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I hate her and I don't understand why she won't leave me alone. Dammit, I'm the one in love with her, and she hates my guts!

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I just don't understand why Alicia won't get it that I'm not into her! This whole weird passive aggressive way she has about it is getting to me even more. I don't like her in the slightest, but she makes it so obvious how much she likes me, it's completely annoying!

She's always talking about me, and it's always so loud that half the people in the room can hear it, and she's always glancing at me. She always seems angry that I don't like her. My brother and my friends are always asking me if I like her, and I always deny it.

Oh, who am I kidding? It's all the other way around. I'm hopelessly in love with this chick who treats me lower than that piece of gum on the bottom of her shoe. The people nearest to me know it, mainly my best friends and my brother, who can read me more easily than a billboard at the side of the road. But to anyone else that asks, it's as I said it at the beginning. I hate her, and she's hopelessly in love.

Everyone who knows the truth is always telling me just give up on her, because besides the fact that she doesn't harbor a single amicable emotion towards me, there's her linebacker boyfriend to deal with. They're afraid that one of these days he's going to lose it towards me, and that I'll become toast, considering I'm a nerd, and your 12 year old sister probably has more of a muscle mass than I have. Maybe one of these days I should listen to them, and stop obsessing over her. But til then, to the outside world, I'm sick and tired of her and her lovesick attitude.

Young Mikey should've listened to his friends and family when they told him that she was no good for him. Less than a week after this touching little inner stream of thought, the thinker of these thoughts was found dead in a ditch. His love interest's boyfriend finally got sick and tired of having him hanging around so much, and decided to show it.

I didn't think I'd be collecting his soul, at least not so soon. After all, projection isn't always such a dangerous mental defense. It's a bit awkward, and gives some delusions, and possibly even start wars, but in itself, it usually doesn't cause all that much problems. Sometimes, it does help people to cope with things that they normally wouldn't be able to cope with should they have not put up those mental defenses.

Our little victim here was a prime example of projection. He couldn't admit his true feelings, so he 'projected' them onto someone else, and made it seem like they were the one feeling what he was truly feeling. It helped him to cope for the most part, making him think that he didn't like her, and that she really did like him, and it was his choice not to have anything to do with him. In fact, if not for the person that this girl was dating, our recently departed soul would've probably made it very far in life, with minimal mental trauma from her not reciprocating his feelings.
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