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The arrest of Severus Snape. Rated for disturbing scenes;

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A/N: for the last time in this story, there will be some disturbing images in this section. I will try to keep those scenes as non-graphic as possible, but please understand, this sequence is here to develop what I believe to be Snape’s personality. I’ve stated many times, that I believe potential Death Eaters must ‘earn’ the right to be branded like cattle, by torturing, raping and murdering their chosen victims, all using the Unforgivables, and as an accomplished Death Eater, such defilement would come easily to Snape. These acts are abhorrent to me, and I assume to most of you, so if you don’t want to read it, I will preface and follow that section with:


Dec 21st 85. 7: 35 AM:

Veritaserum questioning had told Amelia that other ‘former’ Death Eaters had been involved in the same sort of thing. Some had succeeded in their missions, but fortunately, according to what she’d learnt, most hadn’t yet begun; hoping instead, to celebrate the Yule with a bit of happy muggle slaughter. Seeing as how the occurrences stopped immediately following her collection of the five Death Eaters…she no longer considered them to be ‘former’, captured on the sixteenth, Amelia knew for certain that the ministry was compromised…but not where. The leak could be anywhere…even the Aurors office or her own. She expected something of the sort; as such corruption was part and parcel of any organized government, yet it rankled her! She had built the DMLE up from the slipshod agency it had been during the last of the Voldemort years, to what it was now, and the idea that her security had been breached…more, breached without her knowing it, galled her fiercely!

She allowed herself those few seconds of angry contemplation before returning her mind to the here and the now. Looking over the recorded testimony she saw several correlations. The orders had come from a higher up. There was still some debate as to who issued those orders, with three of the five implicating Lucius Malfoy, and the other two claiming it was Oristes Parkinson. Personally, her sickle was on Malfoy, as money had to have been made available for alibis, safe houses and the like that would be needed, and Parkinson wasn’t all that wealthy. However, neither Malfoy nor Parkinson was her target just then.

No, she had something far more ghastly to deal with. During the interrogations of the captured Death Eaters, while names of fellow Deeters were noted, one name stood out most prominently in each and every record.

Severus Snape.

There were others involved, specifically, Lucius Malfoy, Oristes Parkinson, and Denias Avery, all of whom she’s had to release in June, but Snape featured most prominently in this case. She learnt that each team of Death Eaters had been given a series of names and addresses, and ordered to kill everyone at those addresses; that the student intake book at Hogwarts had been the source of the mugglebornes’ names; and that Severus Snape had provided access to the book.

Amelia was furious! Despite years of training, despite her legendary control, Amelia was more than ready to murder! That…animal had condemned over five hundred children to death, simply for being muggleborn! Despite what Dumbledore had claimed, Snape was not reformed, he had not seen the error of his ways, and he was most definitely not, an ‘ex’ Death Eater!

He was going down!

“Connie!” She barked. Immediately, Connie Hammer appeared in the doorway. “Assemble three…no, four Squads of Aurors, and ask Rufus to join me here. We’re going to Hogwarts to catch a Snape!”

“On it, boss!” Connie returned, thinking; ~About bloody time!~

Amelia fingered her belt pouch wondering if she should take a sip of the calming draught there. It was a mild version designed to take the edge off so an Auror could function at his best under extreme stress. Though she was no longer an Auror, she still wore the tools.

As Hammer left, Amelia decided against the potion, but would keep it in mind. She threw some floo powder into the fireplace and as the flames tuned green, called out; “Longbottom Manor; Augusta Longbottom!”

Fern, one of the Longbottom house elves, replied that the Lady Longbottom was at present having her breakfast and would Madam Bones care to leave a message?

Amelia asked the elf to have her mistress contact the Minister’s office immediately on a matter of national importance.

Less than three minutes passed before Augusta did. Amelia told her she needed her at the Ministry in her official capacity immediately, to sign an arrest warrant and would explain when she arrived. Curious and mildly irritated by the preemptory summons, the Chief Witch threw another pinch of floo powder into the fireplace and whirled to a stop in Amelia’s office.

Rufus arrived as Augusta did, demanding to know just what the hell was going on, and so a quick explanation to both as to the what’s and wherefores, and he went to don his dragonhide armor while Augusta penned her name on the parchment saying; “Don’t let Dumbledore interfere, Amelia. He’s gotten away with far too much, but this…” She was at a loss for words.

Fortunately Moody was away, torturing his trainees on a muggle environment exercise somewhere in the Cumbria area. Dawlish was with him, as he was nearly as adept in the art of camouflage as the grizzled old veteran. Amelia respected Moody. Alastor was a good man to have by your side in a fight, and a hell of a dedicated Auror, but he was a bit too into Dumbledore’s camp for her piece of mind. She knew he didn’t believe Albus shat sunshine, but she also couldn’t know if he’d help or hinder this arrest.

Amelia didn’t know about Dawlish’s…hobby.

Fifteen minutes later, fourty Aurors, all wearing Dragon hide, stood to attention. The three high rankers walked down the ranks and gave their people a fast once-over before Amelia addressed them.

“Today…” She announced; “We’re going to take down a Death Eater!”

“The Aurors roared their approval. She smiled thinly.

“Severus Snape has been protected long enough. We have discovered under Veritaserum questioning, that he provided the names and addresses of all the muggleborns due to attend Hogwarts for the next ten years, for the purpose of murder! Lucius Malfoy ordered a pogrom against all ‘mudbloods’, before they could attend school. I’m horrified to say that even though we caught some of them early…and it was only because of an unknown witch or wizard in Cambridge that we caught them at all; nearly a dozen muggleborns and their families have already been slaughtered. We’ll be going after Malfoy soon, but right now, I want Snape!

As I see it, Snape was responsible for targeting these children, some of which were two and three years of age. One of the children murdered was only seven months old.”

That got the reaction she’d expected, but before thoughts of ‘fatal accidents’ could enter their heads, she held up her hand palm out and fingers spread. “HOWEVER…” She added; “That does not mean we will be a rabble. You lot are professional Aurors, and I expect you to behave as such!”

Clearly the gathered law officers disagreed, but while they muttered their discontent, they all nodded their heads in acknowledgement. They would behave.

“Now…” She went on. “As dangerous as he is, our problem will not be with Snape. Rather, our biggest obstacle will be Dumbledore. He’s been protecting Snape for years, and for some reason, he trusts him…worse, he expects everyone else to trust him on his say-so. That will not happen. That’s why I have called for so many of you. If he objects I will threaten him with arrest for obstructing. Hopefully that will be enough; but it is quite likely we’ll be crossing wands with the great Albus Dumbledore. If he tries anything, we’ll have to take him out of the fight before the fight starts.”

Though there were some nervous whispers, most of the Aurors had stony eyes, filled with resolution. This Death Eater would be their prisoner come nightfall!

“I know you were all taught by Dumbledore; I was too, and I know most of you revere him as Merlin incarnate; I do not. So, if there is anyone amongst you who feels he or she cannot fight Dumbledore…not even to capture a Death Eater, please raise your hands now. I will not hold it against you.”

Not a hand went up. Their loathing of Death Eaters far outweighed their fear of fighting Dumbledore…not to mention, Amelia was now Minister of Magic. While she’d been an Auror, and their own department head, they considered all politicians to be, as a whole, an underhanded, deceitful and untrustworthy lot.

Amelia had expected that. She knew that most Aurors would instinctively distrust her word as Minister, despite her having been their boss only months before. She sighed. It had been no different when she was an Auror.

“Right then. It’s time for breakfast, so I intend to take Snape in the Great Hall. We’ll be dividing into groups of eight, one group to each door. I want six people, erm…Dawson, Davis, Beale, Harding, Bleaksley, Matthias…” She picked the six closest to her. “You lot will be with the groups at the doors near the head table. That’s where Snape will most likely be. Focus your attention completely on Snape. The rest of you…and I mean all of you will wait for Dumbledore to try something. When he does, you will all hit him with stunners. Reputation be damned, he cannot fight those odds. Still, we don’t want to kill the man, so make damn sure your stunners are at half power. If he manages to defend against that, then hit him full-out…understand?”

They all nodded.

“If, after that, he tries anything…see page one.”

That got a few snickers.

A few minutes of contingency plans, alternate arrest locations and ingress/egress routes, and they were ready.

Amelia held out the coil of rope, and when all the Aurors were ready, activated the portkey to Scotland.


The group of Aurors whirled to a halt at the front gates of Hogwarts School. Each Auror moved immediately to his or her assigned position.

As they approached the gates, the heavy iron swung open. ~That’s odd!~ Amelia thought. ~That shouldn’t have happened!~

The answer came in the next second. A feeling of warmth and welcome flooded through her and she understood. Hogwarts herself was helping!

As has been noted previously, Hogwarts was a sentient being with over a thousand years of magic infusing her. She understood that the current headmaster was protecting the very worst sort of criminal within her walls and she did not like it. Not one jot!

Now the school could help to rid herself of this noisome creature.

Amelia smiled. This would give her an advantage! Dumbledore wouldn’t be expecting her! Another wave of warmth passed through her. She sent back thoughts of thanks.

“All right. The castle has allowed us entry without informing the headmaster. As soon as we get inside, get to your positions. You all know your jobs…it’s time to do them. ”

Inside the entry hall, she had two Aurors peek into through the huge oaken doors of the Great Hall. They reported back to her and with a tight smile, she addressed her Aurors once more.

“All right, you lot.” She spoke in low tones. “There are only four teachers present. The headmaster is at the head table. Snape is with him. Neither of them is aware of us…yet. Be careful, though; Minerva and Filius are at the table as well. Let’s make this short and sweet. We get in, make the arrest and get out. I want no mistakes.” Nods came from all around as her Aurors acknowledged their orders.

“Be especially aware that there may be teachers and possibly some students in the hall. Snape may decide to use them as hostages. If he does, stun them all. We can separate them when he’s down.

Amelia dispatched her people to each of the entries to the Great hall. Eight, including the six she’d named, would go to each of the doors on either side of the teacher’s table. The rest would split between the three remaining doors, at the two far corners and the main doors where she, Scrimgeour and Hammer would make their appearance.

It was a determined group of Aurors that flooded into the great hall from all four sides!

Amelia walked through the main doors. Snape immediately knew she was here for him and looked to both sides for an escape route, only to find his way out blocked, as grim-faced men and women waited there. He stealthily eased his hand to as close to his wand as possible, without looking like he was preparing to fight his way out. He had no illusions as to overcoming fourty Aurors, but knew the headmaster would provide the necessary distraction.

Dumbledore stood, regal and proud, and demanded; “What is the meaning of this?”

Amelia, Hammer and Scrimgeour marched down the length of the great hall, telling the few students present to leave the room immediately. They complied, though one or two did linger at the doorway…until the Aurors hustled them away.

“This is an order for the arrest of Severus Tobias Snape…” She brandished a scroll. “On the charges of conspiracy to commit murder, release of classified information to unauthorized persons for the purpose of murder, and lastly, being an active member of and supporting a terrorist organization intent on the overthrow of the legitimate government of Wizarding Britain. It is properly signed and witnessed.”

“Nonsense!” Dumbledore blustered, ignoring the first two charges entirely. “I have already given testimony on this matter. Severus is no more a Death Eater than I am.”

“More to the point, you claimed Snape was your spy in Voldemort’s camp, and nobody challenged the validity of your claim.”

“Be that as may be, Severus is a valued member of Hogwarts staff and I…”

Amelia interrupted his blather. “Then why did he allow access to the student intake book, to his fellow Death Eaters, who had orders to find and kill all the muggleborns expected to attend school here in the next ten years.” The staff gasped as one and glared disgust and fury at the greasy bastard who sat amongst them.

“Eleven of those children and their families are already dead. It was only the intervention of an as yet unknown witch or wizard in Cambridge, who prevented even more slaughter and alerted us to the problem. By the bye, Mafalda Hopkirk has been arrested as an accomplice, though as yet it is unclear if she was a willing one, or under Imperius. No, Dumbledore, your man is at the very least, a conspirator to murder.”

At the word ‘Cambridge’ Minerva paled. The healer told her that wound she’d received in Cambridge had come from a cutting curse. She knew that if she hadn’t been as fast as she was, as a cat, that curse could quite well have killed her. She also knew that had she not received the emergency treatment she had, she could have died from blood loss. She closed her eyes and breathed a silent prayer of thanks to the little brown haired girl who’d wept, as she’d closed that fearsome wound, and another for the unknown wizard who’d brought her to St. Mungo’s.

Dumbledore began to backtrack. This would take some very fast spellwork and even faster talking in the Wizengamot to convince those fools this had all been a horrible mistake. Severus and his fellow Death Eaters must remain free to keep the populace under control! It was for the greater good, after all.

“Perhaps we should take this to my office…” He invited, planning his ambuscade.

“And have you Obliviate me? Amelia barked out a harsh laugh. “I think not. We are here for Snape. Any further interference from you will lead to your own arrest for obstructing an Auror’s official duties.”

“How DARE you!?!” Dumbledore snarled. “As Chief of the Wizengamot, I order you to desist in your efforts to harass a valued member of my staff. Now leave, or I will have the school throw you out!”

“That’s not going to happen, Dumbledore. You’re not Chief of the Wizengamot any longer…or don’t you recall. Now, you’re under arrest for obstructing Aurors in the performance of their official duties. Surrender your wand.”

“Dumbledore reacted as Amelia expected, and quite frankly, as she’d hoped. He whipped up his wand to cast. Too bad for him, her Aurors were ready and waiting for just that. The old man fell from thirty-two low powered stunners. Snape had tried to use the headmaster’s actions as a diversion and lifted his own wand.

He got no further than the old man. Eight stunners, full powered this time, felled him…two of which having been cast by a incensed Minerva McGonagall and an equally livid Filius Flitwick. Seeing the Auror’s wands being trained upon them, they immediately placed their wands on the tables before them.

Half the Aurors moved in to secure their prisoners while the others kept watch over the doors, and unfortunately, the teachers that remained. Two moved to remove the wands that lay on the table, and hand them to Amelia. As soon as Snape and Dumbledore had been bound and levitated, Amelia called her people to her and turned to face the shocked and angry teachers.

Making no aggressive movements, Minerva stood, albeit with some difficulty, as her ribs and shoulder were still tender, and spoke into the silence. “I trust you have no charges to prefer against myself or the staff?”

“You would be correct. In fact, we really didn’t want to arrest Dumbledore, but we knew he’d force the issue. Regardless, we could not allow a murderer to escape justice while we had the wherewithal to prevent it. Oh, by the bye, as the second charge against Snape involves his making the intake book available to his fellow Death Eaters. You might want to investigate the security around that book.”

“I shall do so immediately!”

“I would like you to take the position of Headmistress pro tem, until this mess is sorted out.”

“As you wish, but you should know; I shan’t be the permanent replacement.”

“I understand…and thank you.”

Amelia nodded her good-byes and gathering up her people and her prisoners, left the hall, marched down the trail to the gates and as soon as they were outside the wards, activated the portkey that would return them to the Ministry.

There, she immediately ordered both men strip-searched and scoured thoroughly for any magical foci and other talismans before being dressed in prisoner’s robes. Snape would also be subject to extensive potions scans, specifically for any potions or antidotes that would allow him evade, or to lie under Veritaserum. She also ordered his hair cleaned, just in case he was smarter than she thought, and had secreted some form of potion there. When the unfortunate wight assigned that odious duty reported it would not come clean, no matter how many charms she’d used, Amelia ordered the odious man’s greasy locks shorn to within a centimeter of his scalp.

Just for evidentiary’s sake, of course, she ordered a photographer to ‘document’ this.

Among other things, they discovered an illegal portkey in Snape’s molar. A specialist from the Department of Mysteries deactivated it. The Death Eater would have no escape along that road.

The very minute Snape awoke, he discovered this unfortunate fact. Recognizing both his surrounds and his state of dress, he mashed his jaw down hard on the molar to activate the concealed portkey.

Alas, said portkey no longer existed. He did however, crack his tooth. That would cause him agonizing pain for the rest of his life.

Amelia and her staff had been watching the Death Eater through a monitoring charm, and on Alastor Moody’s sound advise, given when she was a tyro, decided to let the prisoner stew for a while.

In the meantime, she had a headmaster to fry.


Dumbledore awoke to a pounding head. He wasn’t as young as he used to be and the combined effect of so many stunners had rendered him more than insensate. Now, he was awake, but just barely aware. A phial was put to his lips. Even in his befuddled state, he recognized the scent of a headache draught. He swallowed it immediately.

His throbbing head began to fade, as a goblet was pushed to his lips. This time he tasted only water, and he sucked at the liquid greedily to wash away the astringent taste of the previous potion. He never suspected the water woud be laced with Veritaserum. It didn’t matter. He had long since become immune to its effects.

Interestingly enough, Dumbledore’s immunity was for the most part because he’d convinced himself that only he could possibly know what the greater good really was. Since he served the greater good, anything he did, was automatically correct, and anything he said was automatically the truth. Isn’t it wonderful how circular reasoning worked?

Two Aurors helped him to stand and hustled him from the room to a larger one, with a single table and several chairs. There, they deposited him in a chair and cast a sticking charm to keep him there. Done that they each retired to a corner behind him.

“Why have I been brought here?” He demanded.

That was Amelia’s cue to enter. Behind her were Augusta Longbottom, now Chief of the Wizengamot; Amelia’s Deputy Minister, Constance Hammer; Rufus Scrimgeour, who’d taken Amelia’s position as head of DMLE, a position Dumbledore had not wanted to award him just yet; and five others, including three Senior Aurors, including two he’d been hoping to recruit as a member of the Order, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Denise Worthing, as they were potential assets. He didn’t recognize the Auror-Healer, and assumed he had been trained in one of the other schools in Britain. The three court scriveners were beneath his notice, however he thought he recognized at two of them from Hogwarts.

He did, unfortunately recognize the woman who’d caused him so much trouble during Black’s trial…Carolyn Chapman.

“Hello, Dumbledore.” Amelia smiled, bringing an image to his mind, of a hungry shark. “This is a hearing to determine if you are to be brought before the full Wizengamot on charges of treason.”

Amelia knew she was taking a serious chance. Showing Albus Dumbledore in an unfavorable light without overwhelming evidence was a quick road to political suicide. She understood that he would not play along and so, rather than try to implicate him as a conspirator, she established her case around the known fact that he’d vouchsafed Snape, despite overwhelming evidence that he was not only a Death Eater, but an avid one.

She’d arranged for copies of the Death Eater trials where Dumbledore had stood in council and insisted Snape was spying for him, to be introduced, and then proceeded to tear his assertion to shreds, by stating that he’d not given one smidgen of evidence in support of his claim, but instead had insisted that he be obeyed purely because he was the great Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Seemingly as an afterthought, she introduced the Veritaserum testimony of the five captured Death Eaters.

Amelia had long suspected that Dumbledore was immune to the effects of Veritaserum, and made certain that the rest of the council knew of that suspicion as well.

Her suspicion was confirmed as he lied through his teeth on questions to which she’d already known the answers.

While Dumbledore refused to cooperate in the slightest, should it come to actual trial, the Veritaserum testimony she’d collected would be more than enough to hang him. Though many on the council disliked the Minister, as her hard-earned reputation for incorruptibility and dedication to the impartial administration of the law often interfered with their somewhat-less-than-completely-legitimate dealings, she knew others detested the self-proclaimed ‘leader of the light’ for his presumptive ways.

Albus knew he’d made a miscalculation concerning Snape. Unfortunately, his pride wouldn’t allow him the appearance of weakness. He blustered, and when that failed, he dissembled. His pat answer of: “It is for the greater good.” pleased nobody. When pressed for a truthful answer, he actually said: “The truth is a terrible and dangerous thing, and must be taken carefully.” telling them all exactly what he thought of their decision making abilities.

That didn’t win him any friends.

In the end, Amelia offered him a deal. He would step away from the last of his positions of authority…headmaster of Hogwarts, and retire to his estate, and she wouldn’t drag him before the full Wizengamot on charges of treason.


Alastor Moody entered his office, tired and grouchy after a week of trying to teach the noobs how to survive in the muggle world. Unfortunately despite his instruction, not one of them could be considered even remotely competent. They’d made spectacles of themselves in Windermere by trying to remain unnoticed whilst wearing muggle clothing from twenty or more years ago! He snickered at the memory of a teenager approaching a disguised Auror and saying; “Wow, Batman! Like shades of the sixties, maaan!” Before running off, giggling.

Outside his door, the excitement was palpable. The words ‘captured’, ‘Death Eater’, ‘greasy bastard’, and ‘about bloody time!’ caught his attention. Curious, he listened in until he was certain the greasy bastard in question was Dumbledore’s pet Death Eater, Snape. Like most of his fellow Aurors, he disagreed strongly with the old man’s decision of supporting that one. His own council that the Deeter should be allowed to rot in Azkaban had been dismissed in Albus’ infuriatingly condescending manner.

He was about to go see the Minister to see if he could observe the questioning…just in case there was anything Albus could use to mitigate, when an owl fluttered through his door.

It was a summons to attend the Minister…now!

On arrival, he found five less-than-welcoming faces. Amelia got to business immediately.

“Alastor, you’re one of my best, but I cannot have an Auror with divided loyalties. I’ve arrested Snape, and Dumbledore both, and we are on our way to question Snape. I want one of two things from you. An oath that you will not take any of this to Dumbledore, or your star.”

And there it was.

He’d long before grown disillusioned with Albus’ never-ending second chances, and his offensive policy of coddling the criminals whilst punishing their victims. He hadn’t become an Auror to watch people get away with murder, and under Dumbledore’s protection, Snape most certainly had just that!

He’d always liked and respected Bones. Even as a tyro, she’d shown a good head for her job. She was nearly as cautious as he was and trained constantly to keep her edge. First the Auror department , then the DMLE and now the Ministry had all turned around under her lead, and he felt those improvements were going to be critical in the next few years. Albus had always insisted Voldemort wasn’t as gone as people would like, and knowing of some of the dark rituals the evil bastard had undertaken, Alastor could understand why he’d think that. With Bones in the Minister’s seat, he could see her proactive stance would only help to prepare the British Wizarding World for the day Albus was certain would come. Unfortunately he also knew that Albus would do everything he could possibly do to prevent that state of readiness, in the hopes of redeeming those who’d deliberately placed themselves far beyond redemption.

He gave his oath.


For the six hours after he’d first awakened, until now, Snape had been imagining all sorts of terrible fates…all of which seemed to end up with himself becoming a permanent resident of Azkaban prison…in Sirius Black’s old cell! Now, he heard the lock open and looked up as Amelia Bones stepped through the doorway. He decided to bluster his way out.

“Well, it’s about bloody time!” He sneered. “Release me immediately, or…”

“You will do nothing, Death Eater.” Bones interrupted him firmly. “You were lawfully arrested and attempted to escape that arrest. Albus Dumbledore has been arrested for interfering in your capture, and is being dealt with even now. You are quite on your own, I’m afraid.”

Snape filled his glare with all the considerable hatred he possessed. This…witch…had been that infernal Potter’s mentor, and so, he absolutely knew the ghost of that bastard who’d stolen ‘his’ mudblood from him, was laughing his bloody head off.”

~I will see you scream in agony before I allow you to die!~ He thought then; “I need fear nothing. The headmaster will support me as he always has.”

“Not any more.” Amelia Shot back. “For the past few hours, Albus Dumbledore has been in front of a Wizengamot panel, facing charges of obstruction…amongst other things. As it is, he’s currently confined to his estate, under guard…and that, only because we want him where we can keep an eye on him. Otherwise, he’d be in Azkaban.”

Snape’s eyes widened almost imperceptibly in fear, but Amelia had been playing this game for a long time now. She caught it. ~Gotcha!~

“I have a few questions for you.”

“I shall answer nothing!”

The grin that sprouted in her face was nothing less than purely evil. “Oh, I was hoping you’d say that!” She stepped back and pounded three times on the door.

The portal opened again and several people walked in. First amongst them was a woman in the light green robes of a healer. The silver band from her left shoulder to the hem signified her mastery in that field.

“This is Masterhealer Artemissa Carian.”

Snape knew this woman. Carian was responsible for far too many of his fellow Death Eaters being sent to Azkaban…or even being kissed. While a healer, she was less than ‘properly’ concerned over the fate of those purebloods who’d slaughter muggles or those detestable mudbloods! Dumbledore had expounded at length over this failing, on many occasions.

Carian spoke in a lilting Irish tone. “Good afternoon, Mister Snape. This, as you are most likely aware, is Veritaserum.” She held up a phial of clear liquid. “Given that tattoo you wear, we have been granted permission to use four drops rather than the usual three.”

Snape paled. Four drops would be a near-overdose of the powerful drug. He knew he would not be able to fight its influence. More, if he did not receive the antidote within six hours, he would die.

“You cannot…” was all he got out before a bright red stunner flashed out, and he knew darkness.

Snape awoke to find Bones, Augusta Longbottom, Carian, a woman he didn’t recognize, and several Aurors…all of whom he did. Hammer, of course. A blood traitor of the worst sort. He’d crossed wands with her on several occasions. Next to her was Rufus Scrimgeour, the new head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. While sympathetic to the pureblood ideals, he’d interfered with the Death Eaters plans often enough that he’d been scheduled for termination for opposing the dark lord, when the Potter brat somehow done what no one else had ever managed.

Standing by the doorway, was Alastor Moody. Old ‘Mad-Eye’ himself. Moody was smiling grimly…as if he’d been given a shiny new foe-glass for his birthday. His expression did not bode well for Severus. Next to him was a blonde woman in her fourties wearing smart business robes. He’d never seen her before and had no idea why she would be present.

To his left side was a tall, well built black man in Auror blue, named Kingsley Shacklebolt, a smart-mouthed halfblood with delusions of grandeur. He’d somehow managed to become an Auror despite his lack of ‘acceptable’ blood. He’d caused the Dark Lord so much trouble over the last years of his reign, that he’d been awarded the Order of Merlin, second class. He was also scheduled for termination.

On the other side was a blond haired Auror with a scar running down the side of her face that he also recognized. Denise Worthing. Another blood-traitor who’d dared to oppose the dark lord. Snape smirked. He’d given Worthing that disfiguring scar the last time he’d faced her…well ‘faced’ wasn’t entirely accurate. His group of seven Death Eaters had hit the three Aurors from ambush.

During the fight, if it could be called that, he’d hit her with a bludgeoner to the knee. She’d fallen in agony. As he’d stood above her to deliver the coup de grâce, a nasty cutting curse to the neck, this arrogant bitch had dared to move! The cutter had lanced across her face rather than opening her throat as he’d intended. Unfortunately she’d proved to be made of sterner stuff than the usual Auror. Instead of shrieking in pain and terror as was ‘proper’ and affording him another chance, she’d kicked out as hard as she could, catching him neatly in the crutch.

He’d clenched his teeth in agony as he’d fallen, and inadvertently activated the very same portkey that had failed him here, sending him to his master’s lair.

The dark lord had not been pleased at his early return; for Severus had caught a fleeting glimpse of Narcissa and Bellatrix in the dark lord’s chambers, wearing sheets; and had punished him severely.

Severus could even now, recall that punishment all too clearly.


His reflection was interrupted as that bitch, Bones, began to speak.

“Twenty second December nineteen eighty five, fourteen fourty seven PM. Interrogation under Veritaserum per the Death Eater act, of 1982, as introduced by Albus Dumbledore, then Chief of the Wizengamot, and signed into law by Millicent Bagnold, then Minister of Magic, which allows and requires any prisoner bearing the Dark Mark, or any prisoner who is named as a Death Eater or other supporter of Voldemort, to be interrogated under Veritaserum.

Subject Severus Tobias Snape, is identified as a Death Eater by the faded but still visible dark mark on left arm. The charges are as follows; conspiracy to commit murder, release of classified information to unauthorized persons for the purpose of murder, and lastly, being a member of and supporting a terrorist organization intent on the overthrow of the legitimate government of Wizarding Britain. Subject is expected to be uncooperative. Subject is also a potions master and is likely immune or resistant to the usual dosage of three drops Veritaserum, therefore I, Amelia Bones, Minister of Magic, on the advise of and with the support of the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and the Master of Aurors, have petitioned the Chief of the Wizengamot for permission to exceed the dosage by one drop. That petition has been granted.”

Even in his narcotized condition, Snape could appreciate Bones’ efficient preparation.

“Interrogators, Amelia Susan Bones, Minister of Magic; Rufus Otis Scrimgeour, Department head, Magical Law Enforcement; Alastor Marion Moody, Master of Aurors. Witnesses, Augusta Imogene Longbottom, Chief Witch of the Wizengamot, Constance Irene Hammer, Deputy Minister of Magic; Kingsley, no middle Shacklebolt, Senior Auror; Denise Anne Worthing, Senior Auror. Also present, are Masterhealer and Potions Mistress, Artemissa Carian, to ensure subject viability, Carolyn Chapman, Barrister to ensure procedural compliance, and court scriveners Jacob David Wiley, Justin Peter Oswald and Marcus Hudson Redlam. All have sworn to oaths of confidentiality.

Masterhealer Carian has administered four drops Veritaserum as authorized by the Chief of the Wizengamot. I shall begin the interrogation, and any questions will go through me.”

She turned to the sedated potions master.

“Severus Snape. What is your mother’s maiden name?”

“Eileen Pince.” Snape replied in the characteristic monotone of someone under the influence of the powerful serum.

Though he would be compelled to speak the truth, his mind was still quite active. Snape knew he could avoid answering fully if the questions were carelessly asked.

Unfortunately, Amelia was not so careless.

“Where was your childhood home.”

“19 Lacking Street, Spinner’s End”

“What is the private nickname you gave Lily Evans?”


“What did she think it was?”

“My Blood.”

“Very well.” She turned to the others in the room and asked; “Is there anyone here who has doubts as to the Veritaserum or the subject’s influence?”

There were none.

“Very well.” Amelia turned back to the Death Eater seated before them.

“Are you a Death Eater?”


“Are you a spy for Dumbledore?”

“Yes.” This garnered raised eyebrows, as Dumbledore had continuously insisted Snape was working for him and not Voldemort. Amelia decided to see if Dumbledore was right or not.

“Where do your loyalties lie?”

“That depends upon whom I am with at the moment.”

“What did you do to become a Death Eater?”


“I participated in the torture, rape and slaughter of a mudblood and the vermin that produced her.

“What did you do…specifically?”

“I bound the disgusting creature and forced her to watch the torture and defilement of her parents, brothers and sister. I personally took the girl’s maidenhood.”

“Which girl?”


“How old were they?” Amelia paled, already knowing the likely answer, but long years of discipline kept her lunch down.

Snape knew that if he admitted the mudblood and her sister were children, he’d be immediately sent to Azkaban…if not killed outright! Still the potion compelled him to answer truthfully, so he said; “Age does not matter to the dark lord.” That was the truth. The dark lord cared not a whit if the victim was two or two hundred.

“How - old - were - they?” Amelia very nearly snarled.

Unfortunately the question was asked in such a specific manner that he could no longer prevaricate, so he decided to go out with a bang. “The mudblood was three or four; her sister was about seven.” Even under the Veritaserum, they could all hear the smug satisfaction in Snape’s voice.

Amelia immediately cast a powerful shield around Snape…just in case. She added a silencing charm and spoke to her people in a voice filled with anger. “I am as disgusted as you, but there will be no vigilante justice. This will be done by the numbers. If you cannot follow this order, you will leave…now.”

Though it was a near thing, the people present remained. The three court scriveners did however; surrender their wands…just in case. A fuming Augusta Longbottom, and an equally furious Carolyn Chapman handed theirs over as well.

Amelia returned to her questioning.

“Continue your listing. What did you do next?”

“I tortured the mudblood to a comatose state and then opened her throat. She died most satisfactorily. I used her sister again, before handing her to my fellows. I used the mother as well, before eliminating her.”

“What curses did you use?”

Bombarda, Diffindo, Viscus Pinso, Integumins Inflamarra, Osteo Depulso, Terbero Arania, Sectumsempra, Imperius, Cruciatus, Avada Kedavra…


Amelia swore she would do her damndest to have this…monster kissed!

After a short break to calm themselves, Amelia returned to the interrogation room.

“As much as we have established that Snape was in fact a willing Death Eater, he has already been vouchsafed by Dumbledore, so we shall continue on to today’s charges. Is the Veritaserum still working?” She asked Carian, but Snape answered. “Yes.”

Rather surprised he would answer, she asked; “How do you know the Veritaserum is still effective?”

“I am a potions master, I can feel the imperative to answer truthfully whenever you ask a question.”

A nod from the Masterhealer confirmed this and she began again. Cutting straight to the heart of the charges against him, she asked; “Did you provide the names of the mugglebornes to Lucius Malfoy for the purpose of murder?”


The room grew deathly quiet. Inwardly Snape was doing a happy dance that would have shocked the life from anyone who’d seen it. Amelia on the other hand was flabbergasted. Snape had just demonstrated the potion was working correctly, but if he had not provided access to the book, her case was gone!

She turned the question and his answer over in her mind, examining it from every angle. It didn’t take long. She’d asked the question the wrong bloody way! She almost smacked her forehead.

She rephrased the question.

“Did you provide access to the student intake book to Lucius Malfoy for whatever purpose he had in mind?” ~Get out of that, you miserable bastard!~ Moody grinned proudly at her, which, given the state of his ruined face, wasn’t as comforting as he’d expected it to be.

Snape’s happy dance crashed straight into a wall at full speed. Try as he might, he could not prevent the damning word from leaving his mouth.


“Do you know what that purpose was?”

“I do.”

Amelia sighed. Snape was as clever as his reputation suggested. She’d have to pry this out of him one answer at a time.

“What was that purpose? Specifically.”

Snape knew he’d lost. He had to answer truthfully. The potion was still effective…but he could slant the answer to make Lucius the villain. “Lucius ordered a pogrom against the mudbloods. He decided to eliminate as many of the vermin as possible before they received their invitations to Hogwarts.”

“Only Hogwarts?”


“Why only Hogwarts?”

“The lesser schools are not important.”

“Why not?”

“Only Hogwarts holds the image of a proper wizard in Britain. The lesser schools are inconsequential and when the mudbloods are eliminated, they would likely be shut down in deference to Hogwarts.”

The questioning went on for another two hours with very little gained. Snape reconfirmed that Lucius had approached him and requested access to the student intake book and he’d defeated the security, such as it was, and kept watch while Lucius copied down the names of all the students selected to attend for the next decade.

“You helped Lucius Malfoy, knowing that children would be murdered?”

“I did.”


“Mudbloods have no place in the wizarding world. They are anathema and should all be destroyed.”

“They were children!”

“They would grow.”

Growls from around her told her she’ was about to have a mutiny on her hands. She quickly snapped up another shield and turned to her people. “We all knew this mindset existed. Like it or not, we’re going to have to hear it. What happens it the future, is up to fate, but for the now, we need as much information on his ideals and basic attitudes to ensure he can’t wriggle off the hook. Anyone wants to leave, now’s the time.”

She waited, glaring at her troops, until they settled.

Behind her, Alastor Moody pondered; ~This monster is what Albus is protecting?~

“Are there any questions you lot have?”

Moody’d had his suspicions about Snape for a long time. It was time to confirm or deny those suspicions. He cleared his throat.

“Albus says Snape was spying on Voldemort, but all the evidence I can find says otherwise. I think he was spying for Voldemort and pretending to spy for Dumbledore instead. Ask him this; What were his orders from Voldemort?”

Amelia did, and while Snape struggled mightily to keep from revealing his master’s plan, he really had no chance against the powerful serum. His monotone answer shocked them all. “I was to spy on Dumbledore, and later, seed disinformation, or provide information just a bit too late to do any good.”

“Explain that.”

“The dark lord knew Dumbledore would need a new spy when we killed Dearborne, so he ordered me to ingratiate myself with Dumbledore in order to locate any other potential spies from the Order of the Phoenix. Dumbledore accepted my offer and inducted me into the Order.”

“When did you begin to spy on Dumbledore?”

“June of nineteen seventy six.”

“Dumbledore claims you were spying on his behest. Were you?”

“I was.”

“When did you begin to spy on Voldemort?”

“July of nineteen eighty one.”

“Why did Dumbledore think you were spying exclusively for him?”

“The man is a fool.” The chuckles around the room told her that most of the people present agreed.

“How exactly did you convince Dumbledore you would spy?”

“The master ordered me to go to Dumbledore and confess that I just joined the Death Eaters and that I had overheard him saying he would target the Potters first. I was to pretend great remorse that my bringing the prophecy to the dark lord resulted in the blood traitor, the mudblood and their spawn being targeted. I was then to volunteer to spy on the master.

Moody looked like he wanted to shave Snape to the bone with a rusty blade! Too many of his friends and acquaintances had died from the time Snape had joined the Order.

“What Prophecy?”

“I overheard a prophecy uttered in a room of the Hogshead Inn in Hogsmeade while Dumbledore was interviewing a candidate for the position of divination teacher.”

“What happened then?”

“I was expelled from the inn, and took what I’d heard to the dark lord.”

“What did the prophecy say?”

“I cannot tell you.”

“Why not?”

“I swore an oath of secrecy on the matter to Dumbledore after I joined the Order.”

“Who knows the wording?”

“Dumbledore and the dark lord.”

“Is there anything you can tell usa about the prophecy?”


“What can you tell us?”

“The Potters and the Longbottoms were both in the position of being the subjects of the prophecy.”

Augusta was seething. Her son and his wife had paid far more than their share of the Death Eater bill, and here she discovered not only this man had been directly involved with their torture to insanity, but also that the man whom most Britons revered as Merlin incarnate, may have been as involved as well!

Amelia continued her line of questioning.

“Do you have any standing orders in the event Voldemort disappeared for an extended period of time?”


“What are those orders?”

“The dark lord knew Dumbledore would believe my oath of loyalty and install me as potions master when Slughorn retired. I am to use my position to prevent as many students of inferior breeding as possible, from becoming Aurors or healers, as when the dark lord returns, those will be the two most critical fields in the fight against him. In addition, I am to prevent any new potions masteries from being awarded in Britain.”

“Do you expect Voldemort to return?”

“I do.”

“When and how?”

“I do not know.”


This was actually easier for Snape, as it would not incriminate him; it was speculation.

“The dark lord has made great inroads into his goal of conquering death. He knows that there are several rituals to return the spirit to a body.”

“What kind of rituals?”

“I do not know.”

“Why not?”

“The dark lord has never seen fit to inform me of the details of his plans.”

“Where is Voldemort now?”

“I do not know.”

Knowing this could end up in a stalemate, she tried a slightly different tack.

“Who might know or suspect?”

Again Snape cringed inside. Still none of this could implicate him.

“The dark lord, Lucius perhaps, and Dumbledore has expressed his suspicions.”

“Where does Dumbledore think he is?”

“In Albania, somewhere near Berat.”

Snape’s head began to rock side to side, indicating he was about to fall into the coma-like trance that signalled overexposure. If not given the antidote immediately he would die. Carian stepped forward tipped is head back and placed drop after drop of the potion in his mouth until his tongue turned a bright purple. When she’d checked him, and released his head, Snape fell forward and slept.

She turned to Amelia and said; “Additional Veritaserum is not advisable for the next three days at least, and unless you absolutely cannot do without it, I’d recommend not trying it again for a week. After that you can revisit today’s questioning or pursue further topics.”

“Thank you Masterhealer.”

Amelia called the proceedings to a halt and ordered all the Aurors present to escort their prisoner back to his high-security cell.

“No visitors!” She called. “And ultimate security protocols! Three-man watches, rotating two hour shifts, no one is to be alone with the prisoner at any time, and food and drink is to be triple checked. We don’t want any accidents!”


A/N: I based the number of potential victims on my assessment of Hogwarts’ student population of 1200 students (gained by freezing the image in Sorcerer’s Stone and counting the students at the Hufflepuff table (the only one that showed the entire table), then multiplying by four. It may not be completely accurate, but it should be close.), and Scrimgeour’s earlier statement of the percentage of purebloods in Britain’s population. (12½) One third would be mugglebornes, about one eighth would be purebloods and the remainder would be half and full-bloods.

Based upon those two numbers, if one third are muggleborn, then that would mean that over ten years, 541 mugglebornes would at least start Hogwarts.


I also have a tentative estimation of the number of magicals in Britain, that being 74,000, based upon the overall population, which in ’85, was a bit over 74 million, or 1:1000.

Don’t be too upset over Dumbledore’s relatively light sentence…he’s got worse to come. Remember, he’s still affected by the rotting curse on the ring, and Snape is no longer able to help him.

Amelia’s early questions are precisely the sort of legal chicanery used in court to cloud or divert the issue. An attorney will pull as much of this kind of shit as possible until the judge slaps him down, while at the same time objecting to the opposing attorney doing precisely the same thing. In her case, she wanted to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt that Snape was in fact a terrorist of his own free will. Due to her personal biases, (specifically the murder of her brother Edgar and his wife), she wants him dead, but will accept life in Azkaban. Personally I think I’d prefer dead, to a hundred years or more of daily torture.

Viscus Pinso, was invented by for the wonderful fic ‘Lily Potter and the Worst holiday’by Bobsaqqara. Integumins Inflamarra is one of mine and sets fire to the skin. Osteo Depulso, is a bone breaking curse; I’m not certain where I first read it, and Terbero Arania, also mine, is a piercing curse that mimics the effects of spider venom…it slowly dissolves the tissue around the puncture.

The questioning went on a lot longer than I really wanted, but I felt I had to clear up a few of the plot holes in canon.
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