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ch 17: the peir carnival

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Tracy's POV

Chris bought tickets for the Rascal Flatts concert tomorrow night. He knew that I have wanted to see them in concert since they released their first album. He gave me the tickets and I thanked him. I left to go find Antonio. I walk into the kitchen and bump into Jayden. We fell to the floor. "Sorry Jayden, I wasn't watching where I was going." I apologize. "Don't worry about it." he said. He helps me back on my feet.

"So, what's the rush?" he asks. "I was looking for Antonio have you seen him around?" I reply. "You just missed him. He took the back exit." he answers. "Gotcha, so I guess he was heading to the pier." I say. "Yup, I guess you were going to ask Antonio to go to the concert with you?" he asked seeing the tickets in my hand. "Yeah" I answer shyly. "If this makes you feel better. Antonio told me that he secretly loves country music." he says with a big sly smile on his face. "Really?" I ask kinda surprised. "Yes but, don't tell him that I told you." he says feeling guilty that he told his best friend's secret. "Sure thing." I tell him. "You know, if you hurry you still might be able catch him." he tells me. I nod, put the tickets on the counter. and rush out to the back exit.

Antonio's POV

I was just about to open the gate when I see Tracy running up. "Hey darling, what up?" I ask. "Nothing really, I just wanted to ask you something." she replies as she was trying to catch her breath."Before you do, catch your breath." I tell her. She waits a few second and catches her breath. "Would you like to go to the Rascal Flatts concert tomorrow night?" she asks. "I would love to." I reply. After I say that a huge smile appears on her face and her eye light up too. "Great. So headed to the pier to go fishing?" she says. "Not today, actually there having a mini cranial all day." I say. "That sounds fun. Mind if I tag along?" she asks. "I was just about to ask you if you would like to come." I reply. "I beat you to the punch didn't I." she says. "Yup" I say.

I pull her close and we press our foreheads together. A few second later our lips meet each others. When we push away from each other. "So, are we going to pier or not?" she whines. "You bet let's go." I say. We leave for the pier holding hands and smiling all the way.

Tracy's POV

Antonio and I get to the pier and the first thing we see is a ferris wheel. "How do you fell for a ride on the ferris wheel?" Antonio asks."Not right now. Maybe later, let's play a few games first." I suggest. "Whatever you want darling." Antonio says. I head straight for the basketball game and Antonio runs to catch up with me.

"Hey sweetie you want to give it a whirl" says the man running the booth. "Yup" I say giving the man two dollars. He hands me three basket balls and explains the rules. When he finishs I take my first shot and it is nothing but net. I shoot the next ball and it dropped straight into the net. "Are you a professional?" the man asks. "No, I guess I'm just lucky today." I answer as I shoot the last ball. The ball rolls around the rim a few times but didn't go in. "So close darling maybe next time." the man says.

I'm sad that I lost but I had fun trying. I still wished that I won the cute little stuffed bunny with sliver ribbons tied around its ears. Antonio looks over at me and sees the sad expression on my face. "Can I have a go?" he asks as he gives the man another two dollars. "Sure thing bud" the man says as he gives Antonio the basketballs. Antonio shoots the first two balls and they drop straight in. He shoots the third and final ball it rolls around the rim just like mine did - except it went in. The man hands Antonio the bunny and he gives it to me. "Thanks Antonio" I say "You're welcome, I just wanted to see that smile on your face." he says.

We walk around the carnival for a while and we start to get hungry. We head to a food chart that serves funnel cakes drenched in chocolate sauce. Antonio buys the biggest one they sell and we sat down at the picnic table to chow down.

Antonio's POV

I am happy that Tracy had a good time today. "Tracy you have a little chocolate on your face." I tell her as I hand her a napkin. "Sorry, Antonio chocolate brings out the kid in me" she says as she takes the napkin. "No prob sweetheart everyone is young at heart" I say with a smile. A few minutes later we finish eating and throw away our trash. We head back to the ferris wheel. Tracy looks up at it and I see a look of fear come to her face.

"Have you been on a ferris wheel before?" I ask. "No first time and I'm going to be honest, I'm little scared." she replies. "Don't be. Its safe. Nothing bad will happen trust me." I say trying to calm her down. "Ok Antonio I believe you. Are we going to get in line?" she asks with a smile. I nod and we get in the long line. While we are waiting I can tell that Tracy is still a little tense. I wrap my arm around her waist and pull in close. "Relax darling everything is going to be fine." I whisper in her ear

The line starts to move slowly and about five minutes later we finally go onto the ride. When the bar goes down Tracy moves closer to me. I held her hand and see looks up at me. "Don't worry darlin I gotcha" I say. The ride starts and as it goes around the first time I see a smile appear on her face. " So, how are you doing?" I ask. "Good. It's not as bad I thought it would be." she replies. "That's good." I say.

When the ride stops we get off and I look down at my watch and notice that it is getting late. "Tracy it's late I think we should be heading home." I say. "Ok, but first why don't we watch the sun set." she says. We walk down to the beach and sit down on the shore. I put my arm around her and we watch the sun go down behind the horizon. The sky starts to turn shades of red orange and even gold before it finally disappears and the moon comes into view. "Tracy did you have fun today?" I ask. "It was the best day ever. I could think of one way to make it perfect." she says. She look over at me. She wraps her hands around my neck and pulls me in. When her lips press against mine I feel like I am on top of the world. When we push away

"Sorry Antonio I don't know what got into me." she apologizes. "There is no need to be sorry I like it.'' I say. "That's good. I like it too." she says blushing. I help her back to her feet and she falls into my chest. "I guess my legs are tired from all the walking." she says. "How about a piggy back ride back home?" I offer. "I'd like that a lot" she says.

I turn around and she climbs onto my back. I slowly get to my feet and start for home. She is holding the bunny I won for her tightly in her left hand. She lays her head on my shoulder and I look down at her. "Te amo Antonio." she whispers before she falls asleep. "I love you too, angel" I whisper back. I see a sweet smile on her face and I slowly walk back home. This was the best day of my life.
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