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Chapter Four

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“This is getting beyond a joke.” Herrena moaned when our final pack of batteries ran out “It’s only been a week. And it takes like an extra day to go and get some more batteries. And we have to use a few on things like lights and the oven so I don’t get much time to play video games. Isn’t there a way we can get a decent power source?”

“No because then BLI would be able to trace it and find out where we are.” Gerard told her “So we’re going to have to put up with batteries, like it or not.”

“I was thinking,” Mikey said “What if we went back to BLI and stole another ‘vend-a-hack’ device. They had heaps lying around for the draculoids to use.”

“We can’t go back to BLI.” Gerard said “We’d all end up dead or worse.”

“We’ve got in and out heaps of times before though.” Herrena moaned “I bet we could make it. Come on Gerard, you don’t have to come if you’re too much of a pussy but the rest of us want to go.”

“I said no!” Gerard yelled.

Herrena put her hands on her hips “Do you know what? Who died and made you king? Just ‘cos you’re the oldest doesn’t mean you get to boss everyone around. Me and Mikey wanna break into BLI and if enough people wanna come with us then we’re going. And we’re taking the car too.”

“You can’t take my car-“

“It’s not your car, we all found it, and so we all get a share in it.” Herrena told him, raising her eye-brows then looked around the room “So, anyone else wanna come with us?”

“I will!” Mia said excitedly, jumping up.

“No.” Gerard said “I might not be able to boss the others about but you’re my little sister and I’m responsible for you. So you’re not going anyway.”

“But you’re letting Mikey go!” Mia moaned.

“He’s old enough to make his own choices. You’re still just a kid Mia. The moment you turn eighteen you can do whatever the hell you want. But until then, you have to listen to me.”

“Well I’m sick of listening to you! I wish you’d just leave me alone!” Mia yelled and stormed out of the room. Gerard groaned loudly and then ran out after her.

“Poor Kitty.” Mikey said, biting his lip “Anyway, does anyone else wanna come?”

“May as well.” Frank yawned “There’s nothing better to do until we get batteries.”

“We’ve gotta stay here and work on something.” Ray said, gesturing to him and Squire “So we’ll pass but thanks.”

“Okay, what about you Mathew?” Mikey asked.

“I don’t know if it’s such a good idea.” Mathew said awkwardly “I mean, what if Gerard has a point?”

“Okay fine, don’t come.” Herrena sighed “You’ll come, right Vikki?”

I bit my lip. I looked at Mikey and saw him using his puppy dog eyes on me. The little shit “Yeah, I’ll come.”

We agreed that we’d leave tomorrow, leave Gerard’s car parked outside the walls and then head inside. We’d all split up and find a ‘vend-a-hack’ device then meet back by the car after an hour whether we had the device or not. If we didn’t, we’d go off for another hour to find it and if we did have it well great we’d go home.

Meanwhile, Gerard was sulking about the fact that we’d pretty much ignored him. It didn’t help that Mia was refusing to speak to him because she was upset about not being allowed to come with us. She’d been to see Herrena secretly and begged him to let her come with us behind Gerard’s back but even Herrena had decided it was too dangerous for Mia to go. So Mia was also in a big mood with Herrena.

I hated days where we didn’t have batteries. We couldn’t heat up our food so we had to eat cold tins of power pup and beans. We couldn’t even switch the lights or heat on so when the sun went down, we huddled into the living room in blankets and told each other stories. Stuff about our old families and stories we’d heard about BLI and things like that. None of us were really in the mood for it that night though. So I had an early night, ready to raid BLI the next morning.

[A/N] – Sorry it’s so short!
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