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Ch 21: Day at the beach

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Aunt Melody
Age 34
Appearance: curly dark brown hair and hazel eyes

Uncle Hadley
Age 36
Appearance: long black hair and green eyes

Age 4
Appearance: a spitting image of her father Hadley

Age 6
Appearance: curly light brown hair and hazel eyes

Age 9
Appearance: looks just like his mom Melody


Tracy's POV

The good thing about summer is that it's too hot for the nighloks to leave the Sanzu River. Mentor gives us the day off. Everyone decides that we should so spend the day at same beach where Kevin caught the swordfish zord. My Aunt Melody, Uncle Hadley, and my three little cousins Savannah, April, and Jeremiah come to visit. My aunt and uncle are busy helping my mom. They ask me to watch my cousins. I'm glad to do it because I haven't seen them in a long time.

I chang into my sky blue bikini. I'm sitting on the couch in the living room wrapped in my beach towel. The truth is that I'm insecure about how my body looks in a bikini (the last time I went to the beach in this bikini, some girls told me that the bikini looked horrible on me). Antonio walks in wearing a pair of gold board shorts, a white t shirt, and a pair of sandals he spray painted gold with a sliver strip down the side. "You ready to go?" he asks. "Yeah" I answer. "Why are you all wrapped up. It's not that cool in here." he says.

"I know Tony. The last time I wore this bikini I was told I looked horrible in it." I admit. "Come on I bet you look incredible." he says trying to make me smile. Antonio asks me if he can see the bikini. I take a deep breath and slowly remove the towel. I wrap it around my shoulders. I quickly look down at my feet. He walks over to me. He uses his right index finger to tilt my chin up. "I was wrong. You look incredibly beautiful." he says. "Really?" I ask. "Yes" he answers with his sweet smile.

He is about to kiss me when I hear the sound of my little cousins eavesdropping from the other room. "Ew their going to kiss." Jeremiah whispers. "I think it's cute." Savannah adds. "Me too" April says. "Ok you three come on out." I tell them. They come out in their bathing suits.

"How did you know we were listening?" Jeremiah asks "My samurai instincts" I answer. "Really?" Savannah asks. "I'm just playin' with you. I heard you whispering. What did your mom and dad tell you about eavesdropping?" I scold. "That it's wrong and disrespectful." the three say together. "Right" I say. "We are really sorry, but can we go to the beach with you and your friends?" they ask.

"I don't know guys." I reply. They look at me with their puppy dog eyes and I do my best to not give in. I wish that they had never learned that look because when it is one bad enough, but three is impossible to say no to. Eventually I give in. "Ask your mom and dad first." I tell them. They yell across the house and I frown at them. "You meant go and ask them didn't you?" Savannah asks. "Yes" I answer.

Aunt Melody and Uncle Hadley come in the room. "Can we go to the beach with Tracy and her friends?'" Savannah asks. "It's ok with me." Aunt Melody answers. "I'm fine with that too" Uncle Hadley says. "Yeah" the kids cheer. We wait for the others to get ready and the ten of us head for the beach.

Antonio's POV

We park the car a few miles away from the beach because it's a pleasant summer day to walk the rest of the way. About a mile away from the beach Savannah asks me if she can ride on my shoulders the rest of the way. I ask Tracy if it is ok, she says yes as long as I don't drop her. I tell her I will be careful. She puts Savannah onto my shoulders. A few minutes later April asks to ride on Mike's shoulders and Tracy says it's ok with her if Mike is up for it. Mike agrees whole heartedly and she puts April on his shoulders.

"Jermiah, how are you holding up buddy?" Tracy asks her cousin. "I'm fine" he answers. About ten minutes later we arrive at the beach April and Savannah head straight for the water as soon as we set their little feet on the sand. "Freeze you two. What is the rule before you go into the water?" Tracy asks. "We have to wait for an adult to put on our water wings." they answer. "Right" Tracy says. Tracy takes out three pairs of water wings from the beach bag. Kevin and I help her blow them up. Then Savannah and April put their water wings on. "Kevin, could you watch these two while there in the water?" Tracy asks him. "Sure, no problem" he says. "Thanks Kevin, you two listen to him ok?" she tells them. "We will, we promise" they tell her. The three dash for the water and start splashing around.

Tracy's POV

Jeremiah isn't in the mood to go swimming. I ask him if he wants to play catch or build a sand castle (I knew I wasn't very good a building sand castles but I still had fun helping to dig the moat). "Sand castle" he says happily. "Ok bud let's go find a good spot." I say. We walk over to the perfect spot and I find a stick. Then I begin to draw an outline of where we are going to build the sand castle. Jeremiah takes his red pail and goes to the ocean to get some water. We work on the castle for a few minutes. Then April and Savannah came over and ask if they could help us. Jeremiah says yes and three of them get to work building walls and three tall towers. When they finish building that, I help the kids by carving the windows into the towers and making the little door in the front of the castle. "This is the best sandcastle ever." Jeremiah exclaims. "Yeah it could be better" April adds as she puts a small flag on top of one of the towers. I tell my cousins to stay put while I go get the camera. I return I tell them to stand around the castle so I can take a picture. After I take a picture we leave to meet up with the others.

I'm glad that my cousins had a great time today. I wish that Antonio and I had a little time to ourselves. I take samuraizer out of the bag and notice it's getting late. "I'm sorry guys, but I think we should be heading home." I say. "Aw do we have to" April, Savannah, and Jeremiah whine. "It's not that late. Why don't we have a bonfire?" Mike suggests. "I don't know Mike." I say. "Come on I can't think of a better way to end a great day at the beach then an old fashion bonfire." Mike says. Then my cousins give me the puppy dog look. I want to say no. I thought that a bonfire could be fun. "Okay sure sounds like fun." I say. Jayden and Mike take out their samuraizers and drew a few power symbols. They activate them and the bonfire is ready. "Tracy, can you sing a song please?" Savannah asks. "I guess I could" I answer. Antonio goes back to the car and comes back with his guitar. He begins to play "This is Our Song" from Camp Rock two.

Normal POV

[Antonio] So let's sing na, na na na na, hey ya Come on and sing na, na na na na, hey ya

[Antonio and Tracy] This is our song that's all that matter cause We all belong right here together There's nothing better than singing along This is our summer This is our song

[Antonio] And grab your guitar

Sit by the fire

Cause we all need a song

When we're weary and tired

We'll sit here together and sing it out loud

Tracy's little cousins start to clap the hands in rhythm.

[Antonio, Tracy, And Mia] This is our song that's all that matters cause We all belong right here together There's nothing better than singing along This is our summer and this is our song This is our song, this is our song This is our song

[Antonio] Come on and sing na, na na na na, hey ya

[Tracy] Come on and sing na, na na na na, hey ya

[Antonio, Tracy, and Mia] Come on and sing na, na na na na, hey ya

[Other rangers start to sing along] This is our song that's all that matters cause We all belong right here together There's nothing better than singing along This is our summer

[Tracy] (Our summer)

[Rangers]This is our song that's all that matters cause We all belong right here together There's nothing better than singing along This is our summer This is our song

[Mia] (This is our song) This is our song

[Tracy and Mia] (This is our song) This is our song This is our song!

Savannah's POV

"Can you sing one more song please?" I ask. "Sure, how does a S'more sound?" Tracy asks. "Sounds great" I exclaim. Tracy takes a box of graham crackers, a big bag of marshmallows, and a huge, Hershey's chocolate bar out of the beach bag. April, Jeremiah, and I grab a stick. Tracy opens the bag of marshmallows and hands one to each of us. We put the marshmallow on the end and put the stick into the fire. Everyone else grabs a stick and did the same. After everyone has an S'more, I look over at Tracy. "What song would you like to hear next Savannah?" Tracy asks. "Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift." I answer. "You got it." Tracy says. Antonio starts to play his guitar again and Tracy starts to sing again.

Tracy's POV

After I finish the song and look down towards my little cousins. I see that they have fallen asleep. "Well I guess the concert is over" I think to myself. Kevin grabs one of small pails and goes to the ocean get some water to extinguish the fire. He returns with the pail. He pours it onto the fire. He hands it back to me and I pack everything up so we can head home. Mike picks up April to carry her back to the car. Antonio picks up Savannah and I pick up Jeremiah. Then we head back to the car after a really fun day.


Spoiler alert in the next chapter- the triplets will be born (FYI there is going to be two girls and a little boy) so feel free to post a review with names for the babies.
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