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Chapter Six

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[A/N] – So I said I wasn’t gonna update on my birthday but now I’m in my room watching The IT Crowd and I just felt like it :3 I got some awesome stuff which I’ll post in a blog later :) Vikki, can we do a personalised one-shot trade again soon please? I just love your stories so much! :3

“What the hell are you doing?” Gerard yelled as we pulled up outside the house “Who the hell is that?”

We were dragging along the girl we’d found staring at us in the walls of BLI with us. We’d tied her wrists together behind her back and put a sack over her head so she couldn’t see where we were. She didn’t say a word as we pulled her towards the hideout “We caught her staring at us.” Frank said “She might’ve given away our license plate number.”

“Are you fucking mental?” Gerard screamed as we sat the girl down on the sofa “BLI have our license plate number.”

“Whatever, she could’ve given us away. We could’ve died.” Herrena said, shrugging her shoulders.

I had to admit that I agreed with Gerard. Stealing things from BLI was one thing, they were bad people but this girl was probably completely innocent. She just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. That was when we heard muffled sobs from beneath the sack.

“For Gods sakes, would someone talk to the poor girl before she has a bloody heart attack?” Gerard asked, pulling the sack off her head before Herrena could stop him “Hey, it’s okay... We’re not gonna hurt you.” Gerard said, bending down in front of her “What’s your name?”

“P-Penina.” She whispered “W-Who are you?”

“My name’s...” Gerard paused, wondering whether to tell her his real name or his killjoy name. He glanced at Herrena as if asking for her permission but she just shrugged her shoulders “My name’s Gerard.”

“When can I go home?” Penina asked nervously, biting her lip.

“See, that’s the thing...” Gerard said “I’m afraid you can’t go home.”

“No, please!” Penina cried “I won’t tell them anything about you, I swear! Please!”

“Look, you can’t go back.” Herrena said in an irritated voice “You know too much now. They’ll be searching for you and they’ll know we’ve kidnapped you-“

“We haven’t kidnapped her!” Gerard yelled.

“Well, I personally think it’s kidnapping but whatever you want to call it to make you sleep better at night.” Herrena said, shrugging her shoulders “Whatever, they’ll be searching for you. And they’ll know it’s us. If you go back, they’ll question you and interrogate you and find out everything you know and eventually they’ll find us. So guess what? You’re not going home Sweetheart.”

Penina started crying harder and Herrena groaned loudly before storming off somewhere else. Mia had her thumb in her mouth “We have to let her go home.” She said indistinctively “How would our Mom have felt if-“

“Mia, don’t bring Mom into this!” Gerard shouted, turning on her.

Mia’s eyes filled with tears “But Gee-“

“I’m sorry.” He suddenly said to our surprise, walking over to her and wrapping his arms around her. He pulled her onto his lap “I’m sorry Mia. But Herrena’s right. We can’t let Penina go home.”

“But her parents will be worried!” Mia sobbed, wrapping her arms tightly around Gerard’s neck “How would you feel if that happened to me?”

“Shush, don’t talk like that.” He lifted her up and carried her off into the bedrooms.

I sighed and sat down next to Penina “Here, look, I’ll untie you now. Please don’t try to run off though.” I untied her wrists, wincing when I noticed angry red marks across them “I’m sorry about that.” Penina didn’t say anything and I couldn’t blame her “Look, I-“

“I don’t really feel like talking right now.” Penina whispered, putting her legs onto the sofa and hugging her knees.

“Okay.” I nodded “But again, I’m really sorry.” I got up and walked out to the front of the hideout.

Mikey walked outside and sat down next to me “Are you okay?”

“We kidnapped someone.” I whispered “We’re s’posed to be the good guys Mikey. We’re no better than BLI doing this.”

“Hey, we’re nothing like BLI.” He put his arms around me “We didn’t have any choice. Penina could’ve told on us.”

“We’re not school kids Mikes. We could’ve just moved our hideout.”

“No we couldn’t and you know we couldn’t.” Mikey muttered “Hey, you’re not crying are you?”

“Of course I am! I feel so guilty!” I sobbed into his chest “We’re kidnappers!”

“It’s gonna be okay Vikki, it’s gonna be okay...” Mikey whispered, kissing the top of my head “It’s gonna be okay...”

[A/N] – I hope you liked it!:)
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