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Emily drove home from her encounter with JJ in silence. She was deep in thought about the blonde agent and this time, it wasn't concerning her work performance. The more Emily thought about JJ, the more she tried to fight with the fact that she was slowly falling for the blonde.

She doesn't feel the way I do about her Emily thought. She seems too straight to be in love with someone as messed up as me.

Emily felt the urge to turn on the radio to drown out her problems, but she just wasn't able to do it. This was really one of the first times that she had felt this strongly about her feelings for someone. JJ wasn't just another person that Emily was falling for, though, she was really someone that Emily truly believed was a perfect match for her. She could just feel that there could be a wonderful future in store for both of them. She just wasn't as bold in relationships as she was at her job.

Gee, flirting with someone of the opposite gender is way easier than flirting with someone of the same gender she thought. How do you know if they are gay too? It is just so confusing!

Emily was so deep in thought about her feelings for JJ that she didn't notice that she had taken the wrong road to her apartment complex.

"Oh my gosh, you are so stupid" Emily muttered to herself out loud. She turned her car around and took the correct road home to her apartment. Stupid Prentiss. Get you head out of your ass and focus. Emily fought with her thoughts again; they seemed to be getting the best of her tonight.


A tired JJ managed to drag herself out of her Lexus and into her apartment. Despite her sleepiness, JJ decided that taking a bath would calm her thoughts. She found a bottle of bubble bath and filled up the tub with warm water. She undressed from her work clothes and slipped her thin body into the tub. Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back against the porcelain back of the tub and relaxed.

JJ thought about her relationship with Will and then she thought about her one-time relationship with a girl from high school. What was different about the two? Girls seemed to understand her more and she understood them as well. She was just meant to be with a girl. She had learned that when she was going out with Will. Sure, he was cute and understanding at certain times, but he wasn't what she truly wanted.

She was just slipping into a relaxing sleep when her phone vibrated on the floor next to the bathtub.

Who could be texting me at 11 o clock at night? JJ thought. She wiped her hands on the towel next to the tub and picked up her white iPhone from the floor to read the message that was displayed on the screen.

"Hey JJ. It's Pen! I'm so bored! What are you up to?"

JJ rolled her eyes. Of course it had to be Penelope Garcia who was texting her at this time of the night.

"Pen, what's up with the late night texting? I thought you were out with Morgan and Reid tonight".

JJ remembered that her bubbly blonde friend had mentioned that she was going out to a bar with their other friends and teammates, Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid.

"I was out with Morgan until he started getting really stoned and dared Reid to do a striptease in the middle of the bar. That was when it started to get crazy and now I am just bored of watching them and decided to text you".

JJ rolled her eyes. Her friends were crazy sometimes, especially when they had liqueur in their systems.

"Well I am taking a bath. Trying 2 wash away the day. I was so tired when I came home yet I figured that a bath would be perfect".

JJ placed her phone on the floor and snuggled underneath the bubbles in the bathtub. It really did feel wonderful, not to mention that the smell of the bubble bath was enough to calm her senses completely.


It was about one in the morning when JJ awoke, still in the bathtub. She rubbed her tired eyes and lifted herself out of the tub, pressing the drain to allow the water to flow down. Her feet hit the tile of her bathroom and she winced at the sudden feeling of cold that made it's way through her body.

After drying herself off, the blonde tiptoed to her bedroom where she slipped on a nightgown and let her hair loose from the low bun that it had been in while she was in her bathtub. Climbing into bed,JJ finally slipped into a sound sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.


"Derek, Spence, you think it is time that we start getting home?" Garcia called to her friends, who were fooling around at the bar. All three of them were so drunk that they could barely see what was in front of them. Garcia felt like her head was about to blow off of her body because of how many drinks she had consumed. Even Reid was drunk, and that was really something that rarely happened to him because of how practical he was when it came to drinks and having fun.

"Come on, Babygirl. The party just started" Morgan replied with drunken laughter. "Aren't you any fun?"

Garcia folded her arms with a laugh. "Of course I am and you know it, my sweet dark chocolate fudge. What do you think, Spence? I'm always a barrel of fun, right?"

"Maybe a little bit too much fun, Garcia" Reid answered, holding his head. "God, Morgan. What was in those drinks that you were handing to me? I feel like a time bomb that's just waiting to explode".

Morgan smirked. "Kid, I'm guessing that you haven't been drunk that often".

Reid frowned. "I'm not drunk. How am I drunk?"

"Um, hello. You drank like seven beers and had like ten shots. How could you not be drunk?" Garcia replied with a giggle. "I really wish that Hotch, Dave, JJ, and Prentiss had decided to join us. We would really be drunk if they were here".

Morgan chuckled. "I don't know if Prentiss would be into drinking with us. She thinks we're all crazy anyway. She's the boss from hell lately. I'm starting to think that she's been hanging out with Strauss too much. That women's like ice".

"We'll get her to loosen up. Just lets get her to come with us next time we go out. By the time the night is over, she'll be dancing on the table in her bra and panties" Garcia suggested.

"I think that JJ would like if she did that" Morgan continued, taking a sip of his beer.

"What do you mean?"

"Well have you seen the way she looks at her? I think JJ has a crush on Emily".

Garcia looked confused. "But JJ is straight. I don't think that she likes women".

"Well she does". Morgan answered. "First of all, she like checks her out every time she sees her. Second of all, I've never told you this but once when she and I went to grab a drink together after work, she admitted to me that she likes women romantically".

Garcia's mouth hung open. "You're kidding, right?"


"Who's kidding?" Reid asked, innocently.

"Never mind, kid" Morgan replied. "It's just that JJ has the hots for Emily".

"But anyone could have noticed that" he remarked. "It's pretty obvious".

Garcia raised her eyebrows. "Reid, you actually noticed that? I'm surprised. Usually you're the last one to notice".

"Hey! That's not true". The younger man looked puzzled while his friends snickered at his expense.

Morgan finally stopped laughing. "So what do we do about it?"

Garcia exchanged a look with him. "Nothing really except add some sparks to the fire and try to get them to go out with each other. Emily seems pretty lonely so someone with as much spunk as JJ would really make her happy".

They all nodded in agreement. "So who wants another round of shots?"Morgan announced while the other two groaned, yet agreed. There was nothing like enjoying the rest of a Friday night with drinks and some laughs.
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