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Samurai Ranger Time

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AN: Tracy's Family has gone back to Michigan. I thought I'd clear that up.

Anyway enjoy this chapter.


Tracy's POV

I walk outside for the usual morning training session. (I found the friendship bracelet Ashley made for me in Kindergarden. I put it on for good luck.) "Hey" Antonio greets. "Hey" I say. Jayden says I'm going to spar with Kevin. I can tell that Kevin isn't too thrilled with the idea.

"Kevin I know the real reason you don't want to spar with me." I say. "What's that?" he asks. "You just don't want to lose to a girl." I answer. The team exlcaims in shock. "Tracy, you feeling ok this morning?" Antonio asks. "Yeah I'm fine. Why do you ask?" I reply. "Because you are acting different." he answers. "Acting different?" I ask confused by Antonio's response. "Yeah you are acting like you're a little too confident in yourself." he answers. "Haven't I always been this confident in my abilities before?" I ask. "Not at first" he replies. "Where is this sudden burst of confidence coming from anyway?" he asks. "I'll explain later. So, Kevin, are we going to spar or what?" I reply.

Kevin nods and hands me a sword. We walk to the sparing area, and start to spar. Our swords bang together as we block the others attacks. Kevin swings his sword at my feet and I do a back flip. I launch a counter attack, knock the sword from his hands and swing at his feet. He dodges and picks his sword off the ground. The match goes on for a few more minutes. Before I finally mange to knock him to the ground.

Antonio's POV

I walk over to Kevin. "Kevin, you ok?" I ask. "Yeah" he answers. I help him back to his feet. "I guess you have gotten really good with the sword." he says. "Was that a compliment?" Tracy asks. "Yes." he replies. "Thanks, did I really beat you or did you let me win?" she asks. "Tracy, I didn't let you win. You beat me fair and square." Kevin answers. "So, this means I beat Mr. Samurai code." she says with a smile on her face. Kevin nods. "Tracy, you're not going to do some crazy victory dance are you?" I ask. "Come on Antonio, I would never do something so childish. I'm not a five year old." she replies. I can tell she was thinking about it.

"Tracy, your phone is playing 'True Friend' for the past ten minutes." Mike tells her. "Thanks Mike, I be there in a sec." she replies. Mike tells her that he can do one better and tosses the phone towards her. Mike tosses it a little too hard and it goes over her head. Tracy leaps as high as she can. She catches the phone in her left hand, but lands in the bushes.

Tracy's POV

I can hear my best friend's voice coming through the speaker on the phone. "Tracy, what happened?" Ashley asks. "My new friend Mike mistook my phone for a football. I landed in the bushes while making the save." I answer. "Is the phone ok?" she asks. "Yes, and I'm ok too - thanks for asking." I tell her sarcastically. "Sorry miss scarism, any who I was hoping that I could come and visit." she replies. I tell her that it isn't a very good idea. "Why not?" she asks. "Ashley, it's kind of hard to explain." I answers. "Tracy, we promised that we would never keep secrets from each other." she reminds me. "I know ash tree but..." I stammer. "Don't ash tree me, the real reason you won't tell me is that you don't trust me." she snaps.

Antonio's POV

I watch as Tracy slowly get out of the bush and dusts herself off. "Ashley, I do trust you honest." Tracy says. "Prove it and tell the secret." the voice begs. "Ashley, I'm sorry I just can't tell you." Tracy says. "Well, I guess we are no longer friends." the voices says. "Ashley don't..." Tracy whispers. A few seconds later the dial tone sounds. "Hang up." Tracy says completing her statement. She says a few swear words in Spanish and puts her phone back into her pocket. Then she walks back over to us.

"Tracy, are you ok?" I ask as I take a few pieces of the bush out of her hair. "Yes I'm fine, and Mike, my phone isn't a footballl." she snaps. "Sorry about that. That was a great catch though." Mike says. Tracy rolls her eyes at Mike's statement. "Who called?" I ask. "Ashley" she answers. "What did she want?" Kevin asks. "She wanted to come visit." she answers.

"You told her that she couldn't, right?" Kevin asks. She nods. "You didn't tell her you're a ranger did you?" he asks. "I haven't told her that I'm a ranger, but I wish that I could." she answers. "You know you can't do that. You have to keep it a secret from her in order to keep her safe." Kevin reminds her. "I know that Kevin, but she is my best friend. I hate keeping secrets from her. We promised that we wouldn't keep secrets from each other." she tells him. Then she starts to play with the bracelet on her right wrist.

Normal POV

"What kind of bracelet is that anyway? It looks like it was made by a five-year-old." Mike says. "It's the friendship bracelet Ashley gave to me in Kindergarden, which means it was made by a five-year-old. "she says. "Wow it's still in one piece after all this time." Mike states. "Yeah, that's because when she gave it to me it was too big and I kept it in a little box in the bottom of my jewelry box." she tells him. "It fits like a glove now." Mike says. "Yeah I guess I have changed a little bit over the years. Now I'm keeping secrets from my best friend. I don't blame her if she hates my guts." she says in a sad tone.

"Tracy, don't you think your overreacting just a bit?" Antonio asks. "No, Antonio I'm not overreacting. She yelled at me then hung up the phone. I think that means she hates me." she answers. "I'm pretty sure she doesn't hate you. She is just upset." Antonio reminds her. "I know, but I don't like it when she is mad at me." she says. "No one likes it when someone they care about is mad at them." Antonio says. He gives her a soft hug.

Meanwhile at Ashley's uncles Mateo's place deep in the western woods. Ashley tosses her phone onto the couch. "Everything ok sweetie?" Mateo asks his niece. "No, my best friend is keep a secret from me." Ashley answers. "Well you can't really be mad at her. She might have a good reason for keeping the secret from you." he reminds her. "True, but I really wish she would tell me.' she says. "Technically Ashley, you've been keeping a big secret from her as well." he says. "I know Uncle Mateo, but you made me promise not to tell anyone that you've been training me to be a samurai." she says. "I know Ash, but I think it's time that you tell your best friend what's going on. I would hate for you two to end your friendship all because of the samurai code of silence." he says.

Ashley goes over to her uncle and gives him a big hug. "Thanks Uncle Mateo you're the best." she says with a smile. "You're welcome, now go and talk to your best friend." he tells her. Ashley release her uncle from her hug. He hands his niece a samuraizer and the Owl folding zord. Then she turns around and heads for the door.

Back at the Shiba house the gap sensor goes off. JI tells the rangers that the nighlok is downtown at city hall. Antonio lets Tracy go from his hug. "Tracy, if you're not up to this it is ok if you stay here." Antonio tells her. Tracy tells him that she was going. She doesn't want to let everyone down. So the team morphs and runs off to city hall.

When the rangers arrive at city hall they see another samurai ranger helping the people to safety. "Wow., There is a white ranger now?" Mike asks. "Looks like it Mike. The better question would be is who is the white ranger?" Kevin asks. "We'll worry about our new ranger later. Right. Now let's deal with the nighlok." Jayden says. The rangers agree with their leader and charge in towards the nighlok.

Ashley's POV

Ten minutes later the nighlok dries out and sneaks back through a gap. Then the other samurai rangers run up to me. "Who are you?" the blue ranger asks. "I'm a samurai ranger like you." I answer. "We can see that but who are you under the helmet?" the sliver ranger asks. I demorph and stand in silence. "Wait a sec, Ashley?" the sliver ranger asks. "How do you know my name?" I ask in shock. "Come on how could I forget the name of my best friend." the sliver ranger answers. "Hold the phone, Tracy is that you?" I ask. "Yup." the sliver ranger answers.

Tracy's POV

I stand in front of my best friend in silence still trying to figure out what exactly is happening. Then she runs up to me and gives me a bear hug. "Ash-Tree it's good to see you too. Why are you squeezing the air out of my lungs? I thought you hate my guts." I say as I gasp for air. "T-dawg your my best friend and you're really hard to stay mad at anyway." she replies as she squeezes me even tighter. "Point taken but can you do be a huge favor?" I ask. "Sure T-dawg what is it?" she answers. "Could you possibility loosen your hug up a bit. I kinda need to breathe at some point here." I say. "Sorry about that." she apologizes as she releases me from her hug.

I ask her if she would like to meet the other samurai rangers. "I'd like that." Ashley says with a smile. I turn around to face my fellow rangers. I nod to them and they all demorph. "Ashley, this is Jayden, Kevin, Mike, Emily, Mia, and Antonio." I say. They all said hi and shake her hand. Jayden is the last one to shake her hand. "It's nice to meet you Ashley." Jayden says offering his hand. "The pleasure is all mine." She says. "Tracy is she ok?" Jayden asks as he notices that Ashley is still shaking his hand. "Yeah she's fine Jay, her brain just went into crush land that's all." I answer. I take a deep breath and whistle like a robin loudly into her ear. "Jezz what was that for?" she snaps. "One, I wanted to bring you back to earth. Second I thought you would like to know that you can stop shaking Jayden's hands now." I say. She apologizes to him. "Anyway, Tracy I think we would talk more at the Shiba house." Jayden says. "Good idea Jay." Antonio says.

Antonio walks up to me and pulls me aside to talk in private. "So, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" he asks. "If you mean the fact my best friend is crushing on your best friend." I answer. "That's it." he says. "Hey, are you two coming or what?" Mike asks. "Yup." We state together. Antonio and I walk back to meet up with the group and the eight of us head back to the Shiba house.

Normal POV

The eight rangers are sitting in the living room. "Tracy, why didn't you tell us that Ashley was a ranger?" Kevin asks. "In my defense I didn't even know I just found out the same way you did." Tracy answers. "So I guess we both had a ranger secret huh?" Ashley asks. "Yeah I guess so, but I really wanted to tell you Ashley honest." Tracy says in an ashamed tone. Ashley walks over to her best friend and places her hand on Tracy's shoulder. "I know you did and I wanted to tell you that same thing too, "Ashley tells her. "Really?" Tracy asks. "Yeah, but I couldn't because of the..." Ashley says. "Samurai code of silence." The girls said together. Then they chuckle. "We're still a team right." Tracy says. "The best team ever that no one can ever break up." Ashley says. "You got that right." Tracy says. The girls did their secret hand shake they made up in second grade. "Now that you two got that out of the way,Ashley can you please tell us how you became a samurai." Jayden says.

Ashley nods and tells the team her samurai origin story. "So, your uncle Mateo was a samurai?' Tracy asks. "Yup." Ashley answers. "From what I saw on the battle field he was a really great fighter." Kevin says. She thanks him for the compliment. "I just have one more question." Mike says. "What is it Mike?" the girls answered in unison. "When did you two become friends?" he asks. "We became friends on our first day of daycare." The girls answer. "Are you two always going to do that?" Kevin asks. "Do what?" the girls ask. "The whole talking at the same time thing. It's starting to get a little annoying." Kevin answers. "Sorry Kevin, force of habit." The girls say. A few questions later the girls stop talking at the same time.

"I'm curious, do you guys have any embarrassing story about each other?" Antonio asks. "Well there was this one time when Tracy was six and she..." Ashley says. Tracy quickly covers her friend's mouth with her hand. "They really don't want to hear about that." Tracy says laughing awkwardly. Ashley licks her friend's hand, and a look of disgust appears on Tracy's face. "Man Ash-tree Did you have to lick my hand? You've haven"t changed one bit your the same gross person you were whenwe were kids. I mean gross in a good way." Tracy says as she wiped her friend's saliva back onto her shirt. "Well neither have you T-dwag you juse as funny as I remember, but can I tell them this story please." She begs. "If I let you them that story. You'll have to let me tell them about that time we went to the beach when we were 12 and what happened with the huge hermit crab." Tracy threatens. "I have to hear this." Mike says. "Hey, you promised that you would never tell anyone about that." She reminds her. "Well, you promised me the same thing about that story your about to tell them." Tracy tells her. "Touché." Ashley says.

"Can we hear those stories please?" Mike asks. "Sorry, Mike, we promised each other that we would keep those stories between us." Ashley says. "Aw man, I really wanted to know what happened." Mike whines. "Our friendship code right ash-tree?" Tracy asks. "Right T-dawg" Ashley says. Jayden can tell that the girls really had a strong bond - of trust and loyalty between them. "What is this friendship code?" Kevin asks. "To always have each others back, to be honest with eachother, to keep each other's secrets, and to never keep secrets from each other." Tracy answers. "aren't the last to parts of your friendship code sort of the same thing?" Mike asks. "No they are not Mike." Tracy says. Then the gap sensor goes off again. JI tells the team that the nighlok is at the park at harbor village. The eight samurai jog out of the room to face the nighlok again.

After the battle the rangers are about to start a game a shoot and ladders with their zords. "Hey Ashley, wanna play?" Tracy asks her best friend. "No way, you'll probably just cheat again like when we played slap jack when we were kids." Ashley anwers. "I never cheated."Tracy says. "Yes you did, You always made me laugh."Ashley says. "How is that considered cheating?" Tracy asks. "I don't know, but in some rule book somewere it's considered cheating." Ashley answers. "Whatever you say ash-tree. So, you playing or not?" Tracy asks again. Ashley nods and joins the group. "Having another ranger around is sure goong to help in saving the city." Jayden thinks to himself.
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