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I woke in a jolt. One of those weird startle wakes. i don't know it's fuckin' retarded... Anywho, I stretched my arms, my legs, and my back. Giving a sigh of content. I look at the wall where coincidentally was there. April 9th. Then I barely remembered.

It's my birthday. I have fuckin' school. What else? oh yeah,..... FRANK CAME OVER THIS FUCKING MORNING?!

I quickly turned over to see an empty spot. The form of his body was still in the mattress. Yes, I know. I have a crappy ass mattress.

I looked at my phone. 8:30! I'm fucking late for school! So much for a good start on my birthday. I ran up the stairs into the kitchen. Where the fuck is everybody? Mikey probably left for school? But what about mom and dad? Then I saw a note on the dinning table. It said;

Happy Birthday Honey! We love you sooo much! Me and your dad left for work. Mikey's at school. I decided since I know you have been going through a lot lately and it's your birthday that you might as well stay home. That's one of my bday gifts to you. So don't expect something better than that later. :P Love you, Mom, Dad, & Mikey. xoxoxo

Okay, not so bad then. But then Frankie came into my mind. I miss him.. Then I devised a plan to distract myself from consuming my thoughts with him.

So what is first on my list? Hmmmm. Coffee. Yes, of course. I went over to the coffee maker. Wanted for the sweet pure heaven to whilst it's way down into my beautiful Misfits mug. Again, I never said I was normal.

My wonderful black coffee. It was a little hot, but I didn't give a fuck. It's my birthday!


Okay, I have no idea what that had to do with my coffee. Leave me alone. I just woke up.

I finished my coffee, put it in the sink. Sat back in the chair. Well, I'm bored. I can't think of one single thing to do. I'm usually at school just everyday just dreading every second of it. And the weekends I just usually spend it with Mikey, Ray, Bob, or mostly of course Frankie. God, I love him. My mind always goes crazy at that thought. Does he think of me?

Distract yourself Gerard! Right.

Damn it. The only thing I could think of is cleaning. Cleaning my room. That's a scary thought. but I have to keep my mind distracted. So I walked back to the steps that lead to my room. I took a deep breath in. Exhale slowly.

"Here we go.", I whispered to myself as I descended down the steps. Opened the door and embraced the dump I must clean.

-------------------------------- 4 hours later from 9 o'clock :D -------------------------------

"Fuck." I say to myself as I am dumping the last of the trash I had from my room. Shit, I did not know I had that much crap in my room. I mean my room is usually pretty dark and with weather lately. Being able to see everything in my room does not usually happen. Maybe I'm a vampire? Ehh.

I walk back into the house. I sit on the couch in the living room. I get my phone out of my pocket. 1 o'clock. Damn, I was cleaning a hella lot longer than I thought. I got up off the couch and walked down to my room. Then I noticed something white in the corner. I walked towards the object. It's an old canvas I haven't used. I've neglected my artistic hobby. More like passion. Well, there's still time until everyone gets home. What should I draw?

--------------------------------- 40 minutes later from 1:05 -----------------------------------

It showed perfection in every way. Every detail. Every color. I haven't painted in the longest time yet I caught beauty in every stroke of the paint brush. I picked up the canvas from the stand and stared at it more intently. I think I did a pretty good job. I put it down on my bed to stare at it more. The sunlight brought life to person in the painting. Him sitting in his chair the day I was at his house, him playing beautiful chords on his guitar.My Frankie.


My thoughts were interrupted. I went to my phone that was on my nightstand.

New text message

I opened it up. From my mom? She never texts. It read;

Hun can u go 2 store & get some milk & eggs?

Well, she's gotten better at it. I guess.. but seriously? Go to the market that's like 9-10 miles away and I can't even drive? Fuck man. Fucking cock sucker! I replied back;


Yes, I put dot dot. That'll show her. Yeah, right. I walked to the front door. My hand on the doorknob I sighed. Mentally preparing myself for a long walk. I opened the door and started my journey. I put my earphones in my ears and started blasting Misfits.

-------------------Yayyyyy! Another time lapse!! :D 45 minutes later from 1:15------------------

Ugh, I've been walking for 30 to 40 minutes. I don't fucking know. All i know is I'm just feet away from opening the door. I put the grocery bags down to get the house key from my pocket. I put the key in lock, twist it, then open the door. I picked up the groceries opened the door all the way. Do I hear people talking? I walk quickly into the kitchen. Why are the lights on?

"SURPRISE!!!!!!" I hear them all yell. There goes all the groceries flung up in the air. I heard a dozen cracks and liquid slapping the ground. I lean against the doorway to catch my breath.

"Smashing." Frank announces. Everyone laughs at his remark. I'm still trying to catch my breath. That little man is gonna get it.

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