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ch 20: Nurse antonio

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Antonio's POV

I made breakfast for Tracy this morning. I figured that she would want to sleep late. What girl doesn't like being served breakfast in bed? I made her blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs (I drowned them in cheese because Tracy is such a cheese hound). I also made some freshly squeezed orange juice and poured it into a small glass. I put everything on a small tray and walked out of the kitchen to her room.

When I get to her room I balance the tray in one hand so I can knock on the door. I don't get a response so I slowly open the door. Now carrying the tray with both hands again, I walk into the room and see Tracy sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face.

I figure that she is dreaming about last night. I set the tray on the night stand and I gently run my finger through her hair. I think about how cute she looks when she is sleeping. The next thing I know I am smiling too. She opens her eyes and I notice that they don't sparkle the same way they usually do. "Morning guapo who made breakfast?" she asks as she got a sniff of the food sitting next to her bed. "I did" I answer. "Aw you're so sweet you didn't have to do that you know." She says

"I know but I wanted too." I say. She sits up in the bed and gestures for me to move closer. I lean in closer and she kisses me on the cheek. "You really are the sweetest guy in the world you know that." she says. "I know you have told me that like a million times." I say. "Really that many?" she inquires. "OK more like ten times but who's counting?" I joke. "You" she jokes back.

"Tracy I don't mean to ruin this romantic moment, but are you feeling all right this morning?" I ask. "I feel great." she replies. But, I can tell she is lying. She reaches for the orange juice, but it is like she is having more difficulty seeing (I knew she could see to a certain extent without her glasses) It was like she was blind. I hand her the glass. She takes a few sips, and hands it back to me. I notice her face is red, and a little pale. I set the glass back on the tray. I place my left hand on her forehead. "Tracy, you're a little warm. I'll be right back." I tell her as I leave the room.

Tracy's POV

I figure that the small cut on my shoulder is infected, but I didn't want to tell my mom because she needs to get all the rest she can before the triplets arrive. I didn't want to be rude to Antonio because he went to a lot of trouble to make breakfast for me this morning. I see a blueberry muffin on the tray, and it looked delicious. I take it. I start to eat it, and it still has the warm right-out-of-the-oven taste to it. Every bite is like I died and went to be with the Lord above. I eat as much as I can stomach then put it back on the tray. I pick up the glass of orange juice, and drink the rest of it. I put it back where it was before.

A few seconds later Antonio comes back in the room. He looks over at the tray to see that I had eaten a little bit of what he made for me. "So how was the muffin?" he asks. "Really good" I answer. I notice the thermometer in his hand. "Tracy, the cut on your shoulder is infected isn't it?" he inquires. I nod and he asks if he can look at it. "You're not going to touch it are you?" I ask.

He tells me he has to and walks over to the bed. He sets the thermometer on the tray and gently rolls up my right sleeve. I try not to wince in pain, but it's very sensitive. I look down at it. The skin around it is swollen and red. There is a little puss leaking out. Antonio touches it with the tip of his finger and tells me that it fells warm. "Tracy, you have to tell your mom so she can help you." he says very concerned. "I can't. She has more important things to do than to take care of me." I argue

"Ok now that has to be the fever talking. A parent's job is to take care of their children." he points out. "Yes when their little. I'm not a little kid anymore. I can take care of myself just fine." I say standing my ground. Then mom walks in carrying the first aid kit and the bottle of medicine that I can't stand. "Hi mom what brings you to my room this morning?" I ask trying to crack a joke. "You know why I'm here sweetheart." She says with her motherly smile.

"Wait, you already know?" I ask surprised. "Of course Tracy, I'm your mom you can't fool me." she says with that same motherly smile on her face. "You can't blame me for trying, right?" I reply. She nods and hands Antonio the medicine. She opens the first aid kit and starts to clean my cut. She puts some peroxide on a cotton ball and dabs it on the cut.

"It will go faster it you stop squirming." she tells me. "I can't help it mom it stings." I whine. She wipes the peroxide off the cut and follows by putting some triple antibiotic cream on it. Then she puts a bandage on it and closes the first aid kit. She walks over to get the thermometer and comes back to me. She puts it under my tongue and when it beeps it reads 101. She asks Antonio to hand the medicine to her. She opens it, then pours some onto a teaspoon. She knows that there is no way I'm going to take the medicine because when I was five it was an old family remedy to help bring down my fever and now it was ancient remedy. She quickly puts the spoon in my mouth and removes it just as fast as she puts it in. "Don't even think about spiting it out now swallow." she orders.

Antonio's POV

I watch as Tracy slowly swallows the medicine and see her face fold in half. I do my best to not burst out laughing. "I didn't think that was possible. It actually tastes worse than it did when I was five." Tracy whines. "Very funny, sweetheart, now I think it's time for you to get some rest." Her mom tells her. She leaves the medicine and thermometer on the end table. She takes the tray with her as she leaves the room.

Tracy looks over at me and looks kinda sad (at least I think she did. It was hard to tell because her face had a feverish appearance). "Antonio, I'm sorry" she apologizes. "Sorry for what angel?" I ask. "You went to all that trouble to make me breakfast this morning and now it's going to waste." She answers. "It's all right really. I can always try again when you're feeling better." I say hoping it would make her simile.

A small smile comes to her face as she lays back down. I fix the sheets and a few seconds later I watch as she slowly drifts off to sleep. I know she is going to be fine, but for some reason I didn't want to leave her side. I pull the chair that was along the wall next to bed and sit down.

Tracy's Mom POV

A four hours pass so I go back to check on Tracy. I walk to her room and when I enter I see Antonio has been looking after my daughter. He has gone to get some cool water and rags to help bring her fever down. I walk over to him and tap him on the shoulder. "How is she doing?" I ask him. He jumps a little but recovers quickly. "She a little better I think but I'm no nurse." he replies.

"I hate to wake her up but I need to take her temperature again." I tell him. I shake my daughter gently and she wakes up slowly. "What's wrong mom?" she asks half asleep "Sorry sweetheart but I need to take your temperature again." I answer. I take the thermometer off the end table and put it under her tongue again. When it beeps again I take it out from under her tongue. It reads 102. "It's time for some more medicine." I tell her.

"Why?" she ask/whines. "Your fever has gone up. Every four hours or so the medicine wears off which means you have to take another teaspoon." I reply. I knew she would fight with me. I pour another dose of medicine. I give the spoon to Antonio and she takes it effortlessly. I tell Antonio that I would leave her in his hands and to make sure every four hours that she gets another dose. He says that I could count on him and I leave the room.

Normal POV

A few days later Tracy wakes up and sees Antonio fast asleep with his head on the edge of the bed. She runs her fingers through his hair and smiles. She is glad that her fever broke and that she feels back to 100 percent. She gets out of the left side of the bed and walks over to Antonio. "Despierta handsome" she whispers in his ear. Antonio rolls his head to his left and smiles. "Well good morning to you too angel." he says, half awake. "How dose breakfast sound to you?" she asks. "Good. But who is going to make it?" he replies."Why don't we make it together," she suggests.

He nods and pulls his head up. He kisses her on the forehead. Tracy could tell he was glad that she is back on her feet again. She kisses him back on the lips. It catches him by surprise but he recovers fast. The kiss lasts for a few seconds but to him it feels like a few minutes. When they back away, Tracy can see the same smile on his face he had the very first time they kissed. "Thanks for being my golden nurse." she tells him. "You're welcome and remember I'll always be there when you need me." he says. They leave her room and walk to the kitchen to make breakfast.

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