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The Final Battle Part 2

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AN: this is the last chapter

Normal POV

The Rangers slowly get up from their battle. Tracy runs up to her friends. "Hey guys, do you mind if I join this fiesta?" Tracy asks. "Tracy, what are you doing here?" Ashley asks. "Well that's a nice way to we don't need your help." Tracy says. "Tracy, we could always use your help." Antonio says. "Cool, now let's beat some moogers into next week." Tracy says. Everyone nods and summons their swords. Jayden leads the Rangers into battle against the Moogers. At the Shiba House, Lauren creates another Shiba Fire disc with every ounce of Sealing Power she has left. She tells Ji to deliver the Disc to Jayden. Lauren falls to the ground. The Rangers fight strong against the Moogers. Ji races into the scene on his motorcycle. The Rangers defeat the Moogers. Ji is pleased to see his students and gives the Shiba Fire Disc to Jayden and tells him that it can only be used once. He also gives him a disc that belonged to his father and tells him he can use it to double his power.

Master Xandred begins his attack on the city. The rangers race to the city to challenge him. Xandred sends the moogers towards the unmorphed rangers, who fight their opponents with the Spin Swords. After defeating the Moogers, they morph and run towards Master Xandred. They work together attack Xandred. Master Xandred pushes them away with a smoke blast. The other rangers, except for Tracy, use the Capture Symbol Power to temporarily bind Master Xandred. Jayden summons two Fire Smashers and attacks Xandred with them. Xandred blasts Jayden to the ground and orders his friends to attack. Kevin powers up the Spin Sword with the Shiba Fire Disc and attacks Master Xandred. Jayden uses Lauren's Shiba Disc and transforms into Shogun Mode. He continues to attack the white patch on Master Xandred's body. After a few strikes, he defeats Master Xandred. Jayden is thankful that Lauren's Disc was strong enough to harness the power of Shogun Mode. Master Xandred grows to Mega Mode

The rangers form the Samurai Gigazord. Master Xandred fires a massive blast towards it and the attack weakens the Gigazord. Kevin wants to use the Symbol Power. Jayden stops him and tells his friends to demorph. His plan is to harness all of their Symbol Power with one final attack. The others demorph and follow with Jayden's plan. The Gigazord walks towards Master Xandred, who continues to fire blasts. Each blast results in them losing a few more zords. The final Megazord is the original Samurai Megazord, minus the shield. Jayden says that he is honored to work with his friends. The Megazord stands face to face against Master Xandred. Jayden orders the final strike. The Rangers pull their weapons from the consoles and perform the Final Strike attack. They defeat Master Xandred and the Sanzu River returns back to normal. Octoroo goes down with the ship. Back in the city, Ji and Tracy looks for the Rangers. They congratulates them for their victory

"You guys did your part, now it's my turn." Tracy says. "Tracy, where are you going?" Ashley asks. "I'm going back to the cliff to follow my destiny, Ashley." Tracy answers. She walks back towards the cliff. Everyone except of JI follows right behind her. After they get to the top of the cliff, Tracy's great grandpa walks up to her. "Tracy, is this your great grandpa?" Ashley asks. Tracy nods. "Tracy, it's time." Frederick says. She walks back to her spot of the cliff.

Everyone watches as she takes out her samuraizer and draws her family's the sealing symbol. She activates it and they watch as floats in the air over to the middle of the city. Many tiny pieces of ice scatter across the sky and it looks like a meteor shower. "Is that what is supposed to happen?" Ashley asks. "Yes." Frederick answers. Jayden calls Lauren and asks her to check the map. Lauren goes into the living room and unrolls the map. "Jayden, the map in covered with ice symbols." Lauren says. "Thanks, sis." Jayden says. "You're welcome. I guess this means that Tracy just used her sealing symbol?" Lauren asks. "Yes." Jayden answers. "I'll see you later little bro." Lauren says. "See you soon sis." Jayden says. They hang up and Jayden puts his samuraizer back in his pocket.

A few seconds later she starts feeling dizzy and looses her balance. She starts to fall backwards towards the ground. "Tracy!" Antonio yells. He runs over to her and catches her in his arms before she hits the ground. "Everyone runs over to her. "Tracy, are you all right?" Ashley asks. "I'm just a little drained that's all." Tracy answers. Tracy looks over at her great grandpa.

Frederick has a big smile on his face. "Well, I did it." Tracy says. "Yes, you did Tracy, and I'm really proud of you. Our ancestors would be proud of you too." Frederick says. He fixes his great granddaughter's hair by putting it back behind her ears. "Thanks great grandpa Frederick. What am I supposed to do now?" she asks. "I can't answer that question Tracy. The only one who can answer it would be you." Frederick answers. "I had a feeling you would say that." Tracy says, through a yawn. A few seconds later she falls asleep. "Rest well, Tracy. You've earned it." Frederick says. Ashley and the others walk over to an oak tree

"Hey guys, how does a victory party sound?" Ashley asks. "Sounds like a good idea to me." Mike answers. "What about Antonio and Tracy?" Emily asks. "They'll meet us back home after she wakes up. I'm pretty sure that Antonio thinks this is as good a place as any to let Tracy rest." Jayden answers. "Yeah, we already know she thinks he makes a good pillow." Mike adds. Emily slaps him in the arm. "Be nice" She scolds. "I'm just stating what everyone else already knows Em." Mike reminds her. "You win this round Mike." Emily says. Everyone chuckles and starts to leave. Jayden walks back over to his friend. "We are heading back to the house." Jayden whispers. "Got it Jay." Antonio whispers back. Jayden nods and jogs away to catch up with the others on their walk back home.

Antonio walks down the cliff, cradling his girlfriend in his arms. He sits down under an oak tree and looks at his girlfriend's sleeping frame. He gently slides her glasses off her face. He places them in his jacket pocket. He can't help but smile as he runs his fingers through her hair. A few hours later he really doesn't want to wake her up but he knows that he should. He leans in and kisses her on the lips like she was Snow White and he is Prince Charming. He backs away slowly and notices her eyes start to flutter. They open slowly a few seconds later.

"Did you have to wake up my golden knight?" Tracy asks. "Sorry my little angel fish, but we need to get back to the house." Antonio answers. "Ok I forgive you Tony, but why did kiss me? I'm not Snow White." Tracy says. "I remembered that the traditional ways to wake someone up don't work on you. So, I thought I'd try something new." Antonio answers. Tracy just chuckles. They get to their feet. Tracy stretches and wipes the sleep from her eyes. "I think you might need these." Antonio says. He takes Tracy's glasses out of his pocket and puts them back on her face. They start back to the house

As they enter the front gate they see everyone setting up for the party. "I guess this was Ashley's idea?" Tracy asks. "Yes, she thought we should have a little fun now that we saved the world." Antonio answers. "Hey Ashley, where are Jayden and Lauren?" Tracy asks. "Oh, they're inside. Do you think that you two can help us?" Ashley answers. "I'll be back out in a sec there is something else I have to do. Antonio, why don't you go help Ashley." Tracy says. Antonio nods. He walks over to help Ashley set up the keyboard. Tracy walks into the house.

In the living room, Jayden is saying goodbye to Lauren. Tracy enters the room. "Lauren you're not going to leave so soon are you?" she asks. "I'm not good with hellos and goodbyes, so it's best if I leave before the party starts." she answers. "Ashley can vouch for me and tell you that I'm not good with goodbyes either. I still wanted to give you something though." Tracy says. "What is it?" Lauren asks. "Hold on. I have in my pocket." Tracy answers. Tracy reaches into her jacket pocket and comes up with nothing. "I thought you said it was in your pocket?" Lauren asks. "Now I remember who has it." Tracy says. She lets out a loud whistle. Luna comes in the room with a little box in her mouth. Luna walks over to Lauren and sets the box in front of her feet. Lauren picks it up. "So what's inside?" Lauren asks. "Open it and find out." Tracy answers. Jayden notices a small card on top of the box. "Hold on, sis, read the card first." Jayden says. Lauren takes the card off the box. She opens the card and reads it to herself.

Dear Lauren,

I know we didn't get a chance to become close friends but I still appreciate your friendship more then you'll ever know. I made you a thank you gift. I hope you like it

Your fellow samurai,


PS. You were a great leader I 'm very lucky to have fought by your side.

"Tracy, I feel the same way." Lauren says. Then she opens the box and inside is a handmade necklace and the pendant is in the shape of the fire kanji. Carved inside is the letter of her name. "Tracy, you made this?" Lauren asks. She takes it out of the box and puts it on. "Yeah, believe me, it wasn't easy to do." Tracy answers. "I'd bet but don't I get one too." Jayden whines. "Yes, Jayden I made one for the others too." Tracy answers. "When are we going to get them?" Jayden asks. "At the party, after you guys get to hear me sing for the last time." Tracy answers. "Wait Tracy you can sing?" Lauren asks. "Yes, and she is amazing." Jayden answers. "I have to hear you sing. Maybe I could stay longer." Lauren says. "Cool" Tracy says.

Later that night everyone is in the front yard having a great time at the party. "Hey Lauren, where did you get that necklace? It's really pretty." Emily asks. "Tracy, she made it for me." Lauren answers. "Tracy, didn't you say that you made one for us too?" Jayden asks. Tracy didn't say a word and lets out a loud whistle. Then Luna comes around the corner with a small drawstring back in her mouth. Luna sits down in front of her. "Thanks Luna." Tracy says. She takes the bag out of her mouth. Tracy opens the bag and gives her friends their gifts. "Don't just stand there, open them already." Tracy says politely. Everyone opens their box and takes out the necklace that is inside. "Wow, Tracy this is so nice of you." Emily says.

"Yeah, this is my way of saying goodbye. Ashley, there is one more surprise in your box." Tracy says. "What is it?" Ashley asks. "Just take out the false bottom." Tracy answers. Ashley takes out the false bottom and she sees a new friendship bracelet underneath. Ashley takes it out of the box and goes over to her. Then she gives her friend a bear hug. "So, I take it from how you're squishing my internal organs, you like it." Tracy says. Ashley releases her friends from her hug and chuckles at her joke. "Yes I do, but why did you make a new one anyway? What's wrong with the old one?" Ashley asks. "Considering that it's been through all those nighlok attacks, I thought you would like one that wasn't covered in battle scares." Tracy answers.

"Tracy, I like the new one. I love the old more." Ashley says. "Why's that ash-tree?" Tracy asks. "Because the old bracelet is proof of how strong our bond of friendship really is. I mean it's been through so much and it still is in one piece." Ashley answers. "That's true." Tracy says. "I hate to ruin this cute moment, but Tracy you told me that you were going to sing." Lauren says. "Yeah that's right I did say didn't I. Antonio, Ashley can you guys give me a hand." Tracy says. They nod and they walk over to where Ashley has set up the keyboard. Antonio plugs his guitar in an amp. Tracy walks over the microphone and taps it to make sure it's on. She hears the feedback from the speakers she turns around and nods to them. She turns back around to face the others as they walk up.

They start to play "Wherever I Go". After the intro plays Tracy starts to sing. They listen to her sing. As Tracy hits the final note (Jayden notices that she is trying her best not to cry) she hears her friends cheering loudly. She turns around and sees a huge smile on Ashley's and Antonio's faces. Then she turns back around and they all walk over to the others. "Tracy, that was incredible." Lauren compliments. "Thanks Lauren. I wished that Zechariah could have heard it." Tracy says. "I did hear it, little warrior." Zechariah says. Everyone moves to the side and Tracy sees her cousin standing at the front gate in his army desert camouflage uniform. Tracy tries her best to hide her look of joy and places her hands over her mouth. Zechariah notices the tears of joy running down his cousin's face

"Well that reaction says you're happy to see me. Don't I get a hug?" Zechariah asks. Tracy lets out a muffled chuckle and runs over to her cousin. She gives him a bear hug. The hug is so strong that Zachariah drops his bags. "Sorry cuz I guess I don't know my own strength." Tracy apologizes. "It's ok cuz; I've missed your hugs." Zachariah says. He hugs her back. "I'm so happy that you're home. I've missed you so much." Tracy says. "I know cuz, but don't you think you should introduce me to your friends?" he asks. Tracy lets her cousin go and they walk over to her friends. "Zechariah this is Lauren, Jayden, Kevin, Mike, Emily, Mia and Antonio." Tracy says. "It's nice to meet all of you." Zechariah says. "The pleasure is ours." Jayden says.

Tracy walks over to Antonio. "So little warrior, I have one more question for you." Zechariah says. "What's that, captain pep talk?" Tracy answers. "Don't you need a permit to carry those guns around?" Zechariah jokes. Tracy chuckles at her cousin's joke.

"I hate to ask this, but what is everyone going to do now that we've saved the world?" Ashley asks. Mia says that she is going to the culinary academy. Kevin says he'll be training for the Olympics. Emily is excited to go home to her sister. Mike says he is going with Emily to help her. Tracy says she is staying here and planning to attend college. Antonio is preparing for his around the world fishing trip. "So ash-tree, what are you going to do?" Tracy asks. "I applied to MUNY." Ashley answers.

"Ashley, that's great, so did you get in?" Tracy asks. "What is MUNY anyway?" Mike asks. "Mike. It's the Music University of New York and to answer your question I got accepted." Ashley answers. "That's great. Congratulations." Tracy says. "Thanks Tracy, but you know that means I'll have to move to New York." Ashley says sadly. "I know that Ashley, but you've been dreaming about going to that school ever since you were old enough to play the piano." Tracy reminds her. "True, but I was hoping that we could go to college together." Ashley says. "That's sweet, but you knew the odds of that happening were pretty slim. They're not very many vet schools in New York." Tracy tells her. "You've got me there, but I don't wait to split the team up again." Ashley says. "Hey, ash-tree, remember what I told you the day you had to move away?" Tracy asks. "Yes" Ashley answers. "We would always be friends no matter how far we are away from each other." The girls say together. Antonio looks over at Jayden.

"Hey Jay, that sounds familiar doesn't it." Antonio says. "Sure does buddy." Jayden says. The girls give each other a best friend's hug and decide to go back to celebrating their victory. A few hours later Zachariah tells his cousin that he still has to surprise the rest of the family so he can't stay to help clean up. Tracy tells him that it's ok and gives him another hug. They say good-bye and Zachariah picks up is bags. Then he heads back to the front gate. Everyone helps to clean up, then goes inside to pack.

Tracy takes her time as she packs her bag. Every time she puts another item in her bag she remembers everything that happened to her while she was a samurai ranger. A few minutes later she zips up her bag and sets it on the desk. The bigger suitcase next to the desk has the rest of her belongings inside. She walks over to her bed and sits down. Luna jumps onto the bed and lies down in her lap. "It looks like the bullies were right after all. I was never meant to have friends." Tracy thinks to herself. A few tears start rolling down her cheeks.

Everyone is in the living room waiting for Tracy. "Man how long does it take to pack one bag?" Mike asks. "I'll go see what's taking her." Antonio says. He leaves the group. Antonio walks to Tracy's room and hears crying. Tracy left the door open so Antonio walks over to her. "Tracy, why are you crying?" Antonio asks. Tracy looks over at him. "Because once we say goodbye I'll be alone again." Tracy answers. Antonio sits down next to her and puts his arm around her. "You won't be alone." Antonio says. "I won't, how come?" Tracy asks. Before Antonio answers the question he dries the tears from Tracy's eyes. "Because you have me and I'll never leave your side." Antonio answers. "What about the fishing trip? You only have one ticket, don't you?" Tracy asks. "Actually I got two tickets.'" Antonio says. "Really?" Tracy asks. "Yes" Antonio answers.

A smile comes to Tracy's face and Antonio leans in close. Then he gently presses his lips against Tracy's. The kiss is gentle. Tracy's eyes flutter throughout the kiss, and as Antonio backs away, Tracy slowly opens her eyes. "What was that for?" Tracy asks. "Just to remind you how much I care about you." Antonio answers. Luna jumps off Tracy's lap because she knew what is going to happen next. Tracy wraps her arms around Antonio's necks and pulls him back in towards her. Then she kisses him back with the same passion that Antonio kissed her. After their second kiss ended both are tempted to kiss a third time. "Tracy, I think we should go meet up with the others." Antonio says. Tracy nods and they get up. Antonio walks over to the desk to get Tracy's bags for her. Tracy walks over to him and he gives the book bag to her. "Thanks Tony, we should get going." Tracy says. Then they leave the room and Luna follows behind them.

"About time you joined us." Mike says. "Sorry guys, I just got distracted while I was packing." Tracy apologizes. 'It's ok." Jayden says. "Tracy, I have one question." Ashley says. "What's that Ash-tree?" Tracy asks. "Have you applied to the colleges around here?" Ashley asks "Yes I did. I haven't heard anything yet." Tracy answers. Then Ashley hears Tracy's phone ringing. "Tracy, I think you've got a phone call." Ashley says. Tracy takes her phone out her jacket pocket. Then a look of pure surprise comes to her face. "Tracy, who is it?" Antonio asks. "No way it's the Pasadena university admission office." Tracy answers. "Well don't stand there, answer it already." Antonio says.

Tracy walks to the dojo and answers the call. "Hello." Tracy answers. "Is this Tracy Burlew?" the lady on the other end asks. "Yes, this is she." Tracy says. "May I be the first to congratulate you and welcome you to Pasadena University." the women says. "Thank you so much ma'am." Tracy says. "You're very welcome and we can't wait to have you be a part of our university this fall." the women says. Then she tells Tracy that the university will pay for the entire time that she is at the university. Tracy thanks her again for everything and hangs up a few minutes later. Then she walks back to her friends.

Tracy tries her best to make it look like she didn't get in. "Tracy, don't be so sad. There are many other schools you can apply to." Antonio says. "I don't have to apply to another school Tony." Tracy says. Ashley sees her best friend crack a small smile. "T-dawg, you got in, didn't you?" Ashley asks. "Gotcha" Tracy jokes. "Tracy, that's great, congrats." Lauren says. "Thanks" Tracy says. Everyone congratulates Tracy for getting accepted. She thanks them and everyone walks outside to meet up with Ji.

Jayden and Lauren are standing next to Ji. "Jayden, what are you guys going to do?" Mike asks. "I never really thought about it. I mean for the first time in my life I'm done with my samurai duties." Jayden answers. "Tracy, when do you have to head off the college?" Ashley asks. "The semester starts August 29th." Tracy answers. "What about the fishing trip?" Ashley asks. "We'll get back in plenty of time for me to get ready for the fall semester." Tracy answers. "Who is going to watch Luna while you two are gone?" Lauren asks. "I was thinking that you three could because I don't want to have her stay anywhere else." Tracy answers.

"We would loved to" Jayden says. "Thanks Jay." Tracy says. Then she tells Luna to go over to Jayden. Before she does Luna jumps into Tracy's arms and gives her a kiss. Then she jumps back down and walks over to Jayden. "You be a good girl." Tracy tells her puppy. Luna barks to tell her owner that she would. Everyone says goodbye and walks to the front gate. Jayden waves good bye to his friends. Tracy and Antonio are the last ones to go through the gate. Then Jayden asks JI what they are supposed to do now. He says that the bamboo needs pruning and he needs to restuff the practice dummies. Before he does that, he walks over to the grill and takes out a red guitar. Then he gives it to him and then they sit down next to the table. They start to rock out.

Tracy and Antonio are in the park. They sit down on the bench and Tracy looks over at Antonio. "Tony, can I ask you something?" Tracy asks. "What is it angel." Antonio answers. "What is next for us?" Tracy asks. "I don't know angel but what I do know is that we'll figure it out together." Antonio answers. Tracy smiles at his answer and then they kiss. After they back away, they decide they should head to the marina so that they won't miss the boat.
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