran back to our shelter. Julius had already fell back to sleep. I gave him a kiss on the forhead. Be strong, Juls, be strong.


Day 18 (Red Eyes)

9:22 PM

I was laying down with Julius. I layed my head on his chest, my head going up and down with ever breath he took. He heart was beating fast, and so was mine. My heart always did beat fast when I'm around Julius.

"Julius, I'm just going for a short walk. My legs are begining to feel numb" I told him, getting up.


I went into the woods, watching my steps. Then it happened. I looked in the bushes, and saw those red eyes again. The same red eyes that every time I look at them, I lose control of myself. I quickly turned around, not daring to look at it's eyes.

"Get off this island..." warned the voice. "You'll make my master angry..."

His voice was so cold and harsh. And master? You mean, we're not the only ones on the island? When I didn't say or do anything, I felt something jump on me. I screamed. I had to remember not to look in his eyes. All I noticed about him was that he were a black cloak, and had scaley dark blue skin. His sharp long nails scratched my arm. I cried in pain, and felt the blood coming out of me.

"GET OFF!" I screamed, kicking him in the stomache.

He let me go, and held back the pain. "So you're the one controling me. You're so going to pay..."

"Well, I'd love to stay and chat," The moster said, "but my master needs me. See you again, beautiful."

Beautiful? I thought I was going to barf. I quickly ran back to my shelter.

"Delilah, you're hurt," cried out Julius, looking at my bleeding arm.

"No deal. Just need to clean it up." I told him.

I ripped apart off my blanket, and damped it with water, cleaning the blood off. It stinged badly.

"Come here, De. Let me heal you." Julius said, trying to give a soft laugh.

I went down, and layed right beside me. He put a protective arm around me, as I put my head on his chest. Julius kissed my hair. Then he kept on kissing the wounds on my arm. I laughed, not beileving he did that. I felt so much better with Julius. I felt so safe in his arms. We then fell asleep in each others arms.


Day 19 (Panic)


Julius was still asleep, while I wanted to talk to the whole group.

"I saw that monster again." I told them. "The one who kidnapped Ursula...and who took over me."

"This is crazy, yeah right," threw out Emmet.

"It's true!" I cried out. "Just remember...if you see him, don't look him in the eyes, or you'll be under his control. He also said he had a master..."

"So we're not alone on this island?" asked a terrified Nosey.

Scarlett shook her head in disbelievance. "Are you sure it wasn't a nightmare?"

"He attacked me." I said. I then pulled up my shirt sleeve, to reveal my cuts. "Do you think I'd do this to myself?"

"We belive you," said Ursula, her eyes wide. "I deffently believe you after seeing that monster...Now that I think about it, I never did look into his eyes..."

"That's why your body wasn't taken over," I explained.

"No ones safe now," Al said. "Now we have to look after each other more than ever...we have to get off this island alive..."


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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