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Chapter Five

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[A/N] – One review last time? Sorry I haven’t been updating much but I’m tired pretty much all the time and as you may have read, I’ve been pretty ill lately. Also, can you sign up for my ‘personal one shot trade’? I’ll write yours ASAP, I just wanna read something to cheer myself up :3

It was Saturday and I sat outside our house, staring into the distance. I still hadn’t made any friends yet. They all laughed at me whenever they saw me coming and whispered about me behind my back. So I ignored them all and sat in corners by myself drawing. Now it was the weekend though and I was so bored. I hadn’t left the house that much back in my old town but at least there was stuff to do inside the house. There was nothing for me here.

After sitting outside the house for a long time, I got up and started walking. There wasn’t a whole lot to do here. There was a swimming pool but I wasn’t really a fan of swimming and besides, I knew the kids from school hung out there. Then there was the library but I’d already been there, it was full of books like ‘The History of BLI’ and boring crap like that. The shopping centre was full of boring stores full of black and white clothes.

What I wanted to do was get outside of BLI for a couple of hours. There wasn’t a whole lot out there but I wanted to see how far away I could walk from BLI without coming to anything. I wanted to see how far I could walk before chickening out and running back ‘home’. But of course I couldn’t. There were large gates keeping us inside the walls that were never opened without a permit. I walked to the gates and stared out enviously. And that’s when I saw something in the distance. It appeared to be a dusty Trans-Am from far away but the closer it got, I could see it had been painted. It looked amazing.

I watched as they drove closer and closer before pulling to a stop right outside the gate. A girl with shoulder-length black hair got out the driver’s seat of the car, a guy with blonde hair got out the passenger’s seat and a guy and girl got out the back of the car. The guy had jaw-length black hair and the girl had shoulder-length black hair with a red layered fringe. They were the most interesting people I’d seen since arriving at BLI. And then I suddenly realised something. I’d seen their faces before.

It was in class at school. The teacher had put a picture of a group of people on the interactive white board. The picture was in black and white because it had been taken on one of the spy camera flies that flew around the city. Our teacher explained how they were criminals and if we were ever to see any of these people then we had to report them immediately. She didn’t actually explain what they’d done wrong; she just told us they were criminals. But as I looked out at them, I couldn’t see what was wrong with them. They were about the same age as me. They didn’t look evil or scary. They were just... I don’t know, they were just ordinary kids.

That was when one of them looked over at me and saw me staring. It was the one with the jaw-length black hair. He whispered something to one of the girls and they started walking over. My heart started pounding and I started to feel a little worried. They obviously had to have done something wrong to be considered criminals. I turned around quickly and started walking away, not daring to look over my shoulder in case they were still following me.

I nearly made it back home but something was pressed against my mouth and nose and before I knew what was happening, everything went black.

[A/N] – I know it was short, I’m sorry, but I’m upset about something and I just wanna talk to my friend right now...
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