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the visit to the Tengen Gate

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Tracy's POV

I'm lying in my bed staring at the ceiling unable to fall asleep. I'm really nervous about what is going to happen tomorrow. I look over at my alarm clock it reads midnight. I figure everyone should be in bed by now. I roll out of bed and my bare feet feel the coolness of the hard wood floor. I don't even skip around once. I put on my slippers to walk out the back garden.

Antonio's POV

I wake up from a nightmare. I'm on my way to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I notice Tracy heading outside to the back garden. I knew that she is nervous about going to the Tengen gate later on today. I change my destination and quietly tiptoe behind her to be there for my girlfriend.

Tracy's POV

I'm sitting on the bench hoping that the cool crisp night air will help to clear my mind of all the nervous thoughts, but it didn't help one bit. The only thing it did was cause goose bumps to appear on my arms. I rub my arms with my hands to get rid of them but they reappear a few seconds after I stop. I admit defeat and just sit listening to the cricket chirping and the other sounds of the night. A few seconds later I feel someone wrap a blanket around me. I turn around and see Antonio standing behind me.

"Hey Tony, what are you doing up?" I ask him. "I just had a nightmare. I was on the way to the kitchen and saw you heading outside. I thought you might like some company.” he replies. Then a small smile comes to my face. I turn back around, pat the bench, and tell him that there was plenty of room for one more. He walks around to the front of the bench and sits down next to me. Antonio takes a corner of the blanket and wraps it around his shoulders. I share more of the blanket, so he moves closer to me. I set my head on his left shoulder. He looks down at me with his sweet smile.

“Let me guess, too nervous to fall asleep?” he asks me. I nod and the smile disappears. He kisses me on the forehead then runs his fingers through my hair. “What was that for?” I ask. “Just to get you to relax angel that’s all.” he answers. "Thanks” I say as I kiss him back on the cheek.

We sit for a while. I am happy to have Antonio by my side. He always seems to know the right thing to do to get me to smile or to relax. We get up from the bench to look at the stars.

Ten minutes later we walk back inside the house to the living room. We sit down on the floor with our backs against one of the chairs. “Angel, can I ask you something?” He says. I nod. “Why don’t you have your glasses on right now?” he asks. “I’m used to the layout of the house. Which mean I can walk around without bumping into anything.” I answer. I set my head on his shoulder again then let out a big yawn. A few seconds later I fall asleep.

Normal POV

Ji walks in the living room to see Antonio and Tracy fast asleep, Tracy’s head on his shoulder and Antonio’s head is resting on top of hers. Ji didn’t want to wake them up and ruin this perfect opportunity for a cute photo of them together. He ignores it and walks over to wake them up.

"Hey, Antonio time to get up.” Ji says as he gently shakes the gold ranger. Antonio’s eye open slowly and he wipes the sleep from them. Then he gently nudges Tracy to wake her up. Tracy mumbles something in Spanish telling him to let her sleep longer. He refuses to give up and nudges her again - this time it works. Tracy’s eyes flutter and open a few seconds later and they get up, stretch, and head to the kitchen for breakfast.

After they eat breakfast and change out of the PJs the two left for the Tengen gate. The trip seems to take a lot longer than Tracy’s originally thought. She is a very patient person, but it’s starting to wear really thin. Antonio looks over at Tracy and notices that she still is very nervous about what is going to happen. “Don’t worry. Everything is going to fine, I promise.” he says in a reassuring tone. “I know Antonio but I’m still nervous.” she says.

Antonio decides to take a short break. They are about two miles away from the Tengen gate and they’ve been walking for a while. He walks behind her and places his arms around her waist. He pulls her closer to him and notices how tense his girlfriend is. She stands stiff as a board so he tries to get her to relax. He leans in to whisper something into her ear and gets a small whiff of her perfume. It smells like a combination of fresh peaches and apple blossoms. A smile comes to his face and he whispers something different from what he originally wanted to say.

“I like your new perfume” he whispers. “Actually it’s not new I’ve had it for a while. I just never wore it.” she whispers back. “Well you should use it more often it’s a perfect sent for you.” He compliments. Tracy turns around and ran her fingers through Antonio’s hair. Then moves closer and kisses him on the lips. As she back away he licks his lips and tastes her chocolate lip gloss. “What, you never had a Hershey kiss before?" she jokes.

Antonio laughs at her joke and pulls her back towards him again to kiss her again. When their second kiss endes the two let themselves calm down from the love rush. Five minutes later the two continue their trip to the Tengen gate. The last two miles seem to fly by and they arrive at the entrance to the Tengen gate. They bow before they walk through the gate.

Daisuke introduces himself and leads the samurai rangers to the room where Tracy’s great grandpa was. The three of them enter the room. Tracy sees her great grandpa for the first time - in person anyway. “Hello Tracy” Frederick says. “Hi grandpa” Tracy says. “Great Grandpa” Frederick says correcting his great granddaughter. “Does adding the great in front of grandpa really make a difference.” She says.

“I’m not too sure Tracy. Why don’t we get down to the real reason I called you here.” He says sounding very serious all of a sudden. They take their seats on the floor. Antonio and Tracy sit Indian style on the pillows while Frederick sits in a half lotus on his. “Tracy I’m sure you noticed the missing page in the book with the symbols you needed to master.” Frederick says. “Yes I did so what is on that missing page?” she asks.

“It’s the sealing symbol that has been passed down in our shebia family from generation to generation.” He answers. “Wait, I thought only the red ranger’s Shbia family was the only family who had a sealing symbol?” she asks still in shock. “That is true. The red rangers’ symbol can seal away Master Xandred but our symbol is just as important.” He says. “What dose our family’s symbol do anyway?” she asks.

“If done correctly, it can seal up all the gaps in the whole city.” He answers. “Won’t that require an incredible amount of symbol power to make it permit?” Antonio asks finally saying something. “Yes Antonio but I believe that my granddaughter can do it.” he says with a smile. “Ok great grandpa if you believe in me. I know I can master this to help my friends take down master Xandred.” She says confidently as she gets up from her pillow standing tall. “That’s my great granddaughter.” Frederick says very proud of what he just heard. He hands her the missing page with the seal symbol on it. Tracy folds up the page and puts in it her jacket pocket. After a short tea break, and hearing a few old stories of when Frederick was a ranger, Antonio and Tracy leave the Tengen gate to head back home. They can tell the team what they just learned today from Tracy’s great grandpa.
Author's note: How will Tracy's new symbol affect the outcome of the final battle? Keep reading to find out and remember don't be shy to post a review.

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