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Jayden has a sister

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AN: I like the whole idea of this episode, I just added a few of my ideas into it.

Ashley watches as Jayden trains alone. Tracy joins her friend a few seconds later. "Hey ash-tree, spying on your boyfriend are we?" Tracy asks. "I'm not spying I'm just admiring from a close distance." Ashley answers. "OK whatever you say ,ash-tree. Mind if I join you?" Tracy asks. "Not at all." Ashley answers. The girls notice a monk delivering a message with the Shiba symbol. Mentor Ji gives the message to Jayden, who carefully reads the document."We knew this day would come." Ji says. "The other rangers will finally know my secret. I hope they'll be able to forgive me" Jayden says. "I don't like the sound of that." Ashley says. "Me either ash-tree." Tracy says.

At the Sanzu River, Dayu returns back to the ship. Octoroo is pleased to see Dayu. Master Xandred is still recovering in the Sanzu River. Octoroo has a plan to ambush the Red Ranger. He summons Fiera to the ship. Fiera taunts Dayu, who rapidly draws her blade and defends her honor. Octoroo gives Fiera an artifact that was designed to take down the leader of the Shiba clan. The artifact is filled with evil flames from the Sanzu River. "I think I'll go to the human world and burn the red ranger.' Fiera says as she leaves the ship.

Back at the Shiba House, the Gap Sensor alerts the rangers to battle. Everyone enters the living room. Jayden unrolls the map. "Nighlok attack at the park, let's move it rangers." Jayden says. The other rangers leave the room. "Hey, Ashley, Tracy, you girls going to join us or what?" Mike asks from the front door. "Yes we're coming." The girls say. They have a bad feeling that they aren't going to like what is going to happen next. The girls slowly leave the room and follow their follow rangers into battle.

The rangers morph to action and face off against the swarm of Moogers."I didn't think it was possible, but these guys are even uglier than the last time we batteled these guys." Tracy says. “Yeah these guys corner the market on ugly." Ashley says. "Guys focus, pick your targets." Jayden reminds the team. "I've picked mine."Fiera says as she fires her weapon at Jayden. She continues to fire shots against Jayden, who makes his way behind a tree. A few seconds later he starts to feel the burn from the inside. Fiera is successful in blasting him again. Ashley runs in front of Jayden to block an attack. "Ashley are you ok?" Jayden asks. "Yeah, I'm fine." Ashley answers. Jayden feels his insides start to burn again. "Jayden!" Ashley yells. "What are those things anyway?" Tracy asks. “They're Fire Flashers since the head of the Shiba Clan has massive fire symbol power. These simply ignites the flames already inside of him." Fiera explains. Fiera blasts the rangers out of the way and fires again at the Red Ranger. "Everyone stop taking hits for me." Jayden begs. "Jayden we're a team." Ashley reminds him. "Yeah, if they want you, they'll have to go through us first." Emily adds. ""Yeah, the eight of us are a team till the end Jay." Antonio says.

Fiera follows up with rapid blasts while floating in the air. The Rangers struggle against Fiera." You want me? Then fight me - not them." Jayden says as he stands up and powers up to Super Samurai mode. Fiera continues to fire at him. Jayden limps deeper into the temple with the Super Bullzooka. "Jayden, look out." Ashley warns. Fiera fires an attack from above the temple. When the blast hits Jayden he slowly powers down as he fires the Super Bullzooka towards Fiera. The attack defeats Fiera. Octoroo and Dayu watch as the Rangers run towards Jayden. Dayu wonders why the fire doesn't consume the head of the Shiba Clan. Octoroo has no idea why the plan didn't work. "You’re going to be fine Jay." Ashley says. "Yeah, Ashley's right Jayden." Kevin adds. "You’ve got to lead Kevin." Jayden says as he gives Kevin the Black Box. Fiera grows to Mega Mode. Kevin summons the Claw Armor Megazord. Tracy and Ashley called for their zords as well. Fiera is too quick for the Claw Armor Megazord, Tracy's snow leopard, and even Ashley's owl zord. "Tracy try to use your avalanche power to slow her down." Ashley suggests. "Ashley, I can't even see where her attacks are coming from. How am I supposed to slow down what I can't even see?" Tracy asks. "Just try it, ok?" Ashley snaps. "Ok" Tracy says reluctantly. She launches her attack. Fiera dodges it and attacks the Claw armor megazord again causing it to break apart.

Jayden remains injured on the ground as he sees a blurry vision of a girl walking towards him. She tells Jayden that she will take care of this Nighlok. Fiera continues to fire against the Zords. The Lion Zord arrives on the scene. The Rangers are surprised to see the zord with Jayden on the ground. "OK, now I'm really confused." Ashley says. "Join the club ash-tree." Tracy says.

The Lion Zord weakens Fiera with a Fire attack. The mystery Red Ranger powers up the Mega Blade to perform the Pentagonal Fury attack. The Rangers watch as the attack defeats Fiera. The Rangers return to Jayden and help him leave the temple. The mystery Red Ranger jumps down and lands in fornt of them. She powers down and reveals her true form. Jayden introduces the others to his big sister, Lauren. "Why didn't Jayden tell us he has a sister?" Ashley asks. "Beats me I'm just as surprised as you are ash-tree." Tracy says. Lauren is pleased to see her younger brother. Everyone wonders where she has been. Mia welcomes Lauren to the team. Lauren is excited to get to know everyone and her little brother. Everyone heads back to the Shiba house still trying to wrap their brains around what just happened.

At the Shiba House, Mentor Ji tells the story of the Great Battle. He tells them that Jayden's father put his faith in his two children. Lauren is sent away to master the Sealing Symbol. Jayden is chosen to take Lauren's temporary place until Lauren returns. He explains Jayden's secret. He tells them if Laurenis back, she has mastered the sealing symbol. "Wow, poor guy." Ashley says. "Yeah, he must have felt like his whole life was a secret." Mike adds. Then everyone hears a loud army battle cry. "That's one way to kill the mood." Mike says. "Sorry guys I thought it was on silent." Tracy apologizes. "No prob just go talk to your cousin already." Ashley says. "You sure?" Tracy asks. "Yeah, just go." Antonio answers. Tracy nods and gets up to answer her phone.

Back at the Sanzu River, Octoroo and Dayu discuss the recent battle. Octoroo is upset to learn that Jayden was an imposter. Back at the Shiba House, Lauren takes care of Jayden. All of a sudden they hear a sheik of joy. "Jayden, what was that?" Lauren asks her brother. "If I had to guess, Tracy just got off the phone with her cousin Zechariah." Jayden answers. "Why is she so happy then?' Lauren asks. "I bet he is coming home from overseas soon." Jayden answers. "How long has he been overseas." she asks. "Don’t know, Tracy never gave us an exact number." he answers. "Any way getting back to you. I was so proud when I saw you fight yesterday. You’ve grown into a true samurai.' she says changing the subject. ”You’re the one who tore up the battle field." Jayden says. Lauren hopes that she can become part of the family. Jayden knows that it is time for Lauren to take her place as the Red Ranger. He understands that the Sealing Power is their only hope to defeat Master Xandred.

Antonio cooks a victory meal for the Rangers. Lauren joins the group. Mike admires Lauren's morpher. Lauren explains that the morpher belonged to her father. Back inside the house, Jayden packs for his journey. He takes one last look at his Power Discs. Outside wiht the team ”It’s so great to have another girl on the team” Emily says. “Hey t-dawg, what are we?” Ashley asks. “Apparently chopped liver ash-tree.” Tracy answers. Mia and Emily want to have a Girls Day Out with Lauren. Everyone gets to know Lauren during lunch. Jayden walks out of the Shiba House. Ashley asks him where he is going. Lauren already knows the answer and tries to stop him. Jayden gives the Power Discs to Lauren and tells everyone that she is the new leader.

Everyone is upset by his decision. Antonio tells Lauren to tell Jayden that they need him. Lauren remains quiet. Mike questions why Jayden has to leave. Mentor Ji tells them that no one can stop him. Jayden says goodbye to his friends. Everyone watches as he leaves the Shiba House. Later that night, everyone misses Jayden and question his departure. “What are we supposed to do, just forget about him like he never even existed?” Mike asks. “Oh course not.” Lauren says. “Mike, we have a duty as samurai.” Kevin reminds him. “Well he’s my best friend. And, technically, I’m not a true samurai like all of you are, so I’m going after him.” Antonio says. He starts to leave the room. “Antonio wait, I’m coming too,” Ashley says. She gets up from her seat. Antonio stops and turns around. “Come on ash-tree not you too.” Tracy whines. “Sorry t–dawg, but Jayden is my friend too you know.” Ashley protests. “I know, ash-tree, but we need you here.” Tracy argues. Ashley looks over at her friend. Tracy notices that look in her eyes the Ashley gets when there is nothing she can say to talk her out of it. “Allright fine go just promise that you’ll both come back safe ok.” Tracy says. “We will, I promise.” Ashley says. Ashley and Antonio leave to go after Jayden. "I'm sorry lauren, I sore your a great samurai, but it's just not the same without Jayden." Mike says. Lauren remains quiet . She knows that she can never take Jayden's place.
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