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ch 18: What me abig sister

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Antonio's POV

Tracy's mom asks me to wake Tracy up this morning because there is something that she wanted to tell her. I walk to her room and knock on the door. I don't hear a response, so I slowly open it. I see Tracy sleeping peacefully. I walk over to the bed. "She looks so adorable when she is sleeping." I thought to myself. I shake her gently to wake her up.

"Tracy rise and shine." I whisper in to her ear. "The number you have dialed can't be reached at this time. Please hang up and try your call again later." she mumbles as she pulls the sheets over her head. "Very funny, darling, wake up." I say as I pull the sheets back down. She slowly opens her eyes and gets out of bed. "Ok I'm up. Why didn't mom wake me up this morning? Not that I don't like seeing your handsome mug when I wake up." she says, wiping the sleep from her eyes. "Your mom said she has some important news that she wants to tell you." I reply. "What kind of important news?" she asks. "She didn't say." I answer. We walk out of her room and down the hall to the kitchen.

Tracy's POV

Antonio and I enter the kitchen. Mom is making ham and cheese omelets. "Good morning love birds." she says with a smile. "Good morning." we reply. "So, Tracy did you two have fun at the carnival yesterday?" she asks. "We did." I answer. "Tracy there is something I've been meaning to tell you." she says looking down into the pan. "What is it mom?" I ask. "I'll tell you in a minute." she answers as she finished making the omelet.

"Please tell me that this is good news." I say kinda worried. "Don't worry sweetheart it is." she says in a motherly tone. I let out a sigh of relief. Antonio and I sit down at the table. Mom brings us our omelets. We thank her and start eating. "What's the good news?" I ask with a mouth full of omelet. "Tracy what did your father and I tell you about talking with your mouth full." she scolds. I swallow what is in my mouth.

"Sorry I forgot." I apologize. I take another bite of my omelet. "Tracy you are going to be a big sister." she announces. I nearly choke on what I was eating. Antonio pats me on the back to help it go down the rest of the way. I thank him. Then I turn to my left to look over at mom. "You're having another kid. That's great." I say with a smile. "Kids." she says correcting me. "How many?" I ask. "Three" she answers. "TR... Tr. triplets" I stammer.

Yes sweetheart." she says. "When are you due?" I ask. "Not until September" she answers. "When in September? "I ask. "Your birthday." She answers awkwardly. "What! You're joking, right?" I say. "Sorry Tracy that's just how this thing works." she tells me. "I know but couldn't they come early like maybe the day before my birthday." I say. "That could be one possibility sweetheart, but we'll just have to wait and see." she says.

"Ok I guess I can wait, but am I going to have three sister, three brothers, or two brothers and a sister, or two sisters and a brother?" I ask. "Sorry Tracy your dad wants it to be a surprise." she answers. "How are you supposed to pick out names If you don't know what they're going to be and how many of each you're going to have?" I ask. "We could always start picking out names now. So when they do come your dad and I will have plenty to choose from." She replies. "I guess that makes sense." I say.

Antonio looks over at me and sees the look of joy disappear from my face. "You ok darling?" he asks. "Yes Antonio I'm fine" I answer. I start to play with my food. "What if we haven't defeated Master Xandred before they are born? Why does the life of a samurai have to be so hard?" I think to myself. I excuse myself from the table and go to the back garden.

Antonio's POV

I walk to the back garden and see Tracy sitting on the bench deep in thought. I go over to her and place my hand on her shoulder. She turns her head around to look up at me. "Hey Antonio what are you doing out here?" she ask. "I just wanted to make sure that you were ok." I answer. "I'm fine Antonio it's just..." she says. I can tell that she is about to break down. I walk around the bench to sit down next to her. She looks over at me and I see tears start to roll down her cheeks. I give her a hug and she buries her head in my chest.

"Why are you crying? Aren't you happy about the new arrivals?" I ask, as I gently run my fingers through her hair to calm her down. "I am happy it's just that I already had to teach myself how to be a samurai. Now I have to figure out how to be a good big sister and I..." she says through the tears. "Don't worry you are going to be a great big sister." I say. "How do you know that?" she asks. "Just trust me ok." I say.

She looks up at me and I use my right hand to wipe the tears from her eyes. "Feel better?" I ask. "Yeah and thanks for being there for me." she says. "That's what a boyfriend is supposed to do right?" I ask. She nods then kisses me on the cheek. "What was that for?" I ask. "For just being you I guess." She says. She gets up from the bench.

"Hey don't I get to kiss you back?" I whine. "Yes, but you have to catch me first." She says. Then she starts to run around the garden. "Oh you think you're so cute don't ya." I say as I ran after her. We play chase for five minutes before I finally catch her. "Well it looks like I caught you." I say. "Yup" she says giggling.

Tracy turns around and we look into each other's eyes. She runs her fingers through my hair. Then she wraps her arm around my neck. I feel my heart beating a mile a minute and I know that Tracy feels the same way I do. I place my right arm around her waist and pull her in closer. Our lips brush against the others. It's like time stood still for that one moment. I didn't want this kiss to end. When we push away from each other all we could do is smile. We both failed to realize that Tracy's mom watched the whole thing go down. We look in her direction. She has an even bigger smile on her face then we did.
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