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Part 9

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Sirisu sees the inside of a courtroom.

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At eight O’clock, Amelia appeared in Gringotts bank, sank to her knee before the senior teller, and respectfully requested an appointment with ‘The most honored Dak’, at his convenience.

Shocked at the genuine respect shown to them and their ways, the goblins took her request to Dak Graswold immediately, instead of waiting the usual three days.

When they explained how she had humbled herself before them, the Dak agreed to see her that afternoon.


Four hours later, Amelia Bones was escorted by an honor guard, to Graswold’s den. Again, she impressed them by crouching down and entering his office through the goblin-sized door, rather than waiting for them to expand it to human height.

As she stood, she beheld the oldest, ugliest goblin she’d ever seen. Immediately she bowed low and waited for him to bid her rise.

He could have made her wait for four minutes and fifty nine seconds, before it became an insult, but to her gratified surprise, he held his hands, palms up, where she could see them. Smiling widely, she touched her fingers to the bowls of his hands and rose to look him in the eye.

“Thank you for seeing me, sir.” She bowed again in respect to the head of a nation. Something most British wizards refused to do.

“The pleasure is mine.” He returned in a voice that made her think he’d been chewing gravel. “Please. Have a seat. Would you like some tea?”

Another test of character. Goblin tea was hideously strong, and many people had sworn it tasted like burnt moss.

“Thank you sir.”

A touch of a glyph on his desk and a sharp phrase in gobbledygook and a younger goblin entered bearing a finely wrought silver tea service. Unlike British tea sets, the cups were tall and thinner at the top than at the bottom, as was the decanter. There were no handles.

The younger goblin poured the brew, which Amelia could smell from where she sat. Those claims were right. It smelt like burned moss, with a side of old tobacco.

She only hoped it wasn’t toxic.

The Dak lifted a bee-covered honeycomb and squeezed three drops into his, before offering the comb to her.

Amelia took it and copied his actions precisely, getting stung several times in the process.

Seeing his guest bear the stings with barely a flinch, Graswold nodded his approval, then lifted an eyebrow when he saw the swelling. “You are allergic?” as he offered a plate for the honeycomb. She placed the thing on the porcelain and returned her eyes to his.

“Somewhat.” She replied. “Nothing I cannot handle, and nothing is more important than this meeting.

“As you wish.” He lifted the tea and sipped with satisfaction. The head of the Unified Goblin Hordes felt a new respect for this human.

Shuddering inwardly, Amelia did the same. Her eyebrows lifted when she discovered the tea was rather good, if stronger than she normally liked. It had a flavour of cinnamon and citron.

The Dak gave out with a full belly laugh.

“It wouldn’t be much good for business if we were to kill off our clients, now, would it?”

Suddenly Amelia was laughing too. She’d been thoroughly and royally had. She sipped the excellent tea once again.

Another tap of a glyph and a healer was there to treat her hand. She gently excised the stingers and daubed on some gel over each puncture. Amelia was relieved, as she was more than somewhat allergic.

When the healer had gone, Graswold asked; “So, what brings you to my domain, Director?”

Amelia sighed sadly. “Regrettably, I must ruin a friend.”

“An interesting beginning. Friendship is to be treasured.”

“I agree, but in this case it has been shown that my friend, has been accepting bribes from the wealthiest of the ‘former’ Death Eaters in exchange for their declarations of innocence. If we as a nation are to progress, then bribery, cronyism and bigotry have no place here.”

“And is the Minister aware of your intentions?”

“Not so far as I know.” Given their resourcefulness, Amelia wasn’t at all surprised that the goblins knew of Millicent’s culpability.

“My friend Carolyn Chapman received a letter, asking her to see Dumbledore is recused from his position for the duration of the trials, or he’ll see to it that Black is returned to Azkaban. As the letter said, Black has been suffering ‘the Minster’s convenience’ for far too long as it is. I intend to take that a step farther. I intend to call for a vote of no confidence in both her leadership and that of Albus Dumbledore…whom I see as a far greater danger than Voldemort.”

“How so?”

“A week ago, a large grey sewer rat was delivered to my breakfast table, by means unknown. With the rat, was a letter. I have it here, if you wish to read it.”

“Perhaps later.”

“As you wish. In the letter, the rat was identified as Peter Pettigrew in his unregistered animagus form, and rather more alive than we thought. The writer suggested I force him out of his animagus form, and dose him with Veritaserum, and according to the Death Eater act, I did so before more than a dozen witnesses and three court scriveners. Under the Veritaserum, he confessed that he was the one who’d betrayed the Potters, not Sirius Black as Dumbledore had always insisted. He also told us what happened to Voldemort that night, and what happened two days later in Manchester. I’ve arranged for Black to be removed from prison, and he will see trial in a few days.

The letter also implicated Malfoy, Avery, Crabbe, Goyle, Nott, Macnair and Parkinson as not-quite-reformed Death Eaters, Millicent, as having taken bribes in exchange for their indemnity, and Albus Dumbledore as being very nearly a dark lord himself. I’ve done some checking, and I’ve discovered that Albus Dumbledore placed Harry Potter with the Dursleys specifically to break his spirit. He needed a malleable and expendable weapon for whatever purpose he had in mind and Harry was his choice. According to their neighbors, they abused the boy…and badly!”

Graswold was instantly incensed. Children were precious! Goblins had so few who survived the difficult sixteen month gestation that any who did were seen as gifts to the entire nation. It was a shame the humans, being more prolific, disagreed.

He returned his attention to his guest, to hear her speaking.

“…so many of the more bigoted laws…laws stripping rights from nearly everybody but those few who look to him. We’re going to have to go over the laws one by one, to find out just how much damage he’s done. Unfortunately, many of those laws have variable obscuration charms over them, to prevent just that.”

“That will not be a problem. We can provide the unmodified copies of the laws, you need to see.”

“Oh yes. The treaty of…erm…thirteen eighty…”

“Thirteen eighty seven by your reckoning.”

“Yes. Thank you. It looks like we’re going to have a major upheaval by the time this trial is done.

Whoever wrote the letter, also recommended we find and kill Fenrir Greyback, as a service to the community. According to the letter, Greyback has been responsible for the vast majority of werewolf turnings in the last twenty-odd years.

For some reason the writer believed Cornelius Fudge would be elected Minister. I intend to keep that from happening! As he said, Cornelius is both a blood-purist, also accepting bribes from Malfoy…and incompetent in the extreme.”

“And assuming they are removed from their positions, who will take their places?”

“I will suggest Augusta as Dumbledore’s replacement since she’s already his second. And Carolyn, as the Black and Potter proxy will suggest me as Minister pro-tem. As you know, both of us are moderates…”

“And both of you are considered to be incorruptible. Though Madam Longbottom is somewhat more prejudiced than I’d like, she would prove to be a far better choice than any of the others.”

“Just so.”

“What do you need from Gringotts?”

“We need backing documentation. Nothing that would implicate you, but simply records of moneys transferred to her vault over the past four years. Specifically moneys transferred prior to or around the same dates as the indemnification of ‘former’ Death Eaters, and various rather bigoted laws proposed or passed by her office.”

“Hmmm.” Graswold mused. That sounds like something Potter would do.”

“Potter?” She gasped. Graswold knew he’d screwed up. “You’ve seen him? Is he alright?”

Sighing at the necessity, he nodded. “I have…and he is alive and well. More than that I cannot tell you just now.”

“Then that will serve. I would never ask you to violate your oath of confidentiality.”

“But you just have.”

“No. Not really. The information we need, was entered into the public archives. It’s just that several people have seen fit to ‘remove’ such entries from those records. You, have a full set.”

“I see your point.” Graswold nodded. “Very well then let us get down to business. What’s in it for us?”

“I cannot promise anything in the short term, but if things go the way I think they will, and the way I will be pushing, within a few years, the British wizarding world will have adopted a less bigoted outlook. By the time Harry enters Hogwarts, it is entirely conceivable that more than a few goblin mups will attend alongside him…should you wish it.”

“Laudable goals, though for the future. How can we profit in the short run? I will need a profitable reason should this action come under review.”

“Well Carolyn has suggested that we…”

Their discussion went on for several hours, with neither truly satisfied with he results. Unfortunately given the current social outlook…on both sides of the barrier, not much could be done to incorporate the goblins more fully into the wizarding world…yet.

Still, both left the meeting feeling they’d done a good job. Graswold arranged to speak with the board of directors and Amelia returned to her office to prepare for the trial of the century.


June 1 85: Courtroom ten, Ministry of Magic:

“Oyez Oyez!” The bailiff called. “This one thousand seven hundred eighty ninth session of the Wizengamot is called to order! This special session being called for the purpose of trial. Sirius Orion, of the noble and most ancient house of Black, is accused of the betrayal of his brother in all but blood, James Charlus Potter, and his mud…muggleborne wife, on thirty first October of nineteen eighty one, and of the murder by explosive hex of the brave hero Peter Pettigrew on the second of November, nineteen eighty one, and of the slaying by said explosive hex of twelve muggles on the same date. All visitors, and witnesses please rise for the honorable members of the council. My Lords, My Ladies, please enter and take your seats of authority, and pay heed to the trial before ye!”

‘Pomp and Circumstance’ began to play throughout the chamber and the plum robed members of the Wizengamot entered from the doors at the back, in order of precedence. They filed down the steps and dispersed to the seats their families held, either by right, by inheritance or by bribery or other less savoury means. Once they were seated, the music reached its crescendo and Albus Dumbledore appeared in the middle of the floor, via his special portkey. Looking around himself, first at the council members, and then at the gathered audience with the condescension of long acceptance, he climbed to his seat as head of the council.

“You may be seated.” He magnanimously allowed the lesser people to seat themselves. His hand was swathed in glamour-charmed bandages so as to hide his disfigurement. “Scribe, you may call the case.”

“Yes, my lord. Sirius Black is called to answer to the charges of willfully betraying the sacred trust of James and Lily Potter by giving up their location to the dark lord, and of the murder by explosive hex, of the brave hero Peter Pettigrew, who had tracked Black to Manchester, and of the murders of twelve muggles on that came day.”

Dumbledore was pleased. He’d written the introduction and charges himself. With Harry dead, he no longer needed Sirius, so when he’d been informed of this trial, he had decided the time had come to dispose of that particular problem. That this way, he could do so legally with no loose ends to tie up afterward, appealed to his sense of irony. Even if there had been any doubt in Black’s guilt, the words as read by the scribe, would convince those there that he was indeed guilty. From then, it would be mere procedure. In fact he’d carefully orchestrated this trial so that the audience, reporters included, would see Sirius as not only Voldemort’s senior lieutenant, but responsible for the brutal murder of the ‘loyal and brave hero’, Peter Pettigrew. That the muggles had died in that massive explosion, was of no real consequence, but their deaths, on top of the betrayal and Peter’s murder, would guarantee him the kiss.

He sighed in ‘almost’ regret. Remus’ testimony would have hanged Sirius on it’s own, as he never knew they’d decided to switch secret keeping. Unfortunately one of the laws he’d written some years past, had prohibited werewolves from testifying before this council, as they were dark creatures anyway. ~Ah well…~ he thought. ~There is enough ‘evidence’ to convict him without the werewolf.~

Amelia Bones’ next words brought his wonderful plan crashing down in flames.

As prosecutor, she stood and addressed the council. Not him, as was tradition, but the rest of the council! He’d have to have a little chat with the disrespectful…witch, as to the honors due him!

“My lords, My ladies of the Wizengamot, I must make a motion in order to prevent this trial from becoming nothing more than a show.”

Augusta had been waiting for this particular cue.

And what is that motion, Madam Bones.”

“I move that per the challenge of 1429, Lord Harcourt -v- the Ministry of Magic; Albus Dumbledore be recused from this trial and all parts therein, due to a conflict of interest.”

Dumbledore paled in shock. That challenge had shown that Harcourt had been innocent of the charges and the minister of the time had been convicted of bribery, malfeasance, corruption and treason. His death had not been a pleasant one, as the penalty for treason back then was hanging until nearly dead, followed by beheading and quartering…not necessarily in that order. That she had chosen that particular precedent, told him she felt he had betrayed the wizarding community.

Unfortunately the penalties for such crimes were unchanged…thanks in large part, to the purebloods’ insistence upon ‘tradition’.

He stammered; “And just what would that conflict, be, Amelia?”

“Chief wizard, such familiarity is uncalled for in court. I am the prosecutor, not a close friend.”

Now embarrassed, Dumbledore ground his teeth and nearly growled; “I am chastised, Madam Bones. What is the basis of your charge?”

“The same notice that alerted us to Peter Pettigrew’s continued survival. You sir, are implicated in both the murders of James and Lily Potter and in the unlawful incarceration of Sirius Black.”

He snarled. “I beg your pardon?” just as Augusta Longbottom spoke her lines; “House Longbottom seconds the motion.”

“I’m sure that is not necessary.” Dumbledore blustered. “I find no reason to recuse myself from my position. We can carry on as it is.”

“A motion has been made and seconded.” Called out Abner Greengrass, long known to be moderate and while Slytherin to the extreme, neither dark aligned, nor a member of Dumbledore’s cult. “House Greengrass calls for a vote.”

Now, Dumbledore was trapped. Nothing he could say on either side of the question could help him.

The vote was close at first, with neither side gaining a clear majority. It was in fact, Lucius Malfoy who tipped the scales. Carefully considering the advantages, and consequences of siding with his wife’s liege. If he could convince Black that Dumbledore had ordered him sent to Azkaban, Black would be in his debt and he’d be that much closer to following in the masters footsteps and owning the wizarding world. If not, he could always say he never believed Black, a pureblood of impeccable breeding, could have betrayed his oath. As such, he voted to recuse Dumbledore. His followers-on, followed on and at the end, the count was thirty-seven to nine with four abstaining.

Knowing he’d look like a complete arse if he fought, Dumbledore handed the hammer to Scribe Michaelson instead of Augusta who, as his second, automatically took his position.

A calculated insult.

To his impotent rage, she smiled gently…as if tolerating a child’s tantrum.

Dumbledore was positively fulminating. Because of that…Witch’s maneuver, he was forcibly recused from the proceedings. He knew that evidence he would have prohibited, would be allowed. Evidence such as Peter Pettigrew being alive. He knew that the traitor lived with the Weasleys, and had for the past four years. Obliviating Molly and the children of that knowledge had been easy...Arthur, given his past, had been considerably more difficult.

Lucius Malfoy stood and awaited acknowledgement. When he was recognized, he asked in his annoyingly superior manner. “The trial brief indicates Petyer Pettigrew is also to face trial."

Many people gasped at this. Everyone knew Pettigrew died in Manchester that fateful day. Malfoy smugly continued. "How do we know the man in your custody is actually Peter Pettigrew and not some Polyjuiced imposter?”

Amelia smiled. “He has been in custody and under the direct observation of not less than three of my Aurors at any one time, since he was discovered on May the twentieth. As it is, we can wait for the requisite hour for Polyjuice to wear off, if you wish. Sirius Black’s trial should be concluded by then.”

Lucius flushed. He’d been so used to dismissing the underlings, no matter how old their houses, that he’d forgotten just how devious Bones could be. More, as her house predated his by nearly five hundred years he would only make himself look foolish if he continued to protest.

~She will pay for this insult!~ he fumed. ~Oh yes! She will pay!~

Calling for a team of five Aurors to collect two bottles of Veritaserum, she awaited the next objection. As prearranged, it came from Augusta. “Veritaserum is frightfully expensive! Are you certain you need two bottles?” That startled Dumbledore, as Augusta had often sworn she’d pay for the potion herself, if it could prove a suspect’s innocence.

“Madam Longbottom, isn’t it better to spend a bit of gold, than allow an innocent man to be sent to Azkaban?” A jibe directed toward Dumbledore, as he’d allowed just that to happen to Sirius.

Again, Dumbledore frowned. Something did not smell right.

Within minutes, Aurors Robards, Scrimgeour, Hammer, Shacklebolt and Dawlish, returned with two small rosewood boxes, charmed against switching spells and other sorts of tampering; and a thin sheaf of parchment accountability forms. Shacklebolt and Dawlish each held a box, and Scrimgeour held the forms. Robards and Hammer kept a wary eye on their fellows. This way, nobody could claim any malfeasance in either of the Veritaserum samples.

She ordered her Aurors to approach one at a time, first Scrimgeour who turned over the parchments, then Shacklebolt, asking; “Auror Shacklebolt, do you swear and attest upon your magic, that this box is the same box you were given, by supply officer, Bartleby DeScrivener, number O-73549 V?’

Shack had checked and confirmed the serial number of the box as she read the numbers.

“I do.” Kingsley replied in his deep basso. A golden light flashed from his wand to Amelia, and then back to him.

“Sign here, place your blood there.”

Kingsley did so, and turned the parchment over to Connie who signed as witness, before handing it to Michael. He and Dawlish both signed and returned the parchment to Shack. Kingsley handed the completed form to Amelia, who signed and blood-stamped it, before saying: “I relieve you of your burden, Auror.”

He passed over the box and retreated.

She asked Dawlish the same question only substituting the serial number of the box.

Setting Dawlish’s box aside, albeit in plain view of the court, Bones ran her wand over the first box, ensuring the tamper charm had not been broken. When she, Carolyn and Augusta were all satisfied, she broke the charm with a brief ringing sound. She opened the box and withdrew the phial inside. Carefully checking the number on the phial against the box and the parchment, she initialed in the proper spot, and had Augusta do the same.

Satisfied the sample was in fact the same that had been checked from the supply officer, she broke the second tamper seal and opened the phial. A drop on a slip of blue colored parchment and a wave of her wand told her that the liquid was in fact, unadulterated Veritaserum.

Both women signed the appropriate places attesting to that fact.

Sirius was led into the stone room and seated in the heavy wooden chair. The chains rattled, but remained where they were. As most of the council knew, the magic in the chains would only bind the suspect if he were guilty.

“Augusta smirked, but addressed the prosecution anyway. “Madam prosecutor. Should not the chains have wrapped around the defendant?”

“I believe they should have, Madam Chief, but as I have no way to influence them…”

“I understand.” She touched a glyph on the chief’s desk and the chains slowly began to coil over Sirius Black. They didn’t bind him…just rested in his lap.

Dumbledore knew he was buggered.

“Mister Black, you are here to answer charged laid against you by Bartemius Crouch that on thirty first October of nineteen eighty one, you did give over the Potters’ secret location to the dark lord Voldemort, thereby betraying a sacred trust; and that you did on November the third, in the streets of Manchester, kill by means of explosive hex, Peter Pettigrew who had tracked you as the betrayer of the Potters, and that you did by means of the same explosive hex, kill a dozen muggles. How say you?”

“Not guilty.”

The uproar was immediate. In the confusion, Dumbledore eased his hand into his sleeve to cast a spell that woud stop Black’s heart before he could testify. His reputation was on the line now and he needed that reputation to remain intact. Unfortunately, he discovered his wand was no longer in his sleeve.

Augusta looked directly at him with a vicious smirk… holding his wand. He’d left it on the lectern.


Amelia was well aware of the drama being played out.

“Mister Black, while you are under no obligation to do so, I believe questioning under Veritaserum would be most effective way to prove your innocence or guilt.”

Carolyn stood and replied; “While a gross violation of my client’s right to privacy, we believe Veritaserum would be appropriate in this circumstance. We have no objection.”

“Madam Longbottom?” Amelia directed her query to the chief witch.

“So noted. Scrivener, please enter into the record that defense has agreed to questioning under Veritaserum.”

“Yes’m.” came that worthy’s immediate reply.

“Very well.” Amelia addressed her peer. “Are you satisfied as to the sample of Veritaserum I have requested and authenticated, or shall I open the other box?”

“I watched your authentication very closely, Madam Prosecutor. Defense is satisfied.”

“Thank you. Madam Longbottom, Defense has stipulated satisfaction with the sample of Veritaserum I have authenticated. May I proceed?”

“You may.”

Mister Black, please tip your head back and open your mouth. I shall place three drops on your tongue.”

“I understand.”

Sirius did as she instructed and let himself slide into a dreamlike state.

“What is your full name?”

“Sirius Orion Black.”

“Where was your bed in the Hogwarts dorm?”

“Second from the right hand window, next to James.”

“What did you do to Severus Snape on Valentines day of seventy four?”

“Curled his hair, dyed his robes pink and stuck him to the wall in the entry hall with a sign over his head saying; ‘Hogwarts heartthrob!’”

“What did you get into trouble for on fourteenth June of seventy six?”

“Streaking through the Great Hall at lunchtime.” Amelia flushed slightly, as it was his intentionally getting caught that day, and the obfuscation charm he’d hurriedly cast to conceal her face, which allowed her own escape. Fortunately, he and she were the only ones who knew of her participation.

“What was your punishment?”

“Detention with Hagrid mucking out the sheep pens.”

“Who is Prongslet?”

“Harry Potter.”

“Where is your immediate family’s home located?”

“Number twelve Grimmauld Place, London.”

Amelia checked these answer against the information before her.

“Are we all assured Mister Black is under the influence of the Veritaserum?”

Lucius wanted to object, as the next question was sure to be about Black’s affiliation, but to do so, would only cast suspicion upon himself. He held his breath and hoped for the best. He always had his wand, after all.

When she’d received permission, from the court, she asked the questions that had plagued so many for the past three years.

Did you give over the secret of the Potters hiding place to the dark lord Voldemort?”


“Were you the Potter’s secret keeper?”

“At first, I was, but then we switched.”

“With whom?”


“Peter who?”

“Peter Pettigrew.”

“When did you switch secret keeping duties.”

Twenty fourth October, nineteen eighty one.”

“Who knew you switched duties.”

“James, Lily, Harry, I suppose, Peter and Albus.”

“Albus Dumbledore?”


“How would Albus Dumbledore know of the switch?”

“He performed both Fidelius charms.”

“What do you mean both charms, specifically.”

“He performed the initial Fidelius when James Lily and Harry went into hiding, and the updated charm when Peter and I switched as secret keepers.”

By now, the entire council, including some of the Death Eaters, were glaring at Dumbledore with ill-concealed fury.

“Are you a Death Eater?”


Have you ever been a Death Eater?”


“Describe specifically the events of thirty first October of nineteen eighty one.”

“I’m sure that is not necessary…” Albus interrupted, standing in front of his seat in the gallery. “After all we have a great deal of work to do and…”

“Sit down, Dumbledore!” Came from an irritated Augusta Longbottom. “The next such interruption from you, will be seen as contempt of court.”

Dumbledore sat. Two Aurors sat beside him, and he could ‘feel’ that there was another behind him. Unfortunately none of them was under his control. The message was not lost.

“Now, again. Describe specifically the events of thirty first October of nineteen eighty one.”

Under the influence of the powerful narcotic, Sirius began to talk. He described the events of that terrible day, including his feelings of unease and his subsequent discovery of Pettigrew’s absence from the little bolthole they’d so carefully set up, and his immediate suspicions as to the reason for feelings. He described in a toneless voice how he’d found burning house, and James’ and then Lily’s bodies laid out on the front garden. He told them how Hagrid was there already with little Harry screaming in his oversized hands. They heard how he’d pleaded with the gentle giant to give Harry to him, because he was the boy’s godfather, but Hagrid had insisted that Dumbledore had ordered him to bring Harry to him in Surrey to be placed with his muggle relatives.

This outraged them all. Dumbledore had sealed the will, and told them he’d placed the boy ‘somewhere safe’ as Death Eaters may still be hunting their little hero.

Sirius went on to describe how he gave Hagrid his motorbike and went after Peter.

He told them how he cornered the rat in Manchester but Peter had been more prepared. The traitor had screamed out, about how the Potters had been like family to him and he’d betrayed them; just before he cast a blasting curse at Sirius, and the huge explosion when the curse opened a poorly buried gas-line.

His next words shocked them all. He woke in a cell in Azkaban, with his own personal demon at the door.

More filthy glares were directed to the ancient wizard. By extreme majority vote, Sirius Black was declared not guilty and released. A settlement of five million galleons was offered and accepted by Carolyn in Sirius’ behalf, with the stipulation that the trial transcripts would be printed in all the newspapers present, without censorship in their special issues, due that afternoon. Minister Bagnold protested, but there was sufficient evidence to indicate her complicity in Sirius’ fate.

Dumbledore tried for the ‘concerned old grandfather look, and suggested Sirius be seen to by a healer, and he happened to know just such a healer. He had a man named Emile Shadrac in mind, thinking a suitable ‘accident’ could be arranged for the heir of house Black.

Carolyn’s look of utter derision, made him feel like an erring five year old. Her sweet reply of; “That wont be necessary, headmaster. We have already arranged for medical treatment and any necessary therapies.” didn’t help his mood any.

Inwardly he cursed. Carolyn Chapman hadn’t gone to Hogwarts. Though British, she’d been educated in America, and he had no leverage over her. He knew she’d been an associate in Chapman and Associates, since before the Potter’s had entered Hogwarts, and had taken control of the company when her father had been murdered by Death Eaters…a particularly ingenious move on his part at the time, as Chapman the elder had been poking around in things that he oughtn’t.

Over the years, the younger Chapman had had proved to be entirely incorruptible, and had so successfully argued impossible cases in front of the Wizengamot, that even he was hard-pressed to keep her in her place. In fact, according to rumours, she was so ruthless in her pursuit of justice, that the Goblins not only admired her…they wanted to adopt her!


Peter’s trial was much faster. Bones made it abundantly clear that she intended to use Veritaserum. As a named Death Eater, and identified by the dark mark on his arm, he was dosed immediately upon awakening.

Malfoy eased his wand out of his robes with the same intention Dumbledore had. How interesting it was that he’d intended to use the very same curse.

Alas, the schemes of mice and…Death Eaters…gang aft aglee. The pretty bit of fluff who’d seated herself beside him, snatched the wand out of his hand. Turning his head in outrage, he discovered she was in fact an Auror, and he, and all the other ‘former’ Death Eaters were each accompanied by two Aurors. Silencing charms had been subtly cast and so the court couldn’t hear their protests.

“Put your hands on your lap, Death Eater!” She ordered, her own wand pointing at his nose. He saw his own death in her eyes, and so like cowards everywhere, he surrendered, convinced his ‘donations’ to the good Minister would see him through this crisis.

He hissed. “I will have you screaming on the ground before me, as I flay you alive!”

She smirked. “Really! Hmmm! I might like that! Now be quiet. Court, y’know.” She cast a sticking charm on his hands, which were coincidentally right over his very favorite part. She snickered and then turned her attention to the drama being played below.

Peter’s testimony was basically a repeat of his previous questioning, with a few minor addenda.

Despite Dumbledore’s insistence…in amicus juris, as it were, that Peter could be redeemed if only given the chance to see the light, the rat-like man was sentenced to be cast through the veil in the Department of Mysteries.


Amelia never enjoyed seeing someone die, but this traitor clearly deserved his fate. She watched, along with the entire council, as the gibbering, pleading rat-man was pushed through the archway.

A recess is called so the councilors can collect their thoughts.

When the Wizengamot reconvened, Amelia stood one again, this time from her seat and announced; “Now that that is done, House Bones has another two motions to make. First, it is with the greatest of regret that House Bones calls for a vote of no confidence in Minister’s Bagnold’s leadership, on the grounds of corruption and bribery.”

Millicent’s head popped up so quickly, it was amazing she didn’t break her own neck.

Augusta seconded the motion and with the primary detractors under arrest and Albus temporarily neutered, the motion passed. Because Millicent was the accused, she could have no say in the proceedings. She sat there, watching, as if the end of the world had come.

In her case, that was an apt comparison.

Amelia was torn. Millicent was a basically good person, but her involvement in the release of the wealthier Death Eaters, was widely known. She must be removed…for the betterment of the British wizarding world, and she must be prosecuted so the average wizard on the street can understand that justice would be properly served, regardless the defendant’s social position.

Over the next hour, Bones presented her evidence as to Bagnold’s corruption, supporting her accusations with the accounting books provided by the goblins, as to the transfer of large amounts of gold into her vault at Gringotts, just before certain Death Eaters were freed, or certain restrictive laws were passed.

By the time she asked for a vote, it was a done deal. Millicent Bagnold would be Minister no more.

With Lucius and supporters gone, and Dumbledore neutered, the vote passed and Bagnold was both removed from office and placed under arrest.

When she handed Bagnold her hat, Amelia whispered, with tears both in her eyes and in her voice; “I’m sorry, Millie, but this has to be done.”

Millicent nodded sadly. She really didn’t blame Amelia. She understood she could get caught and she had accepted the bribes anyway.

As her friend was led off, Amelia addressed the council once more.

“Now for the second motion I mentioned. House Bones calls for a vote of no confidence in Albus Dumbledore’s leadership as well.”

“Really, Amelia, hasn’t this vendetta of yours gone on long enough?” He asked in his ‘I am the reasonable adult and you are the unruly child’ voice.

“To ensure an egalitarian government? Not even close. Greed and corruption have controlled the Ministry, and this council for far too long. Millicent Bagnold was one of my closest friends; we were Aurors together. She covered my back more times than I care to count, and I’ve covered hers at least as many, but she took bribes and allowed terrorists to escape their rightful punishment. She has introduced inequable laws that benefit only a few, and has looked the other way while the innocent are imprisoned…all for a few bags of gold. This is not the way a government should be run. Tradition is all well and good, but there comes a time when tradition begins to stifle progress. That time has come and gone long ago. Britain is now the last county in the world, in terms of development. In terms of schooling we are barely passable. Most other countries…countries where Albus Dumbledore is not considered to be Merlin incarnate, we are looked upon as…provincials, at best. I say ‘no more’! We are mired in the seventeenth century and it is time and long past time…that we began to advance into the twentieth. Your involvement in that corruption is clear. I have had my staff examine the laws you’ve written since you started writing them. In each case you’ve included carefully hidden exemptions for yourself and those you name, such as your pet Death Eater, Snape, and in each case, those laws remove rights from practically everybody but those few of the social elite, or those personally beholden to you. It’s time those laws were stricken and we begin to look to the future.”

Dumbledore fought the motion strenuously citing the destabilization of wizarding Britain, but the initial Veritaserum questioning was done in front of too many people…including many from his own camp. Black’s trial merely cinched it. He’d tried to convince them that Hagrid had merely misinterpreted his orders, but by then, there was enough antipathy in the councilors that they refused to listen to him. There was sufficient evidence that he was directly involved with both the Black situation and Pettigrew, to permanently remove him from his position.

He couldn’t be removed from the council entirely as his seat was hereditary, but he was voted from his position as chief, and Augusta was placed in his stead by a wide majority, with only seven forced abstentions, as those seven were just then being introduced to their new lodgings for the next few days…in high security cells on the detention level.

“Go back to your school, Dumbledore, but don’t leave the country.” Bones growled. “I will be having charges drawn up against you as well.”

Dumbledore left the room in a rush to avoid arrest.

June 1 85:

Augusta named Amelia as Minister pro-tem until a vote could be taken, and on Harry’s orders, Carolyn forced the vote. Within a half hour, Amelia was named Minister of Magic. She promptly named Constance Hammer as her Deputy Minister.

Cornelius Fudge, whom Dumbledore had promised the position, was arrested and charged with accepting bribes, questioned with Veritaserum and sacked.

Umbridge was arrested, tried on the spot for possession of dark arts artifacts and sent to Azkaban.

Unseen, Harry smiled in satisfaction and left the room. He would have liked to see the toad-woman kissed, but figured, Azkaban was the next best thing.

He discovered that she’d committed suicide less than three weeks later. Had Dumbledore learned of it, he would have been very disappointed in Harry’s impromptu celebration.


Dumbledore returned to Hogwarts fully intending to fire Hagrid and arrange an accident before the loose-tongued giant could further implicate him.

He was sitting at his desk, writing out the notice of termination when a cough from behind him, drew his attention. Turning in surprise, he found the Sorting Hat peering over his shoulder.

“Aah!” The hat announced. “I don’t think you should try that.”

“What are you talking about?” Albus asked. The hat rarely spoke outside the sorting, and when it did, he knew he should listen.

“Albus, Hagrid was following your orders. He’s never done anything to warrant being sacked, and you know it. Not even back in fourty three. If you try to fire him, Hogwarts herself will prevent it.”

I am the headmaster. I will decide who stays and who goes!”

“If you continue on this course, the castle will lock you out. You know that! Don’t press your luck, young man.”

Albus knew the hat was correct. Much as it galled him to admit, he’d been brilliantly outmaneuvered at every turn.

Still, where one door closes, another opens. The ‘former’ Death Eaters arrested that day might appreciate his interest in their fates. He’d had leverage over several barristers of rather dubious character, and so decided to make his first overtures toward those Death Eaters’ families.

He knelt before the fireplace threw a glittering pinch of floo powder in and called out; “Narcissa Malfoy!”


A/N: Since Veritaserum is so highly controlled, (GoF) there has to be some sort of security protocol in place to prevent any misuse.

The reason I had Amelia send all five to collect two bottles of Veritaserum is a security procedure to ensure there is an unbroken and verifiable chain of custody…especially in a high profile case such as this. It’s called ‘the rule of multiplicity’. The military uses it all the time to transport high security information or items. One man could be suspect, two, could be conspirators but usually three or more would be considered safe…especially if they were on opposing factions which is why I included Scrimgeour and Dawlish, who, in canon, proved to be nearly as much blood purists as the Deez themselves. In this case, while they all work for Amelia, the theory is still valid.

Yes, Snape had some on him during book four, but he’s just an asshole, who is convinced Dumbledore will protect him from any consequences of his wrongdoing.

Shadrac is the author of the fabulous story; ‘All’s Fair In Love And War’, the next chapter of which, I am STILL waiting on.
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