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This is the last chapter :-( But happy stuff happens! Still trying to figure out if I should post the sequel. Enjoy my loves!

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-FF 1 Week-
It had been a week since Nikki preposed,and we’d been having the time of our lives planning the wedding. Everyday Nikki would come home with a new bridal magazine or a new idea for the wedding. Tommy constantly teased him about it but Nikki would just shrug it off. Today was the first day of trying out dresses, I invited Carly and Lindsey to come with me,they happily agreed. They were my bridesmaids too. “Rachael! It’s been too long! You have GOT to call or write more often! Seriously,I found out you were engaged from a newspaper," Carly informed me, I laughed and hugged her “Hey Rach,how have you been?" Lindsey asked with a smile on her face “Good,and you? You seem happier than usual.." Carly cut in “Lindsey’s got a boyfriend,a boyfriend,a boyfriend!" she said in a singsongy voice. Lindsey went red “Yeah….I mean…it’s just been a couple months…" she replied awkwardly “They’re soooo in love," Carly said,I laughed “So, you can tell me all about him on the way to the bridal shop," I said as the limo pulled up. “Well he’s really nice,he has brown orangey hair,he’s about 5’10,skinny,and his name is…Donald," I cocked my head at her “Donald?" “Well he goes by Donnie…." I raised my eyebrows “Would his last name by any chance be….Wahlberg?" Carly answered that question for her “Yep! Lindsey’s dating a new kid,Lindsey’s dating a new kid," Lindsey turned bright red “Shut up," she muttered I smiled widely and hugged her “I’m glad you found someone just as nice and caring as you…so at the wedding,should I put you down for a ‘plus one’?" I said “Sure,I bet he’ll come," Lindsey replied. Finally we arrived at our first stop. I tried on so many different dresses,yet none seemed to click. After the second and third store,it was getting late and everyone was getting a little annoyed, “Just ONE more store,then we’re done," I pleaded. Lindsey and Carly both agreed. I tried on all but one of the dresses in the store. It seemed hopeless,we’d already picked out Carly & Lindsey’s bridesmaids dresses,the theme was black & white,Carly had a cream/beige color dress with a sash,it was short and was at least a foot above her knees,and it was made of satin. Lindsey had the black version of the dress. The saleslady brought out the last dress,and right then I fell in love with it. When I tried it on I loved it even more. It was white,satin,it had a corset top,which was actually connected to a figure hugging mini skirt,but it had a long,11 foot train. The veil was attached to a beautiful tiara. I bought the dress right there,I knew I could reserve it,but I took it right there. When I got back to Nikki’s house I tiptoed in “Nikki?" I called, I heard him call back from the living room “In here babe!" “Okay!" I called back,I ran into our room and put the dress in the back of the closet. When I came back down and sat next to Nikki I said “Okay Nikki,whatever you do,don’t go in the back of the closet,in fact don’t even go in there,if you need something ask me" Nikki smirked at me “Sure babe," I nestled into Nikki’s arms. Everything was just perfect.
-2 Weeks later-
We had set the wedding for October 21st,my birthday. Today was September 27th. Pretty much everything was set for the wedding. We decided to have it in a fancy hotel,outside. We had white and black roses,white tables,everything was ready to go. I’d sent out invites a week ago,I figured since everyone we knew pretty much lived in LA or around there,they’d get there in time. Id invited Carly,Bryan,Lindsey,Donnie,and my parents,even my biological father,who to my surprise,accepted. Nikki on the other hand invited pretty much anyone he could think of “Nikki…WHY did you invite the Ratt guys?" I asked him when I got a “we’re coming" from all of them “I dunno,did I really invite them?" he shrugged. I rolled my eyes. It turns out bands started inviting other bands,Bon Jovi decided to invite Skid Row,who decided to invite Poision,who invited Ratt. I finally decided that we couldn’t invite anymore people,so I sent the few remaining people who hadn’t RSVPd a letter saying I was sorry and that there was no more space left. Juli was doing great. So lively,she starting calling everyone by their names,except for Mick,who she started calling ‘Mars’ and we couldn’t get her to stop. Tommy still played with her,but not as often. We didn’t really see Vince much. He & MacKenzie broke up,so he was sad about that. Nikki was doing good. He was clean and sober along with the rest of the guys,and very excited about the wedding. He’d already picked out a tux but said I couldn’t see it because ‘it was unfair he couldn’t see my dress,but I could see his tux’ I laughed at his comment. I looked into his eyes,he pulled me into a kiss. And right then I knew he was the one I’d love and be with forever….
-FF to the WEDDING!-
I woke up at 5am,I smiled,today was the big day! The wedding was at 12:30pm,so I’d have time to get ready. I jumped out from under the covers and started to bounce up and down on the bed “Whoa! Someones excited!" Nikki laughed as he woke up “Yep! And I bet you are too because this is the first time I’ve woken you up early and you aren’t groggy!" I said. Nikki smiled at me “Yep," I got out of bed,took a shower then put on a pair of shredded blue jeans,purple converse,and a black tank top with the words “BRIDE" on it. We had to go to the hotel for all the prep and stuff, “Nikki! Are you almost ready!?" I yelled from the bottom of the stairs, “Yes! I’m coming,I’m coming!" he said as he bounded down the steps. When we got to the hotel,I saw the equipment guys were already hard at work setting everything up. I ran to Carly’s hotel room and knocked on the door,I heard bumping and someone saying “Ow!" then Carly opened up,she was just wrapped in a sheet,and Bryan was laying on the floor,so I guess she’d pulled the sheet from under him “Omigosh! It’s the big day!" she squealed jumping up and down. “It may be the big day,but please keep it down,some of us aren’t early risers!" Bryan said “You’re not the one getting married," I replied back. Carly had to change her clothes,so I went to see if Lindsey was up. I knocked on her door and after a few seconds it was opened by a guy who looked only about 19 or 20,he had brown hair,he was sort of short,he was only wearing his boxers. Donnie. “Yeah?" he asked with a slight Boston accent “Oh um,I’m Rachael,the one who’s getting married,Lindsey’s my friend," I said nervously “Ohh! Right! Congratulations!" he said as he opened the door wider,smiled widely and pulled me into an unexpected hug. “You’re friendly!" I commented “I like being friendly,anyway Lindsey is in the shower now,but I’ll tell her you came by." Donnie said as he let go of me “Okay,thanks,and nice to meet you!" I said happily. I smiled and walked back down the hall.
-FF 5 hours-
It was now exactly 10:00am,in 2 hours and 30 minutes i’d be married to Nikki Sixx, i’d be Rachael Sixx,me and Nikki,and Juli would be one happy family. I had my hair done, I decided to wear it French braided,my makeup was done,I was sitting in my hotel suite in my white bathrobe,thinking. I heard a knock on the door “Who is it?" I called “Its us Rach!" I heard my parents call,I jumped up and ran to the door,I flung it open and there was my mom and my stepdad. “I’m so glad you guys came!" I squealed,hugging both of them. Soon we all had an hour long talk about everything that was going on,about marriage and making the right choices. When I looked at the clock I shrieked “Omg! I have to get my dress on!" i hugged them and then ran to wherever they put the dress on you (lol I dunno). When it was finally on,my hair and makeup was perfected,there was only 2 minutes until I was supposed to walk down the aisle. I rode down in the elevator and made it there just as the bridal march started,I decided my biological father should walk me down the aisle,he seemed to be getting better. My stepdad wasn’t angry,he said he respected my decision. I walked down the aisle,Nikki was there in a black tux,I noticed he was barefoot. How quirky. I looked out and saw all my friends and family supporting me,I smiled and then the ceremony started.
-Nikki’s POV-
When I saw Rachael walk out of those doors in that beautiful dress,with that huge smile on her face,I knew she was the one I wanted to be with. She smiled when she got to me,I smiled back. We had the regular vows,no vows written by us,we already loved each other enough, finally the pastor said “You may now kiss the bride," I looked at Rachael and gave her a huge kiss. I picked her up bridal style and ran down the aisle while,as scheduled,everyone threw rose petals on us. I smiled at her “I love you," I said,the most sincere I’d ever been “I love you too,I always will," she replied. We kissed and that was the start of a marriage I hoped would be my first- and last……
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