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ch 25: I'm Sorry Antonio

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Normal POV

The rangers are in the middle of battling the third nighlok attack for the day. The rangers are doing well expect the silver ranger. Tracy begins to get tired and her symbol power is weakening too. The moogers keep coming in droves. She has no choice but to break out the penguin disk. She puts it on her spin sword then spins the disk. Her sword turns into twosmall weapons but they are just as powerful as the original leopard spear.

She is able to defeat some of the moogers but it isn't enough. "This isn't cutting it.Time to show these moogers my new move. Leopard sabers icicle barrage." Tracy says. The icicles swirl around her a few times before they fly straight as arrows towards the moogers. The moogers are defeated as soon as the icicles hit them. The other rangers rush over to their fellow ranger. "Tracy when did you master that disk?" Kevin asks. "I'll tell you later." Tracy answers. The seven samurai rangers face the nighlok. "Well sliver samurai you just got lucky." The nighlok says.

"Why don't you just give up nighlok? There are seven of us and only one of you." Mike says. "Mike don't jinx us again. Rremember what happened the last time you said that." Tracy tells him. "Oh right sorry" Mike apologizes. "So is the sliver shrimp going to hurt me with little icicles? Wow I'm so scared." The nighlok taunts. Antonio looks over at Tracy and sees her tighten her grasp on her weapons. She is starting to get upset about what the nighlok just said. "I'll show you how strong the shrimp really is, nighlok." Tracy says as she readies her icicle barrage again. "Tracy calm down. This is exactly what it wants you to do." Antonio warns her. It is too late. She already launched her attack. The icicles are about to hit the nighlok but the nighlok unleashes its special attack. It sends the icicles back towards Tracy with even more power.

"Tracy, look out" Antonio shouts. He runs over and pushes her out of the way to take the full force of the attack. A few seconds later Antonio falls to the ground demorphed. "Good job, silver ranger, you just injured your fellow ranger." the nighlok says as it laughs evilly. Tracy, demorphed, runs over to Antonio and tries to wake him up. "Antonio can you hear me?" she asks. Antonio didn't make a sound. Tracy's heart sank. "Tracy, you look after Antonio. We'll handle the nighlok." Jayden says. She nods and sits next to Antonio. She sets his head in her lap and does her best not to cry her eyes out. The nighlok dries out a few minutes later and the other demorph then run back over to Tracy and Antonio.

Jayden wanted to ask Tracy how his best friend is doing. He sees the tears rolling down her cheeks and splashing down onto Antonio's face. He bends down and places his hand on her shoulder. She looks over at him. "Don't worry Tracy Antonio is going to be just fine." He tells her. "How do you know that Jayden?" she asks. "Just trust me on this one, ok?" He answers. She nods and wipes the tears from her eyes. Kevin and Mike bend down to put Antonio's arms on their shoulders. They slowly get to their feet and begin to head back home.

Jayden's POV

Ji watches us walk in the front gate. He tells Kevin and Mike to take Antonio to his room. Emily, Mia, JI, andI follow them. Kevin and Mike place Antonio in his bed. "How bad are his injuries JI?" I ask. "There not too serious. He should be back on his feet in a few days." Ji replies. "That's good." I say. "How did this happen?" JI asks. "Tracy launched her symbol power at the nighlok and it reversed her attack back towards her. Antonio pushed her out of the way to take the hit for her." I answer. Tracy is standing in the door and is refusing to come in the room.

JI asks Tracy to go get the first aid kit. She turns around to go to the kitchen to get the first aid kit. Mia follows behind her to get some water so JI can clean the wounds. Mia returns with a bowl of water, a damp wash cloth, and the first aid kit. "Where is Tracy?" I ask Mia. "Tracy said that she was just going to the back garden to clear her head." she replies. "Tracy must think what happen to Antonio was all her fault." Emily says. "Yes Emily, it looks that way." I say. "So what do we do Jayden?" Mike asks. "I don't know Mike." I answer. Ji starts to patch up Antonio's wounds. Once JI finishes he leaves the room to go talk to Tracy.

Ji's POV

I walk to the back garden and find Tracy sitting on the bench holding the penguin disk in her left hand. I walk up to her and place my hand on her shoulder. "Hi Ji." Tracy says looking up at me. "So you have mastered the penguin disk?" I ask her. "Yes but now I wish I hadn't." she replies as she tosses the disk into the bushes. I walk over to the bushes and remove the disk. I dust it off then walk back over to Tracy. I place the disk back into her hand. "You shouldn't blame yourself for what happened to Antonio. It wasn't your fault." I tell her. "Yes it was JI. If I hadn't let my emotions get the best of me Antonio wouldn't be hurt right now." Tracy says as she gets to her feet quickly. I try to get her to forgive herself for what happened, but all my attempts fail. She just walks back inside the house to find a small box for the disk. Once she finds one, she slowly opens the box and places it inside. She closes the box. "I'm sorry Mentor; I just can't use the disk ever again." She says as she hands me the box. She runs to her bedroom and slams the door shut.

Normal POV

Three daysgo by and Antonio is strong enough to get out of bed. He walks out of his room and down the hall to the living room. "Hey Antonio, it's good to see you back on your feet again." Jayden says. "Thanks Jay, so where's Tracy?" he asks as he notices that his girlfriend isn't in the room. "She's still held up in her room. We've tried to get her to come out, but no luck. She won't even let anyone come in either." Jayden answers. "Yeah on top of that she hasn't eaten anything in the past few days." Emily adds. "I think she is acting like a big baby." Kevin rings in.

"Come on Kev, she's just upset about what happened. Try to cut her some slack. I mean she worked so hard to master that disk. Then, the first time she used it on the field her one of her best friends gets hurt." Mia says standing up for her friend. "That's true, but that still doesn't mean she has to beat herself up for it." Kevin says. "Well I think she believes it was all her fault that I got hurt. If she only listened to me, I won't even had gotten hurt in the first place." Antonio says. "Antonio how did you know that?" Jayden asks. "He is her boyfriend after all." Mike answers. "Yes Mike I am her boyfriend but I'm still her friend too." Antonio reminds him. "Then why don't you try to get her to come out of her room." Mike suggests. Antonio nods and leaves the room to head towards Tracy's bedroom. JI follows him with a tray of food.

Tracy's POV

I'm sitting in the far corner of my room. I leave my door open a crack to let some of the cool air out of the room. I hear someone knock on it a few seconds later. "Tracy, can Mentor and I come in?" Antonio asks. "Sure Tony come on in." I say. Antonio and Mentor slowly enter the room. Ji sets the tray of food on the desk. Then Antonio walks over and sits down next to me on the floor. "Tracy, the others told me that you haven't eaten anything in the past few days. Why would you do something so dangerous? You know that you can't survive long without food." Antonio reminds me. "I know Tony, I wasn't hungry, that's all." I tell him. "I'm not going to fall for that excuse angel. The real reason why you haven't eaten is you felt guilty about what happened to me." Antonio says. "Right as usual Tony, I wouldn't be upset if you hated me or never wanted to speak to me again." I say. Antonio puts his arm around me and pulls me close. "I would never do that to you. Before you pass out, can you please eat something?" Antonio asks, as mentor hands him the sandwich off the tray.

I take the sandwich from his hand and take a huge bite out of it. A few minutes later I finish everything on the tray. "Can you do me one more favor?" Antonio asks. "Sure, Tony." I say. "Could you come out of your room so that the others can see that you're all right." Antonio says. I nod and start to get to my feet. Then we walk to the living room.

Normal POV

Antonio and Tracy enter the room. "Looks like Antonio worked his magic." Mike jokes. "Ha, Ha Mike very funny- not." Tracy says. "Well at lest we know your sense of humor is still intact." Mike says. They walk over to a chair and they sit down. Tracy sits down in Antonio's lap. "Tracy if you mind me asking, why did you get so upset when that nighlok calledyou a shrimp?" Jayden asks. "Because that's what all the bigger kids would call me when I was a kid." Tracy answers. "Did you get picked on alot as a kid?" Jayden asks. She just nods.

"To add insult to injury I couldn't be who I really wanted to be either." she says. "What do you mean?" Emily asks. "The teachers were always comparing me to my brother. The coaches would never pick me just because I was smaller than the other girls." she replies. "You shouldn't have let that stop you from being yourself." Jayden says. "Sure, I know that now, but I was a little kid then." She says. "So, you have never been on a team before?" Kevin asks. "I was on the swim team up till my junior of high school." She answers. "Why didn't you tell us before?" Kevin asks. "Well,for one, younever asked. Scond you never asked." she answers. "She's got a point dude." Mike says."Were you a good swimmer?" Kevin asks. "The couch said we wouldn't have made it to the regionals my last year on the team if it wasn't for me." she answers. "How did the team do?" Kevin asks.'We would have one first place but we lost by a quater of a second." she answers. "Second place is good." Kevinsays. "Why did you quit?" Jayden asks. "I had to choose my senior year is was between the swim team or working a payed internship at the veterinary clinic.' she answers, "I'm guessing that you choose the internship?" Mike asks. "Actually,I did both but half way through the season I had to pick one." she answers. "So you pick the internship." Kevin says. she nods.They get back on track a few minutes leter, and theother rangers tell her that she has done a great job as a ranger. She thanks them for everything they said on her behalf. "I'm so lucky to have friends like them." She thinks to herself.
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