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Go back to a time you were more comfortable in.

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I don't know how long I've been trapped in here, but I think it's starting to affect my mental process. Before all this happened, I was one of the most mature people in my group of friends. Then, I got kidnapped.

For the first while, I'm guessing a week or two, I held out just fine. I had believed that I was going to get rescued any day. I acted just like myself as much as I could under the situation. I don't think I did too badly at it. Then, when it became clear to me that things weren't going to change, and that I wouldn't get rescued any time soon, my mental state started to deteriorate. I'm dead sure of it.

I realized that going to sleep, I started sleeping in the fetal position, which I haven't done since I was a kid. More than one morning, I've woken up to find my thumb in my mouth, another habit that I haven't engaged in since the time I was probably 5 or so. I've started talking to my imaginary friends that I had as a child too. This certainly isn't good in the lightest. I'm scared of what's going to happen next if I keep acting like a child.

A week after this, Spencer's captor realized that the cops were closing in on him, and panicked, killing him and dumping the body to try and cover up his crime. But before he died, Spencer was starting to undergo regression. Unable to handle the severe amounts of stress that being kidnapped and held against his will put on his mind, he started to regress, going back to earlier stages in life, as evidenced by his sucking his thumb, change in sleeping position, and talking to imaginary friends like he did when he was a child. This regression might have helped him come out with his mental state intact, if only he had lived.
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