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Sometime after Prom Night, Raven delivers Terra's eulogy.

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Okay, I'm aware that Jinx has pink eyes, but since this is a high school AU, everyone looks like an average human being.
Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans or Carrie.

From Prom Night: the Case of Terra Markov by Victor Stone

I realize now that what happened on Prom Night was because of the way we treated Terra Markov. Right after Prom Night, I didn’t see that because I was too cut up about nearly everyone being dead to see it. But, really, it was because we treated Terra so badly. I want you all to know that. There will be others like Terra, she won’t be the only person with the power of telekinesis. And if another person with telekinesis is treated like Terra was, another Black Prom will happen. Prom Night happened because we treated Terra horribly.

“Terra Markov was a monster. That’s what you’d all like to believe.”

Raven was speaking at Terra’s funeral. Her mother had not allowed her to go to anyone else’s funeral, not even Gar’s, but she was determined to go to Terra’s funeral, and Raven had won in the end.

“You all want to believe she was a monster so that you won’t feel guilty, so that you have someone to blame, so you won’t feel at fault,” Raven continued on, eyeing the crowd. They were dressed in black, their faces full of fake mourning. At Raven’s statement, a few started to mutter angrily.

“It was our fault. But that’s not why we’re gathered here today. Today we are gathered here to pay our respects to Terra, and hope she rests in peace, isn’t that right?” Raven noticed that many were now avoiding her gaze. Of course, they were only there because they wanted to be sure Terra was dead. They weren’t going to listen to what she had to say.

“Terra’s life revolved around being tripped in the hallways, cruel taunts aimed her way, and being the butt of all the jokes. People often scratched graffiti about her into desks.” Raven paused, remembering how many times she’d seen the phrase ‘Terra Markov eats shit’ carved into desks before continuing. “No one did anything to stop it, and we always thought it was just a joke, we weren’t hurting anyone. We never stopped to think that Terra had feelings, too. Now, I wasn’t at the Prom, but I’ve heard that she looked beautiful.” She saw Miss Smith shift slightly in her seat. Vic Stone looked away from Raven’s gaze.
“I heard she was just so happy to be like everyone else, to be there with Gar Logan. I hope it was the best night of her life, before…”Raven trailed off.

“Terra wasn’t a monster,” Raven said. “She was a person; she had feelings, just like us. Why can’t any of you see that?”

“She was a monster!” Jenny cried, tears brimming in her blue eyes as she leapt out of her seat. “You know what she did, Raven! She killed everyone! She burned down nearly half the city! She killed Kori, Dick, and W-Wally…”

Miss Smith pulled her back into her seat, but now many other people in the crowd were making angry statements. Raven tried her best to go on over them.

“Terra was not a monster! We were the monsters! We still are! Why are you all so blind to that?” Raven cried, her temper rising. They weren’t going to listen. What was the point if they weren’t going to listen?

“May she rest in peace,” Raven said, and walked back to her seat.

A resignation letter from Amy Smith to Vice Principal George Williams

I am returning my contract to you. I know that if I had done more to help Terra, this never would have happened. I can never teach again.

An excerpt from a resignation letter from George Williams to Superintendant of Schools Josh Banks

I would like for you to accept my resignation as soon as July 5th, if that is agreeable to you and your staff. I feel that I should have been able to prevent the tragedy from occurring. I can no longer perform my duties in my present position.

From the Black Prom: My Story, by Raven Roth

Prom Night is over with. But you must never forget it. I know I have said this before, but Terra Markov was a real person with feelings. Forgetting her would be a huge mistake. Don’t ever forget Terra Markov.
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