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Ch 16: I'm sorry little sis

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Chris's POV

I hate when my little sis is mad at me. Now she can figuratively and literally give me the cold shoulder. I know a brother and sister usually have disagreements. I want things to be different when the new arrivals coming in a few months (mom told me about the triplets a few weeks ago. She wanted to wait to tell Tracy when the time was right.) I knew that I should apologize for how I have been acting lately. I walk to the dojo and see her training with Antonio.

"Tracy, I can see that you're busy, but can I talk to you?" I ask. "Can't talk right now but I'll listen." She replies. "This is kinda important." I say in a serious tone. She tells Antonio that they would continue their training later. So Antonio leaves the room and we stand there in silence for a few seconds. "Ok, Chris, what up?" she asks. "I just want to apologize." I say. "For what exactly?" she asks in a confused tone.

"I'm sorry for how I've been acting lately and for been a rotten big brother to you when we were kids." I admit. "I guess I wasn't a very good little sister when we were little either." She says. I walk over to her a place my hand on her shoulder. "Don't talk like that. You were a great little sis. I should have done a better job as your big brother. I never helped you when the big kids were picking on you or I've never been there for you when you were scared." I say. "That's true." she says. "You don't have to agree with me you know." I snap. "I know but there is one thing I still don't get?" she asks.

"What's that?" I ask back. "Did you even want me around when we were kids?" She asks. "Of course I did I just never wanted to admit it to any of my friends." I answer. "Why?" she asks. "Well you were the cute one growing up." I reply. "Sorry bro that was just the way I am" she says with a smile. "I know and what really burns me up now is that you still are." I joke. "Sorry bro you know what they say if it ain't broke don't fix It." she jokes back.

"You think you're so funny" I say. "Yeah I do. Someone had to get the funny gene in the family." She says with a smirk. "I'll just have to change that" I say smiling. "Chris you better not be thinking what I think you thinking." She said knowing what was coming next. I start to tickle her and she starts to squirm. "Chris stop: Aren't we a little too old for this?" She says through the laughter. "I don't think so and what your samurai instincts not as sharp as they used to be." I joke as I continue to tickle her

"Very funny" she says as she tries to tickle me back. I like being taller and not being ticklish helps too. Five minutes later I stop to let her catch her breath. "You know I think this is the nicest conversation we've ever had." She points out. "Yeah and if anyone brings it up I'll just deny it." I say. "What conversation?" she asks. "That's my little sis" I say. "Hey Chris, we don't have to hug now do we?" she asks. "No." I answer. Mom walks in the room. "It's about time you two worked things out." Mom says with a smile. Mom gives us that look that says to finish this Hallmark moment with a hug. "Mom do we have to." We whine "Yes" mom says. We hugged to make mom happy. "Well sis, I'll let you get back to work." I say as I leave the room. "Thanks bro" she says.

Normal POV

Later that day Chris is talking with Kevin. "I've always wanted a younger brother or sister. What is it like to have a younger sibling anyway?" Kevin asks. "Trust me Kevin you don't want a young sibling they always get in your way. Being an only child would be way better." Chris answers. "Come Chris you really don't mean that do you?" Kevin asks. "Yes I do." Chris answers. Tracy walks into the room. "Chris if you don't want a sister, then I don't want a brother so where even." Tracy says as she starts to run out of the room.

Tracy runs out towards the forest. "I knew he didn't mean what he said earlier." Tracy thinks to herself. Antonio, Jayden, and Mia return from the store and they notice Tracy running off into the forest behind the house. "Where is she going?" Mia asks. "Don't know." Jayden answers. They head back into the house to put the groceries away.

"Chris, why did we just see Tracy running off into the forest like a mad man?" Jayden asks. "I was talking with Kevin and she overheard something. Then she overreacted to what she heard." Chris answers. "What did you say?" Jayden asks. "I said that I wished that I was an only child." Chris answers. "Did you mean that?" Mia asks. "Of course not." Chris answers. "One more question- when was the last time you told Tracy that you love her?" Mia asks. "Come on, Mia, she's my sister she must know." Chris answers. "I'm sure that she knows that but it still would be a good idea to go find her and tell her that." Antonio adds. "You're right but I don't know where she went." Chris says. "Then I guess we have to go look for her." Jayden says. After they put the groceries away everyone heads back outside.

Everyone draws the horse symbol and several horses appear. They all mount their horses and go search for Tracy. They ride through the forest calling Tracy's name. They come up to a little bridge. Chris gets off his horse and walks over to the bridge. "Tracy I'm really sorry for what I said. I didn't mean it - honest. I love you." Chris yells towards the bridge. Chris hears the sounds of running footfalls as Tracy runs up to him. Then she gives him a hug. Chris hugs his sister back. "I love you to bro." Tracy says. "I know sis but you can let go now." Chris says. "I'm not done yet." Tracy jokes. Chris chuckles at his sister's joke. A minute later she finally lets her brother go. Then they walk back over to the group. Everyone heads back to the house happy that the sibling problem is averted.

Here is the brother and sister moment I promised. Tracy will be told about the triplets soon I promise. As always reviews are appreciated.
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