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ch 22: welcoming the triplets

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AN: If you are wondering where Chris is. He went back to college for his second to last semester before he graduates with a degree in Accounting.


Tracy's POV

The past few months have seemed fly by. My dad flew in last month to help out, which was good for mom. On the other hand, for me, it was bad because it meant he had to meet Antonio. I never liked the whole dad meeting my boyfriend ordeal. This time it went smoother than I thought. I'm fast asleep having the best dream ever when I hear Antonio's voice.

"Hey, Tracy wake up." he says. "Antonio, it's 3a.m. Can't this wait till later in the morning?" I say as I bat away his hand. "Sorry sweetheart, I don't think the triplets can wait that long." he informs me. "Wait they're coming?" I ask. "Yes, your mom's water broke a few minutes ago." he answers. My eyes fly open and I roll out of bed. I roll a bit too far and start to fall towards the floor. Antonio catches me in his arms before I hit the floor."Thanks, Nice catch." I say. "You're welcome." he says. He helps me to my feet. We leave the room to head out to the car.

Antonio and I are in the waiting room. I'm pacing the floor nervous and excited at the same time. It's like time is going at a snail's pace. Antonio gets up from his chair. He puts his hands on my shoulders to get me to relax. "I know you're nervous but you need to relax." he says. I take a few deep breaths to calm myself down. We walk over to a couple of chairs. Then we sit down to wait for the doctor to come out.

After ten minutes I grab Antonio's wrist to check the time again on his watch. It read 3:25 am. I ask him if the time on his watch is right. He tells me that it was, so I release his wrist from my nervous grasp. Another fifteen minutes pass and the doctor finally comes out. "Hello I'm Dr. Max. You must be the big sister?" the Dr. Max asks. "Yes, how's my mom doing?" I ask. He tells me she is a little sore but that is normal for the fact that she just gave birth to triplets. I ask if I could go and see them. The doctor nods and shows us to her room.

We stand in the doorway. I see the babies in my mom's arms. Two are wrapped in pink blankets and the last baby is wrapped in a blue blanket. "HI mom" I say. "Hey sweetheart, well don't just stand there. Come in and say hi to your baby sisters and baby brother." She says. I walk over to her. My dad puts one of the little girls in my arms.

My dad motions for Antonio to come over too. He puts the little boy in his arms. The little boy smiles at him. "Well Antonio, it looks like my little brother likes you." I say. "You're right Angel, so what's his name?' Antonio asks. "We haven't decided yet." my mom answers. "What about Antonio James, mom?" I ask. "Sounds good sweetheart." she says with a smile. "I have always liked the name Angela Ray." Antonio says. "That's a great name Antonio." I say.

My mom says that the little girl in my arms would be Angela Ray. They still need a name for the little girl my mom is holding. Then Jayden and the others walk in. "Sorry we're late." Jayden says. "It's ok, so do any of you have any ideas?" I ask them. "What about Amelia May?" Mike says. "Mike, where did that name came from?" Emily asks him. "It was the first thing that popped into my head." Mike answers. "Well, it's a beautiful name, Mike" my mom says still smiling.

I give Angela back to my dad. I reach into my pocket to take out my samuraizer. I give it to Mike and ask him to take a picture for me. He says he would be happy to. Antonio put my little brother in my arms. I walk over to my parents to get in position for the picture. Mike takes the picture. I put Antonio James on my mom's chest. I walk over to Mike. He gives me back my samuraizer. I take another picture. I see it on the screen the first thought that came into my brain was "This is a perfect family photo".

Antonio's POV

Tracy's mom thought it would be a good idea if the triplets stayed at the Shbia house. Until they were 5 months old, they would fly back to Michigan. Ji was happy to help Tracy's mom out. He had converted an empty room into a nursery. The triplets seem to like it here. They didn't even wake up when the gap sensor went off. Everyone knew when they were wake because the house is filled with the sound of crying around 2 a.m. "Tracy, your siblings are awake." I heard Mike yell in his sleep across the house. "I'm on it Mike." Tracy yelled back.

Tracy's POV

I open the door to the nursery. I notice that Antonio has the lightzord set up as a nightlight. I walk into the nursery to see the girls fast asleep. Antonio James is the only one awake crying. "Try sibling." I think to myself. I walk over to his crib and pick up my little brother. "Hey, big guy you make a lot of noise for one baby." I say. I walk over to the rocking chair and sit down. I set my little brother's head on my chest so that he can hear the soothing beat of my heart. A few seconds later he stopped crying and cooed softly. "Now I know what you were planning." I say. Then he looks up at me and smiles. I can't stay mad at him. I start to rock the chair back and forth a few times to see if that will help him fall back to sleep. It doesn't work so I hum a lullaby to him. The lullaby dosen't just help him fall asleep, It works on me as well because I felt myself drift to sleep also a few minutes later.

Normal POV

Jayden and the team are walking to the kitchen. Antonio stops to peek into the nursery. He sees his girlfriend fast asleep in the rocking chair with her baby brother asleep on her chest. He has his little left hand wrapped sround Tracy's index finger. "Hey guys, you have to see this." Antonio whispers to his friends. "What is it Antonio?" Jayden asks as he and the team walk over to the doorway. The team peeks into the room and sees the perfect Kodak moment. "Aw, that is too cute." Mia whispers. "Yeah, I know." Emily whispers.

Jayden tells them to let Tracy rest. She would wake soon to join them for practice. Antonio slowly closes the door, and they all continue to the kitchen. A few hours later, Tracy wakes up. She puts her little brother back in his crib and leaves the room. She goes her room and changes into her training outfit. She laves to go meet the others for practice.

Tracy walks outside with a bamboo sword in her hand. "Sorry I'm late guys." She says. "It's all right, why don't you let your parents take care of them anyway?" Jayden asks. "I don't know, I guess I want them to get all the rest they can before they have to fly home." She answers. "I know you want to be a good big sister to the triplets. Don't forget about your samurai training." Jayden reminds her. She gives him a reassuring nod, telling him that she was going to be fully committed to her training like she always has.

The team gets to work. Tracy is sparing with Kevin. Kevin launches his next attack. Tracy is barely able to deflect it. Antonio can tell that Tracy's reaction time is off. Kevin swings the sword at her feet. Tracy doesn't react fast enough and is knocked to the ground. "Tracy, you ok?" Antonio asks. "Don't worry Antonio I'm fine." She says as she gets back to her feet. Antonio wants to get her to stop because he doesn't want to see her get hurt.

Kevin and Tracy continue their training. Kevin launches his next attack. Tracy thinks she dodged it but she didn't get out of the way completely. Kevin's sword hits her right shoulder. Tracy drops her sword instantly. Jayden tells Kevin to stop. The team runs over to her. "Tracy, you ok?" Antonio asks again. She nods and reaches down to pick up her sword. Tracy feels a sudden rush of pain flow through her shoulder. She tries not to wince in pain. She slowly bringst the sword to her chest.

Antonio can tell that she is in pain. He also knows that she doesn't want to let everyone down. Then they hear Tracy's mom calling her daughter back inside. "Mom, I'm fine." She argues. "Tracy, now!" Tracy's mom says in a stern tone. Tracy tries her best to argue with her mom to let her continue her training. "Tracy don't make me use your full name young lady." She says. "Ok, you win. Man I hate it when you use the full name card on me." Tracy whines as she walks back into the house in defeat.

Tracy is sitting in a chair in the living room. Tracy's mom starts to roll up the right shoulder of her daughter's shirt. Tracy jumps a little as her mother's finger touch the back side of her shoulder. Her mother sees a massive bruise starting to form on her daughter's shoulder. "Does it hurt?" she asks. "Only when you touch it." Tracy answers. Then the team comes into the room. Kevin apologizes for what happened. Tracy acceptes Kevin apology. "Tracy did you stay up all night taking care the triplets?" She asks. "Yes." Tracy admits.

She reminds her daughter what happened the last time she pulled an all- nighter. Tracy doesn't say a word. "Listen darlin, I know you want your father and I to be well rested, but it's our job to take care of ourselves, not the other way around." She says. "I know. I just didn't want you guys to think that I was being a rotten older sibling to the triplets." Tracy admits. "You are not being a rotten big sister. You are doing the exact opposite. You are being a great big sister." She tells her daughter. "Really?" Tracy asks. "Yes, you are making sure that the world will be a safe place for them to grow up and play in." she says with a smile. Tracy thanks her mom for what she told her. Her mother tells her just to focus on defeating Master Xandred and she will take care of the triplets.


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