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Chapter Three

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[A/N] – Hi guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t updated in forever but I’ll post a blog later and explain there! Please enjoy this chapter! :) Also, I thought I should point out that Penina’s character went to an all girl’s school and she’s going to an all girl’s school now...

I walked in through the tall grey gates of my new school. My old school had been small and we’d always complained about the peeling white paint and hallways that constantly smelt like fish fingers but in that moment I missed my old school more than anything. This new school was big and made out of concrete. There were tall gates trapping us inside the school and dusty windows you could barely see through. The students weren’t any better either.

We’d had a uniform at my other school obviously. A blue blazer, blue shirt, grey pleated skirt and grey tights with black shoes. But we’d always customised them. There were badges on everyone’s blazer, we’d hitch our skirts up as far as we could without getting caught and sew little pictures onto the collars of our white shirts. It was comforting because the small things we did to our uniform made us ‘us’.

In this school, the uniform involved a white shirt, long black trousers, a black cardigan and black shoes. Everyone looked the same as far as you looked. All the other girls had worn their hair back in ponytails and I felt like I stood out just because I’d left my hair loose. I sighed and tried to ignore everyone’s stares as I walked towards the horrifying building.

I went in through the main entrance and walked to the front desk “Hi. My name’s Penina, I’m a new student here.”

“Good morning Penina.” The person behind the front desk sounded bored. She didn’t even look up at me and just leafed through pieces of paper before handing one to me “Here’s your timetable. You’ll be expected to find your own way around here.”

I nodded and left the room, examining the timetable.

My first day at school was horrific. I’d gotten lost three times, made no friends at all and I got into serious trouble in art for using the ‘incorrect colours’. I’d wanted to paint my flowers pink instead of yellow like the rest of the class and it was suddenly considered a crime. They’d given me detention for the next day. An entire hour. Just because I wanted to paint my flowers pink.

I stormed upstairs to my room, chucked my school bag on my bed and flopped down onto my bed. I didn’t move for the rest of the night. There was nothing else to do. I could’ve painted, drew something or wrote a story. But I felt like all my creativity had been sucked out of me by that depressing school. Mom came into my room and asked if I wanted to watch TV with her and seemed worried when I said no. So she asked if I’d like to help her cook dinner and I thought she was going to burst into tears when I said no again. Then she left me alone, just like I wanted her to.

I didn’t get up again until she called me down for dinner. Dad was finally home after working all day at his boring office job “Dad?” I asked quietly, looking around nervously for fly cameras “Why did we have to move here?”

“Penina, be quiet now.” Dad told me firmly.

“It’s okay, I don’t see any flies-“

“BLI would find out you’ve been saying things about them sooner or later. I can’t risk losing my job.” Dad said. There was silence before he finally said “Okay. We moved here so we could have a better life.”

“A better life?” I asked. I wanted to ask how he could’ve ruined our lives and still believe he was doing the right thing but I didn’t want him to lose his job. It seemed to mean a lot to him. He’d been between jobs for as long as I could remember and he’d hated all of them. Now he was finally doing something he seemed to enjoy. I couldn’t ruin it for him.

“Yes, a much better life.” Dad told me and smiled “It might take us a while to get used to it here but we’ll be okay here Penina. Now then, tell me about your first day of school.”

“I’d rather not.” I said moodily.

“Well... Did you make any friends?”

“No. They all looked at me and whispered stuff behind my back. I don’t care though. I have friends back at home.”

Mom glanced at Dad and she looked worried again. She was starting to get on my nerves a bit “We just want you to be happy Penina.” Mom told me.

“I know, I know.” I sighed, pushing my plate away “I’m not very hungry anymore.” I got up and went upstairs.

I sat down on my bed and looked out the tiny window. If I looked hard enough, I could see over the city walls. There didn’t seem to be a lot out there. Just the desert.

Either way, I wished I was there instead of stuck in Better Living Industries.

[A/N] - Sorry, it's short. Hope you liked it anyway?:)
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