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girl's day out

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Ashley's POV

I'm so happy because today Tracy and I are going to the mall. I walk into the kitchen to get some breakfast. "Good morning Ash." Jayden says. Jayden walks over to me and gives me a good morning kiss. "Good morning to you too Jay." I say. "When are you and Tracy going to head to the mall?" he asks. "Soon so, is Tracy even awake yet?" I say. "Nope, if anything, she is completely comatose in the recovery room." he answers. "Did she stay up all night taking take of Luna?" I ask. "Not all night just till 2 A.M." he answers. "That's sure sounds like T-dawg." I say. "Yeah, when she starts something she'll finish it no matter what." he says.

Then Antonio walks in the room. "Hey Antonio" I greet. "Hey Ash." Antonio greets back. "Did you just come from the recovery room?" I ask. "Yup, and my little angel fish is out like a light." he says with a smile on his face. "You didn't try to wake her up buddy?" Jayden asks. "I did but all she did was mumble to me a few words in Spanish. Then she swatted away my hand." he answers. "You that sounds like T-dwag too especially, when you try to wake her up in the morning." I think to myself.

Then Antonio walks over to the cupboard and gets down two little bowls. He gets a can of wet dog food down from the other cupboard. He fills one bowl with the dog food and the other with some water. "I guess that breakfast is for Tracy?" Jayden jokes. I start to laugh at his joke. "Jay, that wasn't a very funny joke." Antonio says. "Well she thought it was funny." Jayden says as he points over toward me. "I know but she is your girlfriend." Antonio says. "I know but you can't blame her for laughing. I mean the girl knows when something is funny when she hears it." Jayden says. "That true." Antonio says in agreement.

Then he walks over to the fridge. He opens it and takes out a pitcher of OJ and closes the door. He walks to the cupboard next to the sink and sets the pitcher on the counter. Then he takes out a glass and fills it with the OJ. He puts the OJ back in the fridge. He goes over to the table and takes grabs a muffin from the basket on the table. He goes back over to the counter and sets the muffin down next to the glass of OJ. He gets tray out and puts everything onto it. "Do you really think food is going to wake her up?" I ask. "Probably not, but it's worth a shot." Antonio answers. He leaves the room and heads back to the recovery room.

Antonio's POV

I walk into the recovery room Luna walks up to me wagging her tail. I figure that she sees the food. "Ok girl you'll get your breakfast soon." I say. I walk over to my girlfriend and set the tray on the floor. I give Luna her breakfast and she starts to eat the food as soon as the bowl hits the floor. "At least she has her appetite back." I say. I turn around and try to wake my little angel fish up again. "Hey, my little angel fish, time to get up. I brought you some breakfast." I whisper in her ear. I notice that her eyes are opening slowly. "What did you bring me?" she asks in a groggy tone. "Just a blueberry muffin and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice." I answer. "Aw no scrambled eggs drowned in cheese?" she asks/ whines. "Sorry my little angel fish there wasn't enough time this morning." I answer. "I guess I'll survive." she says.

Tracy slowly gets to her feet and stretches her sore muscles. "What time is it anyway?" she asks. "Ten o clock. Why?" I answer as I hand her the muffin. "Wow I slept through morning practice. I'm going to be in trouble aren't I?" she asks. "Not today my little angel fish. Mentor gave us the day off." I tell her. "That's good so where's ash-tree?" Tracy asks as she takes a bit of the muffin. "She's in the kitchen waiting for you." I answer. A light bulb goes off inside Tracy's head. Then she starts to choke on the bit of muffin. "Dang it! Ashley and I planned to go to the mall today I completely forgot." she says. "Relax, angel, Ashley isn't mad at you." I say. "She's not?" she asks. "Yes, she knew you that you'd stay up late taking care of Luna." I answer. "That's why she's my best friend." she says with a smile.

A few minutes later, Tracy finishes the muffin and the glass of OJ. She sets the glass back on the tray. "It looks like Luna is feeling better?" I ask. "Sure looks that way my golden knight considering that she couldn't even stand up or even walk yesterday." she says. She bends down and pets Luna. Luna wags her tail happily. Then she jumps up and knocks Tracy to the floor. She starts to lick her face. "Come on Luna stop. That tickles." Tracy says. A few minutes later Ashley and Jayden walk into the room. They notice Tracy on floor being kissed to death by Luna.

"Antonio aren't you going to tell Luna to stop?" he asks. "I will in the minute." I answer. "Why won't you tell her to stop now?" Ashley asks. "It's simple ash-tree my golden knight wants to hear me laugh." Tracy answers through the laughter. Two minutes later I tell Luna to stop and she gets off Tracy. She walks over to Jayden and sits down next to his feet. I help Tracy back to her feet. "So, t-dawg, now that your awake. Do you think that we could head to the mall soon?" Ashley asks. "Yeah I just have to go change and we can leave." Tracy says. "That works for me just don't take too long." Ashley says. "Don't worry ash-tree I won't. I promise." Tracy says as she leaves the room.

Tracy's POV

I walk back to the recovery room two minutes later. I'm in my favorite outfit and pair of blue jeans with butterflies painted on the up part of the right thigh and a t-shirt that says 'Give me the chocolate and no one gets hurt.' "T-dawg I think you forgot something." Ashley says. "What's that ash-tree?" I ask. Luna walks out of the room and comes back with my purse in her mouth. "Thank you Luna." I say. I take my purse out of her mouth. Then Luna walks back to her spot next to Jayden's feet. I'm surprised that there weren't and teeth marks or drool on the handle. "Now that you have your purse, we can get going." Ashley says. "Right, but what about you Ash-tree don't you need your purse?" I ask. "I'll be right back." She says.

Ashley leaves the room quickly and trips over her own feet. "Nice one ash-tree what else do you do for an encore?" I joke. She looks over at me. "I meant to do that." She says. "Sure you did." I say. I smile and shake my head. Then I walk over and help her up. She thanks me and slowly exits the room. "Well Jayden it looks like Ashley still can't help doing something stupid when you are around." I say. "Yeah, but I thinks it's kind of cute when she does those things." Jayden says. "At least I never did anything like that." I say. "True, but you really didn't do a good job hiding the fact you were crushing on Antonio from everyone." Jayden reminds me. "You got me there Jayden," I say.

A few minutes later Ashley comes back with her purse on her shoulder. "Hey ash-tree what took you so long? Did you get lost or something?" I joke. "Ha ha t-dawg very funny, can we just get going now? I heard there is a huge sale at Claire's." Ashley says. "Why didn't you say so? Let's go." I say excitedly. I walk up to her and say good-bye to the guys. "Have fun you two." Jayden says. We look back at him. "Don't worry we will." We say.

Normal POV

After the girls do a little shopping at Claire's they decide to go to Deb. "It's like every store is having a sale today." Ashley says as she notices the sale sign in the store window. "I know, isn't it great?" Tracy says happily. They girls go inside. "Hello girls" the sales person says. "Hi." the girls say back. "We are having a sale today. If you spend $100 you get a free pair of shoes." the sales person informs the girls. "Thank you for the information. We'll keep that in mind." Ashley says politely. "Well I'll let you girls do some shopping." the sales person says as she walks away.

Tracy and Ashley pick out a few dresses that catch their eye and goes to try them on. Ashley went into the dressing room first. She comes out of the dressing room in a sequin ombre teal party dress with flyaway skirt. "What do you think?" Ashley asks. "I love it." Tracy says. "Really?" Ashley asks. "Yes" Tracy answers. Ashley walks over to the mirror to see for herself. "It is pretty, but." Ashley says. "What's wrong ash-tree?" Tracy asks. "Nothing t-dawg, I'm just going to try on the other dresses now." Ashley answers. She turns around and walks back to the dressing room.

Ashley comes back out a few minutes later in a beaded sequin coral party dress with a multi- tiered skirt. "I love this one too." Tracy says. "You're not making it easy to pick what dress to get." Ashley tells her friend. "I know, I'm sorry but both dresses look so great on you." Tracy says. "Thanks" Ashley says. Ashley also tries on a red strapless lace bodice party dress with a tiered skirt. Tracy likes that one too, so Ashley still has no idea which dress to buy. She suggests that it's Tracy's turn to try on her dresses.

Tracy goes into the dressing room and comes out a few minutes later in a strapless gold ombre party dress with a high low skirt. "You know just because Antonio wears gold doesn't mean you have to wear it too." Ashley says. "I know but I like the color too." Tracy says. "True, but I bet he'd love to see you in that dress though." Ashley says. "You think so?" Tracy asks. Ashley nods. "Cool, but I still want to try on the other dresses." Tracy says. Tracy goes back in the dressing room and comes out in a strapless pink sequin short party dress with a cascade ruffled skirt. "Hey Tracy, pink looks good on you too." Ashley compliments. "Thanks ash-tree." Tracy says accepting her friend's compliment. Tracy walks over to the mirror and sees her reflection. "I still like the gold one better." Tracy thinks to herself.

Tracy walks back over to the dressing room and changes into her last dress. Tracy comes out in a silver strapless sequin homecoming dress with a satin bow. "That one is really pretty." Ashley says. Tracy thanks her for what she just said. She tells her that she is planning on buying the gold dress. "You know, could get both dresses - the gold one and the one you have on." Ashley suggests. "Which one to you think Antonio would like to see on me more?" Tracy says. "The gold one, but this looks good on you too." Ashley says. "Ok ash-tree you win I'll get both." Tracy says.

After Tracy changes back into her original outfit the girls go over to pick out a new pair of shoes. Ashley finds a pair of black dressy high heels with rhinestone details. Tracy finds a pair a gold glitter high heels with round toes and small platforms. After the girls try on the shoes they put the shoes back inside their boxes. They pick up their dresses and walk to the register to check out. Both girls have spent enough to get their shoes for free so they pay for their dresses and leave the store.

The girls do a little more shopping at the other stores in the mall. Then they stop at the food court to grab some lunch at McDonald's. Tracy orders a double cheese burger meal. Ashley orders a premium grilled chicken sandwich meal. The girls pay for their lunch and wait a few minutes for it to be prepared. After they pick up their lunch they walk over to a table.

The girls set their food down on the table and everything they bought on the chairs next to them. Then they sit down and eat their lunch. "This was so much fun." Ashley says. Then she takes a bite of her sandwich. "Yeah, I know, I hope we get another day off so we can do this again." Tracy says agreeing with her friend. Ashley swallows what is in her mouth before she speaks again. "How about next time we do this we invite Mia and Emily come along too?" Ashley asks. "Sure that would make it even more fun." Tracy answers. She takes another bite of her lunch. After the girls finish eating lunch they go throw away their trash. They go back over to the table, pick up their things, and start to head back to the Shiba house.

The girls enter the house with their bags, and Luna runs up to Tracy. She jumps up and Tracy falls to the floor. Her bags fly out of her hands as she hits the floor. Luna starts to give Tracy kisses. "Aw, looks like someone missed you." Ashley says. "Yeah Ashley I think I got that." Tracy says, as she picks up Luna and puts her down next to her on the floor. Tracy starts to sit up and Luna climbs into her lap. She to pet her little puppy. Ashley sets her bags on the table in the living room and helps Tracy by picking her bags up off of the floor. "Thanks ash-tree." Tracy says as she continues to pet Luna. "No prob." Ashley says.

Then the other rangers walk into the room. "Dang, did you girls empty out the mall?" Mike says as he notices the big pile of bags on the table. "No Mike we didn't empty out the mall. There were just a lot of good sales." Ashley says. "Including that one store that sales pet toys." Tracy says. Tracy looks down at Luna and sees the puppy eyes light up and her tail starts to wag with excitement. "Ashley can you get the gift I got for Luna please." Tracy says. "Sure thing T-dawg." Ashley says. She reaches into the bag that reads Petactuliar Pet toy shop.

Ashley squeaks the toy as she brings it out of the bag slowly. "Ashley stop being mean to Luna and just show her the toy already." Tracy snaps. Ashley nods. Then everyone sees the pink sword that looks just like the one they used for training but in dog toy form. "Did you have to buy a toy that was samurai related?" Kevin asks. "No Kev, I was just going through the store and found that toy. I thought that Luna would like it." Tracy says. Luna gets off of Tracy's lap and goes over to Ashley. Luna starts jumping and barking with excitement telling Ashley to give her the toy. "Ashley give the poor thing her toy already." Tracy snaps. Ashley nods and gives Luna her toy. The puppy jumps up and snatches the toy form Ashley's hand.

Then she starts to let out a playing growl as she bites into to it. Then she starts to shake it back and forth in her mouth. "Well it looks like she likes it." Emily says. "I hate to see what she would do if she hated it." Mike says. "Yeah me too Mike" Tracy says. Then she walks over to the group. "So what else did you guys get at the mall anyway?" Emily asks. "We got a new pair of shoes, a few new dresses, and a few other things." The girls answer. "New dresses! Can we see them?" Emily asks. "You might have to wait until our boyfriends ask us on a date." They answer. "I have to wait that long." Emily whines. "Yup, sorry Em." The girls say. "It's ok I can wait." Emily says.

A few seconds later the gap sensor goes off. Ashley and Tracy groan as they hear it. "Man we were having such a great day." Tracy whines. "Yeah, I know" Ashley says. They go put their things away in their rooms. Then they join the other rangers back in the living room. Jayden unrolls the map and everyone sees where the attack is. "I guess it back to saving the city." Tracy says. "Yes, it's at the marina. Come rangers let's go." Jayden says. Then the rangers rush off to battle the nighlok.

The rangers arrive at the marina. The battle goes well until the nighlok fires its laser towards Ashley. "Ashley look out!" Tracy yells. Tracy runs over to her best friend and pushes her out of the way. The blast sends her flying. Ashley runs over to the water's edge. She hears a loud splash as Tracy hits the water she demorphs. She watches Tracy sink under the waves.
Meanwhile, under the water, Tracy tries to swim back up to the surface. She can't so, she looks down at her left ankle and sees a large thick piece of seaweed tangled around it. (Tracy had been on the swim team in middle school so she learned how to hold her breath for a long period of time.) She knows that she is going to run out of air soon so she tries her best to untie her ankle. The seaweed is tangled tighter than she thinks and she is unable to untie it. She tries to call for her sword butfails. She doesn"t panic and remains calm because she knew that her friends would help her.

Back at the surface the nighlok dries out faster than usual. Ashley didn't mind because she knows that her best friend is in trouble. The other rangers demorph and run to the water's edge. "Guys we have to help Tracy." Ashley says. "She's right. Tracy has been under for a long time." Kevin adds. Antonio is tired of standing around and dives into the water. Ashley wants to help him and is about to dive in too, but Jayden stops her. He tells her that Antonio can handel it. Ashley nods and prays that he can get to Tracy before it's too late.

Meanwhile under the waves, Tracy is slowly running out of air. She knows it because everything starts to get blurry. A few seconds later she sees a blurry bulb coming towards her. "Antonio" she thinks to herself. As Antonio gets closer, he notices the seaweed around her ankle. He summons his blades and quickly but carefully cuts through the seaweed. After Tracy is free she starts to float back up to the surface. Antonio swims back up behind her.

The other rangers watch as Tracy's head comes out of the water. Tracy gasps for air and coughs some of the salt water out of her lungs. Antonio surfaces a few seconds later. "Tracy are you ok?" Antonio asks. Tracy nods and they swim over to the others. Kevin helps them out of the water. Mia draws a symbol and some towels appear. She walks over to them and hands him a towel. He wraps the towel around her. Antonio uses the other towel to dry himself off. He picks Tracy up and carries her bridle style.

"Tracy, you scared us pretty good." Antonio says. . "I'm sorry, Tony, really." Tracy says. "I know you are angel." he says. "Hey, Tracy weren't you on the swim team in high school?" Ashley asks. "Yes, ash-tree I was, but in my defense I was a little tied up. Antonio, I'm fine. I can walk you know." Tracy says. "I know, but this will be a faster way to get you home." he says. Tracy nods as a small smile comes to her face. "Antonio, thanks for saving me." Tracy says. "You're welcome my little angel fish." Antonio says. Then she coughs up a bit more of the salt water from her lungs. Antonio tells her to take it easy and she nods. They head back to the house.

Around nine thirty P.M. Antonio is sitting on his bed in a pair of gold sweat pants and white t-shirt. He hears someone knock on his door. "Hey, Tony can I come in?" Tracy asks. "Sure" Antonio answers. Tracy walks in the room in her Pj's. She notices that he is still upset about what happened at the marina. She goes over to the bed and sits down next to him. "Antonio, are you ok?" Tracy asks. "No I'm not my little angel fish. I was so afraid that I might have lost you today." Antonio answers. Tracy gives him a kiss on the cheek. "Trust me Antonio it's going to take a lot more than a little bit of salt water to stop us from being together." Tracy says. Antonio picks her up and sets her in his laps. He warps his arm around her and Tracy snuggles up to him. "I know that my little angel fish. I don't want to lose you." Antonio says. "Why is that my golden knight?" Tracy asks. "Because you mean so much to me and I never want to let you go." Antonio answers.

Tracy turns around and runs her fingers through his hair and leans in. Antonio leans in as well and their lips meet. The kiss only confirms their feelings for each other. They back away from each other and look into each other's eyes and smile. "If I asked you to kiss me again would you?" Tracy asks. "That depends, are you asking?" Antonio replies. Tracy nods. Then Antonio cups her cheeks with his hands and kisses her again. After their second kiss ends Tracy gets out of his lap. Antonio doesn't want her to leave. He pulls her gently back into his lap and hugs her a little tighter. "You don't have to leave you know." Antonio says.

"Actually my golden knight I do it's getting late." Tracy reminds him. "You could just stay the night." Antonio says. "I don't know Tony we might get in trouble." Tracy says. "We won't my little angel fish." Antonio says. Tracy looks over at the alarm clock and it reads 9:55. "I guess I could stay." Tracy says. Two minutes later Antonio lets he girlfriend go. He walks over to the door and closes it. Tracy walks over to his desk and places her glasses on it. They walk back over to the bed. Antonio climbs in first and Tracy climbs in next. She snuggles up next to her boyfriend, Antonio puts the blanket over them. Then he warps his arms around her. Then they fall asleep, both feeling lucky that they have each other.
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