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Day 20 (The Begining of the End)

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Can't say anything without giving it away, LOL

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day 20

Delilah's point of view:

"Guys, we have to find that monsters hideout." I finally said.

"What? Are you crazy?" Cried out Emmet.

"She's right, man," said Al. "He's going to keep attacking intill we defeat him at his own game."

after silience, everyone agreed. Emmet took Julius, who still was doing horrible, and put him over his shoulders. We walked, till we saw a cave.

"Wow, never saw this before," Commented Nosey.

We entered, and we all gasped. In there, was the ConMan.

"YOU!" I cried out. "You were the reason why our plane crashed! I just know it!"

I looked aroun. The ugly creature was there, too. I reminded people not to look into his eyes. There, was a long was a teleporter! Holy crap! I quickly kicked the Conman where it hurts, thanking God that I'm a girl.

"EVERYONE GET IN!" I yelled.

Everyone listened, as we were blinded by a yellow light. We our eyes wre opened again, we were in the academy basement.

"He hacked our plane, to make us crash..." concluded Scarlett.

We were home. Finally home. I quickly grabbed an axe, and distroyed the teleporter.

"WHy'd you do that for?" Ursula asked, confused.

"Now the ConMan and that creature are trapped on that island. Now they can see how it feels."

Everyone gave a short laugh. It was good to be home.



Tears of joy was in everyones eyes when we were off the island, and Julius was taking to the hospital right away. It took a month, but he did get better. There was haunting memories of the island...but also good ones. I was finally going out with Julius. Julius and me stood outside on the balcony, and put an arm around my shoulder, and I put an arm around his waist.

"I love you, Delilah." He said.

"I do, too." I told him

We kissed in the moonlight, both having tears in our eyes of happiness. We were home. Finally. We were finally together.

But whenever I was with Julius, I was home.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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