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Chapter 6.

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Lunch and coffee.

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Monday afternoon, after art class, Gerard and Tiara walked to lunch, as was the routine for the past week. He’d met the other people she sat with, Frank and Jamia, and actually enjoyed them. He doubted he would. Or maybe he just doubted the fact that they’d like him. They talked to Tiara more than they did him, but they still seemed pretty cool.
“So movie night was fun.” Tiara said casually as they walked into Java City, a section to eat specifically for coffee lovers. It was decorated with dark, rich browns, and high tables and chairs. To the right of the eating area was Java City itself, which always had a long line full of caffeine crazy adolescents. In addition to drinks, they also sold cute little muffins and sandwiches. “Mikey’s pretty cool too.” She said, placing her things beside her stool. Frank and Jamia weren’t here yet. They were most likely making out in a secluded stair well until the bell rang. As usual.
“Yeah, he’s great.” Gerard agreed, sitting in his stool, inhaling the heavenly scent of coffee. “Although,” He smirked. “He hasn’t stopped talking about you. Which is annoying, you’re not that great.” Gerard chuckled.
“Really? Why?” She asked, ignoring his jab. All they’d done was play zombies. Surely that hadn’t made such an impact on him.
“He’s amazed someone like you would play video games. With him. Or be in my house at all.” He explained. “As am I.” He chuckled.
“Why, what’s wrong with me?” She asked, sitting upon her chair, swinging her feet.
“What’s not wrong with you?” A voice from behind her asked.
“There you are!” Tiara grinned, smacking none other than Frank Iero, local midget, cutie pie, and stoner. “Hi, Jamia.” Tiara greeted, hopping down from the stool she’d literally just sat on, and engulfed her friend in a hug, Vanilla to Jasmine. Both girls were serious about smelling good.
“Well, aren’t you just in a swell mood?” Jamia asked, using her 1940’s movie star voice as she took a seat.
“I’ll admit to you I am!” Tiara replied, using the same voice eagerly.
“Any particular reason?” Frank asked, sitting next to Jamia, across from Gerard. He looked from Gerard to Tiara obviously, clearly implying what he meant.
“No!” Tiara blushed, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Well, we did have movie night on Saturday, which was pretty cool.” Gerard offered, brushing his hair out of his face.
“Uh huh.” Frank said curtly, eyeing them again. “And what genre of movie did you two watch?” Frank questioned, his too-cute-to-be-17 face getting smug.
“Will you just leave them alone.” Jamia chided, smacking Frank lightly.
“Action and horror.” Gerard answered anyway.
“Which,” Tiara started. “Was not agreed upon. We said DC or Disney. No horror movies.”
“You can’t deny that you enjoyed The Husk.” Gerard stated doubtfully.
“How would you know if I did, you weren’t awake to see!” Tiara chuckled, grabbing her purse.
“You fell asleep? Wow, what did you guys do during the movie?” Frank, the relentless pervert asked. Gerard rolled his eyes at him as Tiara hopped off the stool.
“I’m going for a coffee run. Want anything? My treat.” She asked, ignoring Frank.
“Ooh, Vanilla Cream Javalanche!” Jamia called out.
“Well, if you’re paying, get me a… cookies and cream!” Frank eventually decided, as if anyone was surprised. He got a Cookies and Cream Javalance almost every day.
“Want anything?” She turned to Gerard.
“Can I come with? I don’t know what’s on the menu.” He asked.
“Yeah sure.” She replied. They headed off to wait in line. “Frank sure is something, isn’t he?” She laughed uncomfortably.
“He sure is. I’ll be honest, not knowing the menu is only part of the reason I came with. I was afraid they’d start making out as soon as you left.” He admitted, leaning against a wall.
“You’re probably right.” Tiara said. “So,” Tiara started, raising her brow with a smile. “Where we left off. What’s wrong with me?” She asked, curious for his answer.
“You’re just so… polished. Y’know? And you’re a girl.” He explained. “Who plays video games. And likes DC. It’s weird.”
“Polished?” She asked.
“Like, it’s obvious you care what you look like. You don’t just wake up, throw an outfit on and come to school. There’s obvious effort.” He said, studying the menu, now that the line had shortened. Tiara thought about his comment, and played it around in her mind.
“Oh, ok.” She said, deciding that she liked it. “And about The Husk… it was interesting.” She said.
“So you liked it?” He asked, eyes widening. The Husk was one of his favorite horror movies, but no one he’d shown it to liked it.
Tiara chuckled. “No. But the concept was interesting.” She walked up to the nicer looking of the two baristas, and scanned her student ID card. “I’ll take a Vanilla Cream Javalanche, no coffee, a Cookies and Cream Javalanche, with coffee, a black iced tea, no sugar, and…” she turned to Gerard.
“An eye opener.” He finished. It’d been calling his name since he looked at the menu.
“Alrighty, that’ll be $11.46.” The plump woman said, waiting for payment. Tiara handed her 3 fives. “Do you want your change back, or on your account?”
“On my account is fine, thank you.” She said. One the coffee was collected (Another fun 5 minutes in line. They carried two each), they walked back to the table in a comfortable silence. Much to the distaste of both Gerard and Tiara, Frank and Jamia were huddled in together, Frank whispering things in Jamia’s ear, and Jamia lightly tugging on his shirt collar. “So we’re back!” Tiara announced loudly.
“Coffee!” Frank cheered, taking his from the others.
“Thanks.” Jamia smiled, taking hers and gulping it down in a very unladylike fashion. Tiara giggled. Gerard sipped his appreciatively, the caffeine greatly needed. “Frank!” She chided when she was finished, wiping whipped cream from the corners of her mouth. “Say thank you!”
“Do I have to?” Frank asked childishly.
Frank sighed as if he was just asked to redo a homework assignment he’d already done twice prior. “Thank you.” He said.
“You’re welcome.” Tiara rolled her eyes at the couple’s antics. The remaining 20 minutes of lunch was filled with pointless chatter, and more of Franks innuendos. When the bell finally rang dismissing lunch, the four parted ways, and met back up after school. As soon as they were off school grounds, Frank lit up.
“Can I have one? I’ll reimburse you.” Gerard asked Frank, a needy look in his eye.
“Yeah, sure man.” Frank replied, offering Gerard his pack and a light. Once the cigarette was lit, Gerard anxiously took a drag and visibly relaxed. “Its been too long.” He sighed.
“How long since your last smoke?” Frank asked as they took the back way home, void of people or cops to bust the smoking male minors.
“2 years.” Gerard answered, taking another drag.
“Wow. Why’d you stop?” Jamia asked, holding hands with Frank and leaning her head on his shoulder.
“I didn’t feel the need to anymore, I guess.” He shrugged, zipping up his jacket.
“So why’re you smoking now?” Tiara asked out of mild curiosity.
“I miss it.” He admitted, wishing the subject would turn to someone else. “So how long have you two been together?” Gerard asked.
“Since school started. Beginning of September.” Jamia asked with a dreamy smile on her face.
“You two are so cute.” Tiara smiled, happy for her friend.
Gerard and Frank stomped out their cigarettes when they entered the neighborhood. From here, Jamia and Frank headed east, while Gerard and Tiara headed north. “So is your creature for art almost done?”
“Nearly. Since I have time, I might replicate it onto a canvas and watercolor it.” He responded, happy to be talking about something he loved so much. “I’m only going to use primaries, make my own colors, you know? So it’s truly all from me.”
“Yeah. It sounds really cool. If only you’d let me see it.” Tiara responded, yawning. Boy, could she use a nap. “I’m not sure if I should glaze mine or not, the spaces are really-“ She cut off abruptly and gasped.
“What?” Gerard asked, alarmed by her sudden change.
“My mom’s home!” She grinned. “Ok, Igottagoillseeyoutomorrowbye!” She said, mushing her words together, and hugging him half-heartedly. She nearly sprinted home. Once inside, she tossed her bags on the floor, and found her mom in the kitchen snacking on some baked Doritos.
“Hi, baby!” Her mom greeted, abandoning the chips and hugging her daughter.
“Hi mom. I missed you.” She said, squeezing her mom. “You’re back early.” She noted once the hug ceased.
“Yeah. I’m so tired of being abroad, so I asked for the rest of the trip off. Johnson was more than happy to fill in for me.” She explained, tossing her nearly-black pin straight hair over her shoulder. “So I was thinking we have a girls’ day tomorrow. Shopping, lunch, and a movie?”
“Mom, tomorrow’s Tuesday.”
“I know. Who cares, it’s one day?” Her mom grinned.
“Ok.” Tiara agreed. She was so glad her mom was back. It was lonely without her.

I’ll be honest, this sucks because it’s a filler. Oh, wow. Sorry Ash, I guess you need my email, huh?
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