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ch 26: Trip to Rainbow's End

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Tracy's POV

Mentor gives us another day off. We are sitting in the living room still deciding what to do. "How about we catch a flick?" Mia suggests. "What about just hanging out at the mall?" Emily suggests. "We could always go the beach again." Kevin suggests. "What about going to Rainbow's End?" Mike suggests. I liked three of the four suggestions but I didn't say anything.

"Tracy what do you think we should do today?" Jayden asks me. "To be honest, I don't really care." I answers. The team decides to go to the amusement park considering their last trip so interrupted by the typhoon. "So Tracy, are you and Antonio going to join us this time?" Mike asks. "Yup" I answer.

Antonio walks over to me. "What about your fear of heights?" he whispers in my ear. "Hakuna Matata Tony, there are other things to do at an amusement park than ride the rides." I whisper back. "Hey you love birds going to join us?" Mike yells from the front door. "Dang Mike the amusement park isn't going anywhere." I yell back. "I know but they added a new ride today, "the tower of fear". I want to be the first inline to ride it." Mike yells. "Why don't you go on ahead. We'll catch up with you in a bit." I yell back. Mike has no argument with my last statement and dashes out the door.

Antonio's POV

Tracy and I walk in the park. We spot the gang in front of 'the tower of fear'. "Man we should have gotten here earlier." Mike whines when he sees the long line. "Yeah Mike you should have camped out in front of the park." Tracy jokes. Tracy looks at the ride and her eyes widen in fear by the height of the ride. She quickly grabs a hold of my right wrist. "Tracy you ok?" Jayden asks. "Yeah I'm fine, why?" she replies as she tightens her grasp on my wrist. "If you hold Antonio's wrist any tigther you might break it." Jayden points out. She slowly loosens her grasp and gives me an apologetic look. I give her a look that tells her it was ok.

We get in line and I notice Tracy starting to act the same way she did before on the day we rode the ferris wheel at the pier carnival. "You don't have to ride it if you don'twant to." I remind her. "Yeah you can run back home crying to your mommy." the riderbehind us says. Tracy quickly turns around with a confident look in her eyes. "What is your problem?" she snaps. "I just want to weed the baby out of the line." the rider says. "Obviously your mom didn't teach the golden rule." She states confidently. "No she didn't." the rider says. "Maybe she did, but you weren't listening when she told you." She says. "Whatever, but I bet you are too scared to even ride this thing." The rider taunts. "If I ride this thing will it shut you up?" She snaps. The ridersmiles an evil grin.

Jayden hears the whole situation and turns around to say something. "Tracy you don't have to prove anything to this jerk." he says. "Yeah don't let him get under your skin." I say agreeing with my best friend. "Listen guys I appreciate what you are doing but I need to do this." She states confidently. "Ok, if you're sure." Jayden says not too sure about how this is going to play out. Then the line starts to move and we get to the front ten minutes later.

Tracy's POV

We start to board the ride and I'm happy that Antonio is sitting next to me. After we strap ourselves in the ride attendant puts down the shoulder bars. I feel my flight or fight instinct kick in. Itis telling me just to get off the ride but I decide that it was time for me to face my fear. A few seconds later the ride slowly begins to rise higher and higher. "Ok just don't look down." I think to myself. As the ride gets to the top I hear a loud clack and the ride stops. A few minutes pass and we didn't drop down towards the ground.

"Guys aren't we supposed to be going down really fast?" I ask. "We will soon." Mike says. "I'm sorry folks but it seems we're experiencing some technical difficulties. We willhave them fixed as soon as we can." The ride assistant says over a bull horn. "Great we're doomed." I say trying to keep myself from hyperventilating. "Tracy are you afraid of heights?" Jayden asks. "NO Jayden I'm not afraid of heights. I'm terrified." I admit. "That would explain your reaction earlier. Why didn't you say something?" He asks. "I don't know. I guess just Ididn't want to spoil your fun." I say. "You wouldn't have spoiled our fun. Tracy, we're your friends. We would have understood if you just told us." he says. "I know I'm sorry guys." I apologize. Everyone accepts my apology. Another ten minutes pass and we are still stuck 15 feet above the ground.

"Hey Tracy, how are you holding up?" Kevin asks. I'm holding on for dear life to the handle bars and trying to keep myself from having a panic attack to answers Kevin's question. "She is literally choking the handle bars. She has stopped saying were all doomed. I'd say she isdoing better." Antonio says answering for me. Antonio tries to get me to look at him but I'm too scared that I would look down instead of looking over at him.

Antonio's POV

I need to do something to get Tracy to calm down. I hate seeing her like this. I let go of the handle bar and stretch my right arm out. (The good thing was the seats weren't spaced to far part) I place my hand on her cheek. Tracy finds the strength to open her eyes and looks over at me. I can see the fear in her eyes. I notice a few tears begin to roll down her face. I quickly wipe them away. "I know a way to make time pass a little faster." I say. "How?" she asks me. "We could sing a song or two." I answer. "I don't know Antonio I never sang acappella before." She says. "Well there is a first time for everything right?" I say. She nods. I take my hand off her cheek. She slowly takes her left hand off the handle bar. I take a hold of it and begin to sing together.

After we finish the song the ride slowly begins to go back down towards the ground. So we let go of each other's hand and put it back on the handle bar. When the ride reaches the ground I hear a sigh of relief come from Tracy after we unbuckle ourselves and the shoulder bars are removed. She and I walk out. The ride assistant hands us back our stuff. Tracyis shaking slightly. I walk her over to an open bench and we sit down. Meanwhile, back at the ride the jerk that was behind us is laughing so hard he can't breathe. Jayden couldn't take it anymore so he walks over to him. "You shouldn't be laughing. Anyone would be shaken up after being stuck up that high for as long as we were." Jayden says.

Tracy's POV

The jerk eventually stops laughing but still has a smirk on his face. I get up form the bench and walk over to him. "Hey the little mouse is finally going to say something." the ridersays. "Last time I checked, a mouse still has fellings too. One more thing you are nothing but a big coward." I say. "What did you call me?" therider says as he steps out of the line. "I guess your mouth works faster than your ears huh." I says. Therider walks towards me and is a few inches taller than me. "What are you going to do anyway. You are just a shrimp with an even smaller voice to boot. " therider taunts as he pushs me to the ground. "Wow pushing me to the ground you really are so tough. You still are nothing but a big coward." I say confidently as I get back to my feet. "I'm not a coward" the rider says. "Yes you are because only cowards pick on someone smaller than themselves." I say. Therider doesn't say a word. He just turns around and walks away in defeat.

"Wow Tracy where did that come from?" Mike asks me. I just shrug. "Well it was impressive." Jayden says. "Thanks Jayden" I say. Mike and the others head off to the roller coaster. Antonio and I went in the other direction. Antonio buys my an ice cream cone. I'm about to take a bite when I hear the sound of a baby crying. I turn around to see a mother trying to quiet her son. I see the boy's balloon is stuck up in the tree. "I'm sorry, sweetie, the balloon is too high. Mommy can't reach it." the mother says. I walk over to her and give the baby my cone. The baby gratefully accepts the cone and starts to eat it. "Thank you very much young lady." the mother says. "You're welcome ma'am." I say. "I hope one day my son will be as thoughtful and generous as you." the mother says as she walks away. Antonio walks over to me and kisses me on the cheek.

"What was the for?" I ask him. "For just being you." he says. He gives me a hug and I look upat him with a big smile on my face. The next thing I see is the bright light caused by a flash from a camera. The man hands me the picture andgoes off on another direction. I put the picture in my pocket. we headed to the game area. One of the game stalls had an accoustic guitar as a prize. The guitar has a rainbow painted on the top half of the body and butterflies paint on the bottom half. In my opinion that is the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen. The game is knocking down the milk bottles. I knew that game is impossible to win. I didn't even bother to spend my money playing it.

Antonio pays the fee to play the game. The man gives Antonio three baseballs. "Good luck son" the man says. "I don't need luck" Antonio says. Antonio trows the first ball. The ball hits the first stack of milk bottles and they fall to the ground instantly. He throws the second ball, and the same thing happens. He throws the last baseball and the last stack of milk bottles falls to the ground. "Antonio I had no idea you could do that." I say. "The truth is, I played a little baseball as a kid." Antonio admits. The manhands Antonio the prize. He gives the guitar to me. I thank him and we leave to go meet up with the others.

Back at the entrance the rest of the gangis waiting for us. "Man this was a lot better than our last trip." Mike says. "You said it Mike" Emily says. Jayden sees us walk up. "Hey Tracy how did you get that guitar?" Jayden asks. "Take a wild guess" I answer. "Antonio won it for you." he says. I nod. We start to walk back home. We stop at the pier to watch the sun set. I notice Kevin and Mia are holding hands. Mike and Emily are dong the same. I smile because I have a felling that they will hook up eventually. As the sun sinks below the horizon. I look to my lefttosee Kevin kiss Mia and Mike kiss Emily. Antonio leans inand kisses me."The day might not have started out great but it ended perfectly for everyone." I think to myself. After we all pull away from our dates, I couldn't help feeling sorry for Jayden. I knew that he felt like a third wheel for some reason. I decide that he needs to find someone whocan makehim feel happy too.
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