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Chapter Two

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Vikki's POV.

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[A/N] - Hi guys, sorry I didn't update last night but I was babysitting and I had to sleep there the night :( Also, I won't be able to update until Wednesday because I'm going to stay at my Nan's for a couple of nights :) And a reminder that I won't be updating next week because of GISHWHES :) Sorry about that!

“She said come on, come on, kiss my battery!” Mia sang loudly from the back seat in the car “Come on, come on, I’ll be your android girl!”

“Mia, stop singing that song. You are not going to be anyone’s android girl.” Gerard told her firmly from the front of the trans-am “Could you please be quiet for a bit? My ears are still ringing from the gun shots.”

“It could’ve been a lot worse.” I reminded him “There were only seven dracs. And it was worth it because we got more batteries for free.”

“We wouldn’t have to be shooting dracs for batteries for dracs if someone hadn’t lost the ‘hack-a-vend’ device.” Gerard said, shooting a glare at Mia in the rear-view mirror.

“How many times do I have to say I’m sorry for that?” Mia moaned “I told you I’d look for it but you wouldn’t let me go back out.”

“No, I wouldn’t, because you accidentally got followed by six dracs on the way back. If they’d gotten away our cover would’ve been blown. And we’d all be dead. Do you really want that Mia?”

“Don’t scare her like that.” Mathew sighed “There’s no point. They didn’t get away. We got them. We’re all safe for now.”

“Yeah, for now.” Gerard repeated, focusing his attention back onto the road “The sooner we get home the better. I really need to sleep.”

“Then should you really be driving?” I asked nervously “I mean, what if you crashed-“

“Into what, Vikki?” Gerard asked, raising his eye-brows “In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re in the middle of the desert. There’s not a lot to crash into.”

I just rolled my eyes and slid down further into my seat. At first, I thought being a killjoy would be fun but… It’s not. I have to admit, it’s better than being stuck inside Better Living Industries. At least here I can actually go places. But… There’s nowhere to really go. We say we’re against BLI but what have we really done about it? We talk about it sure but then we just sit around and complain how things are then play video games and just forget about it.

“Gee, how long until we get home?” Mia asked.

“We’re here now.” Gerard told her, stopping the car “Come on, get inside.”

Me, Mathew and Mia got out the car while Gerard went to hide it. He didn’t like any of us knowing where his trans-am was and he wanted to hide it from BLI anyway. We walked towards the hideout that wasn’t exactly subtle-looking and went inside while Gerard drove off “Hey guys, did you get the batteries?” Herrena asked as soon as we got inside “I am dying to play some more video games or watch a movie or something.”

“I found a pretty good movie while we were out as well as your precious batteries.” Mathew told her, handing over the batteries “It’s called The Hunger Games. It was based on a novel and it’s like… A futuristic America that’s now named Panem. The book was written in 2008. It looks pretty good.”

“What’s it about exactly?” Herrena asked him.

Mathew went off with Herrena to tell her what the film was about so I went over to Mikey “Hey.” I smiled, sitting down “Anything interesting happen while I was gone?”

“Besides Herrena having a mental breakdown over the lack of batteries?” Mikey grinned, looking up from his magazine “Not a lot. What about you?”

“Killed about seven dracs. Stole some batteries. Stopped off at the motel and Mathew got that movie. Me and Mia got some food, Gerard fussed over his car. All the usual things.” I told him “Where’s Ray, Frank and Squire?”

“Working on something new.” Mikey said “That’s all they’d tell me about it though. So I have no idea what they’re up to.”

“Sounds mysterious.” I smiled.

Gerard came into the room “Right. I’m going to bed. If anyone disturbs me, I’ll break their arm. You guys got that?” And with that, he stomped off to his room.

“Jeez, someone’s in a bad mood.” Mikey said.

“As per usual.” I said. Gerard hadn’t quite been the same since Mia had been kidnapped by BLI. We’d got her back after only two days but since then he’d always been in a bad mood. He’d get mad at the most simple of things and spent a lot of time by himself “I guess I’d better start making dinner.”

Later that night we were sat on the sofas eating cans of warm baked beans and watching The Hunger Games when Mia asked “Do you think BLI would ever do this?”

“No.” Mathew told her “They have no reason to. Nearly everyone supports them already.”

“Why does everyone support them though?” Mia asked “I don’t understand.”

“Neither do we Mia.” Frank sighed “Neither do we.”
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