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Night of Fate, Part 1

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The final storyy arc begins: Danny returns to Amity Park with a new look and control over his powers, but in the meantime a new enemy will make its move...

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Danny Phantom: Fanning the Flames Remix
Chapter 9: Night of Fate, Part 1

By Kairi Taylor

(Fade in to a classroom somewhere. A high school class sits as a older looking man, somewhere in his mid 50s by appearance, continues to lecture them. He has on an immaculately neat white shirt and grey pants and on his face is rimmed glasses.)

Man: So class, as you can see, the policies that were put in place by Poland and its neighbors during the war in many ways helped the Nazis gain even more power before the war began. By not directly confronting Germany and the aggressive policies that the Nazis employed, this enabled the nation to become bolder and the grab for power was far more successful than they thought. While it is understandable that the leaders may not have wanted to lead their nations into another long war you can argue that there is a point that giving in is not a wise decision, especially in the face of absolute evil.

(As the school bell rings, the door to the classroom opens. A tall man in a black suit enters the classroom as the students begin to file out.)

Man: Ok class, I want a 5 page essay on the French Resistance done by this weekend. And no, don’t even think about using Wikipedia, I want you to go and do your research IN THE LIBRARY. (A student sighs as the room is emptied.) Well, fancy seeing you here.

Tall Man: My apologies, Lord Perseus.

Perseus: For you to say that, it must be serious. Why are you here?

Tall Man: I have been keeping an eye on the York matter as you requested. As you had suspected, he has set up some sort of operation in the city of Amity Park.

Perseus: Has he now? The very same place where that Danny Phantom character lives. Altair would not move to such a place as that without a good reason. Very well then, I think the other Wraiths must be called in. We will meet in my headquarters later tonight. Oh, and have you been keeping an eye on Lucius as well?

Tall Man: I have sir.

Perseus: And?

Tall Man: I am not sure, but I think he has been making a side deal.

Perseus: Right. If he is making a move to try and usurp me, he’s been very careful about it. It’s about time we looked into recruiting a new Wraith into our ranks.

(Meanwhile, back in Amity Park, a taxi stops in front of Fenton Works. The passenger and back doors open and from the front steps out Master Hamato, in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. From the back emerges Danny. However, Danny’s different; his hair is noticeably longer and he has a pony tail. Instead of his usual clothes, he is wearing a pair of grey jeans and a black t-shirt.)

Danny: Sensei, I know you wanna dress casual and all, but that? You look like a Hawaiian tourist.
Hamato: I rather wear this than a silly old suit and tie, quite frankly. Well, how does it feel to be back home after all this time away?
Danny: Feels like it’s been over a year actually.
Hamato: Well, Sendou Field does have that effect on those that train there! And I did need an excuse to step out of the dojo actually. It’s nice to get out of the country now and then.
Danny: Just when was the last time you stepped out of Japan?
Hamato: Madonna was still relevant.
Danny: Ouch. Well, here we are, home sweet home so to speak. I wonder what we’ve been missing out on anyway? Probably just another typical day in the ol’lab.

(Suddenly a loud explosion is heard as Box Ghost is sent forcibly out of one of the upper windows via a large concussive blast. The front door opens and Jazz steps out, shouldering a large Ecto-Rifle.)

Jazz: For the last time, if you bug me while I’m trying to study, I’LL BLAST YOU INTO NEXT WEEK!!! Of all the times to be a pest, I swear I—Danny is that you?
Danny: Yup. I see goes life goes on as normal here. (Danny is suddenly put in a tight embrace by his older sister as she hugs him)
Jazz: WELCOME BACK! Oh, I’ve missed you so much little brother! You have no idea what I had to put up with while you were away!
Danny: Whoa, easy there sis! You’ll put me in a coma before I can even step inside!
Hamato: Ah, you must be Jasmine. So nice to see you at last my dear.
Jazz: Master Hamato. It’s an honor to meet you. (Jazz bows)
Hamato: No need to be so formal. I’m not recruiting right now, but I had my hands full with your brother here.
Jazz: I can imagine. Wait until Mom and Dad see you, you’ve changed quite a bit.
Danny: You have no idea. (On cue, Jack steps out of the house and sees the 3 of them)
Jack: Well ain’t you a sight for sore eyes! Good to see you home, son! Jack runs down and hugs Danny)
Danny: Dad, ease up! You’re the second person to give me a bear hug!
Jack: Sorry son.
Hamato: And I see you’re just as energetic here as you are in Japan.
Jack: Even more so, now that my side project is nearing completion. With York’s help, we’ll revolutionize robotics as we know it.
Hamato: That reminds me, where is he?

(Cut to the backyard of York’s mansion. York sits on a mat in a meditative pose as a bokken lays before him.)

York: …You’re a little tense, I can sense it. Try to relax. (From out of the bushes steps out Youngblood, armed with a bokken of his own.)
Youngblood: How can I not be tense? You tell me to try to catch you off guard, that’s like trying to ask a lion not to kill an antelope.
York: True, but if you’re going to learn how to mask your ecto-energy any better this is the best way. Once you do that, controlling your chi energy as well will be a cinch.
Youngblood: I think it looks easier in anime.
York: Perhaps. Then again—(Suddenly York leaps forward, grabs his bokken and raises it as he blocks a strike aimed at his head from Dani, who has leaped from a spot above with her own bokken.)
Dani: Damn it! I thought you were distracted that time!
York: Your problem is that you get too excited at the last second.
Youngblood: If you weren’t so fast, I’d be jealous. (Dani shoulders her bokken as York looks up in the air.) Hey, you feel that?
Dani: Me too.
York: At least your energy sensing skills are in top form. Danny’s back home. But he feels…different.
Youngblood: Totally!
Dani: It’s like he’s bulked up something fierce.
York: Well, you two feel like dropping by FentonWorks to see what they’re up to?
Youngblood: Only if you promise we won’t have to stay to endure any of Jack’s singing. Every time he belts out the karaoke machine, my ears suffer.
York: Yes I know, his rendition of “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” leaves much to be desired.
Dani: That’s a nice way of saying it sucks, huh?
York: It is.

(Meanwhile at Sam’s home, Sam is laying back, reading a huge book, as Ember tunes her guitar.)

Ember: Ok, let’s see…just adjust this little knob here and—(suddenly the guitar lets out a large chord, shaking the whole room) WOW!! And that was just on 5. Imagine this bad boy on 8.
Sam: Don’t you find it odd my parents haven’t asked any questions about the loud sounds coming from this room?
Ember: Nah. I figure with all the lies you came up with, incredibly creative by the way, they lost all need to even peek in here. And by the way, if you haven’t detected it yet, your boy toy is home at last.
Sam: Wait how did—
Ember: Hello, empathic link? Besides, York’s taught me a thing or two about energy sensing as well. Like I said, dipstick’s home. You wanna go and greet him?
Sam: Yeah, but not right away! I want to at least have the illusion of letting him think I waited.
Ember: Good idea, but if I know anything about you, your hormones will kick in and demand you get over there and assault his face with nothing but kisses.
Sam: I’ll see him…just as soon as I finish this chapter about soul divining.
Ember: Ok, whatever you say…(Ember looks at her wrist)
Sam: And you are doing what now?
Ember: Just keeping track.

(Downstairs in the Manson kitchen, Mr. Manson looks outside as Sam’s mother takes a tray out of the oven.)

Mrs. Manson: And here we go, the perfect gingersnaps! The girls at the meeting will be SO jealous. (Grandma Manson wheels herself in)
Grandma: You’re not gonna elbow anyone like you did last year at the bake sale, will you?
Mrs. Manson: Oh come now, that was a misunderstanding. It’s not my fault that Mrs. Blake gets temperamental.
Grandma: The 12 stiches she required say the exact opposite. And speaking of women you need to get along with, are you gonna give in and attend the PTA meeting with the Fenton woman?
Mrs. Masson: Oh why me? You get along so much better with her than I do!
Grandma: That’s because I make sure never to insult jumpsuits when I’m around them. And since the boy’s dating my granddaughter, you best believe I expect you to play nice with his parents. You too, son!
Mr. Manson: Yes mom, I’ll try. I have to admit though, it was rather ingenious of Jack how he marketed that ‘Fenton Blade’ of his in Japan. Didn’t think he knew anything beyond ‘destroy public property’.
Mrs. Manson: I still worry about the son. I hope he and my Sam don’t do anything too…risqué.
Grandma: Like you and him when I caught you two—
Mr. Manson: WE WERE EXPERIMENTING! And you walking in on us made it feel even worse. And the talk you gave me later, oh my goodness…
Grandma: I just wanted you to know the right way of doing things. (Suddenly, Sam runs past them all.)
Sam: Sorry, can’t wait, Danny’s back in town, love you and see you later tonight! (Sam literally rips the door off its hinges as she leaves.)
Mrs. Manson: Oh dear, that was quite fast.
Grandma: Oh to be young and in love again.
Mrs. Manson: But how did she know he was home? I didn’t hear the phone ring.
Mr. Manson: You know teen girls, they have a six sense about these things.
Grandma: Is that what we’re gonna call it now?

(Meanwhile, at Valerie’s apartment complex)

Star: Seriously? He said that?
Valerie: No joking. Hayate told me that there’s at least 2 more Shinigami sleeper agents hanging around Amity Park now. I can account for one of them that we know of.
Star: Right, KT. You heard from him lately?
Valerie: He’s working on a huge project last time I spoke with him. He said that Mr. Fenton’s involved with most of the groundwork and it will ‘literally transform combat’ here. I don’t know if that was a hint or something, but I have an odd feeling it’s gonna cause more damage than they intended.
Star: It usually does.
Valerie: How’s Tucker doing?
Star: Good actually, didn’t think he’d recover from that accident so quickly. I’m worried though, he spends at least one day a week in his room working on something.
Valerie: Hopefully, it’s not his dirty magazine collection.
Star: Like he needs one now. But whatever he’s working on, he’s been at it for a long time now. I heard him making a few calls to the professor for some materials. EXPENSIVE sounding materials.
Valerie: Uh oh. I just hope it’s not gonna be anything as ridiculous as ‘Foley’.
Star: It was declared a biohazard you know. And have you actually heard anything else from the Shinigami?
Valerie: Not really. They said someone will get in touch with me with details about the training regimen but other than that, everything’s been silent. (Suddenly, Tucker’s voice is heard in the room.)
Tucker’s Voice: I have a feeling that you may hear from them sooner than expected.
Star: What the—Tucker?! Is that you?
Tucker’s Voice: In the flesh. Well, not precisely. Look over at the table. (The two of them look down to see a fly, colored blue, setting down on the table) You like it? I managed to find a way of optimizing some of Vlad’s old surveillance drones for our use.
Valerie: Wow, nice work. But I hope you don’t plan to use that for ‘other’ means.
Tucker: Star would put me in the hospital for another month if I did. Besides, it was her idea.
Star: Yeah, I kind of figured there are some places we may not be able to get to, like Danny and Sam, so why not put some of the old stuff you guys confiscated to use?
Valerie: Good call.
Tucker: But that’s not why I’m here. I just got a call from Dani and a certain ol friend of ours just came back home. Who’s up for a meet and greet?
Valerie: Sounds like a plan.
Star: But we bail the minute his dad breaks out the karaoke machine.
Tucker: Hey, I like the machine.
Valerie: And if you start singing we all will make a hastu exit.

(Back at Danny’s home, Hamato finishes relating his tales to the rest of the family)

Hamato: …and so there Danny was, a very large fish in one hand and his trousers in another. I think it’s safe to say he has mastered the art of survival in the woods on his own.
Jack: But of course! Fenton men are naturals when it comes to roughing it. I am surprised though, would’ve thought using pants as a whip would keep a bear at bay.
Danny: It was early morning, I was tired, hungry and had to face down a godless killing machine. The options I had were limited.
Maddie: That reminds me of the time I had to fend off a warthog using my bra.
Danny and Jazz: We don’t wanna know.
Hamato: You’ll also be pleased to know that Danny has managed to keep his grades at a respectable level.
Danny: Yeah, believe it or not, I managed to get a 3.1 GPA before I left. Then again, studying in-between jogging sessions and sparring was all I could really do.
Jack: And it’ll come in handy, trust me. I’ll probably be needing your help soon. It looks like the local ghost population may be acting up again.
Danny: Really?
Jack: Yeah, it’s kind of been quiet for a while but yesterday it started up all over again. And I haven’t even seen that Ghost Kid around much. If the recent activity is because of something he did, I wanna bring him in and do it fast, but with you on my side it may be easier than I thought. The poor sap won’t even know what hit him!
Jazz: Yeah, that will be something to look forward to…nothing potentially soul shattering about that possible altercation.
Maddie: Jack, can you go check on the pork chops?
Jack: Oh, almost forgot about those! Be right back! (Jack eagerly dashes towards the kitchen)
Jazz: You STILL haven’t told him yet?!
Maddie: Hon, this kind of thing takes time. It’s not the easiest thing to do you know, tell your husband that the very ghost he’s been hunting for the last 3 years just happens to be his own son. It was enough of a shock for me when I learned about it.
Danny: It’s still a miracle that she hasn’t grounded me for it.
Maddie: I’m still miffed you used the Ecto Speeder and didn’t bother buffing out the dings.
Danny: Besides, we thought it would be better if I broke the news to Dad myself first, then let Mom and York ease him into it slowly. The Wraith thing may be a bit much though.
Hamato: I need to have a word with York about that too. (The doorbell rings) And I do believe we have some company. (Jack rushes out from the kitchen)
Jack: That’s probably for me! I’m expecting a new oscillator this week. (Jack opens the front door to find standing there Dani, Youngblood, York, Valerie, Star and Tucker.)
York: Someone call my name?
Youngblood: Oh don’t mind us, we were just in the neighborhood and thought we’d say hi or something.
Jazz: Seriously? Is that the best you could do?
Valerie: Ok, jig is up! Where’s Danny?
Danny: Uh, hey guys, what are you—(almost everyone rushes into the room, with the exception of York who casually walks in)
Dani: So what was it like training in the dojo?
Youngblood: Did you learn how t walk on water? Can you leap really high now?
Valerie: What did he teach you? Can you do a death blow if you wanted to?
Star: What’s Paulina up to? Is she fitting in all right?
Tucker: Tell me you brought back pocky!
Hamato: I guess news of his return spread faster than I had expected. But I could have sworn that there was one other person that would be here.
Maddie: 5 seconds.
Hamato: Huh?
Maddie: You’ll see. (Precisely 5 seconds later, Sam walks through the door, attempting to be as casual as possible.)
Sam: Oh, hey. I heard you came back home.
Danny: Yeah. I just arrived a couple of hours ago.
Sam: Cool. How was the training?
Danny: Oh, pretty rough. Nothing I couldn’t handle.
Sam: I see. Nice haircut—
Star: Sam, if you don’t get over there right now and kiss your boyfriend, I will lose all respect for you and punch you!
Sam: Well, if you insist!
Danny: Hey, wait—(Sam practically dives into Danny’s arms and gives him a huge kiss on the lips)
Jack: So, who’s up for some karaoke?
Maddie: The machine’s broken dear. A terrible accident really.

(Sometime later, York and Hamato are talking outside of FentonWorks)

York: I take it you’re here for more than just sightseeing.
Hamato: Indeed I am. No doubt you became aware of Danny when he entered town.
York: Yes. I knew he had gotten stronger while he was away, but I can sense there is more than I originally calculated.
Hamato: Yes, there is. I instructed Danny on not using his full power until the time is right. His skills are suitable as they are now, but from what I have seen he may not completely be able to control the powers he has mastered. And I believe you may have come across something similar to Dani as well.
York: Yeah, I have. It happened during one training session, but I don’t think she has become aware of it herself. She may share Dani’s DNA but she has developed quite differently than Danny.
Hamato: I hope this will not be a problem with the plan you have inmind.
York: No, not really. But this all hinges on just how much Perseus knows about what I’ve been doing.
Hamato: How so?
York: Spectra did not just show up in Japan for a simple revenge ploy, not after what happened with Rha’aan. She had help getting there and it worries me. If Perseus suspects I’m up to something here, I have no doubt he will poke around and try to see what is up.

(Elsewhere, in a secluded mansion somewhere, Perseus walks down a long hallway with his assistant, the Tall Man)

Perseus: I trust that the group has been assembled.
Tall Man: Per your instructions, sir.
Perseus: Excellent. I will try to keep this meeting as brief as possible. I do have a lecture to attend to after all. And is Lucious in there as well.
Tall Man: Indeed he is.
Perseus: Right. Let’s get this over with. (The pair approaches a set of double doors and Perseus opens them with a wave of his hand. Inside sits Lucius, in the center of the room, his legs crossed and his hands folded. Behind him are 5 individual screens, all dark, with numbers assigned to each one. Underneath the numbers are the words “Audio Feed Only” in red.)

Perseus: Good evening my subjects. I believe we all know why we have gathered here.
Voice 1: We do, my lord.
Voice 2: Uh, I’m kind of out of the loop here. Been handling business of my own here in my neck of the woods.
Voice 3: Heh, slow as usual.
Voice 2: HEY! Watch your tongue there.
Voice 5: Moving on, I believe this is because of the actions of our friend Lucius.
Lucius: Who, me?
Voice 2: Don’t act so smug wiseass! We know what you’re up to!
Voice 4: You mean that you SUSPECT.
Voice 2: That’s what I meant.
Voice 4: No, you are easily confused. Suspecting and knowing are two mutually exclusive terms. I don’t expect you to get that but really—
Perseus: Ahem.
Voice 2: Sorry sir!
Perseus: As much as I’d like for you two to engage in a battle of wits, we are addressing the perceived transgressions of Lucious. You have been accused of working with a ghost, which is completely frowned upon by our group unless extremely dire circumstances allow it.
Lucious: Oh, really?
Voice 5: Yes, really. One of my agents observed you in conversation with the being known as Penelope Spectra, a Class A level malevolent spirit. She has been known to feed off the vibes of humans in times of emotional distress to fuel herself.
Voice 2: What, she’s like a succubus or something?
Voice 3: Uh…more or less. You actually know about that?
Voice 2: Hey, I read up on ghosts too. But what you said though, that’s not kosher at all.
Voice 4: No it is not. Fraternizing with one of ‘them’ is bad enough. She’s not someone any person can trust.
Tall Man: You’ve been brought here to speak in your defense, Lucious. Choose your words wisely.
Lucious: Oh come now, I’ve been with this group a long time. You all know me better than that.
Voice 1: We know you are very ambitious, you like to make bids for power, you have no problem stepping over others…
Lucious: And I’m a terrific singer too.
Voice 2: So, out with it, then. Why were you hanging out with the Bizarro Mrs. Brady then?
Lucious: I assure you all, it’s for a greater purpose. I’ll have you know an old friend of ours has been hanging around Amity Park a lot lately. A certain brilliant billionaire no doubt you all have had a run in with.
Voice 3: York?
Voice 4: What about him?
Lucious: I tend to keep tabs on our foes. He’s been teaching there for some time now and he’s also been involved in training the local hero, Danny Phantom.
Perseus: Ah yes, the Hybrid.
Voice 2: The kid who came up with that crazy plan to save the world huh? I wondered if we’d ever have to deal with him.
Voice 5: I’ve been meaning to capture him myself and study his powers, but I didn’t see time on my schedule to do so.
Perseus: And you decided to contact Spectra because…
Lucious: I needed one of my agents to shadow her so that I can see precisely why he had been training Danny. I haven’t been able to find out much sadly, as I lost contact with that agent a few weeks after they arrived in Japan. I suspect though that he may be training him to fight against us.
Perseus: That, actually I am aware of.
Voice 3: What?
Perseus: Trust me when I say there is no doubt he will soon make his move against us. If he so felt inclined he could have killed all of you himself, and it would not be the first time he’s done something like that. But the fact that he is taking Danny under his wing, that intrigues me. And just why he is really in Amity also makes me curious. I do not exactly approve of your methods Lucious, and I certainly do not believe most of your concern is sincere. However, your suspicions may be right.
Voice 3: So, what do we do, go to this Amity Park and waste ‘em?
Perseus: No. I’ve seen Danny in action. He’s not up to our level quite yet. But if he has been in Japan, he may have been to see Master Hamato, and that also worries me. Not only that, but Amity Park is a hotbed of paranormal activity and scientific interest to me.
Voice 5: Me too. The Fentons lately have made some strides in their ghost fighting equipment and Vladco has some notable advances made. Even the local ghost hunters have seen some progress, minimal as they may be.
Perseus: I know. And I have it on good authority some shaman ae in that town as well.
Voice 2: I got an idea.
Voice 4: Hopefully it’ll be an intelligent one.
Voice 2: Look, here me out. Let’s just send one of our guys and some of our potential agents into Amity Park, raise some hell you know. No doubt it’ll get this Phantom kid or anyone else that lives there all hot and bothered to try to stop us. We’ll see just how strong he really became and it’ll confirm whether or not he could become a pain in our asses.
Voice: …that actually is intelligent. It must be a sign of the end times.
Perseus: Interesting. I think that plan could be most beneficial to us. Very well. I’ll give you two weeks to decide who will pull this off.
Voice 5: Allow me.
Voice 2: Nah man, it’s my plan, I got this in the bag!
Voice 3: Allow me the pleasure of scoffing at that.
Perseus: You can argue about this elsewhere, preferably not in my presence! As for you Lucius, I think I have a use for you.
Lucius: Oh?
Perseus: Since you seem to be familiar with Amity Park, I need someone to help me go on a bit of a recruiting drive.

(About 2 weeks later, at Casper High…Valerie walks to school, accompanied by Kwan.)

Kwan: You know, we kind of joked about it a lot, but to see it actually happen…it’s really kind of surreal.
Valerie: Ah yes, the ‘finally official’ couple. When we see it occur outside of our heads it does seem rather odd.
Kwan: I was gonna go for ‘confusing’ actually.
Valerie: Well when they no longer have to deny it, it takes the fun out of teasing them about it. (As if on cue, Danny and Sam walk up besides the two)
Danny: Maybe we should start getting on you two about dating.
Sam: You are rather chummy as of late!
Kwan: Whoa, hold on there! Ok, sure we work out a lot…
Valerie: …and he has been giving me great pointers on boxing I may add…
Kwan: But that does not automatically translate into us going past the ‘great friends’ line.
Valerie: And don’t think we aren’t aware that you two have been trying to get us to hook up too!
Sam: You think we’re that sneaky?
Kwan: You tried the same trick that you used to get Tucker and Star together.
Valerie: While that was successful with them, you’ll not find us that easy to manipulate.
Danny: Oh come on, it wouldn’t be so bad if you two tried it at least once.
Kwan: That’s what Tucker said about shawarma. I still haven’t gotten used to the taste.
Sam: Oddly enough, Valerie and Star’s become addicted to it.
Valerie: I blame Mr. Stark for it, let’s leave it at that. And by the way, are you guys ready for finals?
Kwan: About as ready as I’ll ever be.
Danny: Completely. I think Tucker may be even more prepared than any of us. Just look at him! (Danny points ahead to Tucker, jogging to school with a book in hand, Star alongside him on a bike, bullhorn in hand)
Star: When was the Battle of Hastings?
Tucker: October 14, 1066!!
Star: Give at least 2 different names for Queen Elizabeth I!
Tucker: The Virgin Queen and Good Queen Bess!
Star: What is the English meaning of Magna Carta?
Tucker: The Great Charter.
Sam: Now THAT is dedication.
Kwan: Wow. I’m surprised that he’s actually out of the lab now. What is he working on in there anyway?
Danny: To be quite honest, I haven’t a clue. I thought I saw some blueprints, but it turned out to be just sketches of Ryu and Ken. If he’s not even letting me on to his secret it has to be major.
Valerie: As long as it’s not a repeat of the last science fair experiment he attempted we’ll all be fine.
Sam: The court order that was issued will see to that. There’s no chance they’ll ever let him back into Boise though, that’s a certainty.
Danny: Those people can hold a grudge.

(Inside the school, Dash is at a desk in the library, reading from a book as York enters)

York: So, how’s the study session going there?
Dash: It’s dull, slow, boring, I’m absorbing knowledge I can’t possibly see a use for. In short its going well.
York: Glad to see.
Dash: Ugh, why do finals have to be so mind crippling?
York: Trust me, despite what popular culture may have you believe there are women out there who like a man with muscles AND smarts.
Dash: You know this from first-hand experience I take it.
York: Oh yeah.
Dash: I do appreciate the help you’ve been giving me lately, sir, honestly, but why me? There are other guys on the team who could use the help more.
York: Well, to be honest, the school board honestly did not want you to fall back into certain old habits that you had before ‘the incident’. You already know that there are some people who look up to you for being a rather superb athlete.
Dash: But of course.
York: But your grades were very borderline and the incident was very embarrising to the higher ups. There are already some districts who are facing some lawsuits due to more extreme cases of bullying and accusations of favoritism. The last thing that the school wants is that kind of publicity. The alternative to my helping you raise your GPA was expulsion.
Dash: Ouch. When you put it like that, I guess I could stand to study for an hour or two. Still though, everything feels…off.
York: Off?
Dash: Yeah. Danny’s become more sociable, Paulina’s gone off to bigger and better things, soon we’ll be seniors and getting ready for college and I’ll no longer be part of the high school hierarchy of awesome. Change kind of sucks.
York: Yes, the transition from high school to college life is offsetting, especially when you learn some of the darker aspects of American history.
Dash: Such as?
York: Roosevelt had quite a few dalliances in his presidency. Besides, even you knew that it couldn’t last forever. It’s what you do with that remaining time here in high school that will count. Will you be remembered as the big man on campus that everyone likes or, when you come back for the 20 year reunion, will that guy whose head you dunked in the toilet be a successful author and point you out as the douchebag that made his life a living hell and inspired him to write that bestseller that made him a household name?
Dash: Wow. Let me guess, you know quite a few authors like that.
York: 20.

(Meanwhile, inside the library…Danny enters and sees Mr. Lancer trying to nonchalantly spy on Emily Baker, who sits at the librarian’s desk)

Danny: Uh, Mr. Lancer? What are you doing?
Lancer: Huh? Oh, nothing, nothing just, uh, reading a fascinating book on…(Lancer looks at the cover) liberals who want to kill our freedoms?!
Danny: Yeah, if you’re going to spy on Ms. Baker, I think this is probably the wrong book to use. No sane person who wants to pass themselves off as incognito will use a Ann Coulter book as a cover.
Lancer: Good observation.
Danny: I’m taking a stab in the dark and guessing the reason why you are doing this is because you want to ask her out but don’t have the intestinal fortitude to pull it off.
Lancer: Indeed. It’s one thing to talk to her day to day about our common interests and job, but to do so in a romantic environment would be something a bit daunting.
Danny: It’s either swallow your pride and take the bullet or spend another lonely night eating out of a corn beef hash can.
Lancer: When you put it like that…(sighs and puts the book back on the shelf, then slowly approaches the desk) Good day there, Emily.
Emily: Oh, hullo Mr. Lancer.
Lancer: Lovely weather out now.
Emily: Yes, the summer weather is fast approaching. I find it quite energizing really.
Lancer: As do I! But there’s more to this town than just pleasant summer weather you know.
Emily: Quite. So do you want to pick me up at 7 or 8?
Lancer: Wuthering Heights! You can read minds!
Emily: No, just lips actually. I did observe you and Danny talking over there like typical high school boys. Really, a man your age should have a little more confidence than this! It’s a good thing Danny did give you that extra push, I didn’t think you’d muster enough courage to speak to me.
Lancer: That’s putting it mildly. I know a place we can go to on the east side called the Owl’s Roost. The coffee’s good but I strongly suggest against going for the scones.
Emily: Ah, I’ll heed your wise advice. 8 then.
Lancer: 8 it is. (Lancer walks off with a slight spring in his step as Sam enters the library and hugs Danny from behind.)
Sam: Surprise hug!
Danny: I don’t think I’l get used to this side of you.
Sam: Trust me, it won’t last too long. I just wanted to cheer you up a little since I know about what you’re planning to do tonight.
Danny: And without the aid of the emergency ham I may add.
Sam: I think your dad will be just fine. I mean sure, when you revealed it two times everything was ok before time and reality was reset, so there’s a really god chance he can cope with this.
Danny: I wanna believe it, but this is something I’ve been hiding for almost 3 years now. Mom is the more level headed of my parents believe it or not, but Dad? He kind of gets emotional.
Sam: Trust me, it’s nowhere near the levels my dad reached when I told him we hooked up.
Danny: It really couldn’t have been that bad.
Sam: Look outside the window.

(Danny peeks through an open window. Outside, he sees a car slowly driving past the school as Sam’s father looks out the window, giving Danny the ‘I’m Watching You’ gesture.)

Danny: How does he…
P. Ishiyama: Mr. Manson, please refrain from giving my student the evil eye. They’re dating now, you’ll have to cope with it.

(Elsewhere, in the Ghost Zone, Ember arrives at a rather rustic looking shack, where Kitty is sitting down at the front drinking from a mug)

Kitty: So, what do you think? Place is pretty decent looking if I do say so myself.
Ember: If you’re going for the roadhouse approach you succeeded.
Kitty: Hey, you try rebuilding a run down cabin from the ground up. We practically had to tow it all the way from the human world to set it down here. All we need is a few more modifications and we’re all set.
Ember: May I suggest putting in a hot tub at some point? All cabins need ‘em if you ask me.
Kitty: I’ll make a mental note of it. What’s up on your end, other than trying out new fire based moves?
Ember: Other than trying to ignore certain thoughts running through the mind of Baby Pop’s girl, I have it on good authority Skulker’s planning something big.
Kitty: You heard it too, huh? I’m been too busy myself to really notice, but the word on the grape vine is that he’s gunning for Danny tonight.
Ember: Really? That oughta be fun to watch.
Kitty: You’re not gonna interfere or anything? This kind of mucks up your own plans you know.
Ember: Heh, the dipstick can handle him, trust me. If he can’t handle that over inflated ego stuck in a metal mannequin suit, I ain’t wasting time on him. And speaking of guys, where’s Johnny?
Kitty: Believe it or not, training. (Kitty points to the window inside. Ember peeks in to see Johnny hard at work, rapidly punching at a sandbag) Ever since that little side trip I made to Japan, he’s been working out. I gotta say though, I am liking the results.
Ember: The abs huh?
Kitty: Oh yeah, big time.
Johnny: GRAHHHH!!!! (Johnny lets loose with a hard right haymaker, busting the sandbag open and letting the sand flow out from within. At this point, Sydney walks in, shaking his head while carrying in another sandbag and a broom.)
Sydney: Remind me to bring a vacuum next time.
Johnny: Yeah, sorry ‘bout that.
Sydney: No, don’t worry about it, the school’s got plenty of these. At least someone’s getting use out of them. What got you so interested in this anyway?
Johnny: Figured that Danny wasn’t the only one who needed brushing up on his punching skills. Besides, I don’t know why, but I’ve got the feeling that I’m gonna be doing a lot of fighting soon, whether I like it or not.
Sydney: I’m afraid you may be more right than you know. There’s been a lot of rumors floating around. Some ghosts are supposedly banding together, forming a group of sorts.
Johnny: Let me guess, a legion of some kind?
Sydney: I wouldn’t bet against it.
Johnny: With everything that’s been happening lately, it seems like it could really happen. Hey, you’re hanging with Tucker now? Is he planning anything?
Sydney: I want to say something but let’s just say it’s a surprise. And when you see it you will not believe your eyes.
Johnny: As long as it’s not a repeat of the disaster with his cologne I’m good.
Sydney: That was an unmitigated atrocity.

(Later that evening, somewhere at the Amity Park city limits stands Perseus with Lucius at his side.)

Lucius: This town does look quite lovely in the evening from this spot.
Perseus: Yes, but the underbelly is less than desirable. But we’re not here to clean it up.
Lucius: At least not yet.
Perseus: No. First though, we need to see what kind of people live here. You know your assignment, do you not?
Lucius: Indeed. I must make a visit to a potential recruit. What of you?
Perseus: There is one other person that I will speak to. He may become a valuable ally himself. (Seconds later, a black cloud appears from the ground as a large man in biker pants and jacket steps out from within.)
Lucius: My, you’re actually on time today.
Man: Shove it, Lucius. I still don’t trust you in case you haven’t figured it out!
Perseus: Easy there, Gerard, we’re not here for this.
Gerard: Oh, right. My bad. My agents are here now. Just send the word…
Perseus: And the word here, gentlemen is…attack!

(In Amity, at a restaurant somewhere sits Danny, York and Jack. A large steak is presented before Jack as Danny nervously adjusts his shirt collar)

Jack: Now this is what I call a porterhouse! It was sure nice of you to treat me to some quality beef, Yorkie!
York: Uh actually, Jack, this is all on Danny. Sort of, we are splitting the bill here.
Danny: I kind of figured it would be nice for us to sit hear and just, you know, talk. We dodo that as father and son.
Jack: Uh oh. I know where this is heading. There’s only one reason why you’d say that and it involves the Fenton Therapeutic Pot Roast. In hindsight, I guess eating it on Monday as a snack was probably not a good idea at the time.
Danny: That was why freaked out? Figured it was about—wait never mind.
York: What happened? Did you and Tucker—
Danny: No. Dad, there is a very good reason why we’re here. See, it’s about the, uh, ‘Ghost Kid’ and you…
Jack: Let me guess, you guys think I’m going to get too obsessed with catching him, like I’m some sort of modern day Captain Ahab.
York: Well more or less yeah.
Jack: Ok, ok I understand why you guys are concerned. But look at it from my point of view. This “Danny Phantom”, I acknowledge that he did help save the world and everything but a lot of the things he has done tend to be on the ,as we say in the business, extremely destructive side. And if he’s not careful, someone could get seriously hurt.
Danny: But he has been careful dad!
Jack: So far. But there are always the unknown factors that will come into play. And need I remind you that some of these fights that he’s been picking have been prolonged affairs that caused a lot in property damage. That’s why I want to bring him in, actually.
Danny: Dad, I don’t think I should be the one who should remind you that the major insurance companies have instituted a ‘Fenton Clause’ in their policies as far as this town is concerned.
Jack: Sure, cause one contained quantum singularity failure and they label you the end bringer.
Danny: And even if you did bring him in, what do you hope to accomplish?
Jack: For starters, try to better understand the bonding of ghost DNA to human DNA. It’s pretty obvious that the kid’s gotten ahold of his powers through some sort of misbegotten accident in a lab somewhere, or maybe he was exposed to ghost radiation of some sort. Not only that, see if the powers have had some lingering effects on him, psychologically or physically. There’s no telling what will happen over time if he doesn’t know how to use it properly. This is why I was hoping that you two could assist me on this. Altair, you know quite a bit about energy and its effects on the human body, and Danny here’s probably around his age. The two of you could be of big help.
York: …could you excuse us for 1 second. Danny, huddle! (Danny and York quickly duck down into a huddle) Did you know your dad was this serious about it?!
Danny: I’m just as shocked about it as you are! He barely remembers to set the egg timer, he’s like some sort of ghost savant when it comes to stuff like this.
York: Right…so Jack’s a little more prepped in his plans than we both figured. I guess we have to approach this differently.
Danny: Right. Let me do all the talking. (The two turn back to face Jack) Dad, see this is the thing…I know about Danny Phantom thing a lot more than you think.
Jack: So that’s why you brought me here…You’re his sidekick!!
Danny: Yeah—wait what?
Jack: I gotta say, if you’re trying to keep him from being a little more responsible you need to do a better job at it. The department store fight with that trench coat wearing apparition, that was a hum dinger. It would also explain why you’re not around at the most important times. Tell me you’re at least taping the action! It would go great with York’s research.
Danny: Tucker was trying to sell those to the Daily Bugle—wait, no that’s not it! Look, it’s a little more simple than that. Ok, it’s a lot more simple. See—

(Before Danny can say anything, an errant blast destroys the window of the restaurant as Skulker flies in. His suit is radically different as his right arm is now a arm cannon and one of his eyes has on a scope, while his left arm has a large machete like blade in it, which glows green.)

Skulker: I hope you’re not waiting for dessert!
Jack: Do you MIND? We’re trying to have a family moment? (Jack unholsters a small Fenton Blaster from his side)
York: I was gonna ask why you kept a weapon on you, but that would be pointless!
Jack: Ok ghost, time for you to pick up the check!
Skulker: …that’s the best you got? I would have gone with something more witty like “Let’s take this outside!”

(Skulker fires from his arm cannon, sending all three of them flying backwards, through the wall and into the back alley. The rest of the patrons scream and flee in panic as Skulker flies through the wall’s hole, looking for them.)

Skulker: Ok, now where did my quarry run off to? (Seconds later, Jack and Danny both cough and rise from the rubble. York staggers out from behind a dumpster)
Jack: This always happen when I’m with you. I can never finish any beef dinners if you’re out with us.
York: Hey, it’s not my fault you’re a magnet for ghosts with serious grudges.
Jack: I’m not saying that, but it seems to happen an awful lot with you.
Danny: Guys, as much as I’d like to hear you talk about bad luck, we have a problem.
Jack: No problem, I’ll handle this.
Danny: No dad…I’LL handle this.
Jack: Uh…
Danny: Remember what I was trying to tell you? Well, it’s true. I know more about the Danny Phantom guy because…I am Danny Phantom.

(As he says this, Danny transforms, allowing the circles of light to transform him. But Danny’s look is different from before; instead of the black and white jumpsuit he wears normally, Danny sports a black jacket with a hood attached. He also sports a pair of black cargo pants, white sneakers and white fingerless gloves. His shirt, however, is what is left of his old uniform, with the logo at the center)

Jack: Oh…my…GOD.
Danny: I kinda meant to tell you after that whole disasteroid thing but, you know, stuff.
Skulker: If you don’t mind, I’d like to commence killing you now.
Danny: Let me just take care of this real quick, I’ll get back to you in a minute. (Danny turns to confront Skulker) As for you, you interrupted our pow-wow. I was really looking forward to that steak too, but I guess I’m going to have to make do with beating it out of you.
Skulker: The new outfit does nothing to change your attitude I see. Very well, let the hunt BEGIN! (Skulker charges up his arm cannon and fires off a few volleys at Danny. Danny causually stands aside and lets them fly past him as he walks towards Skulker.)
York: Uh, Jack? You ok?
Jack: I’m still processing all this in my head. All this time I was actually hunting my own son! Geez, some father I turned out to be.
York: I think he turned out all right, considering. You raised him pretty damn well, most other kids would have gone mad with power and abused it.
Jack: I suppose…still, how could I have missed it?
York: Danny FENTON, Danny PHANTOM. If you stop and think about it, well it’s a foregone conclusion.
Jack: Most kids his age keep little secrets like where they hide their adult magazines or other junk. My kid goes around and fights ghosts for a living! DANNY, TO YOUR RIGHT!! (Danny backflips over an errant missile that is launched at him. )
Danny: Thanks dad, almost didn’t catch that one!
Skulker: Your reflexes are sharper I will admit. But that alone will not be enough to stop me. Let me show you some more upgrades!
Danny: What did you add, a spork?
Skulker: Oh there’s that too. But my latest upgrade is a little more hands off! (As he says this, a light on his hand is activated. A couple of pods emerge from his shoulder and arm themselves with mini chain guns)
Danny: Now that’s just cheating!!

(The pods float up and fire, forcing Danny, Jack and York to scatter. Danny floats high above as Jack and York duck down behind a dumpster.)

Jack: Seriously, if this is how he spends his evenings, I think I’ll reconsider revoking his driver’s privilege.
York: I’m glad to see you’re taking this well!
Jack: And just how long did you know about Danny?
York: First day I got here. Actually, I was sent here to help Danny learn to control his powers, just like you planned to. I wasn’t too sufre when was the right time to tell you, what with your history of ‘shoot first, ask questions never’ in effect!
Jack: I figured you’d say that! (A stray blast flies over Jack’s head)
Danny: Dad!
Jack: I’m fine son! This is nothing compared to the Ellis Island incident!
Danny: You and I remember that trip very differently. Uh oh!

(Danny creates a shield around himself, just in time to absorb a very intense blast of energy from Skulker’s arm cannons as the gun pods continue to fire at them.)

Jack: Ok, before you continue, is there anything else you two wanna confess to?
York: Ok, I lied about my age!
Jack: Are you older than 25?
York: A LOT older.
Jack: I knew it!
York: Also, magic really does exist and I am practically a living power source of it. And in our dorm days, it was me who ratted you out to Maddie about peeping on her, but only because you ate the last of my special chili!
Jack: Vlad told me it would come back to bite me in the ass. (Jack pulls out a spare blaster, quickly gets up and fires a couple of shots, taking out the gun pods immediately.) Magic you say?
York: Yes. Also…HENGE!! (One puff of smoke later and York transforms into his Monk outfit) And do NOT call me the Gothic Monk!
Jack: Never planned to. This would also explain your love of monasteries.
Danny: Thanks for the cover. Now it’s my turn. (Danny’s eyes glow green)
Skulker: Ha! I don’t think you know what you’re in for, Ghost Child! With my scope implant, I can track you no matter how fast you go or if you turn intangible!
Danny: That’s nice… but can you track multiple targets?
Skulker: Huh?

(Danny smiles as, suddenly, five clones appear alongside him, all cracking their knuckles)

Jack: Wow. He DID get more powerful. Just how many did you learn to make?
Danny: Kinda hard to say. But this is the easy part.
Skulker: Ha! Is this supposed to impress e?
Danny: No, this is supposed to hurt you!

(Suddenly, one clone dashes in and hammers Skulker’s face with a huge haymaker, sending him fling backwards. As he does so, Skulker flips himself over and tries to fire from his arm cannon. Another clone, with an Ecto Sword formed around his hand, slices the cannon off as the third clone jumps over him and connects with a spinning kick to his chin. The fourth clone gets behind him and kicks him upwards before the fith clone leaps from above and dives into him, hitting him with a missile dropkick, sending him crashing down. Skulker slowly gets up, the damage done to his suit clearly visable.)

Skulker: Is that…all…you got? (Danny appears before Skulker)
Danny: Actually, I do have one more trick up my sleeve. I’m gonna make your suit disappear.

(Danny quickly punches Skulker hard in the gut and fires a large blast of energy. The suit explodes and pieces of it is sent everywhere as Skulker’s tiny form drops onto Danny’s hand.)

Danny: So, who wants to o the honors? (Holds up the Fenton Thermos)
Jack: Your battle, your catch.
Danny: Thank you. (Danny sucks Skulker up into the thermos) So much for the dinner.
Jack: I think it’s gonna take more than a steak dinner to make this up to me you know.
York: I’m guessing I’m going to have to throw in some baked Alaska for this one.
Jack: Big time. For starters you can both start at explaining who sent York here in the first place.
York: Fair enough. But let’s find another restaurant to discuss this. Preferably one with better security. (Suddenly a beeping went off.) Uh Jack, is that a pager?
Jack: No, it’s my Fenton Radar. I was testing it to see if I can pick up any traces of ectoplasmic energy. And right now, it’s going nuts!
Danny: He’s right. I can sense a lot of, well, SOMETHING, acting up!
?: I guess my guys work quick, eh?
York: Uh oh. I was afraid of this.

(Standing across the street from them, arms crossed, is Gerard.)

Gerard: Evening guys! My name is Gerard. I’m a Wraith and I’ll be kicking your asses now.

(Meanwhile, a couple of blocks away, Dash is standing behind a wall, watching the events unfold, with Skulker’s head in his hands.)

Dash: What in the hell’s going on? (From behind him appears Lucius)
Lucius: That’s a very good question, young man. Shall I fill you in on some finer details?

(And at Vlad’s mansion, Vlad stands in his den, where Perseus confronts him)

Vlad: And who might you be?
Perseus: No doubt my old nemesis told you about me. My name is Perseus and I wish to extend an offer to you, Vlad Plasmius.


And now For Semi Annual Filler ShowTime Happy Something!!!

(Cut to Dani sitting on a couch, reading a book)

Dani: Yo! As you no doubt noticed the final story arc has gotten underway. Now normally the writer would be here to make some sort of funny and completely unrelated observation, but he and the others are busy now. And by busy I mea—(Suddenly, I run by with DarkDP and Anita)
DarkDP: Make some pony fanart they said, it’ll be fun they said!
Anita: I think Princess Bubblegum still has it out for you.
Dani: So instead I will be here to address something that has been getting on my nerves, and that is…Gangnam style videos. They’ve been multiplying like crazy over the year and I don’t know about you, but I’VE HAD IT!!! (Washu appears)
Washu: That’s where my latest invention comes in! If someone on your favorite message board tries to link you to a Gangnam Style video, press it and th results will be immediate.
Dani: Like so. (Dani points to Box Ghost who is about to link a message board to a Gangnam Style video)
B Ghost: Behold the stylistic dance moves of Korean pop superstar PSY! Oh and BEWARE!
Dani: Oh no you don’t! (Dani presses the button. Kirie Kojima appears behind Box Ghost)
Kirie: Go dance Gangnam Style IN HELL!!! (Grabs Box Ghost and gives him a Clutch Release Suplex)
Dani: I can get used to a button like that.

In the next chapter, while Danny, Jack and York fight off Geard, the others have to deal with his agents and other issues. And deals are made...

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