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I am going to kill... Who's gonna stop me?

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So this is my second chapter of this whole story.
I like this chapter. It makes me look powerful and strong.
I have one question to ask you all. Do you guys like A/A conflicts or love stories? Help me out here, ok? Thanks.
Cronus you are not in this scene or the next, or in any part of my story.
As usual, enjoy.

The whole group had decided to stay up late to watch a horror movie. Atlanta was also watching, but she refused to respond to Archie as they sat on opposite ends of the living room. Archie tried offering her popcorn, which she declined immediately and took another tub. The rest were all stuck in the middle and were waiting for a "war" to break out. Theresa then returned home as the door opened.
"I did not expect you guys to stay up this late." Theresa said as she sat on the sofa beside Jay.
"Ya me neither. This is going to affect my beauty sleep." Neil yawned, taking out a nail file.
"Why did you come back at this hour? If you came back any later, I think we would have sent a search party." Jay whispered.
"I needed to take the longer route which Hera told me to." Theresa replied as she took the popcorn tub and offered some to Jay.
That's weird the gods never do that before, Jay thought scratching his chin.
"The gods' reaction about me suggesting that Theresa being in two places this afternoon was also weird. Something is up, and I do not think that it will be good." Jay muttered to himself.
"Something wrong, Jay?" Theresa asked.
Jay broke out of his dream and replied, "Nothing much. Hey the movie is starting!"
Jay distracted the others in time; he would not want them to worry as much as he did.
"Atlanta, want a soda?" Archie still tried to break the ice, but it remains frozen.
Atlanta looked away, not wanting to face Archie.
The group did not know that someone was watching their every moment together. It was keeping a sharp eye on them. The person was just outside their window of the living room. As the cloud passed by, the moonlight revealed the mysterious person.
"Why? Why? Why must I be the double? If only I could be the one sitting in there, laughing with the rest" I broke off at the last second.
Jealously filled my face, as I turned red with anger, then I felt a sudden warmth spreading through her body fast. Why do I have this kind of feeling again? It always happens whenever I look, talk or come into contact with Jay. I can't be in love with him. I am pure evil created from my sister's powers and cannot love or like anyone. There is no time left.
"My mission and destiny is to finish off my perfect sister and if anyone stands in my way they will be eliminated." my eyes went red and were filled with hatred once more. My body got surrounded by an ominous green aura, as my hand shook uncontrollably.
"This is just getting started." I muttered to myself.
I placed down the bag slowly on the scorched grass. I had accidentally burned the grass due to my hatred.
"Focus on my mission, erase all idle thoughts." I reminded myself over and over again.
I opened the bag as I took out my array of weapons. Then I chose a few before, placing the rest slowly into the bag. After that I snooped around the perimeter of the house placing items along the way. Then I took out something more...
Archie was devastated. Come on Atlanta, get it over with. Archie knew that he was in the wrong but he hope that he would be forgiven soon.
"Atlanta, want a soda?" Archie tried again but it was to no avail.
Atlanta was not going to give him any more chances. She refused to even just spend a second of conversation with him. She told herself to ignore him thoroughly. Then Archie saw something. He thought that he just saw a shadow ran pass the backyard.
"Must have been seeing things" he mumbled to himself, he did not want to be labeled paranoid especially in front of Atlanta.
Then the window slowly creaked open. I was stationed behind the couch Atlanta was sitting on. Her red hair could be seen clearly. I had wanted to strike now, but something held me back. I had to use my powers to get a clearer view of the place or else I will be at a disadvantage. I was going to use Theresa's eyes to see. Soon I knew their exact location. Archie was sitting opposite Atlanta together with Neil who was looking at his own reflection. Herry and Odie had taken the couch nearer to Archie while Jay and Theresa were sitting near Atlanta.
My mind raced as I slowly came up with a plan to kill. It was going to be risky but I was decisive. I am going to create a diversion first, by smashing the TV, probably kill Atlanta if she was in the way. Then in the midst of the confusion, Archie would be next. Finally my prize I have been yearning for so long.
"Now for the correct equipment to be used in my mission." I muttered to myself.
After being loaded up I stood up behind Atlanta ready to strike with a whip. It was a little similar to Archie's whip. It has a sword's handle with rubies fixed on it. Its whip seems to be made out of molten lava as it was glowing crimson at a few times interval. The whip has a sharp "anchor" at the end. I swung the whip backwards as I was ready to carry out my plan. However a change is necessary, Atlanta goes first.
Archie dug his hand into the tub and came out with a fistful of popcorn. Before he could stuff those into his mouth, he saw me standing behind Atlanta. He was shocked as he thought I was Theresa, and he was much more surprised to see that I was going to attack Atlanta. He dropped the popcorn and made a grab at his whip in his right side pocket.
Archie yelled "Get down!" as he launched his whip towards me simultaneously.
I had already swung my whip in an attempt to grab Atlanta or kill her. However, my whip was caught by Archie's in mid air and both whips tied around each other. I pulled and held my ground as Archie yanked and tried to grab my whip. Everyone was shocked by this scenario. All eyes shot in my direction, trying to see the assassin. My image caused a few audible gasps as they looked back at Theresa. Who was real? They did not know who to believe. Then it hit them that I was an imposter as I was attempting to kill them. In a deadlock, my whip cut through Archie. He fell back on the couch as he was pulling hard at that time.
"Darn it my plan ruined!" I hated all of them as I pulled my whip back for a second attempt "Fine then. Have it your way."
My voice echoed throughout the brownstone, as my whip was targeted at Theresa. It was quickly stopped by the appearance of the xiphos.
"No not him! He is not going to interfere in this matter is he?" I thought as my heart pounded against my chest.
Jay stood up as the others regained their composure. Archie threw away his broken whip and rushed over to Atlanta.
"Come on." Archie hugged Atlanta and ushered her away immediately to prevent me from hurting her.
Jay tugged at his xiphos to pull the weapon away from me but I held my ground. Herry cracked his knuckles threateningly.
"Who are you? What do you want?" Jay questioned.
I looked around at the rest nervously. My battle with the gods has already zapped most of my energy, so battling with one was tough enough. But battling with seven of them... "I do not have to answer you. I am only here for her"
"You want Theresa?"
"Then looks like you have to take her the hard way." Jay yelled as Herry rushed towards me.
I used my remaining energy to throw Herry out of the dorm. He crashed through the other window and landed somewhere in the forest.
"Hand her over and nobody else gets hurt." I warned as I retracted my whip.
Atlanta used her wrist crossbow to fire a shot at me, knocking me off balance.
I picked myself up immediately. I looked at her angrily and my eyes glowed red.
"You are going to pay for that you bitch." I shouted at her ready to strike as the whole room glow an eerie green.
The lamps in the room were lighting and extinguishing. The tables and chairs were shaking as the popcorn and soda spilled all over the floor.
"I won't let you harm her" Archie threw a chair at me which exploded before it even reached me.
I smiled at Archie and responded, "It's going to take more than that to stop me. And I do not care what stands in my way, all obstacles will be eliminated." I hit him with my whip.
When the whip was retracted, a burnt mark could be seen clearly on his right arm. Blood gushed out of the wound as he clenched his teeth, covering the wound. He knelt on one knee succumbing from the injury.
"Archie" Atlanta screamed as she fell to Archie's side. "Are you ok? You should not have done that."
"He will be fine, though you all might not be if you still do not hand Theresa over to me." I warned, now floating mysteriously in the air.
"What do you want with Theresa?" Odie asked nervously, straightening his glasses.
"I just want her life that's all." switching my weapon now to a sword.
"You will not take Theresa." Jay stood in front of her.
"I can take care of myself. She is not going to get me easily." Theresa pushed Jay aside as she started swinging her nun chucks.
"Stupid girl, you are courting your own death." I threw my sword with 100% accuracy, at her heart.
But Jay came between us again, blocking the sword with his.
"Jay, stay out of this. This is my battle." Theresa argued.
I took out my whip again to attack them once more, but was hit by Neil this time. He had taken out his tazer (sends electric shocks upon contact) and attached a whip to it. Thus his weapon was able to attack at a certain range. He twists the whip above his head like a cowboy before flinging the whip at me. It tied around my wrist and he pushed the button. A million watts of electricity was conducted by the cord and sent through my body. After severing the wire, I fell deadly to the ground. Everyone let out a sigh of relief.
"Archie, are you okay? Theresa, tend to him quick." Jay and the others rushed over to Archie and Atlanta.
Odie looked out of the window, "What about Herry?"
No one noticed that my finger was twitching. I was paralyzed by that attack but still have enough strength to stand up slowly unnoticed.
"Guys...we have a situation here." Neil stammered as he started swinging the remains of his cord.
"That...was nothing." I wheezed as I staggered to the door, "but...I will...see you again...sister."
Taking a last look at Theresa, I opened the door and ran out. Jay pursued me, but he was stopped in his track by the trap I had set up. I had sealed the whole brownstone a kind of cage similar to the one that Jay had tried to trap Cronus. (The Antikythera Device)
"Darn it. We won't be able to get out now."
"So you are also thinking along the same line too, Neil? We will have difficulty getting out. Thus we cannot contact the gods." Jay said as he slashed his xiphos at the web, not even making a dent.
"No I will be late for my meeting with my photographer tomorrow morning." Neil whined as he went back into the brown stone.
"How's Archie?" Jay asked as he too went back into the house after staring at that trap for 5 mins.
"He will be fine."
"And Herry?" Jay continued with an urgent look on his face.
"Missing" Odie replied.
Jay sat back onto the couch as Theresa and Atlanta helped Archie back into the room.
He sat down thinking for a while before asking Odie, "Think you can create a device to counter the effect of the cage outside? That assassin left us trapped in here."
"Think so, but what about Herry?" Odie replied.
"We have to get out of here and contact the gods first. Then we will look for Herry. Neil, don't think of escaping and sleeping tonight. We have to remove the cage." Jay pointed to Neil, as he saw him trying to sneak away without being noticed.
Neil stomped down the stairs reluctantly, "It is going to affect my beauty sleep. Can't it wait till tomorrow?"
"Now" Jay yelled as Neil scampered quickly out of the brownstone to help Odie before Jay had to drag him out.

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