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missing my best friend and helping a new one

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Antonio's POV

Tracy and I are on our way back home from the ice cream shop. I ordered a scoop of pistachio and she ordered a scoop of double chocolate chip ice cream dipped in chocolate sauce and covered in chocolate sprinkles. "Tracy, aren't you hungry? you haven't touched your ice cream."I remind her. Tracy looks down and notices that her cone is starting to melt. "I guess not." she says. "Tracy, what's wrong?" I ask. "Nothing wrong Tony I'm fine really." she answers. "Tracy, are you still jealous about Ashley and Jayden becoming a couple?" I ask. "No, Tony could please stop using that word. I'm not jealous." she says as she starts to clench her fist. A few seconds later she destroys her cone. "Tracy, you destroyed a practice dummy and now this. You are so jealous." "If I admit it, will you stop using that word?" she says. "You know you are even cuter when you're jealous." I tell her. "Tony, for the last time I'm not jealous." she snaps. I hand her a napkin and she cleans her hand off. Then she throws away the napkins and what is left of the cone.

"Then what's wrong?" I ask. "I just miss her that's all. Since she and Jayden become a couple we never hang out anymore. We haven't seen each other in over four years and as soon as we get a chance to catch up and talk about the good old days, she'd rather hang out with Jayden instead of me." she answers looking down at the ground. I walk over to her and put my arm around her. “Tracy listen, Jayden may be her boyfriend but you’re her best friend.” I remind her. “Which means what exactly?” she asks. “That there are plenty of things you two can to together that she can’t do with Jayden.” I answer. “Examples.” She hints. “I can’t think of any off hand but I know Ashley will be able to. Why don’t we head home so she can tell you what I mean.” I say. “That’s if she isn’t already hanging out with Jayden.” she says.

Ashley’s POV

Jayden and I walk inside the house and look into the living room and see Tracy sitting on a chair going through an old photo album. She looks really sad. “Hey Antonio, what wrong with Tracy?” I ask. “She feels like you have forgotten her since you and Jayden become a couple.” he answers. “I could never forget her. I was just so happy that I had a boyfriend.” I say. “Well you really can’t blame her for feeling that way Ash. I mean you two really haven’t hung out at all since you got here.” Jayden says. “What are you talking about Jay? We train together all the time.” I say. “True, but I don’t think that is the best friend time Tracy really wanted.” He says. “You’re right Jay, but what am I supposed to do?” I ask. “How about you go talk to her.” He suggests. I nod and let go of his hand. Then I walk into the living room.

“Hey, Tracy can I join you in the trip down memory lane?” I ask. “Sure.” She answers. She gets out of her chair and walks over to the table. She sets the photo album on it and sits down on the floor. I walk over to her and sit down next to her. The first picture on the page is of us in kindergarten at the school end festival. “Aw look how cute I was back then.” I say. “Excuse me I was cute too.” Tracy snaps. “I know I was kidding.” I say. “I wish we could go back to that time. That way we would still believe that boys had cooties.” Tracy jokes. “Tracy, come on,you can, be serious. I mean boys aren’t all that bad.” I remind her. “Yeah I guess not, but it seems you like hanging out with a boy more than boring old me.” She says.

“Tracy, Jayden and I may be boyfriend and girlfriend but you are my best friend which means that we have a bond that can never be broken - no matter what.” I remind her. “I know that Ash-tree, but we never hang out anymore.” Tracy says. “I know. I’m sorry, but you know there are a lot of things that I can do with you that I can’t with Jayden.” I say. “Antonio said the same thing to me earlier, but he couldn't think of any examples.” She says. “Well I can. I an’t talk about Jayden or about how the date went with him.” I say. “Well you could, but it would be really weird.” She jokes. “True, and I can’t raid his closest to find a really cute t-shirt.” I say. “You could try, but he probably doesn’t have anything in your size.” She jokes. I laugh at her joke and after a few seconds I regain my composure.

“Hey T-dwag, Can you teach Jayden something?” I ask. "That depends on what you want me to teach him." she answers. “How about how to tell a good joke." I say. “I’ll give it my best shot but I'm not going to promise you anything." she says. "Ok T-dawg." I say. "Hey do you remember this?" Tracy asks me as she points to another photo. "Yeah, I do. If I remember correctly, you knocked me into the pool in your one girl stampede for the cake." I say. "I didn't knock you into the pool you knocked me." she argues. "Whatever you say, but that still was a great birthday party." I say. "No argument there and the cake was great too." she says in agreement.

Normal POV

Jayden and Antonio are standing in the hallway outside the living room. They watch the girls laughing and smiling while they're going through the photo album on the table. "It looks like they worked things out." Jayden says. "Seems that way Jay." Antonio says. "Hey girls, can we come in?" Jayden asks. The girls turn around to face the boys. "Sure, join the party." the girls answer together. The boys chuckle as they enter the room and sit down behind their girlfriends. "Tracy what's in the album anyway?" Antonio asks. "Just photos of me and Ashley when we used to be cute." Tracy answers. "Tracy, that's not true. We still are cute." Ashley says as she gives her friend a friendly shove. "I know Ash-tree I was just kidding." Tracy says.

Tracy turns the page and the next two pages are filled with pictures of Tracy at her Quinceañera. "Tracy that was one great party. You got so many presents." Ashley says. "I know Ash-tree but the point of a Quinceañera isn't getting a ton of gifts." Tracy reminds her. “What is a Quinceañera anyway?” Jayden asks. "Can I answer this one my little angel fish?" Antonio asks. "Sure thing my golden knight go ahead." Tracy answers. "A Quinceañera is a Mexican celebration of a girl's 15th birthday, marking her passage from childhood to adulthood." Antonio answers. "Wait so you had a Quinceañera and a sweet 16 party?" Jayden asks. "Yup, just one of perks of having a family with Latin American heritage I guess." Tracy answers. "So after your Quinceañera you’re an adult?" Jayden asks. Tracy nods.

“Tracy, I’m really sorry about how I’ve been acting the past few days.” Ashley apologies. “It’s ok. I understand. I mean were not kids anymore. Boys make us act crazy.” Tracy says. “True, but how about tomorrow you and I hit the mall.” Ashley says. “You mean it. Just the two of us?” Tracy asks. “Yup, just like old times and I promise I won’t change the plans.” Ashley answers. Then she spits into her hand. “Ash-tree we don’t have to spit swear on it. I believe you, really.” Tracy says. “I know but it's our thing.” Ashley reminds her. “I know, but I remember the last time we did this.” Tracy says. “What happened?” Antonio asks. “I got a cold afterwards thank you very much.” Tracy answers. “I didn’t even know I had a cold.” Ashley protests. “True but do we really have to do this?” Tracy whines. Ashley nods and gives her friend a smirk. “Ok, but I know I’m going to regret this.” Tracy says as she reluctantly spits into her hand. Then the girls shake hands, sealing the deal. “Remind me again why we stopped doing the pinky swear?” Tracy asks as she wipes the spit onto her friends shoulder. “We thought that this was cooler.” Ashley answers. "Oh yeah, that’s right.” Tracy says.

Then Tracy hears the sound of a puppy wimpering. "Hey, did you guys hear that?" Tracy asks. "What did you hear?" Antonio asks. "It sounds like a puppy." Tracy answers. "How did it even get inside the yard?" Antonio asks. "That would be our doing. Jayden and I forgot to close the gate when we came in." Ashley answers. Tracy gets up and goes to check on the puppy. Tracy walks outside and the gold and white puppy limps up to her. Then Tracy looks into its eyes and they say please help me. Tracy bends down to be at the puppy's level. Tracy notices it's covered in cuts that appear to be caused by a whip. Tracy starts to gently pet the top of the puppy's head. The puppy finds the strength to wag it tail. A few seconds later it collapses in a heap, landing on her feet. "How could anyone be so cruel to such a poor defenseless creature?" Tracy thinks to herself. Tracy takes off her jacket and carefully picks up the poor creature, wrapping it up. She slowly gets to her feet and carries the puppy into the house.

Tracy walks back into the living room and sets the puppy down on the chair. Ashley and the boys walk over to her. "What breed of dog is that anyway?" Jayden asks, "It's a Shiba Inu." Tracy answers. "How did you know that?" Antonio asks. "I worked a paid internship at a veterinarian hospital during my senior year of high school, remember. We can talk later. Right now this little girl needs some help. Ashley could you go to my room and bring back my veterinarian bag." she says. Ashley nods and Antonio says he'll get some water. A few minutes later Antonio and Ashley return. Antonio brings two bowl of water - one for cleaning the puppy wounds the other for the puppy to drink. Tracy gets to work while she cleans the puppy’s injures it doesn’t even flinch once. “Wow, you are on brave little girl aren’t ya.” Tracy says to the puppy. She wraps up the puppy’s left front leg and around her chest as well. Tracy picks up the other bowl of water and sets in front of the puppy. The puppy quickly laps up the water.

“Tracy, is she going to be ok?” Ashley asks. “I think so but she needs to rest.” Tracy answers. “I wonder why she decided to show up here.” Jayden says. “I don’t know Jayden just a fluke.” Tracy says. “That’s not it Tracy.” Ji says, as he enters the room. Everyone looks over at him with a look of confusion on their faces. Ji walks over to the puppy and starts to pet her. “This little girl knew that you would help her.” JI explains. “How did she know that?” Tracy asks. “You’ve heard the animals can sense when someone has a caring heart.” Ji says. “Well yeah but you think the she walked all the way here. Just because she knew that someone here would help her?” Tracy asks. “It seems that way.” Ji says. “What do we do now JI?” Tracy asks. “We have plenty of room for her to stay here until she recovers.” he answers. “Tracy, is there anything we can do to help?” Antonio asks. “We know that she is able to drink, so could you go to the store and get some wet dog food.” Tracy says. “Sure be back soon.” Antonio says, as he leaves the room. Ashley leaves the room and comes back with a blanket. Tracy picks up the puppy gently and Ashley wraps her up in the blanket. Jayden picks up the bowls and heads to the kitchen.

Jayden's POV

I walk into the kitchen and place one of the bowl in the sink and refill the other one with some fresh water. “Jayden what’s going on out there?” Mike asks. “We just have a new four legged guest.” I answer as I turn back around. “What kind of four legged guest?” Mike asks. “The kind with a wet nose and barks.” I reply. “A puppy really?” Emily asks excitedly. “Yes, Em.” I reply with a small smile. “Can we go see it?” she asks. “Maybe in a bit. She needs to rest.” I tell her. “Wait was it hurt?” Emily asks. I answer her question with a simple nod. “Did Tracy find it on the way back home for her date with Antonio?” Kevin asks. “No, Kev, it just showed up at our door step.” I answer. “Really how come?” he asks. “According to Ji she knew that someone here would help her.” I reply.

A few minutes later Tracy and Ashley walk in the room. Tracy is carrying the puppy in her arms wrapped into a blanket. “Tracy is that our new guest?” Emily asks. She nods. Tracy sits down at the table and uncovers the puppy so that everyone can see her. “Wow, she is so cute.” Emily says. Kevin walks over and tries to pet the puppy. The puppy growls slightly as Kevin’s hand comes closer to her head. “What’s wrong with her?” Kevin asks. “Well Kev, animals can sense fear.” Tracy answers. “I’m not scared if a little puppy.” Kevin argues. “OK whatever you say Kev.”

Tracy says. “How long is she staying here?” Emily asks. “Just until she is back on her paws.” Tracy answers. “Any idea how long that will be?” Mia asks. “No idea. I’m not a veterinarian.” Tracy says. “One more question. What kind of dog is that anyway.” Mike asks. “It’s a Shiba Inu, Mike.” Tracy answers for the second time. “Never heard of that breed before.” Mike says. “This little girl will become a alert, confident, courageous, and bold. Loving, kind, and brave dog. She has tremendous endurance. She likes to be indoors and she easily bonds to her handler. She has many talents like tracking, watchdog, guarding, agility and performing tricks” Tracy says. “Are some kind of dog encyclopedia?” Mike asks. “ No Mike, I learned a lot during my internship at the veterinarian hospital.” Tracy answers.

“Well we could use a guard dog.” I say. “Does that mean we can keep her?” Emily asks. “Yes, Em.” I answer. “Well, little girl, I guess you’re part of the family now too.” Tracy says looking down at the puppy. “That means she needs a name.” Emily says. “True Em, what should we name her?” Mia asks. Antonio enters the room carrying three bags filled with dog food. “I think it’s only fair that Tracy gets to pick the name. Considering she is the one who helped this little girl.” He says. “I couldn’t agree more.” I say. “So Tracy what are you going to call her?” Emily asks. “I don’t know Emily.” She answers. Tracy sits in silence deep in thought trying to come up with the perfect name. “Got anything yet?” Mike asks. “Mike don’t rush me. This is important. Her name has to reflect her personality perfectly.” Tracy says. A few minutes later Tracy has that look on her face like a light bulb just went off. “I have the perfect name.” She says. “What is it?” Antonio asks. “Luna.” She answers. “Sounds good to me.” Antonio says. “Now for the real test.” Tracy says. Tracy slowly brings the puppy up to her cheek. ”What do you think Luna?” she asks the puppy. The puppy starts to wag her tail and gives her a kiss on the cheek. “Luna it is." Tracy says. Antonio sets the bags on the counter and walks over to Tracy. “Welcome to the family Luna.” Antonio says. A few seconds he watches the puppy slowly drift to sleep in Tracy’s arms.

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