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ch 15: According to Mom

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Jayden's POV

We arrive at the hospital. and we walk into the waiting room. The first thing I see is Antonio pacing the floor. "Hey Antonio." I greet my worried friend. "Hey Jayden." he greets back. "Antonio relax, I'm sure that Tracy is going to be fine" I say hoping that will get him to stop pacing the floor. "I know that Jay, but I'm still worried." he says. The doctor comes in and Antonio runs up and starts to badger the doctor.

"Antonio stop badgering the doctor" Let him speak." I say. "Its fine I'm used to people doing that. Tracy is going to be just fine. She just woke up. We're going to have to keep her over night." The doctor informs us. "You said she was fine." Antonio snaps. "She is, but this is standard procedure for anyone we treat for anaphylactic shock." the doctor says. "I understand. Can we see her?" Antonio asks. "Yes, but not too long. She still needs her rest." the doctor answers.

Antonio's POV

I slowly walk into Tracy's hospital room. "Hey, handsome." Tracy says with a smile. "Hey Angel, how do you feel?" I ask. "I'm Fine Tony." She answers. "You really scared me." I say trying not to sound mad. "I'm sorry Tony; I didn't mean to scare anyone I swear." She says trying not to cry. I walk over to the bed and kiss her on the forehead. "I know angel I'm just so glad that you're all right." I say with a smile.

"So where is everyone else?" she asks. Then the others enter in the room. "Never mind I found them" she jokes. The room fills with laughter. "Well at least she hasn't lost her sense of humor" Jayden says. Mike walks to the bed. "Tracy I'm sorry. It's because of me that you're here." Mike says in a guilty tone. "Mike listen, you didn't know about my allergy. It was an accident, so please stop beating yourself up over this, ok" she says trying to make him feel better. "You got it." Mike says. "Good." she says through a yawn. I take that as a hint that we should leave to give her a chance to rest and recover. I nod to everyone and they begin to leave the room. I am the last to leave, the only thing that is bugging me is why she didn't tell anyone about her allergy.

Tracy's mom POV

The next day I have Antonio come with my mom to pick my daughter up from the hospital. When we got into the car Antonio and Tracy sat in the back seat. The whole ride back to the house I am deep in thought about how I am going to tell my daughter that I was going to have triplets. "Mom, is everything ok?" Tracy asks. "Yes, sweetie everything is fine" I answer. I know that she could tell that something was up. I notice Tracy trying to stretch out her stiff muscles from the night in the hospital bed. "Sweetheart, what about you, is everything ok?" I ask.

"Yes mom, I guess I'm a little stiff." she replies. "The bed wasn't that hard was it?" I ask. "I guess all the beds that were soft as clouds were taken, so I had to sleep on bedrock." She jokes. I don't get the joke but Antonio did so he chuckles. "I can help you angel." Antonio says sweetly. "How?" she asks. "I'll show you" he says with his sweet smile. He begins to rub her shoulders. I can tell that she is starting to relax.

"Careful Antonio. If you rub her shoulder too much longer she'll fall asleep on you." I say with a devilish grin. "Mom!" My daughter shouts as her cheeks turn red from embarrassment. "Sorry sweetie, but that is the same trick we used when you were a baby and couldn't fall asleep." I remind her. "Thanks for the trip down embarrassment lane mom" she snaps. "Sorry sweetie, I'm just doing my job" I say. "I know" she mumbles though her teeth. "I know you don't want to hear this now but you two are so going to tie the knot someday." I said, giving her the "you know I'm right" look.

"Come on mom, I know you want grandkids but how can you be so sure that we're going to get married? I mean we haven't even been going out that long." she says in shock. "I know sweetie but you two can't deny it how you feel about each other. You have felt it haven't you." I say "Well yeah but." She stammers. "Tell me the truth Tracy. Have you ever dreamt about the wedding between you and Antonio?" I ask. "Well yeah, but I didn't think it meant anything." she replies. "It does sweetie" I say with a smile. "Now what?" she asks with curiosity. "Right now nothing, you two should just keep on fighting the good fight and save the world" I say proudly. "You got it" the two of them say together.

Tracy looks over at Antonio and see that he seems to be a little tired himself. "Antonio you feeling ok?" she asks in a concerned tone. "Yeah, Tracy I'm fine" he answers. Antonio finishs the shoulder massage and Tracy set her head on his shoulder. "Thanks Antonio "she says. "You're welcome" he says. A few minutes later I look into the rearview mirror and see the two of them fast asleep. "I knew I was right. Those two are meant to be together forever." I think to myself.
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