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The Busty Matchmaker!

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Toshiro must study with Ichigo and Rukia for their class but notices a budding romance between his classmates. The thing he's wondering is was it planned?

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"Okay everyone; I'm giving you all a report due next week on dinosaurs! Yay!"

Everyone in the class sweat dropped as Matsumoto did one of her famous poses. Now to most people, it would seem Matsumoto was being a corny teacher that said cliché things for no reason. But for her she would always be excited or cheerful about things. it made me smile.

"Um… Matsumoto sensei?"

"Huh? Oh what is it Kuchiki san?"

Kuchiki Rukia was a new student to Karakura High. She somehow got along great with Ichigo and the others pretty well. Most of us considered her the brains in the class.

"Well sensei, why are we supposed to write about dinosaurs?"

"Oh well now a day's most schools don't teach you about them. And last night I was watching Jurassic Park so I'm in dino fever!"

Once again the drops of sweat fell as Matsumoto posed on her desk. Secretly I had to cover my nose to stop the bleeding. Figure that one out…

"Okay since I want you all to be as detailed as possible I'm having you work in groups of three to ease the work. Now let's see… Inoue and Honsho will work with Ishida."

I noticed how Chizuru made a slight love pose towards Orihime. However the bubbly girl remained oblivious towards the lesbian's advances. It was kind of funny.

"… Arisawa will be with Chad and Asano."

Chad cringed a bit hearing Matsumoto call him by his nickname even though she knew his real name.

"… and Kurosaki and Kuchiki san will be with Toshiro Kun."

At this Ichigo's head was raised from his afternoon nap (which Matsumoto let him get away with since she'd have her own naps). My orange headed buddy looked to the seat to his left at Rukia who sat staring at the front. She then looked at Ichigo and smiled a bit. I smirked a bit understanding the situation. The bell rang after Matsumoto read the other groups.

"Alright class you have one week to finish the project! Have a safe trip home!"

I jumped out of my desk as Ichigo followed behind me. we watched Matsumoto make more of her poses.

"So we'll be working on the assignment together with Rukia? This'll be easy as pie."

"Yeah this'll be easy. But Matsumoto giving us a report on dinosaurs? Doesn't that seem a little odd?" I asked Kurosaki. He whistled.

"Who knows what goes on in her head? Besides you know her better than anyone else."

I stopped my pace looking up at Ichigo.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh come on. It's obvious the teacher likes you. She's always picking you to help her with her extra chores."

"Hey that's not true!"

"Come on. You know it is. She's always calling you Toshiro and she even called you "Shiro chan". Last week you broke a guys nose for calling you little Shiro!"

I blushed recalling how Matsumoto's friendliness towards me. Now that I thought about it, she had been rather nice to me. but I brushed it off.

"Well Matsumoto's just a mystery you know."

"Hey Ichigo! Toshiro!"

We both turned our heads around to see Rukia running up to us. Ichigo silently waved at her. It was odd how I noticed he looked somewhat annoyed yet somewhat glad to see her. I wonder…?

"What's up Rukia?" Ichigo asked the dark haired girl. Rukia looked up at Ichigo (something most people did).

"Hey I was thinking… um, maybe if you guys would like to get together and work on the report and… you know, hang out?"

Now for some reason Rukia would speak somewhat nervously around me and Ichigo. I knew that I wasn't Rukia's type so I could only guess my oblivious orange haired buddy was the cause of this.

"Huh? Sure. Why not? We'll go to Toshiro's place."

We all walked on to my house which isn't too far from the school. We all walked inside and I found a note. I knew what it read so I didn't bother to pick it up. But Ichigo…

"Dear Shiro, I left with Momo to take her to Calligraphy class. I left you some water melon in the fridge. Love Grandma."

I spun around hearing Ichigo in his squeaky voice. He and Rukia were laughing a bit.

"Hey that's not funny!" I yelled out. But Ichigo and Rukia refused to stop laughing.

"Oh come on Toshiro. I didn't know you were such a grandma's boy!"

"Shut up!"


After about ten minutes of us all being idiots, we sat in my living room watching a documentary on dinosaurs. It was narrated by a British man as usual showing usual dinosaur behavior.

"And here the male Iguanodon Charles is going after Samantha as his mate. Watch as he dances to court the female."

I made disgusted faces watching dinosaurs trying to get with each other. I looked at Ichigo and Rukia who kept their gazes at the screen.

"Oh look! A Tyrannosaurus has arrived attracted by the many Iguanodon mating. Samantha is trying to drag off Charles, but he's running up to the Rex. Oh, look! He's making a defensive position ready for attack!

"Wait why's Charles running in like that? The T. rex is right there!" Rukia yelled out. Ichigo scowled.

"We'll look. He wants to protect Samantha so he's fighting the guy to protect her."

"Che. Well that's dumb. He's just making his girl friend worry about him."

I chose not to talk as I observed Ichigo and Rukia's behavior. Since moving I decided these two people were the oddest besides Matsumoto sensei. They could get so serious about things sometimes.

"Well, maybe the guy cares about Samantha and wants to protect her to impress her?"

"Well that's stupid because Charles is an idiot for doing something so dangerous."

"Well maybe that shows how much he cares!"

"Well maybe she just likes him for who he is and thinks he shouldn't be so reckless!"

"Well maybe-"


"Oh you two are such love birds!"

The three of us jumped up seeing Matsumoto sensei. She was smiling at us.

"Matsumoto sensei? What're you doing here?"

"Y-yeah this is Toshiro's house."

"Oh I know that. I live next door! by the way Toshiro, your grandma told me she'll be running late so she sent me to tell you."

I sweat dropped at Matsumoto. Ichigo and Rukia looked perplexed at Matsumoto.

"Oh guys I'm so glad you're all so into this! I'll give you guys an A right now!"

We all stared at Matsumoto as she picked up our report and stamped on a big blue A.

"Uh… Matsumoto are you sure you want to grade us now?" I asked. Matsumoto smiled at us brightly.

"Oh don't worry, I knew you'd guys get an A. better now than later I suppose. Oh and you two,"

Matsumoto pointed at Ichigo and Rukia. I silently slid away from them.

"Why don't you guys go out? It's obvious you guys like each other and now you two got the whole week to yourselves!"

Ichigo and Rukia gaped in surprise at Matsumoto's actions as she got up and began to walk out.

"Okay then have a good time. And bye Toshiro!"Before I knew it, I was enveloped in another one of Matsumoto's hugs. And like always I was in direct contact to her large chest. It felt like heaven.

"Alight then, bye!"

Matsumoto waved off as she closed the door behind her. I stared out watching the woman leave. I felt excited again. But my attention was drawn back to Ichigo and Rukia who were still fixed in their positions. But what I noticed that they each held faint blushes.

"Are you guys… okay?"

I tried to pick my words carefully looking at them. Then they both shook their heads and grabbed their things.

"Uh… yeah I've got to go Toshiro. Goat chin's gonna think I'm late."

"Yeah, me too. Nii san wants me to get back early."

Both Ichigo and Rukia gathered everything walking out. But they accidently bumped into each other looking into each other's faces. They blushed and ran off faster than Sonic. I was going to tell them they were running the wrong way but I was too tired.

Now it didn't take me much to figure out why the three of us were put in a group. 1: Matsumoto noticed how Ichigo and Rukia acted and wanted to set them up as soon as possible. 2: adding me to the group, she had a reason to arrive and check on us. And if things didn't go well, she'd intervene. It was things like this that amazed me about her.


I went up to my room and stretched a bit. It wasn't that late so I thought a nice shower would do. So I began to take my shirt off in my room. I sighed feeling the cool air.

"My Toshiro you're looking handsome!"

"Ah!" I looked out my window to see Matsumoto at her window. She had her elbows on the window sill while smiling at me.

"Well Toshiro, aren't you glad I got you a whole free week?"

"Ah… Matsumoto sensei," I then remembered that my shirt was off so I covered my chest. Matsumoto laughed a bit.

"My you're so nervous. Don't worry it's nothing I haven't seen before."

I blushed a bit at Matsumoto's response. This confirmed my theory Matsumoto was an experienced woman. No wonder she was so good at teasing.

"Um, okay sensei. Hey did you um, set up my friends like that on purpose?"

"Yup! I felt so sorry for them too. They're so blind of their feelings for each other that I thought I should give a little push!"

I laughed a bit relaxing. Matsumoto then yawned. She then began removing the jacket she wore showing off her breast being held by a small purple shirt. My face grew red.

"Well I'm going to take a shower. I see you had the same idea in mind too."

I blushed even more at Matsumoto's response. She had had began to take off her shirt too.

"Well, see you later Shiro!" Matsumoto then left the window removing her shirt. my face turned crimson seeing her bare back proving that she didn't have a bra on.

I then heard the close of a door realizing that she must've entered her bathroom. I fell back with blood shooting far out. My manhood pointed up at the ceiling like if it detected a signal. Why I wondered, was Matsumoto sensei so immodest? Matsumoto Rangiku was one of the strangest and beautiful women I had ever known.



Momo: Shiro chan what're you doing on the floor like that?

Toshiro: Ah! It's not what it looks like!

Momo: You're not masturbating are you?

Toshiro: No, it was, you see-

Getting out of the shower next door

Rangiku: Well that Toshiro really is a nervous kid. I hope he's not too hard. That could be a problem.


A/N: AH I'm done! I had a fun time working on this chapter. I was able to add the right amount of HitsuMatsu and IchiRuki fluff I wanted. But what do you all think? Oh yeah I'm taking request so if you guys want a specific something to happen just PM me or ask in a review. Okay now bye!
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