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Does everything which is evil and causes much destruction is under Cronus?

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Hi to all. Justforstories is back with a sequel as promise to all my readers. In the last story your reviews were really nice and I hope that you all will enjoy this story as well. To make the story much nicer, I will gladly take the honour of writing Theresa's clone from the last story in the first person point of view. In other words, I am Theresa's clone. And Cronus, Get lost! Enjoy...

"I had it! Archie, you and I are through!" Atlanta's voice could be heard from the doorstep.
Atlanta then opened the door, ran straight to her room and slammed the door behind her. She had almost knocked the popcorn over, which the descendent of Hercules, was trying to carry it to the living room. Herry had been too greedy trying to take three large tubs of popcorn at the same time. The rest of them were down at the living hall, on the sofa, watching a VCD which was rented. It was their school holiday now.
"Does that always have to happen whenever I take popcorn?" Herry commented as he placed two tubs on the table and took one tub for himself.
"Well, scientifically it happens all the time. It just so happens that Archie and Atlanta just can't get along. We must have been crazy to think they were a perfect match. Now they just quarrel all day long." A teenage guy with a black fuzzy hair reported.
Odie placed his hand into the nearest tub to him and took out a handful of popcorn.
"That was not nice, Odie. You know they are suited for each other, right Jay?" Theresa, whom Jay had secretly and openly loved all this while, retorted.
"Well, in my opinion. They can get together through a miracle." Jay replied as he placed an arm over Theresa's shoulder, "And we will need more popcorn, this ain't enough since Herry eats a lot."
Jay, who was tired of all this quarrelling, started to rise from his seat as he wanted to go to the kitchen to get more popcorn.
"I got it." Theresa said as she dashed to the fridge got a few stuff and placed them on the coffee table, which was obviously too small.
"You don't have to do that, not that we eat that much, unless you want to put on some weight." A handsome looking guy whined as the foods were blocking his view. Neil was lying comfortably in an arm chair as he helped himself to the popcorn.
"Need help?" Theresa smiled evilly as took one of the tubs and threaten to throw some popcorn at Neil.
"Theresa. Remember last time when we have to clean up? Athena hit the roof that day you know." Jay warned as she placed the tub down harmlessly.
Theresa stood up as she motioned to go upstairs, "I am going to console Atlanta." Jay nodded his head as he opened a can of soda.
"Yep I do not want to be the one to mop the floor again" Odie said after hearing the door open and close.
"Me neither", as Neil took out his mirror and gazed lovingly at his own reflection again.
The main door opened suddenly as a guy stepped in. He had purple hair which was very messy and a leg brace over his right ankle which was his only weak spot.
"Hey guys what's up?" Archie said as he walked in.
"That's what we want to know. Catch." Odie threw him a soda which Archie caught easily.
"Thanks! You guys want to know about what?" Archie jumped onto the sofa before opening his can of soda.
"Well what happened back there? You had forgotten to bring your wallet?"
"No, it is just that, I had forgotten what day tomorrow is." Archie defended himself dully, "Girls make a big fuss out of everything."
The others look at him as though he had purposely missed out one part of his story.
"Are you sure that is the only reason?" Odie said, turning back to the TV.
"Ok and I did cross that line this time but it was an accident." Archie confessed before the others torture him into submission.
"I concur that some girls make a big fuss out of everything but maybe that would help you retrieve your "lost" memory." Jay added sarcastically pointing to the calendar pinned on the wall.
Tomorrow was marked with two big hearts and an arrow through both hearts.
"Oh shucks, I have not gotten anything for Atlanta yet, just great." Archie slouched as kept thinking on what to get.
"What about you, Jay? What have you gotten this year?" Neil asked, not keeping his eyes off his mirror for one second.
Jay took out a necklace with a bright emerald in a shape of a diamond hooked to it.
The emerald glowed green in the light, "Hope this is enough for Theresa tomorrow."
"Wow buddy that must have cost you a few hundred bucks. Where did you get the dough to pay for it?" Herry admired the necklace before returning it to Jay.
"Nah, I was talking to Aphrodite that day, when she asked me what I was getting for Theresa tomorrow. Then she gave me this before I left." Jay slipped the necklace back into his pocket.
"Just great, I'm at my wits' end. I am now open to suggestion. Guys any ideas?" Archie revealed after being in deep thought for so long.
"I thought you never ask." Odie thrust today's newspaper in Archie's face.
Archie scanned through it once and then read it aloud, "Tell your love how much you love him/her by sending them a postcard and describing in 50 words why you love him/her."
"Oh that would be fun. Last year balloons, this year, postcards." Herry flicking popcorn into the air and it landed into his wide open mouth.
"You want me to do that?" Archie raised an eyebrow, doubting Odie, "Will it work with Atlanta?"
Odie was about to say something when...
"Why do you all have to keep speaking up for him? He is just plain stupid and a jerk. I do not know why I fell in love with him in the first place." Atlanta shouted from her room as she shoved Theresa out.
After casting a nasty glance towards Archie, she slammed and locked the door.
"Ok, it won't. Maybe a love potion from Aphrodite is really what you need." Odie conceded after that nasty reaction.
"So it went bad?" Jay stated the obvious as Theresa walked down the stairs, returned to the sofa and took her can of soda.
"Very. Good luck to you Archie." Theresa replied grimly.
"I still can't decide on what to buy for Atlanta to console her. I mean she was just so different from other girls, much more competitive and not very girl-like." Archie told Jay as they took the lift up to the second level of the shopping mall.
Jay asked making sure of his assumption "But that's the reason why you like her right?"
Jay and Archie had decided to go to the mall and buy something for Atlanta. (Jay was dragged along)
"No, but she just look really...attractive overall, what should I buy for Atlanta?" Archie got back to his main "mission" and keep on looking around.
The mall had been decorated for tomorrow. Love balloons hung every where, poster and flyers indicating the big day.
Jay shrugged his feet as he replied "I do not know. It is up to you actually. Why do I need to come along?"
"Come on Jay, just help me out this once, ok? I will make it up to you some day." Archie said.
"How about flowers? There is a new shipment today." Jay said as they passed by the flower shop.
"Nah...I want something special for her but I do not know what." Archie muttered to himself as he dragged Jay to the next shop.
"Hey, ain't that Theresa? I thought she said she was going to see Persephone." Jay said surprised.
"Ya and speaking of the gods, they have been acting weird lately, like they are hiding something from us." Archie stated as they walked over.
"Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Nothing less than a thousand roses,
Says I love you."
"Disgusting, how others believe such a comment." I said as I threw down the flyer which I have been reading all this while.
This kind of mall sucks! There is really nothing which would help me here. I thought silently to myself passing shops. The vision is coming back again I can sense it. I closed my eyes and focus my thoughts.

vision starts
"Persephone, I am really fine and I do not need any medical attention." Theresa screamed at her mentor.
Persephone face turned an angry shade of red at this comment, making Theresa say, "Ok, if it pleases you."
Then Persephone summoned Chiron who had a checkup on Theresa. After that Theresa was then left to meditate in the room silently. Then in came Ares who was carrying a new stash of weapons forged personally by the god of fire.
vision ends

"Well that was some vision!" I muttered groggily to myself trying to focus back into reality.
Now my powers had expanded beyond Theresa or the others can ever imagine. I was invincible. It was impossible to have someone who could stop me. I just need the correct equipment and Theresa, Good luck!
"Hey I thought you were going to see Persephone?" A warm hand was placed gently on my shoulder, spreading warmth throughout my whole body. I wheeled around and came face to face with... Jay! "His eyes were still as brown as ever and full of love", I noted silently. But they are not for me; they were for the one whom he thought I was. Theresa, my perfect sister! Not to be rude and insulting but personally I think Theresa is too flirty with Jay sometimes and I just can't stand it! My anger was rising to the top but quickly diminished as Jay prompted me to answer. "I cannot like or love him. I am evil and people like us do not fall in love." I told myself in my heart.
"Buzz off! I have something more important." I shoved his hand away, not caring whether I have hurt his feelings.
"I am invincible, no one can stand in my way." I whispered to myself over and over again as I walked away.
But deep down inside, I knew I was lying to myself. However I kept repeating that no one is going to stop me from my mission.
Jay and Archie were totally shocked by this scenario, "Is that Theresa?" Jay's face was blank as he saw my back slowly disappearing from view.
"I do not know. It all seems too weird to me. Come on, we need to get something for Atlanta, then we worry about Theresa." Archie said.
"Excuse me, we?" Jay emphasized on the last word making Archie as red as a beetroot.
"Well I hope that will do these will do the trick." Archie said as he arranged the roses.
He and Jay were now walking towards the school as they need to find out what was wrong with Theresa.
"I just hope that Theresa is alright, maybe Chiron can help." Jay placed the medallion into the slot before the door of the Janitor's closet opened.
Both of them went in and entered the gods' palace. Then another surprise was waiting there.
"Quiet! She has been meditating for about two hours now." Persephone walked into the room with Hera.
They seem to be discussing an urgent matter of utmost importance.
" is not possible." Jay protested "We just saw Theresa at the mall just now."
"It can't be. She had been here all this time. Unless you are suggesting that Theresa can be in two places at one time, I think that you all should go home and take a rest." Hera dismisses them quickly, preventing them from investigating further in this matter.
After Jay and Archie had left reluctantly, Persephone began to question Hera.
"Why can't they know?"
"When the time is right, they will know. However our worst fear has been confirmed. Theresa must be under 24 hours' protection from now on. You know what to do." Hera assured Persephone.
Persephone nodded briefly as she moved off, dismissing Theresa. Hera then dragged herself wearily to her room. But another shadow strike past her and was rushing to the weapons room. Hera transforms into a flaming phoenix in a split of a second before pursuing the uninvited guest. After fighting a few rounds of tough battle, the shadow revealed itself as Hera transformed back exhausted by the battle.
"Old yet strong, Hera! It is nice to see you again." I walked out of the shadow.
Hera took a few more steps towards me and stared, "What do you want?"
"Nothing less then a few new shipments of weapons." I responded walking towards the weapon room, and finding that Ares was in my way.
"We thought that you might turn up sooner or later. But you aren't allowed here. You know that don't you." Persephone came from the other room blocking my way out.
I smiled evilly and replied, "But rules are meant to be broken, my dear."
Hera then ordered Hermes to seal up all exits with magic and told me, "You are trapped; it was a mistake to come here in the fist place. But before we curse you into oblivion, why do you want to harm the only kids who could stop Cronus?"
"I do not care about Cronus or the kids you are referring to. Except one, whom I am about to extract revenge against." I spat bitterly taking a fighting stance.
"Revenge? Theresa has done nothing wrong to you." Persephone cried out loud.
"The only mistake she has made was to be just like me." My face turned an unusual shade of green, I was feeling bitter right now just thinking and talking of Theresa.
"Well, what if we say and prevent you from hurting those kids?" Hera raised her voice trying to intimidate me unsuccessfully.
I reached for the imitations of Theresa's nun chucks which were the only defense I had besides my special powers, "And who is going to make me? A bunch of idiot gods?"
"That's the last straw, you..." Ares was drawing out his sword at a loss for words.
He advanced on to me, and I flipped him over with a throw without relying on my special powers.
"You have to do better than that." I grinned as Ares picked himself up.
Being distracted, I was hit by a spell cast by Persephone. At once my emotions changed and my face turned brick red. It was as if someone had thrown the worst insults on me which I did not deserve. My eyes was shining blue now, the gods were going to regret it. I used up all my body energy to transfer it into some sort of an energy sphere. My long silky hair was flying as I released a huge amount of magic. Bright Blue light shone all over the place, but nothing seemed to be destroyed. It seems that the spell had done nothing but it had done its worst. The gods were all lying down as they lay unconscious on the floor. I trudged over all of them as I made my way to the weapons room. After placing the latest equipment in the bag I have brought, I walked out of the room. Persephone had picked herself up and was massaging her head, stunned by the power of the spell. "She must have protected herself with some advanced magic in time after all." I smiled. When she saw me, she began to charge up for another spell but she failed subsequently due to a lack of power.
"Don't exert yourself like this mentor. It hurt me to see you in pain." I commented throwing the bag over my shoulder.
" You shall not...hurt...Theresa." Persephone wheezed as she held on to the statue for support.
I held up my hand and pointed it to her, "Hasta la Vista, baby."
Like a gunshot, a green spell erupted from my hand and hit Persephone squarely in the stomach. Persephone soon succumbed to the damage and fell to the ground with an awful boom, which echoed off the walls of the palace.

Well , I have decided Theresa's clone more cooler with much more catchy phrases. Please R&R. You never know that perhaps your reviews and rating might just affect the way the story goes. (secret)
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