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Ch 23: Letter from Great Grandpa

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AN: Tracy's Parents had flown home a few weeks before this chapter takes place.

Antonio's POV

We're walking back to the Shiba house from our last battle. I notice that Tracy is quieter then usual after we won. "Hey Tracy, everything ok?" I ask her. Tracy is so deep in thought that she didn't even hear my question or was paying attention to where she was walking. She doesn't see the deep crack in the side walk until her foot gets caught and starts to fall towards the cement. I run over to her and catch her before she hits the cement. "You should really watch where you're going." I remind her.

"I guess I should thanks." She says as she looks up at me. "Hey Antonio we're going on ahead. You two just meet us back home." Jayden calls. "Got it Jay." I call back. Jayden and the others continue on home. I help Tracy back to her feet. "So can I ask you what you are so deep in thought about?" I ask. "It is nothing, Antonio really." she replies. "I know that look Tracy." I say. "What look would that be Antonio?" she asks. "The look on your face that tells me you're lying." I answer. "You know me too well Tony." she says. "That I do Angel." I say with a smile. "I just don't fell like talking about what's bugging me right now ok." she says.

I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her closer. "Ok angel, just remember that I'm a good listener and always here for you." I say. "I know Tony." she says as a small smile came to her face. She turns around and gives me a quick peck on the cheek. She breaks away from my grasp and gives me her devilish grin. She begins to back up slowly and starts to jog backwards. "What are you doing angel?" I ask. "Just trying to be cute I guess." She answers as she starts to jog faster. I know what she is up to, and start to play along.

As soon as she sees me start to chase after her she turns back around and jogs forwards. I try to catch her but she keeps evading me every time I'm a few inches from her. "Are you going to let me win this game of chase?" I ask her. "Maybe, but I just want to make it more difficult than our last game." She answers. Our game of chase lasts for a few more minutes before she lets me win.

After we catch our breath, we walk back, holding hands in silence. We get about half way and the silence is getting to her. She takes her IPod out of her pocket and starts to rock out (she has one ear bud in so she still can hear what was going on around her). When the song ends she wraps the headphones around the IPod and p/uts it back in her pocket. I don't notice that we're home so she has to remind as we walk through the front gate.

Tracy's POV

Antonio and I walk into the living room. Ji is standing in the middle of the room with an envelope in his right hand. We go over to him. "Who has fan mail JI?" I joke. Ji turns around with a serious look on his face. "An elder from the Tengen gate just delivered this for you a few minutes ago." JI informs me as he hands me the envelope. I accept it nervously. "Aren't you going to open it?" Antonio asks me. "I don't think I really want to." I answer honestly. Antonio places his hand on my shoulder and tells me that everything is going to be ok. So I take a deep breath and break the seal on the envelope. Then I unfold the paper and start to read the letter.

Dear Great Granddaughter,

It's your great grandpa Frederick here. If you thought I left the planet, I didn't. The real reason I'm writing you this letter is to tell you that I would like you to come to the Tengen gate to discuss something very important. Just to let you know I have seen your past few battles and I'm very proud of you. I knew you would be a great samurai ranger. So I'll end the letter here and good luck with the gold ranger. He is the one for you.

Love you Great Grandpa,


I fold the letter back up and set in on the table. "Tracy, so who wrote the letter?" Antonio asks me. "The letter is from my great grandpa Frederick." I answer. "So what did the letter say?" Antonio asks. "That he wants me to come to the Tengen gate to talk about something." I reply. "Talk about what exactly?" Antonio says. I give him the 'I have no clue' shrug. JI tells me that Antonio will take me to the Tengen gate tomorrow and that we will leave early in the morning. Antonio and I turn in early so we'll be well rested for the big day ahead of us.


Author's note: What does Great Grandpa Frederick need to tell Tracy? Is there some kind of secret symbol in Tracy's shebia family? Keep reading to find out. Don't be afraid to review to tell me what you liked or didn't like.
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