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ch 27: Tracy Sealing symbol reveled

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Normal POV

The rangers are in the middle of the morning training session. Jayden is sparing with Tracy. Tracy is amazed that she's able to keep up with him. Jayden is about to knock her sword from her hands. Tracy dodged his last move. She makes her move and knocks the sword from Jayden's hands. Then she knocks him to the ground. The rest of the team gasps in shock. "Someone please pinch me - I must be dreaming," Kevin says.

Tracy walks over to Jayden. "Sorry Jayden. Are you ok?" she asks as she helps Jayden to his feet. "You don't need to apologize. I'm fine." he tells her. Antonio walks over to them. "Tracy you were incredible." Antonio compliments. "Thanks Antonio." She says accepting the compliment from her boyfriend. "Tracy, if you have the confidence and the strength to beat Jayden in training why can't you use the penguin disk in battle?" Mike asks. "I don't know, Mike. I guess I'm afraid of what might happen if I use it again." She answers.

"Come on Tracy, what happened the last time you used the disk wasn't your fault." Emily reminds her. "Yes, it was. If I didn't let my emotions get the best of me, everything would have turned out differently." Tracy snaps. "Come on Tracy, the way you talk it's like you still haven't forgiven yourself for what happened." Kevin says. "Yes I have but..." Tracy says looking down at the ground. "But?" Kevin asks. "I just can't use it. Ok, so can you just get off my back?" she snaps as she gave Antonio her sword. Then she rruns back into the house. "Tracy come back." Jayden calls. "Great going Kevin, you are walking in thin ice with Tracy now." Mia says, slapping him in the arm. Jayden tells the others to keep working. He will check on Tracy after they finished.

Jayden's POV

Antonio and I are walking to Tracy's room. "Any idea what's wrong with your girlfriend today?" I ask my best friend. "Sorry Jay, I have no idea." Antonio answers. When we arrive I knock on the door. I didn't get a response, I slowly open the door and Antonio and I see Tracy fast asleep on the bed. "So do you want to wake her up Antonio? Or do you want to me do the honors?" I ask. "Go ahead Jay; I'll let you wake her up this time." He answers. I walk over to the bed. "Tracy, wake up." I say, as I gently shake Tracy to wake her up. "It's a snow day, five more minutes." she mumbles. I hear a muffled laugh escape from Antonio's mouth. I see the teddy bear on her dresser that she told everyone not to touch. I walk over to the dresser. I'm about to press my fingertip on the top of the bear's head. "No toque mi osito" Tracy snaps. I turn around to see Tracy sitting up in the bed. She is giving me the evil eye. "Well good morning again." I say.

"Very funny, so what's up?" She asks. "I just wanted to see if you were ok." I answer. "Jayden, don't you mean we? And I appreciate the concern but I'm fine-really." She says, noticing Antonio is in the room too. "Come on, Tracy I know you're lying. Can you at least tell us the real reason you won't use the disk?" Antonio says. "You sure, you really want to know?" She asks. "Yes" Antonio answers. "You absolutely positive that you want to know why I don't want to use the disk." She says. "Yes Tracy, we do. Now can you please stop stalling and just tell us." I say. Antonio can tell that Tracy is nervous about telling us. He walks over to the bed and sits down next to her. He puts a hand on her shoulder. She looks over at him and sees the reassuring look in his eyes. She takes a deep breath and starts to tell us the real reason behind her hesitation in using the penguin disk.

Tracy finishes telling us everything behind her hesitation a few minutes later. I can tell she feels better now that she has gotten that off her chest. Then the gap sensor sounds. We all rush out to the living room. "The nighlok is at the edge of the northern woods." JI says. "Ok rangers, we have a nighlok to fight. Let's go." I say. We all rush off to battle.

Normal POV

The rangers arrive at the battle site. "Well hello again rangers." The nighlok says. "Well, I try not to." Tracy says in a sarcastic tone. "Well silver ranger let's see if I can get you to hurt one of your fellow rangers again." the nighlok taunts. "Nice try nighlok. I'm not going to let you get under my skin again." Tracy says confidently. "We’ll see Ranger. Moogers attack!" the nighlok shouts. Moogers come out from several different gaps then charge towards the rangers.

The rangers easily destroy them using their spin sword attacks. The nighlok is about to call for some more moogers. Tracy knows what she needs to do. She takes out her samuraizer and draws her family's sealing symbol. She activates it using as much symbol power as possible. "Wait why didn't the moogers show up?" Mike asks. "Yeah Tracy what was that symbol you just used?" Kevin asks. "Guys, I’ll answer your questions later. Can we just get back to fighting the nighlok now?" Tracy says. "Yeah Tracy's right Amigos" Antonio says.

"You may have stopped the moogers from coming to my aid. You rangers will never be able to defeat me." the nighlok says. “Never say never nighlok.” Tracy says slashing the nighlok with her sword. The nighlok blocks her sword. The nighlok is about to slash its claw across her chest. Before the attack hits her, Antonio uses his barracuda blade to block the attack. She thanks him. “Mind if I borrow this.” Tracy says taking the lightzord from Antonio’s hand. “How is that lantern going to hurt me?” The nighlok asks. “Like this, battle disk shattershot.” Tracy says as she hits the lightzord. Several disks fly out of the lightzord and hit the nighlok injuring it. “Nice work, Tracy.” Antonio says. Jayden and the others run up to her. “Tracy, how about you finish this one.” Jayden says as he takes out the black box and hands it to her. “The black box. But Jayden I can’t use this. My symbol power isn’t even programmed into it.” Tracy says. “Actually it is.” Jayden says. “Really, Jayden you are just pulling my leg?” Tracy asks.

“No, Tracy Jayden’s telling the truth. He asked me to program you powers into it a few days ago.” Antonio says. “Do you think I’m ready for this?” Tracy asks. “Yes, I do.” Jayden says. Tracy takes a deep breath. “Super Samurai mode!” Tracy says pressing the button on the top of the black box.

Tracy stands tall in super samurai mode. The nighlok doesn't look too happy to see the super silver ranger standing in front of him. “You’ll still never defeat me silver ranger. Even with those new powers.” The nighlok says. “I will defeat you nighlok. I know I can super spin sword.” Tracy shouts. Tracy places her disk in the black box and uses the super frost bite attack to destroy the nighlok. “Tracy that was awesome.” Antonio says.

“Don’t celebrate yet Antonio we still have to deal with the mega monster.” Jayden reminds him. Jayden tells Tracy to use the ultimate samurai combination disk so they can form the Samurai gigazord. The seven rangers stand in the megazord cockpit. “You rangers are going down.” The nighlok shouts. “Keep dreaming nighlok, Leopard zord hail storm.” Tracy says. After Tracy does this the cockpit starts to spin around her. “Tracy, you ok?” Antonio asks. “Yeah, Antonio I’m fine now let’s finish this.” Tracy says, as she sahkes off the dizzyness. The rangers use their symbol power to activate the final strike. “Ultimate samurai strike!” the rangers say together, slashing their mega blades in the air. A few seconds later the nighlok fell to the ground and explodes.

“Samurai rangers, Victory is ours.” Jayden says. After Tracy hears those words echo though the cockpit. She faints from exhaustion. The rangers hear a thump as Tracy's body hits the floor. Antonio goes to her aid. “Tracy, wake up. We won.” Antonio says trying to wake her up. Jayden tells his friend that Tracy is just wore out from the long battle.

The rangers are walking back to the Shiba house. Antonio is carrying Tracy on his back. “Tracy must have used a lot of her symbol power when she used that symbol earlier.” Jayden says. “Hey, Jayden didn’t that symbol she used kinda of look like a sealing symbol?” Kevin asks. “Yeah, it did. I wonder why she didn’t tell us about it.” Jayden thinks to himself.

The rangers are sitting in the living room. The map is unrolled on the table. It shows where the last battle is waged. Several small ice symbols are on the map where the gaps are. "That confirms the symbol she used was a sealing symbol." Jayden thinks to himself. "Tracy you really should be resting." Jayden says. "Don't worry Jayden I'm fine." Tracy says. "Here's a good question. Tracy, why did you keep the symbol a secret from us?" Kevin asks.

"I never meant to keep it a secret - honest. I didn't know how to tell you and I wasn't sure how you were going to react." she says looking down at the floor. Jayden walks over to her and places a hand on her shoulder. She looks up at him. "Tracy, we're not mad at you." he says. "You're not?" she asks. He nods. "This is really great." Mike says. "What do you mean Mike?" Tracy asks. "All you need to do is use your sealing symbol to seal all the gaps in the city and we can all go back home sooner." Mike answers happily. "That's true Mike. I can't wait to get back to get back training for Olympics." Kevin adds. "I'll get to see my sister." Emily rings in. "That is exactly the type of reaction I was expecting. I knew I shouldn't have used it in the first place." Tracy says as she gets to her feet. She starts to feel dizzy and fall towards the floor a few seconds later. Antonio runs over and catches her before she hits the floor.

"Tracy, you ok?" Antonio asks. "Yeah Antonio I'm fine I just lost it for a sec that's all." she tells him. Antonio sits down in the chair. He sets her down in his lap. "Tracy I really think we should finish this after you get some rest." Jayden says. "Tracy, I hate to say this but Jayden's has a point you are exhausted." Antonio says. "I'll rest later I promise." she tells him. "Mike your idea is good but I think there is one flaw in it." Antonio says. "What do you mean Antonio?" Mike asks. "You can see how much symbol power was needed just sealing up a few gaps and how drained Tracy is. I don't even want to see what would happen if she were to go through with the plan." Antonio says with deep concern in his voice. "Antonio that is the reason why my great grandpa..." Tracy tries to finish her statement but she falls asleep. "Antonio what was this about her great grandpa?" Mike asks.

Antonio looks down at his girlfriend fast asleep with her head in his chest. He gently slides Tracy's glasses off her face and puts them in his jacket pocket. He remembers that she told him on the day they both meet him if the team ever asked about him he could tell them if she ever used the symbol in battle before she told the team about it. He runs his fingers through her hair. Then he looks up at the group and takes a deep breath. He begins to tell the team about their trip to the tengen gate.

Antonio's POV

After I finish telling everyone the story the room was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. The room stays like that for a few minutes. "Wow it sounds like Tracy's great grandpa has put his complete faith in her to master the symbol." Mike says finally breaking the silence. I just nod. "Why did she get so upset when we mentioned heading back home?" Emily asks. "She told me that we're the first group of close friends she has ever had." I answer.

"Didn't she have a group of friends from school?" Mike asks. "She told me that she had friends in school but they were just that school friends." I reply. "What do you mean buddy?" Jayden asks. "She only hung out with them at school. They never asked her to hang out after school." I said. "Didn't her high school have any clubs?" he asks. "Yes, only a few like national honors society, drama, or student council." I reply. "Why didn't she join?" he asks. I just gave him an 'I don't know' shrug. "What about her best friend Ashley? Did they grow up in the same neighborhood?" he asks. "They did until Ashley had to move away before they started high school." I reply. "I bet Tracy missed Ashley when she moved away." Mia says. "Tracy told me that Ashley was more than a best friend. She was like a sister to her." I say.

Mike is curious about why Tracy told me all these things about her life but not them. I told him that she figured that we really didn't want to hear her sad life story. Jayden walks over to me. He tells me that I should take Tracy to her room so she can rest in her own bed. "I don't think Tracy would agree with you Jayden." Mike says. "What do you mean Mike?" he asks. Mike tells him that Tracy is comfortable right where she is since she has a huge smile on her face and her eyes are fluttering like she is having a good dream. Jayden tells the team to leave so she could get some rest. The team quietly tiptoes out of the room.

I slowly move down onto the floor (and try not to wake Tracy up) so she can get into a more comfortable position. She slowly stretches her legs out and repositions her head on my chest. A couple of hours later I look down at her and watch as she slowly open her eyes. "Hey, guapo so how long was I out?" She asks with a smile. "Only a couple of hours darling so I guess that I make a good pillow?" I answer. She nods. We get to our feet and she wipes the sleep from her eyes.

She turns around and has a confused look on her face. She distinctly remembers falling asleep with her glasses on her face. "Antonio where are my glasses?" she asks. I take them out of my jacket pocket and put them back on her face. "Never mind I found them." She jokes. "Have I ever told you that you look even more beautiful without your glasses?" I say. "Aw thanks Tony that's really sweet." She says as she kisses me on the cheek.

"Hey don't I get the other kind of kiss?" I ask. "You're so adorable when you act like that." She says. "I know." I say. I cup her cheeks in my hands and lean in. Then our lips press against each other. We share a gentle but passionate kiss. Tracy wraps her arm around my neck and I did the same causing the kiss to become even more passionate.

After few seconds we back away to get some air. We are about to kiss again. We hear Jayden clearing his throat. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to break up your romantic moment." Jayden apologizes. "It's ok." I say. "Tracy, I guess that you’re feeling better?" he asks. "Yes, much better." She answers. Then Mike enters the room. "Well it looks like sleeping beauty is awake." Mike jokes. "Mike that joke wasn't funny when I was five and it's not funny now." She says. "Did you wake on the wrong side of Antonio's chest or something?" Mike asks/jokes. "Ha, Ha, No" Tracy says. “All jokes aside JI said that dinner should be ready soon.” Jayden says. "Cool I'm starving." Mike says. "Mike when are you not starving?" Tracy asks. Mike doesn"t say a word. A few seconds later JI calls everyone to the kitchen.

Tracy's POV

We all walk into the kitchen and sit around the table. "What are those things?" Mike asks noticing the empanadas. "They're empanadas Mike" I answer. "What inside them?" Mike asks. "Why don't you try one and find out." I reply. I pass the plate to Mike and he takes one. Then the turkey and all the fixings are passed around the table. After everyone fills their plates, Emily asks if we can go around the table and tell everyone what we are thankful for. Ji says that would be a great idea.

Emily goes first. She is thankful for her new family here at the Shiba house, Mike his friends, Kevin his family, Mia the food JI worked so hard to prepare, Antonio is thankful for his new girlfriend, Jayden that he is so fourteenth to lead such an amazing team against master xandred, and Ji that he gets the chance to watch us grow as team over the year. I really couldn't think of anything that I thankful for that the others haven't all ready said. "Tracy, aren't you going to say anything?" Jayden asks.

"I mean you guys already said everything I was going to say. Well except for you, mentor, and Antonio anyway." I say. "Gotcha ya" Jayden says. "Why do you look so sad?" Antonio asks. "Oh it's nothing I don't want to ruin this Hallmark moment." I say. "Tracy, we all know you're a bad liar and second of all we’re you're friends." Antonio reminds me. "I know Antonio, but do you guys really want to know." I say. They all say yes. "OK I was just thinking about Zechariah." I say.

"Who's that?" Mike asks. "My cousin. He is stationed overseas." I answer. "Why didn't you mention him before?" Mike asks. "Because there wasn't much I could really say about him. Don't get me wrong, I am proud of him for what he is doing but...” I say as I try my best to hold back the tears. "You miss him." Antonio says completing my statement. I nod. Then I feel my pocket vibrate. I reach into my pocket and take out my phone. I look down at it and see my cousin's pic on the screen.

"Guys I'm sorry but I need to take this." I say. "Right now can't you just let it go to voice mail?" Mike asks. "I'm sorry I can't. It's really important." I answer. I excuse myself from the table. I walk out into the living room. "Hey Zechariah" I say. "Hey cuz, Happy thanksgiving" Zechariah says. "You too cuz I miss you so much." I say. "I know" he says. "When are you coming home?" I ask. "Soon." he replies. "You said that last time. When is soon?" I ask. "Maybe next week or next month I'm not too positive." he answers. "Ok." I say. The conversation goes on for five more minutes before we have to hang up. “I love you cuz" I say. "I love you too." he says. Then I hang up and head back into the kitchen.

"Was that your cousin?" Mia asks. I nod and walk back over to my chair. I sit down and scoot my chair back in. "I'm sorry if I was rude but I only get five to ten minutes a couple times a month to talk to him." I say. "It's ok, we're not mad." Mia says. I thank her and we all eat thanksgiving dinner together. After everyone finishes eating dinner, Ji serves us dessert. Antonio and I go out to back garden to eat our pie.

We sit down on the bench and start to feed each other bites of pie. After we finish our pie and set our plates on the ground under the bench, I look up at Antonio. He is laughing a little. "Antonio what's so funny?" I ask. "Sorry sweetie but you have a whip cream mustache." he answers. "I can blame that on you because you asked mentor to put extra whip cream on your pie." I remind him. "I know sweetie." he says. He slowly regaines his composure a few seconds later. I'm about to use the back of my sleeve to wipe the whip cream off my lip. Antonio takes hold of my right hand and pulls me close. Then our lips brush against each others. A few seconds later we push away. We just smiled at each other. "Happy thanksgiving Tony" I say. "Happy thanksgiving my little angel fish" Antonio says. We kiss again as the sun slowly starts to set. After our second kiss ends, we get up from the bench. We pick the plates up off the ground and walk back into the house. We go into the kitchen and put our plates in the sink. We walk to my room. I stand in front of the door. "Antonio, thanks for everything you said earlier after the battle." I say. "No problem sweetie” he says. Then he kisses me goodnight and goes to his room. I walk inside my room, change into my pjs, and go to bed, thankful for having the best boyfriend ever.

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