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samurai ranger time and fire together?

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Normal POV

The rangers have to practice inside this morning because it is raining. The rangers are standing outside the dojo watching Tracy and Ashley practicing together. They watch the girls moved together in one fluid motion like they are joined at the hip. "Wow, they do make a good team." Kevin says. "I wonder how well they fight together." Mike says. "There is one way to find out. Hey Tracy, Ashley, how does a sparring match sound to you guys?" Jayden asks as he walks in the room. The girls turn around to face him. "Do you mean we spar each other or as a team?" Tracy asks. "I was thinking as a team." Jayden answers. "Sounds like fun but who are we going to spar against?" Ashley asks. "I was thinking Antonio and I." Jayden answers. "I don't know." Ashley says. "Come on Ash-tree I know the real reason you think this is a bad idea." Tracy says.

"Really?" Ashley asks her friend. "Yeah you just don't want to spar your crush." Tracy answers. "That's not the reason." Ashley snaps as she starts to blush slightly. "Then why are you starting to turn into the red ranger?" Tracy asks. "Can we just drop it and get back to work." she says. "Good idea." Jayden says. Antonio walks into the room. Then he hands Antonio a sword and they go into the middle of the room. Then the four get into their ready stance and a few seconds later the match starts. The boys launch the first attack. The girls dodge with grace and launch a counter attack.

The boys block the girls attack. A few seconds later the girls wink at each other. Tracy backs away and Ashley swings her sword at Jayden's feet. Jayden does a back flip. Tracy flips to the side and ,as he lands, Tracy is standing right in front of him. She hits him in the back of his legs with her sword knocking him to the ground. Jayden looks up at her and sets his sword down in defeat. Ashley makes Antonio do the same thing with some of the moves her Uncle Mateo taught her. Tracy helps Jayden to his feet and Ashley helps Antonio. "Wow, you guys do make a great team." Antonio compliments. The girls thank him. They all go their swords away. Antonio takes a hold of Tracy's right hand and quietly leads her out of the room.

"Antonio, what are you doing?"Tracy asks. "Just watch." he answers. Back in the dojo Ashley and Jayden notices that their friends are gone. "Ashley, can I ask you something?" Jayden asks as he turns to his left. "Sure what is it?" Ashley answers. "Do you have feelings for me?" he asks. "What kind of feelings?" she answers. "You know the feelings that I have for you." he says. "Wait, are you saying that you like me?" Ashley says. Jayden nods as he moves closer. "What will happen if I say that I liked you too?" She says. Then Jayden leans in even closer and kisses her.

In the doorway the other rangers watch as Jayden and Ashley finally become more than just friends. "Antonio, how did you know that was going to happen?" Tracy asks. "Because Jayden told me yesterday that he was going to ask her out." Antonio answers. "Well it's about time they admitted that they liked each other." Mike says. "I know, and they do make a cute couple." Emily adds. "Hold up, what about me and Antonio." Tracy says. "You guys are a cute couple too." Emily says. "Tracy, you aren't jealous are you?" Mike asks. "No, I'm happy for her really." Tracy answers. Antonio tells the gang that they should leave so they could have some privacy. They nod and walk to the kitchen.

Back in the dojo Jayden backs away to let Ashley get a grasp on what just happened. "Well that answers that question." She says. "Well my next question will be easy. Ashley would you like to go out with me Friday night?" he asks. "I would love to." She answers. "Great so it's a date." he says with a smile. Then they turn around to leave the dojo. Jayden laces his fingers between Ashley's. Ashley smiles and lets things play out like they should. Jayden is happy that Ashley is happy so they walk to the kitchen.

AN: So Jayden and Ashley are an item. How with this effect things on the battle field? Keep reading to find out and don't forget to post a review.
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